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Wireless Electricity a new invention by MIT

Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity is an up and coming new technology that has it’s premise in making electricity power convenient to the everyday user. No longer would you need electricity wires strung out all over the ground or someone to come into your house and bore holes through your firewall in the house walls. That can actually be quite hard if you have a well built house.

Instead of rewiring a house you could simply install a copper coil inside the middle of each room ceiling. With a 9 foot diameter reach you can have electricity signaled out through a safe electroc magenetic field. This field can safely deliver and trasmit the needed electricity to an air conditioner, TV, microwave, refridgerator, cell phone, laptop and many other electronic devices.


A company by the name of Versive LLC – The Makers of Vroom® had first coined the term “Witricity” back in 2005 when they invented a different type of technology not at all related to MIT’s invention.  The company seems to be welcoming of MIT using the coined term but they would still like credit for originally coining the name. Sounds pretty fair to me. I’m glad they are not trying to sue and so on. Because of their generous spirit I think people should go to their website and give them a little business for their generosity.

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  1. oneokayfella

    WiTricity devices are called WiTric and WiTrics.

    I'm suprised WiTricity and wireless power wasn't named Teslicity after Tesla.

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