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National Power Company

Recent Blog Commentor Sheds New Light on National Power Company

A recent commentor to the blog as of September 2008 has made a claim that the people responsible for owning and operating NPC are the same people who own and operate “W Financial Services”. What gets interesting is after searching google for “W Financial Group” I found an article from the Securities and Exchange Commission that shows charges filed against, W Financial Group LLC or WFG for short, for defrauding 182 mostly elderly investors of their retirement savings totalling 17.9 million dollars. The charges go on to claim that WFG used those millions to purchase the majority stake in a Texas electric company. The blog commentor made the connection that both National Power Company and WFG were located at the same address. This seems to be a legitimate connection showing that National Power Company is one and the same company that defrauded 182 investors through the company, W Financial Group. You can read the SEC Charges here filed April 2008: W Financial Group LLC Charges by SEC

National Power Company

National Power company back in February 2008 was offering a 12 month electric rate plan at 11 cents\kwh for a 12 month fixed rate. This electric rate looked fantastic when comparing it to the other Texas electric providers. The rate included all pole and wires charges and had no monthly customer charge. In most cases they do not appear to require a credit check or deposit if you accept auto e-bill pay. What this means is the electric company will automatically deduct the amount owed on your Texas electric bill from a credit card or bank account. National Power also offered a variable 1 month electric rate at 10.5 cents kWh. The rate goes up after the first month and the previous two months regarding the variable electric rate are not disclosed.

Notice Regarding NPC’s Fixed and Variable Electric Rates

We have since learned that National Power Company has been raising their fixed electric rates on their customers after a few months of being on what the customer thought was the lowest fixed electric rate going. This has caused a fury of disgruntled National Power customers calling and emailing the Attorney General of Texas and the Public Utility Commission of Texas to investigate what appears to be a clear case of Bait and Switch from the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

An article on Dallas News referenced a high profile customer of NPC, Steve Wolens, (Former Texas legislator who wrote the electricity deregulation laws, which allowed electric market participants to set their own rates) who was quoted as saying,

Give me a break, this is not a material change

As of May 2008 they show a 12 month fixed rate on the Power To Choose website at 14.7 cents a kilowatt hour.

Special Deal for National Power Company Customers

If you are a National Power customer and have had your fixed electric rate raised on you we have a special discount with a good solid electric provider in Texas by the name of Startex Power. Startex electric company has never reneged on an energy agreement and has a very straightforward fixed rate plan. The discount code is built into the link giving you a cheaper rate then what they normally advertise. Startex properly hedges their energy with their large capital base insuring they will never need to pass on a market price spike to the customer. Smaller electric companies like National Power Company, Riverway Power, and a few others pass these “fuel factor” price spikes on to the customer. Sign up on Startex Energy’s fixed discount rate plan here: Sign up Now! If you would like to speak with someone before signing up please call one of our Texas energy consultants who would be happy to answer your questions.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-971-4020 with any questions.

Update on National Power Company:

Someone called me today (May 9 2008) that locked in on the 12 month fixed electric rate with National Power Company back in February 2008 and said he received a letter in the mail saying that his rate of 11 cents a kilowatt hour would no longer be honored but he would now have to pay 15 cents a kwh if he wanted to stay with them. He was promised a 12 month fixed electric rate but this electric provider adjusted it on him and their reason was that the rate plan was a “plan” and not a “contract”. Anyone considering switching to National Power Company should be warned that they do not always honor their fixed electric rate contracts according to this customer. Supporting documentation and evidence have been reported to The Attorney General of Texas, Gregg Abbot and the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

I tried calling them today (Monday May 12th 2008) and their phone support would not answer. I have not been able to get through all day long. They should have to pay me an early termination penalty for cancelling my contract! I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General of Texas. This is a clear case of “Bait and Switch” from the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. -April

Update as of May 16 2008

The Public Utility Commission has somehow convinced National Power Company to honor their fixed electric rates with their customers. Way to go guys. You rallied together on the internet and your large voice was heard by those who needed to here. It was pretty amazing to see just how quickly things turned in the consumers favor. This is how it should be. A new Texas electric company has recently filed for bankruptcy because of not hedging their energy correctly in the face of high electric prices and fuel costs. Prebuy Electric Company is now bankrupt which could be the fate of both National Power and Riverway Power if they are not able to swallow the additional energy costs they did not plan ahead for. As of June 4 2008 another electric provider called Etricity has gone out of business as well for not being able to meet their financial obligations to ERCOT. All of Etricity’s customers who paid a $300 deposit will never see it again and will have to go shopping for rates during some of the highest prices the Texas energy market has ever seen.

