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Stream Energy Residential Electric Rate

I noticed today on powertochoose today that Stream Energy shows a month to month rate at 12.99 cents\Kwh. This is a great rate but a majority of the residential customers out there use less then 500 Kwh in usage a month. This means in actuality their customer would have to pay about 13.49 cents\kwh. This is actually a decent variable month to month rate if it stays around this rate each month. Unfortunately 12.99 cents\kwh is not going to be the energy rate for most people out there.


Pricing for ERCOT           500 kWh       1,000 kWh     1,500 kWh

Month-to-Month Rate    $0.13490     $0.12990         $0.12990

In comparison Hudson Energy Services and Spark Energy tie with the lowest 12 month fixed term rate. Both companies offer a rate with NO monthly customer charge. This means you don’t have to pay a bogus fee for being their customer. That never really made sense anyway? The rate stays the same the entire year so there are no surprises. Right now a 12 month term makes the most since as rates continue to go up and probably will for awhile.

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  1. You know each area pays a different rate. We have TXU and our rate is different every month. The lowest rate I have paid on TXU is over 13 cents and one of the highest I found was about 15 cents. I talked to a woman yesterday who has paid as much as 18.9 recently on TXU. I am grateful mine is not that high!!!
    I have recently switched over to Stream and have locked in a rate of 11.9 on contract for 12 months. In the last three years they have lowered their rate 6 times, I believe. The month to month rate, I think, is about 12.3 to 12.5.
    I know nothing about Reliant, but am glad that I have switched to stream. We have had a lot of trouble with TXU. From what I have seen, they are often in trouble with the Public Utility Commision. They sent us "customer appreciation bonuses" recently. I later found out those three $25 bonuses I got were paid because the Utility Commission caught them over charging us and made them pay back the overage. I would definitely have to see to believe that TXU could match, much less beat, Stream Energy's energy charge rate.

  2. Jen

    Good info. However, Stream's rates factor in the monthly customer charge. Every other company I've seen, at least in my area, adds the customer charge to the advertized rate.

  3. It's good that Stream Energy factors in the customer service charge. I know that Spark Energy has no customer service charge on their online signup but of course like stream they probably have one it is just factored into the rate.

  4. We have stream and love it so far. I can help you switch if you like send me your email. You will need your account number from your bill. Also wash clothes in cold water helps also. Energy saver. Use a lower dryer setting also can help as well. Hot/warm washing sets stains and shrinks/faids the cloths. We also use enzyme soaps to clean clothes/dishes. Great for those in the country. Shut off all electrical when sleeping or away. All these we do to keep our bill low. Our home is all electric!

  5. Stream user.Great prices and the lowest out there right now.The rest have a different monthly rate each month based on the tome of year it is. This is why the rest are not a good choice for the money. Stream will do gas in the future also i bet.

  6. Elizabeth Vudhiwat

    Hello. I'm also a Stream user, but I've been having some problems with them. Although they have a great rate, I've found these problems to be such a nuisance that I'm on the market for a new electric provider. Just wanted to post a warning to people…
    They were doing well for the first half year or so, the main issue I had was that the statements were sent really close to the date the payments were due and customer service took forever. Additionally, they have no online billing unless I wanted to pay an additional $5. However, they have been giving me problems with a bill from nearly 2 months ago, repeatedly claiming to have not received the check (though I had the bank clear it with them) and saying that it has been reversing itself. They even went so far as to shut off my electricity over a bill of $60. That was after my initial (and only) notification, after which I talked to them and was led to believe the matter was resolved.

    Basically, I don't want to dissuade others from their freedom to choose their electric provider, but I would warn against Stream. I know a couple of friends who have also been having similar problems, while others have been fine. It's your choice.

  7. Larry Huff

    I've read some information from people who thought that by investing a small amount to sell Stream, they could rake in the money, with little or no effort. The problem seems to be that those people weren't working hard at "building their business." There is never something for nothing. Associates that are successful with Ignite, Stream's marketing arm, are successful because they work at it as their business. Anybody who has their own business, of any kind, will have to work hard, especially at first, to make it work. I know this from experience with other businesses I have started or managed.
    Stream offers very competitive rates and I have heard no complaints from my customers. No energy company, no matter whom you choose, will allow you to not pay your bill. If you are interested in saving money on your electric bill, please e-mail me, I'll be happy to help.

  8. Montene Merchant

    This house had TXU Electric Service all through the year of 2005 and before.. It sat here vacant all through the year until I was fool enough to buy in the TXU service area which includes Wichita Falls. I purchased the house with electricity service beginning approx the first part of November, 2005. After living in God's country, Amarillo with decent electric and other utility rates in comparison to Wichita Falls, I was astounded at my first electric bill from TXU. So in 2006 I changed to STREAM ENERGY. The usage rate sent to them by TXU included all of the year 2005 which indicated I used very little electricity. So my rates are higher than they should be according to my actual usage based on the 2005 usage. I have since gone to average billing, STREAM calculated my usage on my actual usage which indicated I used over 1000 kwh each month and that is what they based by monthy bill on. But they still charge my the .014 per kwh even though their own calculations show I actually use more than TXU indicates. I have called many times, had each conversation recorded by a different operator ALL to no avail as far as getting my cost per kwh down. To change service it will cost me $250. penalty. All I can say is ALL OF IT IS A NO WIN SITUATION IN ANY AREA TXU HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH UTILITIES. I am not a happy camper because I cannot get STREAM to listen to reasoning even when I provide written proof.

    • Veronica

      My mom had txu a long time ago even during the deregulation process and switched out after that but the company has changed alpt and is now one of the most competitive company now plus they have great incentives so email me I got on their rates when before I was overpaying with reliant and stream so things change and everybody decerves a second chance

  9. Montene Merchant

    This house had TXU electric service all through the year of 2005 and before.. It sat here vacant all through the year until I was fool enough to buy in the TXU service area which includes Wichita Falls. I purchased the house with electricity service beginning approx the first part of November, 2005. After living in God's country, Amarillo, with decent electric and other utility rates in comparison to Wichita Falls, I was astounded at my first electric bill from TXU. So in 2006 I changed to STREAM ENERGY. The usage rate sent to them by TXU included all of the year 2005 which indicated I used very little electricity. So my rates are higher than they should be according to my actual usage based on the 2005 usage. I have since gone to average billing, STREAM calculated my usage on my actual usage which indicated I used over 1000 kwh each month and that is what they based by monthy bill on. But they still charge my the .014 per kwh even though their own calculations show I actually use more than TXU indicates. I have called many times, had each conversation recorded by a different operator ALL to no avail as far as getting my cost per kwh down. To change service it will cost me $250. penalty. All I can say is ALL OF IT IS A NO WIN SITUATION IN ANY AREA TXU HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH UTILITIES. I am not a happy camper because I cannot get STREAM to listen to reasoning even when I provide written proof.

  10. Saunders Parish

    Good Day,
    Well I have been a Stream Customer since Feb.2007. They do not have the lowest rate, Plus, if you figure your time is worth something, just dealing with them on a monthly basis really drives the cost of their service,
    As I reflect, nothing I ask them to do, has worked until I get on the telephone, go through 2 layers of CSR's that only know how to answer the telephone.
    Their bill arrive about 4 days before the Due date, and there is no way you can pay them of time to avoid a late charge. If a week end falls in that period you are screwed. If you call them enough, you learn about some of the way their back office is suspost to work, but doesn't. They use some third party billing company in FL, and I believe that is why the bills are late. To overcome that problem, I decided to go to average billing and draft my bank. Since I have adjust how I deal with Stream, I now never know how may KWHR's I'm being billed for, they just adjust the useage to equal the Dollar amount.
    It took them 3 months to start direct billing my bank. The more you talk about stream, you learn how little they know about bussiness. Back to the Direct Billing
    issue, I had to send not one, but two canceled checkes, they say they never got the first one. every nonth I would get hit with late charges. I finally found a knowledgeable CSR who was bright, could answer simple questions. She went back through my accound and issued credits, + she figured out with was wrong
    with the direct billing. I have a 8 digit account #, they want a 10 digit #, so they
    just filled in the first two key punch areas, and my bank would not accept a draft with a Account # longer than they accept. Kensha really helped me,
    Botton line, I would leave Strean in a heart beat, only they want $ 299.95 to close the account early. I have in my hand a offer from reliant for $0.109 per
    KLWHR, which is 2 cents lower than stream.
    I hate to be so long winded, BUT, it is a strugle being a Stream Energy Customer

  11. David Cooper

    I have been with Stream Energy for over a year now and there is nothing good I can say about them.

