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If you have an electric company calling you and sending you mail outs asking you to renew an expiring fixed rate contract you are likely benefiting.

Most people get their highest electric bill after they let their contract expire and the rate defaults to a variable market rate.

The variable prices are not hedged rates and so the provider is taking on a significant risk by selling a price that is not locked in.

The provider can eliminate this risk by adding in their profit margin and allowing the price increase that may happen to roll over to the customer.

Market electric rates can sometimes be lower than what you could sign up on with a fixed rate but an electric provider is unlikely to give you these savings if you did not renew your contract.

What they will do instead is give themselves an added 2 cents or more per kWh added to the existing profit margin.

So you may have had a significantly cheaper electric bill over past years while on a 1 year fixed contract.

Your electric bill might have been under $100 a month but as soon as that contract expired your rate went to a variable price and you racked up almost 2 months of usage on a higher electric rate and perhaps had a $200 plus electric bill for the two months you were off contract.

An electric provider that gave you an excellent deal in the beginning may have hoped a certain percentage of their customers would allow their contract to lapse so they could meet their profit target.

This is a warning to procrastinators. Don’t let your electric service contract expire without renewing with the same provider or shopping and ordering with a cheaper provider.

The providers would hope you will let it slide but it’s not a smart move for a family budget that needs to stay on target.

In summary, let me suggest a way to avoid the electric rate price uptick by setting an alarm to ring on your phone around the date of your contract expiration. Make a committment to shop and order electric service when that alarm sounds so you don’t pay $200 – $400 more for electricity than you really needed to.

popeEconomies collapsing, Middle East imploding – and Obama & Pals obsess over … the climate!

Essay by Paul Driessen

The Middle East is imploding. Islamic State butchers are annihilating Christian and other communities. Putin is sending arms to Assad. Under the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, the mullahs will get $100+ billion to expand their proxy terror war on Israel and the West. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 empty air-conditioned tents but won’t take any of the millions who’ve been driven from their homes. Neither will most of the other 22 Arab League nations or 57 Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries.

Instead, millions of mostly Muslim migrants, militants and refugees are heading to Europe – with limited money, education, job skills, or desire to assimilate. They demand entry into EU countries whose energy, economic, employment and welfare systems are already foundering or nearing collapse.

EU nations have hobbled their nuclear and carbon-based energy systems so completely that unsubsidized German and Danish electricity prices are almost ten times higher than in US states that still rely on coal-fired generation. Industrial giant Siemens is cutting 1,600 jobs in its power and gas division, companies are hard-pressed to compete internationally, and 0.5% annual economic growth is deemed “robust.”

So naturally, President Obama, Pope Francis, the European Commission, United Nations, and many poor countries are obsessed with – climate change! It’s insanity on steroids. The alarmist assertions are absurd.

“Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies,” Obama recently inveighed. “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century.”


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