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Ambit Energy Lone Star 1 Year

Ambit Energy has a rate for June at .1199 cents a kwh

Ambit offers what appears to be a very low cost residential electricity rate (.1199 cents kwh) for residential customers in Texas. As of August 2009 Ambit Energy is among the price leaders and cheaper than some of the big brand traditional electricity providers like TXU and Reliant Energy.

What’s the catch?

As long as you remain on the plan the entire term of the contract which is 12 months you will avoid the early termination penalty which is a hefty $199. The rate they offer as of June 2007  is .1199 cents kwh which is very low. You must be using over 500 kwh in order to have this rate otherwise you will have to pay a rate of .1398 cents kwh. Most people use over 500 kWh so they would not have to pay the higher rate. As of August 2009 Ambit Energy’s rates are much more competitive and are some of the cheapest electricity rates offered among all Texas electricity companies.

The single bachelor in an apartment might not break above 500 kwh but most people do. It is important to check your historical usage history so you know ahead of time if you will have to pay a monthly service fee or not. Also, when the 1 year term is up be sure to go back out and renegotiate your electric rate. As of August 2009 Ambit Energy is a whole new animal having bought a traditional electric company by the name of Commerce Energy. Ambit offers several different discount fixed rate term plans a few cents cheaper than both Reliant and TXU Energy. Ambit also offers a green energy choice and a variable electricity rate plan.

The below facts label is a historical record of Ambit Energy’s electricity rate back in July of 2007. Ambit Energy has become much more competitive and a reliable electricity company for residential homes and apartments in deregulated Texas.

Electricity Facts
Ambit Energy, L.P., Residential Electric Service
Effective July, 2007

Price by TDSP

Average Monthly Usage:
Average Price per kWh:
All additional kWh 11.99¢

Contract Options

Early Termination Fee:
12 Months $199.00
See Terms of Service for a full listing of fees, deposit policy and other terms.

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Comments (12)

  1. Monique

    When looking for electricity choices in Texas, NY & IL please be wary of Ambit Energy. Executives have been made aware that one of their reps, Bob Pearson, is soliciting potential reps for $5,000 – $10,000 in order for him to build their Ambit business. They claim this is against Ambit policies and even though more than one person has reported Mr. Pearson's tactics, they have chosen to let him stay in Ambit:

    NBC Channel 5 – Thousands Victimized by Bob Pearson http://video.nbc5i.com/player/?id=115208

  2. maxcom99

    Please come to the corporate office and sign an affidavit that this occurred and I am confident that the execs at Ambit will handle it appropriately. So far no one who continues to make these claims has come forward to sign an affidavit stating this.

  3. Brent

    I have read thes claims all over the internet from Igite reps. however they all stand unfounded until the proof is presented.
    Please provide the Proof! If this practice were truly occuring the company would have halted his operation immediately.
    The fact is no proof has been submitted.
    Seems to be that someone has a Vendetta against Mr. Pearson.
    By the way, I don't know Mr. Pearson but I'd leave the past in the past.

  4. poohone325

    i have had ambit enegery for a year. i think its been a great company to get my eletric from we went from 500.00 a month to under 250.00 a month the bill was split in half….

  5. P. Morratto

    I'm shopping around, and these guys are on my list to consider.
    One thing I always need to know is how much lead time they give between billing and pay-due dates. I had repeated problems, late fees and a disconnect from Entergy before I finally told them to take a flying leap. I notice they are no longer around. I WONDER WHY.
    I was considering going with Stream until I read TWO user comments about their billing practice, same as Entergy. Bye-bye Stream!

  6. s read

    Thinking about Ambit Energy? BUYER BEWARE!
    I signed up 3 months ago on the month to month plan (thats all that was offered in my area at the time). The rate was 10.1/ kw hr. The very next month my rate shot up to 16.6. Just got my latest bill – the rate is now 19.9. What started as a good competitive rate now is now legalized rape. AMBIT = RIPOFF!!!

  7. Dr. Weblog

    My electrical consumption is anywhere from 3,500 kilowatts to just a little over 4,000 kilowatts per month. (I'm wondering if I have a bad electrical meter) An electrical bill over $800 per month is just crazy!! I contacted 15 electrical companies and finally found Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy's rate in my area was .095 cents cheaper per kilowatt and it didn’t cost me anything to switch over! (And yes, I know the difference between Month to Month and locking in a flat rate; unlike some people) BTW, the other 14 electrical companies wanted a $450 to $500 deposit; Ambit Energy DID NOT request a deposit! (Ya my credit was screwed up after losing my career job after 9/11) The best part about switching to Ambit Energy is the referral program they have that can reduce my electrical bill to zero dollars every month!! This is not a pyramid scam. I refer people I know to Ambit Energy and my monthly bill is reduced. This is a lot easier than having to work a second job just to pay my electric bill. Scam or not, I’m receiving the same electricity from Ambit Energy cheaper then what Commerce Energy was sticking it to me with! If anything, I learned not to trust a California company to provide me with Texas power!!

  8. Mr. Donovan

    I'd really like to see these claims being made of their electric bills jumping so high. Can someone scan their bill and post it online somewhere? And don't photoshop it to make all the numbers different! Cover your name or whatever info you dont want us to see and get a copy of a real bill out here for us to see if you so worried about other people signing up with Ambit.

  9. Lonna

    All electric companies who offer term contracts – 6-month, 12-month or 24-month locks of the kwh rate — have termination/disconnect fees of $99 to $199 if you switch before the time period is up. ALL of THEM – so its not just Ambit.

    Regarding the month-to-month option for any company – never sign up for that as they have the control to index your rate based on the cost of natural gas – and it goes up a lot faster than it goes down – its just not the best product if you want predictable bills. Always choose a short term lock and you'll be better off and know for sure what your monthly costs are. I switched to Ambit in June 09 and saved $130 per month off my $400+ per month electric bill – so something about these other posts is off or their rates have become much more competitive!

    • Lonna,

      Ambit Energy's prices have become much more competitive since this post was created. This post was created back in 2007 and only serves as a historical indicator of what Ambit Energy prices were back then. As of now Ambit Energy is very competitive with several other electricity companies in Texas.

  10. AmbitCustomer

    hello admin and all others
    I have a been an Ambit customer for over a year, and we are very pleased with the service, billing, and rates. we have been paying 50% less and saved a lot of money. After all, it's energy…we all need it. People need to know the TRUTH about Ambit… it's a GREAT company if you are customer or in the business.

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