    -The customer service is terrible
    -Their online system is terrible
    -Their rates are higher than other providers
    -Cancellation fee for fixed rate plans are way too high

    I work a lot so I don’t get much time to pay any attention to my electric bill, but recently I forced myself to go online and compare what other electric providers are offering. It didn’t take me more than 20 minutes online before I found myself finalizing my switch over to a lower priced electric provider. I won’t say who they are, but I am now going to be paying about 11 cents per kWh on a fixed plan, which is so much lower than Stream Energy. This new provider will even draft my checking so that is one less bill that I have to worry about paying.

    I’m not writing this to promote any company; I just want people to realize that they have a choice.


  12. These people are definitely in the brain washing business. They go around in the meetings and instruct associates how to con people to devote all their time and energy to their cause, that is, to make the people at the top more money. They certainly have their priorities mixed up and have little or no regard to family, friends or relationships. Weak minded people need to be aware.

  13. Just the facts

    Fact 1: Stream Energy in just an ordinary electricity provider that buys their power wholesale from the same generators that have always supplied power to Texans. The difference between these providers is their ability to service the customer at the lowest price. If you get the lowest price, you probably will get the worst customer service. Somewhere in the middle of the pack is the best company, one who gives good customer service, costs a little more, but is able to do all that is required at less cost than the TXUs of the world.
    Fact 2: Ignite is not the electricity company, it is a sales arm that uses MLM. Stream Energy also uses door-to-door marketing as well as web marketing.

    • Cindy

      Hi there- I am an independent associate with Ignite. Just so you know, Ignite does not use web marketing or door to door marketing, it is prohibited by the company.

  14. twizztedgranny

    I fully agree STREAM ELECTRIC is the worst mistake I have made I have a 85 year old woman that lives in my duplex her side is 320.00 a month mine is almost 200.00 they say we use close to 1100 kw I don't see how we have our heat on 63 no leaving on lights we are both careful her side got cut off because of a past due with NO warning on a very cold night I have called stream & oncor to no avail they don't care if you have electric or not so beware of STREAM

  15. Emma's Mommy

    I have had Stream for 15 months and have been very glad I switched! Their rates are consistantly below the other competetors (sure you might get a reseller who can cut off a penny, but they could disappear tomorrow). We have our bil automatically drafted and it was a smooth transition form the very beginning. Stream doesn't read your meter, that is still done by your local wire company, AEP reads all the meters in my area, Stream can only bill what they are given. I take my hat off to Stream for keeping their customer service up with their rediculously fast growth. I have kept my eye on them over the past year and have been impressed. Talk about good service: right before my friend's one year contract was up, they called her to ask what she wanted to choose for her continued service, they could have just started charging her a month to month rate like other companies, but they didn't. I think some of you just like to complain.

  16. Never using Stream a

    I was a customer of Stream's for October-December 2007. It was the absoloute worst decision for my household. My family is very energy concious. We installed a programmable thermostat, unplug unused eletric items, and recently added Energy saver appliances. With that said, we recieved a $592.89 bill from Stream, which lead us to calling the "never-answering" customer service line. After a 30 minute hold, and 45 minute conversation, the only compensation/credit we recieved was $10 toward our next month's bill. We called a free energy inspecter and found out we had a faulty meter. Stream promised they would fix it within 48 hours. The next month's bill came one week later, they had yet to do anything about the meter, and this bill was just as outrageous. The Stream representative was uneducated enough to answer simple questions, and never once presented resolution to this obvious major problem. No matter how hard you fight to have them fix their equipment or adjust your bill, you will face hard barriers and be told that it is "not their problem." Unless you enjoy paying ridiculously high bills… BEWARE… STREAM IS A SCHEME. IT IS NOT WORTH "SAVING A PENNY"!!!

  17. I will say that Stream has had some customer service issues and it is not uncommon to find a pizza guy behind the phone answering energy questions. On Stream's defense though they are not the pole and wires company. Anything regarding the reading of your meter needs to be taken up with Oncor Electric Delivery in Dallas and Fort Worth and Centerpoint Energy in the Houston area.

  18. Sour Grapes!!!

    Many of you have a mouth full of sour grapes. In my area Oncore maintains the delivery and reads the meters as always. Oncore in turn sends your information to ERCOT. ERCOT then sends your information to your Competitive Electrical Provider. Then your CREP(Stream, Ambit, Spark, ect.) bills you from that information. Calling your CREP for repairs or meter disputes is like trying to get a haircut over the internet. You must go to your delivery service company (Oncore).

    FYI: Stream will soon be the fastest growing company in American history. $1B in annual sales in just 3 yrs. Google did it in 6yrs. But Google is a global company. Stream has only 5% of the business in just 1 state (Texas). Stream just spent $3mil to improve customer service instead of buying advertising with the money. Stream also occupies more then 150,000 sq ft. in the Infomart in Dallas.

    Furthermore: Pay your electric bill or buy candles with the money!

  19. Jocelyn Ellis

    I am under a 3-year contract with Stream. While I have never encountered worse customer service, I also have to say I am grateful right now for my contract price, which is saving me money in this rising energy market.

    I have worked for electric companies in the past. I know how it should be done. Stream has a lot to learn, and a lot of improvements to make.

    Because I have had no luck resolving my problems by working directly with Stream (and I, too, have spent endless time in phone queues with Stream), I have gone to a resource that is available to us all (and which we all pay for through our utility taxes): the public utility commission, or PUC.

    Here is the PUC's email address:

    Earlier this year, I complained to the PUC that Stream was not showing my actual kWh usage on my bill; Stream was saying that it didn't need to do that for average billing customers. The PUC made Stream start showing kWh usage. I hope that change benefitted all Stream customers, and not just me.

    More recently, I have complained to the PUC about how Stream does not show the amounts of credits on bills, nor does it report credits as such. I am awaiting an answer, but I know I will get one. The PUC has the mission to get consumer problems resolved, and Stream MUST comply with the PUC's findings.

    Watch your bill very carefully. I have seen Stream arbitrarily switch my rate (even though I am under a three-year contract). I am grateful for the lower price, but I do not trust Stream one iota.

  20. inspectyourenergy sp

    I currently own and operate a very successful business for the last 21 years. I joined Stream/Ignite as an associate with a promise from my dedicated upline to make it happen and we would all make a ton of money. They promised the most competitive rates in the industry with no service fees. The problem is that they did not compete in my service area. I paid there 300.00 fee to join and 20.00 a month to have my own Ignite web site. I purchased business cards an promotional material to start and grow my business. Then they want you to go to all these Ignite academy seminars to turn you into a robot and continue to pay them fee's. Then they tell you they do not offer the best electricity rates and not to tell your customers you do. So you have lost your edge on rates. Ignite claims to save all there money on advertising and pay it back to there Associates reducing there cost of the energy they purchase and sell to retail customers.I fell for it and hope you dont. They recently got approval to sell retail gas in Georgia but told us for months we could not sell it in Georgia. Then week after week they send us Georgia resident people list after list of associates moving up the ladder to executive director with out signing Georgia customers. THE BASIC REQUIREMENT FOR ADVANCEMENT. After six months I signed one associate and one customer who I lost due to the amount of time it took me to get them. This is a typical mlm sham where instead of purchasing product you spend money on joining the team, website, marketing seminars and promotional fees that do not produce. The ED'S want you to send them all these names and they promise to call them and sign them up. "IT NEVER HAPPENS". I do not have stream energy at this time because there rates could not compete with my current carrier. I recently resigned from Ignite due to inadequate support and broken promises. Be aware of the sincere sales pitch and there whole heated faith approach. I hope the State of Texas and Georgia Attorney Generals office is keeping a close eye on this company. I Urge All Associates past and present of Stream/Ignite to leave a Reply.

  21. PyramidsAREscams

    Sit down and draw a pyramid taking into account the $400 dollar riders. After you have drawn yourself into the bottom of a “downline” then drawn your self some riders. When you have a few riders and you have your money back (hypothetically) then get a few more riders. NOW you are doing the math. Look and see how many riders it takes to jump on the pyramid to advance your position to the second level. It’s a lot, isn’t it? It only gets bigger and harder to recruit the suckers (riders). It’s been said before. Every time someone joins the pyramid they stand a mathematically smaller chance of being successful at the recruitment of new suckers. It’s also been said that the residual income in this thing is next to worthless. That is why they want you to become a representative. It’s not that hard to see the truth if you really look. This is a math problem folks. To reach the 4th or 5th or 6th level in a pyramid is an astronomical undertaking not to mention the people who get hurt along the way. Try the numbers. You will find some truth there. You won’t find it at an Ignite or any Ambit “meeting”.

  22. TexasMom

    I have been with Stream for over two years and it is the worse mistake I've ever made!!! The first year went fine with competitive rates and average billing. However, once my first year was up, my statements and average billing turned into a huge mess. I have called their horrible customer service department many, many times. I am always on hold forever or I get a recording that says to call back another time. I get different info. with each incompetent rep. I speak to. There have been two months where I didn't even get a bill. Then, they send you two bills in one month with expected due dates the next week. I have complained to the BBB and have gotten nowhere. I haven't received a bill this month and I keep trying to call, but I keep getting the "call again another time" recording. I am now filing a complaint with the PUC. I have 4 more months left on my contract and then I am switching back to TXU!!!!!

