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meterOne of the most common scenarios I encounter is with new home owners who wait until the last minute to request electric service to be turned on at their new place.

I have a Realtor friend who sends me referrals of people who just bought a new home and they waited until the last minute to request electric service on in their home.

What I have found to be the best advice for same day service is to have them call the incumbent provider in there area.

This provider is TXU Energy in the Dallas Fort Worth and much of the East Texas area and it is Reliant Energy in the Houston area.

The reason I have them do this is because TXU for instance, can get someone out to their house in sometimes two hours or less even when calling at 4 p.m. on the day you need it on.

That type of fast service is hard to beat. Now keep in mind they are simply having Oncor Electric Delivery, the pole and wires company come out to turn service on but for some reason Oncor seems to operate quicker for TXU than they do the other providers.

It is really a mystery to me but coincidentally they are owned by the same umbrella company so I always wonder if that has something to do with it.

Now I tell these referrals to call or sign up online and request a “new move-in” order.

If you do it online it may not switch until the next day. If you call in and specifically ask for a priority move-in with an expectation that it gets turned on the same day they very likely will be able to fulfill the request.

It’s critical to just sign up for a variable no contract rate because you will be shopping for a cheap electric provider a few days later.

The problem with TXU as of now and what I have seen the last decade is that they just don’t compete on price with the other retail electric providers.

I have consistently seen much higher fixed rate products that involve a contract when dealing with TXU.

So after you have gotten your electric service on you have made it past what may have looked like the potential for an inconvenient night or two without electricity.

Now you just need to get on this site and search and compare electric companies and rates. I recommend only comparing fixed rates.

The fixed rates do not change but variable prices do which is another reason to get off of that temporary TXU variable price ASAP.

You don’t want a $300 electric bill by being on a variable product. You simply type your zip code in on our little widget on the top right of this page and click compare.

The comparison will appear allowing you the ability to sort through and find the term and price of a fixed contracted electric rate that fits your situation best.

I hope this explanation helps you as I have found it to be the most requested residential service request I receive. “I need electric service on, like yesterday!”


Gore and ObamaAlmost four years ago –– July 19, 2010 to be exact –– I wrote the following…

“Alarmingly, our environment has been hijacked by uber-rich individuals, crooked politicians, and an assortment of left wing extremists who are fueled by greed and power attached to a radical agenda to bring about “global governance,” “redistribute the wealth,” and put the progressive movement –– big government, social justice and the death of capitalism –– on the fast track. Under the guise of “saving the planet,” these players, who are all interconnected in a variety of ways, are transforming our climate into something more sinister –– a scam of epic proportions.
Two years after that, The Green Corruption Files was unleashed. Even as much has transpired in my quest to unearth and expose the massive amount of clean-energy dirt found inside this climate scam, I’ll spare you the grimy details. In short, since late 2009, I’ve been following the “green” money and connecting the dots –– money that not only led to waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement, but also cronyism, corruption, and an abundance of failure.”

In fact, January was my last report on the failures, whereas I tracked 32 Obama-backed green energy companies that have gone under, costing taxpayers over $3 billion –– with “the troubled category” that includes five bailouts at a price tag of $7.5 billion, along with 22 green energy projects that are circling the drain, placing that figure at over $6.7 billion. And this does not take into account the various taxpayer-funded green energy programs that have also failed miserably, nor my recent bombshell story on the “law-breaking, American hating” Spanish conglomerate, Abengoa, that was subsidized with $3.6 billion in stimulus loans and grants from the American taxpayer.

Read more here: http://greencorruption.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/clean-energy-dirty-money-green.html