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Reliant One Rate Flex Plan nothing special.

Reliant One Rate Flex Plan

The Reliant One Rate Flex plan sounds interesting but what is it really? It comes with a $50 target gift card and there is no term commitment or early termination fee. You pay 13.4 cents kwh for this month to month no commitment rate. Do you really want to pay 1.1 cents more per kwh for a target gift card? There are electric rates as low as 12.3 cents kwh out there for a 12 month commitment. Most residences use on average around 800 kwh a month and 9600 kwh a year. This comes to $101 more a year you are paying Reliant for your $50 Target gift card.

If you like the flexibility of being able to get out of the rate plan without penalty then you will do well to stay on this plan as it is one of the lowest cost no term rates out there. The problem is that a no term rate is never a good idea. It’s like betting on the stock market or driving a car without insurance. You want to lock in on a low cost term rate if at all possible. There are 3 month 4 month 6 month and 12 month short term rate plans out there as a better solution over a no term rate. These shorter term rates are 1 cent kwh cheaper and sometimes more.


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  1. tbrindley

    Reliant may be looking for buyers. Well that is just too bad that they are not doing well. Perhaps it is because, in my opinion that they are a bunch of liars and crooks. When the NPC debacle occurred I was switched to Reliant as my POLR. I then spoke to a Reliant rep. who tried to get me to sign up for a 12 or 24 month term at a high rate by telling me that the price of natural gas will not go down. I knew it was a lie so I switched to a different company. They reap what they sew…


    Reliant is a joke they did an EST. on my light bill for 4 months then try to charge me for 4 months of lights on 1 bill they say I used 3457 kwh I live in a 2 bedroom Apt. if any one knows who I can call please contact me.

  3. linda

    if you are the people taking my money thru my phone bill you better stop now. i'll turn this into our atty general's office and see what they can come up with for you. thank you. this is the most low down rotten thing to do to a disabled woman i can imagine. lrn

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