  23. buddylee

    I signed up with Stream 2 years ago at around 12-13 cents per kwh for my 2nd home. Last month, (the bill due @the end of June) the rate was 15.9, up around 1 cent from the month before. I got my bill today and the rate is now 19.9 per kwh. Kind of like the price of gasoline in my opinion. Good by to Stream Energy.

  24. momi2angelz

    We signed up with Stream a couple years ago.. Everything was fine for awhile, and then last winter I noticed our bill was higher.. I called them and they locked me into a lower rate .12. Then again, everything was fine and the bill got higher again after a couple months. Now they are saying my usage is 3 times higher than this time last year. I personally went and read the meter last night and my numbers are completely different.. I called Stream this morning to ask them about it.. the lady first said "Well this summer is much hotter than last summer so your bill will be mugh higher".. This is bull, this summer isn't much hotter than last year. I explained to her that in the last year we have made energy efficient changes to our home, the bill should not have tripled.not to mention that they show our highest months are nov-feb. Most of our house is gas.. this is just not possible. She simply referred me to Centerpoint and said it's not their problem. Im SO aggrivated with them.. my next call is to Centerpoint, and then the PUC.

  25. ERHnTexas

    I am in the process of sueing Ignite and Stream Energy for numerous violations to include Fraud, Fraudulent Misrepresentation,Neglience, and mental anguish. Also, I am filing complaints with the U.S.Attorney General, State of Texas Attorney General and my local Police deppartment for criminal activities, which are all felonies.

    I need any and all information avaialbel to we the people that are discussed with the dishonest conduct of Stream and Ignite.

    You cna E-Mail me at

  26. Wendy

    I have stream as well and let me tell you if you are paying less that 18.1 per kw you are lucky. My rate is 0.222 They did not let me know that the rate that was locked in a few years ago was up and was automatically set for month to month. I have never had as much of a high electric bill as I have had since I have been with Stream energy. They talked a good game at first, but then wham. $700 electric bills. And customer service is not that great either. They are hard to get on the phone, you wait on hold forever and the person that takes the call usually can not answer your questions. Believe me I am shopping for another electric company.

  27. PIZZED

    I dunno where ya'll are getting your numbers, but I got screwed by stream energy. Was paying about 15.6 per kwh then out of no where I get a bill at 18.9 per kwh.

    bastards 🙁

  28. madder than an old w

    After 2 days of sitting on hold waiting for "customer service actual human being" to answer my call was told that I dont have a fixed rate contract, this after 2 yrs of being with Stream and getting the same rate the entire time up untill this past month, actually the 2 yr time period will be over next month and bet you backside this will be the end of the crap from this bunch…

  29. txvickster


    When I received an $800 electric bill for an 1800 sq ft home, I contacted Stream. They indicated “I” had let my contract expire. I have no notification of any such requirements and was told it was a verbal agreement when I switched providers and they taped the conversation. I requested to have the tape pulled so I could verify and was told a supervisor would return my call within 5 days. I am an extremely organized person and maintain meticulous records, so I am positive that I would have noted that I needed to contact them. The only documentation I can locate is on their website (I received no paperwork when we switched providers) is a statement that you would receive 45 days notice of any rate change. Their customer service rep replied…. “you'll be glad to know that we just implemented a Customer Loyalty Program and from now on you will be notified when your contract is up." I indicated I would renew my contract if they would retro the current rate back to June 1, but they would not agree.

    That was on July 12 and I still have had no response to my request. You cannot reach their customer service line, they even sent an email saying it the call volume was too heavy to take calls

    Today, when I attempted to pay my last bill with Stream, their payment system would not take the entire payment in one transaction indicating it was over the maximum payment allowed; I had to make 2 separate transactions and was charged $2.75 for EACH transaction!

    Texas PUC needs to do something to stop this!!!

  30. azcox

    August 3rd. 2008

    I am an Ignite distributor(represents Stream Energy) and I am completely discussed with Stream. Steam switched one of my accounts to their company, because I had two additional accounts with Stream. This was done without my knowledge or permission. I believe the company is dishonest, did not pay my commission, etc.
    My rate for June billing was increased about
    30 % on some of my accounts.

    I will have 4 accounts soon, August 08.I am switching all of my accounts away from Stream..


  31. Run!!! Stream bill o

    Total b.s!! I got my stream bill the other day and they to raised my rate to 19.9% kilowatts and my bill was 695.00 and the late bill will be 730.00. Of course, I wont easily come up with the 695 in the next 10 days, so of course I m going to be late! I called and had them relock me in at 15 cents a kilowatt. If I had my way, i would have left and gone else where. With a $700 bill, who has the money to pay a deposit else where.

    If your considering Stream, DON"T!!!!!!!!!

  32. Leavin' Stream!

    DO NOT SIGN ON WITH STREAM!!! We foolishly switched over to them. Had NO idea our contract was up until BAM! last month – got a $375 electric bill. (I know that may not seem high to some – but we keep our thermostat at 81. We sweat in our house! I have NEVER had a bill over $175 in this house!!) Just got our bill today – $400!! Our KWH is .20 Like everyone else has said, TERRIBLE customer service and you get 10 days to pay your bill! Yep, I am shopping for a new electric provider!! RUN from Stream!!

  33. TexasMom

    I posted back on June 23rd about my problems with Stream and my saga continues. I have not received a bill since May!!!!! Noone there can explain it – they just say it's a computer glitch. I have even talked to someone in their executive office who has been trying to figure out why I am not receiving a bill. I am now contacting the PUC.

  34. Filing a complaint a

    Would you consider raisig the rates that HIGH price gouging???? I think so!!!! Does anyone know if Stream is fixing to file chapter 11? I'm wondering if they are raising their rate so high to make a quick buck, cause they are going under like the others….

  35. debbiedu22

    Like many of you, I was locked into a 2-yr. contract with Stream at a rate of 12.9. I received my bill last week and much to my dismay the kwh rate had gone from 12.9 to 21.9. I called them and waited on hold sooooo many times, got transferred to different people, and then got disconnected. I called again later that day and the recording said "your wait time is approximately 4 hours"!!!! Unbelievable! I finally spoke with someone there who said they don't have to tell us when our contract expires and that we are responsible for keeping up with this and renewing at the appropriate times. I told them I was paying my bill but would no longer be a customer.

    I then did extensive research to see who had the lowest fixed rate. Dynowatt offers 14.4 for 2 years, and I called them and have signed up with them. Hopefully, this will save some of you time and money in finding a different provider.

    By the way, now that I have switched, I have gotten 2 voice mails and 1 email from them wanting to know how they could be of assistance…WHATEVER!!!!

  36. MissBeaux

    Gee, I am so sorry you folks are having such problems. This is a new company and they are trying to work out their problems. Our electricity comes in just as always and the price is lower than TXU. We recently signed our contract for a one year fixed rate. Yes, they are more than slow in customer service but it seems they are trying to do the right thing, at least in our case. Everyone's patience is on edge because of the continuing condition of our economy. Hope everyone gets their issues addressed and stick it out a while just to see if you can get those lower prices. Let this very young company work out their customer service issues. Our bill is much lower than last year's.
    Happy with Stream Energy in East Texas!

  37. PyramidsAREscams

    Do yourself and others a favor….CANCEL STREAM ENERGY and tell them you chose to not be a part of any company that uses a pyramid scheme to find "customers"

  38. Wing

    CANCEL STREAM ENERGY. This is what happened to me lately: My electricity rate went up from 0.141/kwh in June 08 to 0.229/kwh in July 08, a whopping 62% increase in a month. I called the customer representative today (Aug 11th) and they told me that my one year contract ended in June and I did not renew my contract until Aug 4th, so they charged me a monthly rate in July billing according the use of natural gas. They cited that the electricity rate has been spiking recently. However, I found that that it is hard to believe. First of all, the 62% rate increase in a month is simply outrageous. Secondly, they sent me an email without any urgency or warning of such outrageous increase. Thirdly, my original plan was the "clean energy" option and I don't understand why they charged me the rate of the natural gas option. Fourthly, I renewed my contract in August 4th with the new rate of $0.144/kwh, not much difference from the rate of my previous contract. It is contradictory to the energy spike that they mentioned. Finally, they cited that I did not read the previous contract well enough, but it was more than one year ago with numerous jargons and fine prints. It will not be easy for a person to remember all the details. I found the rate hike is unacceptable but the customer representative refused to grant any relief. I'm actually sorry to those customer service people because they have to take the blame as their company made those policies to rip off its customer.

  39. Screwed By Stream To

    We have been a faithful loyal customer since 2004, but after having so many problems with Stream, we are off to find a new provider. Some problems include:

    1) Taking us off of average billing without our knowledge even though we locked in at a rate then BAM 4 months later, we are MISTERIOUSLY; and STILL to this day have yet to tell us why.

    2) Customer Service stinks. We get passed around from CSR like a hot potato and no one knows the answers or how to fix the problem.

    3) On one of our residents, we didn't even get a bill for nearly 3 months; now that I moved from there, I get hit up with all 3 of those bills PLUS the bill for our residing resident and they want payment in 10 days of over $930+ NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    4) The previous office resident that never got a bill for a while, had went into foreclosure, so I was forced to get out, and Stream is trying to make me pay $400 for a cancellation fee, even though it wasn't my fault the landlord didn't pay the mortgage??

    5) My bill for last month mysteriously jump up to $514.07 for the month July; when I thought I was on average billing (AGAIN, after about 10 conversations with multiple representatives that are obviously not communicating or making notes). Keep in mind my average bill was in the early $200 range.

    Like I said previously, I had been a faithful customer to them for over 4 years and I'm just tired of the BS, so I'm switching providers; even though I should have did it years ago. I never really paid much attention to the bill, I just paid it. Now I just see how many years that have jacked me over when I should have been at a locked in rate.

    ***Oh by the way***, I know I don't use NEARLY as much energy as they say I do, but I never went through the hassle of paying someone to come and examine the meter.

  40. rnpooky007

    Stream Just sent me a bill for 21.3 cents per kwh, all there advertising says they are 12 to 13 cents per kwh, what kind of screwing is that? I was with txu for 10yrs plus, never a problem or surprise. I was with reliant for about two years, great company no problems or surprises! Something is wrong here.

  41. He'sRight@lol.n

    Yeah, that guy is correct. That guy is rather tactful with his diction, for sure! Let us hope that Stream goes out of business for their Jack-the-Ripper antics.8====D oSTREAM(<–the company's asshole).


    Stream can kiss my black ass. This ho named Leslie would not let me dispute my shit or talk to her supervisor. They are criminals for spiking the rate to over 20 cents and sending these bills months late to their customers, expecting them to pay the full amount in just 10 days. It's unprofessional and is the product of disorganization on their end. Why should we have to pay for their mistakes? Fuck stream. I hate those motherfuckers who try to work with gay ass ignite too. They con you into thinking it's tight when it's whack as hell. They are bootleg and I will fuck their mom because of it. Go to hell Stream, you satan worshipper.

  43. bob


  44. bob


  45. BOBS MAD


  46. black&blue

    Stream upset me so much that I think I may have developed high bp. But I will keep this as short as possible.

    I signed up with Stream around the end of 2008. I was on month to month because I wanted to try them out. The bills I received were comparatively lower than with reliant. However I did not like the $2.95 fee to pay my bill online or over the phone. But that was not a big issue. Once I tried to extend my due date so that I could avoid a late payment. I was told that they would send out a disconnection notice after 3 days after which I had 10 days to pay. A disconnection notice? Just because I asked for an extended due date, and this after excellent payment record. No thanks. I paid that day and still got charged a late fee because THEY received the payment LATE. I paid at 4:15 at the pay station. Their deadliine is 4:30pm. No matter.

    This year they started raising the rates, hiking it from 0.14 on one bill, 0.17, the next bill, 0.21 the bill after that so I called them. I was told that it was because I was month to month. I asked them why they had never offered me another alternative, never emailed me, never put any offers in the mail with my bills, to warn me to lock in or helped me in any way to avoid the high rate they're charging me. There was no answer to that. In addition, after they started raising the rates, I decreased my energy usage. Come to find out that they were charging more for lower usage. Call the environmentalists! All this information I had to go to their website. What if I didn't have internet connection? Even Reliant used to call me and put promotional fliers in my mail. They also gave me new information if I called for anything else. Calling Stream energy is a hassle, their automated system is one of the worst I've encountered and they always put me on hold.

    Anyway, after that I called TXU to switch. AFTER which I started getting emails from stream. Too late. 2 days ago,I forgot my password to log into my account and I am still waiting on the activation link. Why do I need this? I got an ebill from my bank on my current amount being $175. The highest bill I have ever received ever. For the one bedroom apartment which I share with a 2 year old. I have not received my paper bill,but I am curious to see the new rates they have jerked it up to. I will keep you informed.

    I am so upset that I can't even do an edit on this. Please indulge my grammar etc.

  47. from league city

    I have tried for three weeks to sign on with Stream and cannot get a respone to the online application or customer service. Since reading this tonight, I will not pursue it anymore! Thanks, guess there is a reason for everything!

  48. iowamarty51

    I am also outraged with Stream's inefficiency. I was not notified of my contract ending back in April '08. My rate jumped from .11 to .21 during that time. I called to lock in a new rate but was told that I would have to suffer another month-to-month rate before it would go into affect. I called AEP for a off-cycle-reading and was informed that they don't do that. What the f***! If you change companies they do; if you are moving, they do. There desperately needs to be regulation! Why can't the lowest rate be offered to everyone? Why does there have to be contracts? They are gouging many. Their service lacks tremendously! We had our largest bill ever last month; $355 plus. We are both out of work right now and can not take another "hit" like that. Temperatures here in this part of Texas were in the triple digits for days on end. I would think there could be some sort of break when this happens which is out of everyone's control. Thanks for letting me vent.

  49. from Alvin

    Wow – lots of anger and believe me I am right there with yal. I am with First Choice and they also jumped from .21 (jul) to .23 (aug) though natural gas price was down. Houston Chron had an article out on this issue last month and even mentioned this price drop. I am very confused as to this latest increase though First Choice was unable to supply much information other than my billing rate was correct for the month and could they offer me their simple rate at .17. I put in a PUC compliant and suggest everyone consider doing so as well. We need change. Email our state reps too! I got the PUC info from website.

  50. Pepper Monkey

    Was thinking of converting to Stream and Ignite too…….. I am OUT! No way do I wish to have my kharma involved with such negativity……….. Thanks to all of you.

  51. black&blue

    Here's a brief update to my last posting.

    – Paper bill for the 07/11/08 to 08/08/08 not received.
    – Called on Friday,08/22/08 and reported. Also requested for them to resend it.
    – Called on Monday to report bill still not received.
    – Called on Tuesday for bill not received. Tried to dispute the late charges, but they wouldn't even listen. I asked the rep my next step. He couldn't tell me and said it doesn't matter when I receive my bill, it was still my responsibility to pay it before the due date. I asked him why he didn't offer me the option to extend the due date. No answer.They said to call back on Wednesday and that the bill had been sent since 08/14. Told me to go to the post office and report.
    – Called on Wednesday 8/27 and the rep said records show I have requested for them to resend it,nothing else offered, no help or suggestions. I told him to put in on record that I called again. No further assistance on the matter was offered.
    – Pulled old 2007 email and used it to reactivate my online account since they never sent the reactivation email.
    – Logged on but could not get the invoice in question. I was able to get all other invoices but that one.
    – Got another ebill from my bank and was able to get details of bill.
    – Found out that I was billed at 23.0 cents per KWH.
    – Also found a late charge supposedly on last bill. An extension date of 08/04 was requested for and given before I received that particular bill. That information also appears on my online invoice with 08/04 as my due date. Yet I was charged a late fee.
    – Tried to call them, but was kept on hold 15 minutes and then it was 10.00pm, so I gave up.



  52. mamajo

    I will try to be brief. I live in a 1200 sf home. My May elctric bill was just over $60, my June bill was just over $100 and my July bill was $619. Do you think there is something wrong here? Stream Energy doesn't, they just think I am using more electricity. Okay, sure, I am using more ceiling fans, but I am sorry that is just wrong. I called, which was a nightmare in itself, and was told I could make payments. I sent in $250 and they cut my power off. Since their headquarters are located here in Dallas, I went to see them myself, it was easier than trying to get through by phone.
    I ended up haveing to sign a 6 month contract to get the rate lowered from $.18 kwh to $.13 kwh. I only agreed to sign if my power would be restored that day. They charge over $90 to reconnect.
    I am so mad!! If anyone knows who I can contact to contact to help me deal with This please email me at
    I will be contacting the BBB.

  53. TeXaS MaN

    These people in this group are a bunch of whiners. They didn't let me know when my contract ended… Hello they dont have too. It's your contract not there's. Did you read the service agreement. I guess not. There is nothing in there and by law they dont have to let you know when your contract expires. Does the place where you bought your car tells you when your car note is due. You cant walk into a gas station and demand the gas for 2.00 a gallon can you. If you take the time to read your service agreement, it will let you know everything you need to know regardless of how cheap the rate is. Also I didn't receive my bill. The electric companies dont deliver the mail. People take responsibility for your own and stop placing the blame on everyone else.

  54. Talos

    Texas Man is either retarded or a Stream Energy rep. I had a 3 month deal to try Stream with no contract. They called and tried to sign me for a long term deal at 14.5. I refused and said I was going with another company. I switched after the 3 months and got a .13 rate elsewhere. Then got a bill from Stream saying I had early termination. What a joke. At least I didn't get a 900 dollar bill like the others in this forum. I'm contacting the PUC and will contact the Texas Attorney Generals office about them. I think they are going out of business and are just a pitiful example of how the system does not protect consumers…….

  55. kel_ang

    I have had stream for just over 1 year now. While their rates may be decent… they have the worst customer service ever. I've actually started looking for another company and I really think it might be worth paying .06 more for better service. I really hate dealing with them.

  56. kel_ang

    Texas Man:

    No one is saying that they HAVE TO let the customer know when their contracts are up for renewal…. just that they should. It's smart business to show customer care. Otherwise, it is inevitable that they will go out of business. There is too much competition for a company to not extend the best service to loyal customers. In fact, most companies feel that loyalty should be rewarded.

    I don't care how low the rates are. If they are always trying to trick their customers it will catch up to them, and they'll be gone in no time.

  57. IgniteIrked

    I got on the ignite sales band wagon. From the blogs I have read, you can imagine the outcome. Since friends had brought me in to the organization I felt a certain loyalty to continue. The prices did seem reasonable. If you were a sales person you went without a contract( to receive the lowest rate possible) and your rates did not fluctuate. This changedchanges when you became a regular customer. I have experienced everything written in this blog. If you've read the blogs about the judges findings with Streams license hearings, you quickly understand they have friends in high places. Their criminal activity is called conspriracy (It's hard to prove). If all who have blogged here about reporting criminal acitvity and filing criminal charges are going to follow through; Then the Attorney General's Office is the place to start.
    I wish you all luck in your endeavors. I plan to start at the PUC. I have friends who are investigators with the attorney generals office. If I find out anything I will post it soon as possible.

  58. Don’t use Commerce Energy!! Their customer service is VERY POOR and they have no customer communication!! Don’t trust a California company to provide you with Texas power!!

    I was a Commerce Energy customer for years and without any notification, my rates jumped to .225 per kilowatt!! I called Commerce Energy several times and after being on hold for hours, I finally was able to speak to a rude representative that eventually hung up on me in less than 5 minutes. Looking at my Commerce Energy bill, I did find the URL to the Public Utility Commission of Texas;…. I filed a complaint and received a reply back within a couple of days. I also received a letter in the mail from the Public Utility Commission of Texas starting that Commerce Energy had 21 days to reply to my complaint. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but it hasn’t been 21 days.

    Why did I file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas? Commerce Energy illegally switched my electrical rates without any notification. Commerce Energy has my home number, work number and my email address, but they didn’t even try contacting me. Nothing was even stating on my electrical bill. My electrical consumption is anywhere from 3,500 kilowatts to just a little over 4,000 kilowatts per month. (I'm wondering if I have a bad electrical meter) An electrical bill over $800 per month is just crazy!! I contacted 15 electrical companies and finally found Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy's rate in my area is .13 per kilowatt and it didn’t cost me anything to switch over. BTW, the other 14 electrical companies wanted a $450 to $500 deposit; Ambit Energy DID NOT request a deposit! 🙂 The best part about switching to Ambit Energy is the referral program they have that can reduce my electrical bill to zero dollars every month!! Ambit Energy rates are as low as 11.8; depending on zip code. Take a look at

  59. lillibridge

    I didnt recieve me renewal letter until after I recieved a bill for 710.00 for one month on a 1300' house. Thats double what my bill usually is in the summer. Apparently my plan had ended 1 month earlier than the letter was dated which jacked my kwh from 13.9 to 21 per kwh. the sad part was taht they told me it would be another month before my new plan would take effect,, which meant I would get billed another month at 21 cents per kwh. If you dont mind waiting over 45 minutes on might get customer service. If you throw a big enough fit over their uncaring ways then they will act like their going to see what they can do and then hang up on you. After emailing customer service about their quality car…I recieve a letter not apologizing to me or asking me to stay..But threatening me that if I dont stay they will charge me with all kinds of fees…Which they did. Their final bill is for 1296 dollars and 37 cents! On the web site it says you have 3 days to cancel once you recieve your new terms on the plan. Guess what…They dont send you one. IM Stuck!!! Any help would be great!!!!

  60. lillibridge

    Sorry folks!
    Texas man must have been born out of state! When your done breast feeding Call customer service Genius and see how great they are. The point is that WE have lives, busy lives, which doesnt leave us alot of time to chase down our contracts end dates. But Im sure your calender is really full(wink) so full that you happened to write down your end date two calenders in advance. GET A LIFE DUDE!

  61. anonymous

    Great … I just signed on with Stream/Ignite yesterday. *sigh* And NOW I'm reading this. I guess all I can do is do my best to take care of the people that switch for me and try to set a positive example. I'm sorry that all of you have had to deal with all this drama. 🙁 I hope they don't screw me over!

  62. myeyes

    I have been involved with Stream and its associates for about a month and I am a Stream customer. I am sure that, as with every company, there were growing issues especially since they are one of the fastes growing companies in the US right now. I have also heard of all the changes that have been made to improve customer service and all the efforts that were made to make things better:: Over 150 new agents, call back system, automatic emails/phone calls notifying of contract end dates, if a customer unknowingly "went off contract" Stream reimbursing customers for the difference in the higher variable rate and their contract rate when they renew, etc. Associates have a new "red light" system to track contract status of their customers and they are encouraged to have a minimal amount of direct customers so they can insure great customer service..etc My old electric provider never gave me anything but confusion and higher rates. I am a Steam associate and have been very impressed with what I have seen and heard. I see a company that is trying to educate its customers through its associates and not "thrive" on consumer ignorance. And I cant help but wonder how many of all the "slams" come from REAL CUSTOMERS versus OUR COMPETITORS. If we were really doing such a bad job why would we be passing all the other competitive electric providers in growth and now even passed one of the original big 5 monopoly companies. If our service was so bad and we were involved in a lot of litigation why would we be getting the following awards and recognitions??:
    – Featured in D Magazine, Empower Magazine, Dallas Business Journal, Direct Selling News, etc….Receives Greater Dallas Chamber Award, selected as a Member of Direct Selling Association, Finalist for Platts Global Energy award (one of ten companies world wide), top award for Innovative Customer Service (one of two in North America), etc. So if you are new to Steam I encourage you to not believe everything you hear and form you opinions on your own experience.

  63. NewIgniteAssociate

    I must say I am troubled when I read this long string of customer service complaints. However, as I try to put these into perspective, this appears to be a "few" problems compared to most likely very many satisfied customers. Most people pay their bills on time, and are aware when their contract will be ending, especially with the red-light system now available to associates. On the PowerToChoose website for complaints, it appears that Stream customer service is rated about the same as TXU, but not as good as Reliant, for 9/2008. Before joining Stream, my contract with Spark expired, throwing my rate from 11.5 to 16.6 for the next month until I got my final bill. Spark's fault? Not really, I should have renewed or switched sooner. So all this Stream bashing I'm not buying into, although it will make me watch very closely over the next few months. I would hate to sign up all my friends and family only to have them screwed over by Stream. My optimism says things should be just fine.

  64. DisgustedinWaco

    I have been with Stream for a couple of years with a fixed rate of 13. We are on auto draft for billing and have had no real problems. Recently we were moving and needed to transfer the electric to the new address. After sitting on hold over 30 minutes for numerous times and trying to contact them by email – online etc. we finally called and sat on hold over an hour to get the transaction taken care of. The customer service reps were rude by phone and by email. When our contract is up we will be leaving Stream!

  65. brendajn

    Stream has a serious problem with customer service and billing. The reps are clueless and uninformed regarding the billing. I have had to figure out several myself. Now, I was recently billed then Stream goes backs and bills me again at a rate that was never posted nor can they provide any documentation on charging a 21.9 rate. Its crazy. I am frustrated and will move on. I am going to tell the world that this electric company is not what people think that it is. The reps even get mad when you question the billing. And if you ask to speak with a supervisor or mgr- they put someone on the phone who tries to pass as a manager. I'm out. I have filed a PUC complaint as well.

  66. switching

    I've had Stream for about 2 years. The first year was fine. The rate was low and I had average billing which gave me an expected bill of around $250 every month. I realized at the end of the year, if I underpaid I would be charged the overage and the average billing would go up for the next year. Likewise, if I overpaid I would be credited and the monthly payment adjusted to compensate.

    Like MOST people, I was unaware when my contract ended. My bill came in at $475. I assumed that was due to using more electricity than I was charged for. I paid it and expected the next month to show the monthly payment for the upcoming year. The next month the bill was over $500. The month after that it was almost $700. I called and was told that not only had my fixed rate expired, they no longer do average billing the way that every other utility provider that offers the service does, and the way any reasonable person would expect.

    Average billing is suppose to use the past 12 months of usage, average that amount, and charge accordingly so that the payment due is the same every month. This is a lifesaver for people on a budget. Stream decided to change the way they do it. Now they average this month's usage and compare it against this month last year's usage. They then average those two amounts and charge the customer the difference.

    My contract with them expires this month. I will give them credit for sending me an email notification of this. That's improvement. But, with poor customer service and no reasonable average billing, they've lost my business.

  67. Ignite Assoc & S

    We signed up for Ignite/Stream in December of 2006. Up until November of this year we have had a smooth ride.
    September of 2008 we were moving back into our home. Hubby called Stream and had the new address turned on and scheduled the old service to disconnect 9/30.
    September 3, Service is turned on at new address and then there was Ike…
    We moved right before and after the hurricane. We got a "final" bill for the old residence in October and thought we made a smooth transition to the new address. We were wrong…
    November 6th, receive a $80+ bill for the old residence dated September 30th to October 30th. I called Stream and let them know of this error to which the CSM stated that they had it fixed and would update the account with the credit and it will take 5 days to update. I can call back and they will verify the update. (I have a life, I didn't call back 5 days later).
    November 20, receive a past due bill for the $80+ and a bill for the days of October 30th to November 17th for the old service. Called Stream up again and said "hey this is to be fixed and now." The CSM tells me that Centerpoint was unable to make the 9/30 date and that they couldn't get the power shut off til 11/17. They are correcting the bill and in 5 days I will have a credit.
    November 21, receive another bill for my new address which states that the $80+ from the old residence is past due and I subject to disconnection at my new address for the charges. I call Stream again and they verify that billing was working to correct the mistake.
    November 23, hubby gets online to post the payment due for the new address and it shows the new address amount plus the $179 for the old address. Payment offsets the account by posting $$80+ of the $285 (that was to be for the new address) thus making the account offset again. He calls Stream to which they tell him that they will have a Billing Rep call him in 3 days. No calls were returned.
    December 5, Hubby calls Stream when he receives a $54 disconnect for the offset that Stream did to the account based on the erroneous bills that were sent. CSM tells us that it has been determined that Centerpoint could not turn the power off because of all of the Ike issues and so we will have to pay the 2 bills. We of course rebuttal and the CSM tells us "Well, I tell you what. Go to that old address and ask the person living there to pay you so you can pay us!!!" OMG can you believe that. Turns around and tells us that a supervisor is not available (as they always do) and they someone can return the call in 3 business days.
    December 11, no call has yet to be returned. Today we received anothe bill now at $248 which includes the past $54 and the "pending" $90+. We call Stream this evening and the guy named Vaughn starts trying to talk all over me. I said " hold it I am the customer and you don't have any idea as to why I am calling." He silenced for a moment and then interrupted by saying that Stream called Monday and talked to my hubby and my hubby agreed to the bills. I told that guy that was BS and the guy started going off on me telling me that I will never use that language with him and I will never talk to a supervisor because the supervisor will file charges against me for using "BS" not bullshit BS. I handed the phone over to my husband and the guy was still going off on the other end. My husband told the guy that he better watch who he talking to and that noone talks to people like that. Stream is in the wrong and they need to correct it. To no avail the conversation ended with we will have a supervisor call you in 3 days. First thing tomorrow I will be on the phone with the PUC. Then the BBB. Then I will do everything I can to find the CEO of Stream and let him call a CSM and let them know the treatment that they are giving the customers. To top it off I will be contacting one of the wonderful Houston Television stations and letting them exploit the bad that Stream is doing to their customers. THEY WILL BE CORRECTING THIS!!!! THEY LOCKED HORNS WITH THE WRONG CUSTOMER!!!!

  68. David Cooper

    I have been free from Stream Energy for over a year now (see my post from Oct 2007) and can't be more happy. I have been with my current provider since I left Stream on a fixed plan and just recently got a letter from my current provider that my fixed plan was up for renewal so sure enough, I renewed. I won't say who my current provider is because I do not want to promote any one company. I just want to to re-iterate that there is many different electricity providers that offer better rates, customer service, and overall customer satisfaction.


  69. autumnskye

    Unfortunately, I too have had a very bad experience with Stream Energy which included complaints with the PUCT. The Cust. Serv. Reps. do not know the first thing about cust. service nor do they care. I am waiting for the my contract end dates on 3 accts. so I can find a provider who appreciates my business, timely payments and wants to provide a service to me at an affordable competitve rate. STAY AWAY FROM STREAM ENERGY!!!

  70. Bill Gouching by Str

    I have had Stream Energy for the last 4-5 years I started to help a friend who had started her business with Stream. Normally my bill is pretty even, however I noticed in the December, January and February of 2006-2007 my bill was as high $800 the lowest bill being $500. When I saw this I called to complain they told me to speak with Reliant Energy. I managed to catch the who reads the meter and asked why my bill was so high! He stated the person who was suppose to read the meter was not reading the meter, he was just writing number down." I informed Stream of what I found out and demanded that they install a digital reader that I can understand. I then started taking pictures of what it read around the ninth of the month. I also had the heat pump replaced. December,January and February the year of 2007-2008 once again my bill was high as $700. I had service company to come to check my home to see if there were any air leaks, they told me my home was solid. Just to make sure I had my floors insulted which now keeps my heat running betwen 71-73 degrees during winter months. In the summer I run my electricity on 78-79 degrees. I now have a $511 for the month of January during a time we really did not run any heat in my home. I don't think the person who reads the meters comes to each home. I think they go by what you had in billing the year before. Although Stream has the lowest rates they find ways to make up their loses. As stated they have the lowest rates but you need sure to know when you meter is suppose to be read and verify your numbers yourself. I work from home and I rarely have not seen anyone coming to my home in months. If they are coming I would like notification that they were there or the opportunity to read my own meter and send it in they our parents use to do!

  71. Jane Doe

    I have a family member in Georgia who is totally brainwashed by this fraud of a pyramid scheme. The State and Federal Government should investigate. It's like the Bernie Madoff of the Energy business. The Bernie Madoff's of Stream/Ignite are living high off of other people's money. Total fraud.

  72. Truthsayer

    You are an idiot. Stream has nothing to do with your meter. How can they price gouge when they are required to take readings from Centrepointe for your bill. a third party that has no interest in doing anything for stream's benefit. 2006, 2007, 2008 you had high bills. common sense would tell you that your home just uses alot of power during that time of year. I bet if you look at bills before you came to sream it would be the same thing.
    stop trying to blame things on others and face reality. you and all people on here are just looking for a scapegoat.
    switch to another provider and you will have the same problems.

  73. Happy Mama with Stre

    I have had Stream for about 7 months now and I love it!!! I haven't had any problems but I suggest not getting this company if you cannot pay on time. Like any other company they will give you an extension and can be very forgiving if you don't figure you can stiff them. I have never had to call once! tOTAL OPPOSITE With TXU, RELIIANT, AND OTHERS.


  74. From Spring Tx

    STREAM…..BEWARE!!! I had been a customer for over 2yrs. The first 15 mos were great then things went from good to worse.

    1. Customer svc is horrible. I’ve stayed on the line for over an hour and half just to speak with a rep regarding an issue with my bill.

    2. I was signed up for balance billing Aug 08′ which was a mistake. I never had a correct bill since. After Hurricane Ike, things got worse. I had to call every month to know what I had to pay.
    While on balance billing, my account had revolving late fees and past due amounts; in which I was never late and paid my bill in full every month. When I contacted Stream, the rep tells me that all their customers who have balance billing had the same issues with their bill and not to worry.

    3. Two months after Hurricane Ike, they “accidently” turned my lights off. Due to my account being on balance billing, “someone” misread my bill and issued a “cut-off” notice. When I spoke with the manager Maria, her only suggestion was to go to my local fire station and borrow a “generator” to use until CenterPoint turn my lights back on. After working all day and sitting in traffic, to come home @ 630PM to find your husband and kids sitting in the dark was unreal. Tears began to fall!!

    4.Decided to change companys in Jan 09″. Recieved a bill from Stream for $409 which I paid on 2/12/09. The next day, got a “Final Attempt Before Collection Agency” notice for $109 which was due on 2/13/09. Called Stream, the rep stated that she would place my account in “Open Dispute” to investigate. Recieved a refund chk for $231 from Stream 3 wks later. They said they overcharged me.

    5.Recieved a collection letter from “Brown & Joseph LTD” for $97.78 on behalf of Stream 3/10. Contacted Stream they said “even though I was given a refund chk, I still owed them. The young lady cound not explain why I owed the amount. I asked for Corporate’s number, she did not have it, only gave me their address. Contacting PUCT.

    If anyone is considering Stream for their light company, be advised! You are in for stressful moments, unanswered questions, and horrible customer service. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  75. Crosby Sodbuster

    After reading the blogs concerning Stream/Ignite I have changed my mind and will not enroll. Instead I called my current provider and asked for their best deal… Reliant @12.6 for 12 months fixed. Thanks to all you who have taken the time to warn others of the shady and shoddy practices of Stream/Ignite.

  76. Diane Nix

    Stay away from Stream Energy!

    We initially paid our Stream Energy bill on 5/8/09 by check via mail. On 5/21/09 we received a disconnect notice from Stream Energy! The disconnect notice gave the date of 5/19/09 as the disconnect notice (notice this day is already past when we receive the notice!) We paid the bill again the next morning (5/22/09) from our checking account online since we wanted to avoid disconnection. Please note, we have not received ONE phone call or email from Stream Energy notifying that they had not received our payment! If we would have known we could have investigated and done something about it! Today, 5/26/09 our electricity is turned off! We called and made an ADDITIONAL payment plus $44.00 "priority" reconnect notice. After I paid the $44 they notified me that the reconnect still would be approximately 48 hours. We have now paid the bill three times and no power. They kept transferring me around the company and kept blaming another department for the problems. Don't give yourself an extra headache…its not worth the few cents you are saving with Stream.

  77. Scott

    Well Well, We have had stream since 2005, We moved and took our account with, We had some normal charges,BUT NOW!!!!! Sit back and get this. I moved again, I asked the customer service to do the set up on the 17th of the month, They set it up un the 4th of the month, I called back and got it changed, HOLY SHIT!!! I got a $150.00 early termination fee, I did not terminate! I only change the install date!!! Well I was assured that it would be taken care of, My paper bill no longer showed the charges, For 3 months!! Today 06/05/2009 without warning THEY CUT IT OFF, well I have to pay some fees and maybee it will be turned back before it gets 102 out. 3 differant addresses and no disonnections, 4 years and the GORILLA got me, F*&^$%@! them, As soon as my contract is up I AM OUT!!!!!!!

  78. Scott

    Ok I got it all caught up, No power and their web site is not updated, They say is ok but I log in and It still showes 300.01 in FRADULENT CHARGES.

  79. Thank You

    Over the past several weeks I havebeen talking with a friend about joining Ignite as an independant rep. Thank you very much for the enlightment as to all the issues with this company. I would be extremely embarassed if I convinced my family and friends to make a change to Stream Energy and find out this is how they were treated. I'd have no family or friends after that. I'm sorry these folks have these issues but thankful I found this site before I spent $329 plus $24.95 per month for the web site. I certeainly hope anyone with issues follows through with the PUC, your local and state government and anyone else you can. Good Luck!

  80. A

    They are complete LIARS! Stream Energy does not stand behind their words, they treat you horribly and they actually called me NAMES. I had an employee tell me "just shut up and pay your bill"! Then he hung up! I paid my bill in the amount they told me to, by the day they told me too! Now, I owe more!!!! I am completely outraged at this company and honestly do not see how these people sleep at night, much less how they win those awards they do! WORST DECISION ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY MAKE IS TO JOIN STREAM ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather pay higher rates somewhere that treats you like a person!

  81. I should have read this comment sheet before we swiched to stream,our rates went up !!! after less than a year,we switched to another provider @ lower rates, Then i got letter from steam saying i owe early termination fees in the sume of $250.00 I called stream and talked to manuel,of course it was recorded, talking to him was like [ talking to some one who just got hired w/o training and told to answer the phone] In the mean time i`m having to deal w/their colletion agency, i will make copys of theis letters and take it to court!!!! To charge any additional fees they have to have a positive transaction w/a singed contract…

  82. stream

    Fellows, calm down, im a CSR for Stream Energy, and trust me, just like many others we mke mistakes. we're humans what do you expect. we are not computers, plus how do you expect for us to work with out errors, if all you guys do is YELL AT US THE WHOLE TIME!!! we are not at fault, yes we do understand that its fustrating when you make a payment and it doestn show on the system. yes we do understand that its fustrating when you receive a $150-250 ETF when you only transferred your services. but understand that this is all fixible. bill wasnt received? well, fax a Proof of Payment. call back in 1-2 hours to see if we received it then. then it will be fixed. ETF? call us, let us know your still a customer and we will place a ETF waiver, call back in 3-5 business days to verify that it was waived. see 1-2-3, a-b-c. and also understand that for quality purposes we have to advise you of all your past due, current balance, contract expiration dates, etc. etc. and if you dont dial in your account number and last 4 of your SSN we HAVE TO VERIFY ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION. if you were to do that we only have to verify your email! if you have one. also stream does not have bad rates, we have what we call a bundled rate, meaning the rate that we give you, or the rate that you see on the web is the rate that you will be charged if your in that bucket tier. bundled rate is the rate + taxes = stream bundled rate.
    go to one of you wonderful, reliant or TXU and you'll see that the rate they offer is not the rate that you will get, sure they say 9.9 cents for 4 years, but oh boy is that a lie, 9.9 cents is a rate, but that rate is without taxes and their fees. pay close attention to what they tell you. Stream is a Great a company, as long as you know to make your payments on time. we will be glad to help you if your cought in a bad situation, or waive a late fee for you because you were late due to x reason. stay with stream its great

  83. Brenda

    I have been with Stream for 3 years. My contract will be up in July 2010, and you can bet I will find another light company. I had nothing but trouble with this company for 1 soild year after we had the hurricane in Texas. When you call this company, nobody seems to know what they are doing. They will tell you they will fix it and they don't. I would not suggest this company to anyone. Not unless you want a lot of headaches.

  84. mom in league city

    I have had stream since 8-05 and have NEVER paid more than 11.9 per KW and have not had any problems. Meters owned by Centerpoint or your lines and poles person and your meter reader has NEVER changed so get your facts right before you blame someone about the eleticity rates and amount used. Sorry you do ont understand.

  85. Very, very nice post and a great site design. Kudos to the site admin. Hard to find quality sites anymore especially on this topic, I've bookmarked and signed up for your feed.

  86. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and needed to mention that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any manner I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post once more soon.

  87. StandingOvation

    In case you are under the impression that the level of common sense and customer service is improving in this country let me tell you about my experience with Stream Energy (Texas Electric Company). A little background……….
    I had a good job but because of issues with family I needed a job which would allow me to work evening hours so I resigned my good job and took a job with Stream Energy at the Infomart on Stemmons in Dallas. I worked there for about six months and resigned that job mainly because I was embarrassed to work for such an operation and also because I know of a good job which would be open soon. I took that better job and have been on it for almost three years now and everything is great. Stream Energy offers a really good (offered-not sure what they are doing now) electric rate of 8.9 cents per kW which is a great rate. It was on a month-to-month with no contract. When I resigned the job I called there and spoke with the human resources department and was told it was no problem to continue on the employee rate on a month-to-month basis as long as I did not move. That was great news to be because again it is a really good rate……

    About three months ago, probably printed on the Feb (2010) bill from Stream Energy was a notice that my rates would change in June of this year. They did not say what the rate would change too. I assumed they were tired of former employees paying the rate of current employees or they were going to raise the employee rate. Whichever, I went online (power to choose dot org) and found a company which would meet my needs and I changed companies. When one changes electric companies in Texas it works this way. The electricity continues to be purchased from the company from WHICH it is being changed until the next time the meter is read. That information is sent to both companies, the old and the new. The old company sends out a final bill and the new company has a starting point from which to charge at the next meter reading. This is how 99.999% of electric company changes happen. OK. Everything went fine. I received my statement from ERCOT (agency which basically "controls" or a cleaning-house for the various electric companies in Texas) stating if I wanted to change I needed to do nothing and if the change order was in error I needed to contact them. Since I asked for the change I did nothing except go about as normal and wait for my final invoice from Stream Energy……

    About two weeks later the invoice from Stream Energy arrived. I am cheap with electricity as the bills can easily get out-of-hand. I have not turned the air conditioning on yet and normally do not until the middle or near the end of June. It saves a lot of money. My bills are about $40 this time of year (2400 square foot house, regular usage. I told you it is a good rate). I received an invoice from Steam Energy for $295.00 and I realized a mistake had been made……

    I called Stream Energy and spoke with a helpful guy who told me he saw the problem and they had charged me for a "early termination". I explained I was a former employee on month-to-month which he said he saw and the fee would be waived. I was satisfied and assumed all was done. I was waiting for the final, final invoice to pay when TODAY I received a bright yellow letter from Stream Energy for the $295.00 amount and a threat to take me to collections. I have NEVER paid late as I had a credit card on file with Stream Energy so they took the payment on or just before the due date. Never late……

    I called Stream Energy and after a bit of a wait reached a guy who was ok at first. One has to verify tons of information and once that is finished I explained the situation. He told me that I had a contract and would not listen when I explained I did not. "It says it right here so it is right and you have (had) a contract". Right. Let me speak with your supervisor. "Why because he will just tell you the same thing I did". Fine, let me speak with your supervisor……

    Supervisor comes online. English not too good but understandable. In case you are not aware of it, "supervisors" at most customer service call centers are not really "supervisors" but instead just glorified agents with a little more power. They are not supervisors but I knew she had the authority to waive this fee which was a mistake in the first place……

    I explain the situation to her. She argues and does not listen. I explain it again and even asked her if employee rate is month-to-month, which she basically states is correct. I asked her to look at the copy of my invoice, which they can do, where it states EMPLOYEE RATE. This went entirely over her head. I ask…when was this alleged contract supposed to have been up. She states "middle of June 2010". That is next month. I again state that I did not have a contract. She states she will sent the matter to the "department" to have it investigated and I should call back in a week. I also asked this incompetent "supervisor" if it made any sense that I would pay on a regular basis, never late, and then switch to another company six weeks before "the contract" expired when it was clear I was conservative with my spending on electricity. This went TOTALLY over her head……

    HERE IS WHERE THE TOTAL LACK OF COMMON SENSE COMES INTO PLAY. My meter is read normally on the 17th or 18th of the month. Today is the 13th of the month. One week from now will be the 20th of the month. To any THINKING individual the 20th of the month is after both the 17th and the 18th of the month. She stated "she could waive the early termination fee if I returned to Stream Energy for the duration of the contract." Again, the contract up on June 15. Then she advised me to wait the week and call back for the determination from "the department" (whatever that is). I asked her what is the point in that as if I call back then and even change back I can't be switched back until after the contract (if one had existed in the first place) would be expired. THIS WENT TOTALLY over her head. I explained and asked again and she "sir" with that tone of voice when someone is at the end of their rope or knows they don't have an argument, just call back in a week and we will switch you back for the remainder of your contract. A contract NEVER existed in the first place and AGAIN, if I call back in a week the earliest STREAM ENERGY could switch me back is June 18 or Jun 19 which, in most parts of the world, comes AFTER June 15……

    I asked if we could not finish this and let me pay the $45 and be done. NO NO NO, that is not possible as you have to switch back…..


    These people are morons. I realized that many of the people with whom I was working were not too bright and it was a bit embarrassing to tell someone I worked there so I ended that employment. It seems to have gone even more downhill since then…..

    If anyone from upper management at Stream Energy sees this please send a message telling me how YOU would like to handle this. If I must switch back to Stream Energy I will do so (in theory) but it will be only in their eyes because when the notice from ERCOT arrives I will contest it and remain with my new company. Stream Energy's rates are NOT competitive, see power to choose dot org for rates available in different areas. Also if Stream Energy is so incompetent they try to force a customer to change and then change again over a non-existant contract I will most certainly file a complaint with the Texas Public Utilities Commission……

    One last word, if you are thinking about switching to Stream Energy I would NOT DO IT. The customer service is terrible, the rates are high and they are incompetent. Other than those few details it is a wonderful company. I am posting this in both Dallas area and Atlanta as Stream Energy also does business (natural gas) in Georgia, to warn our neighbors to the east……

    Sorry so long and thank you for reading. Please email any comments.

  88. Ignite Associate

    To Standing Ovation: You were hired by Stream Energy but resigned "mainly because I was embarrassed to work for such an operation…"?—-On August 12, 2009 Stream Energy was ranked number 198 on the Inc. Magazine list of the Top 500 fastest growing private companies in America.

    "When I resigned the job I called there and spoke with the human resources department and was told it was no problem to continue on the employee rate on a month-to-month basis as long as I did not move."—-Wow! What other company would let you keep the employee rate upon quitting after only "about" six months, especially with you being so embarassed to work there?

    "These people are morons. I realized that many of the people with whom I was working were not too bright and it was a bit embarrassing to tell someone I worked there so I ended that employment. It seems to have gone even more downhill since then…"—-Oh, my; your co-workers were not too bright, only YOU showed a modicum of intelligence! On April 30, 2008 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories named Stream Energy one of the two most innovative North American companies in customer service, as selected by a group of 25 global industry analysts. The Customer Innovations Awards program recognizes companies delivering outstanding and innovative customer service in highly dynamic environments through the use of technology. Stream's Customer Service was also ranked number two in the December 2009 rankings of retail electric providers in Texas.

    "Stream Energy’s rates are NOT competitive…the rates are high and they are incompetent."—-Ridiculous, untrue statement. In your first paragraph you state "Stream Energy offers a really good (offered-not sure what they are doing now) electric rate of 8.9 cents per kW which is a great rate."—-Please, go over to Stream's offices and work with them in person and try to be an adult about it. I believe you know where the offices are located. You appear on this forum as a big, ungrateful crybaby. If I worked with you, I wouldn't want to work with you…

  89. Hello, I do not usually post feedback on blogs, as I like to read only. But I find the article that you have written earlier has very insightful data, and I discover it very informational. Anyway, I am questioning whether or not you might be open for hyperlink exchange, as I hope that we can agree on a mutual link alternate agreement. Hope to listen to a positive reply from you, and have a fantastic day!

    • This is a blog post written in 2007. We do not work with Spark Energy, Hudson or Stream Energy. This is for historical reference only and not current rate information.

  90. Scott

    When a marketing/advertising Magazine like INC recognizes a company for fast growth that doesn’t translate to it being a reputable company it just means that it’s a fast growing company financially. I have been doing research as to wether or not I should get involved with IGNITE and STREAM ENERGY on a sales basis…but…after reading post after post after post of 100’s of complaints…it’s really disappointing because I would like to find a company that you can stand behind there SERVICE and CUSTOMER SERVICE…but unfortunately it’s looking obvious that this isn’t a company that invests in customer care or service.

    To the ignite associate that I quote:

    “On April 30, 2008 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories named Stream Energy one of the two most innovative North American companies in customer service, as selected by a group of 25 global industry analysts. The Customer Innovations Awards program recognizes companies delivering outstanding and innovative customer service in highly dynamic environments through the use of technology.”

    This is over 2 years ago. Genesys “TELECOMMUNICATIONS” labs…is not like the BBB or the Texas Public Utilities Commision…a ton of former big shot executives from a now defunct and bankrupt EXCELL telecom company probabaly threw this into their marketing materials to recruit agents that are only looking for the pie in the sky riches you’ll make when you join them as an associate.

    It’s just unfortunate to me. There are just so many frickin complaints online about stream energy…ugh. Thought this might be a real winner. Nothing is as it appears. If it sounds too good to be true…it is.

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  92. Some of the ravings I am reading must be from people who either don't pay much attention to their bill or do not pay their bill in a timely manner. If you dont't pay you can rest assure that the bill will snowball and become more difficult to pay in full. Of course this is going to happen no matter who you switch to. I became a stream customer in 2007 and have never had one problem with them. My first year was a locked in rate under 11.00 I did not check my rates until last month and found I was paying a month to month slightly increased rate of around 11.7. After speaking with a very professional customer service agent. I was allowed to go back to a 12 month fixed rate of 10.02. I was so pleased with my experience with the company I became an associate. Don't believe all of the nasayers. Some of them are likely to have ligitimate concerns. that should be expected with a young growing company. However there is always 2 sides to a story, and much of what I have read appears to be coming from people who would find something to complain about if their bill was free. If a 12 month locked in rate of 10.02 sounds appealing, I can show anyone who pays their bills how to get it. Send me an email.

  93. Some of the ravings I am reading must be from people who either don't pay much attention to their bill or do not pay their bill in a timely manner. If you dont't pay you can rest assure that the bill will snowball and become more difficult to pay in full. Of course this is going to happen no matter who you switch to. I became a stream customer in 2007 and have never had one problem with them. My first year was a locked in rate under 11.00 I did not check my rates until last month and found I was paying a month to month slightly increased rate of around 11.7. After speaking with a very professional customer service agent. I was allowed to go back to a 12 month fixed rate of 10.02. I was so pleased with my experience with the company I became an associate. Don't believe all of the nasayers. Some of them are likely to have ligitimate concerns. that should be expected with a young growing company. However there is always 2 sides to a story, and much of what I have read appears to be coming from people who would find something to complain about if their bill was free. If a 12 month locked in rate of 10.02 sounds appealing, I can show anyone who pays their bills how to get it. Send me an email, or visit the website.

  94. Lee Hughes

    What a bunch of complainers!! Try taking responsibility for your own mistakes. Every company that is going through explosive growth will have problems keeping up with the expanding its infrastructure. Many of the problems you mentioned are due to the service provider….Oncor or Centerpoint. Do your homework before you start your complaining. Then maybe, you won't sound as stupid as you really are.

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