Comparable Electric Rate To National Power Electric Company

A low cost alternative electric rate offer to National Power Company would be with Startex Power Promo Rate  For a 12 month fixed electric rate we recommend Startex Energy as your low cost option. Click here to learn more.

National Power Company Detailed Review

National Power over the last several months has been shown to have some of the very lowest Texas electric rates in comparison to the other energy providers when comparing on the state power to choose website. We were initially impressed by their low rates and even wrote about their energy rate (free advertising to National Power) stating what a great low rate they had in comparison to the other retail electric providers. Since this time we have received call after call with people stating they cannot get through to their customer service desk when calling, others state that the company just hangs up on them when they call. Why is the company as of May 2008 being so unresponsive? National Power has been changing their fixed electric rate contracts when commodities like natural gas go up unlike many other providers who properly hedge their energy and offer a truly fixed electric rate that will not change the entire term of the fixed plan.

A couple of low cost providers that have never pulled a stunt like this are Startex Power and Green Mountain Energy. Both companies are highly ethical companies with accurate billing, good customer service and low rates. Startex has a good online discounted 12 month fixed rate provided you sign up online and Startex has some good longer term and shorter term fixed rate options as well.

Several Fake Positive Comments

It appears National Power has responded to their customers complaints in positive comments left as truly satisfied customers from their office ip address. It appears no real customer was available to leave a positive comment so they made up their own. Read below to find the positive comments coming from their company ip address. They seem to be acting like genuine satisfied customers. Pretty funny stuff!

Service Area: Entire Texas
Customer Type:
Track No: EL050015
Type: Corporation Status: Active

National Power Company Mailing Address

Primary: Company / Physical
616 FM 1960 ROAD WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: —
Fax: 281-377-0913
Email: RMackert1@aol.com

National Power Company Physical Address

616 FM 1960 RD. WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: 832-630-6495
Fax: 713-715-6953
Email: rhunter@nationalpowerco.com; jfrazier@nationalpowerco.com; lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com; jtorres@nationalpowerco.com

National Power Company SB Fund Contact

616 FM 1960 RD WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: —
Fax: 281-377-0045

National Power Co. SB Fund Address

National Power Company, Inc.
616 FM 1960 Rd West
Suite 700
Houston, TX 77090
Main: —
Alt: —
Fax: —

National Power Company / Physical Address

616 FM 1960 RD. WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: —
Fax: 713-715-6953
Email: rhunter@nationalpowerco.com; jfrazier@nationalpowerco.com; lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com; jtorres@nationalpowerco.com

Associated Names for National Power Co



Identification Numbers : Including REP Certificate Number for National Power Co.


Certificate: 10106
Type: REP
Date: 04/08/2005
Filings: Certification

Date: 03/02/2005
Note: Application for REP Certificate
Filings: New


National Power is now out of business as reported by the Electric Relaibility Council on May 26 2008. If you are a customer with this electric provider you will be automatically switched to the provider of last resort by the Texas government. The POLR rate is a much higher rate and you must begin shopping for more affordable electric rates or risk paying a much higher energy rate then you may have ever anticipated on having to do. National Power’s scheme of locking in their customers on the lowest rate in the market and then trying to raise it just didn’t work out for them did it? Several other electric companies in Texas have had to raise their electric rates or go out of business as of late. Riverway Power, Pre-Buy Electric, Etricity, Hwy 3, and Dynowatt are just a few of these Texas electric providers that customers have complained about on this site. Each of these companies have since received several complaints filed by their customers to the PUCT of Texas.

Texas Deregulated Cities Offering Multiple Electric Rate Choices

McAllen Texas Electricity Rates

Texas City Electricity Rates

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Comments (386)

  1. ken430tx

    Switching to NPC has turned out to be a nightmare for our small church. The initial meter reading to get started was billed incorrectly when NPC billed us for power already paid for to TXU. We've been 3 months trying to get a credit, and finally have filed a complaint with the PUC.

  2. rturner98

    To start, my deposit was not credited to my amount to my account and my power was disconnected after I paid my first months bill because I was told I had an outstanding balance due to that my deposit was not credited. Now after several months, I moved and change power providers, I have been requesting my deposit for the last 6 months.

  3. sinsiter1

    DO NOT use National Power Company. They are a shameless company who cannot setup a new customer account. It wouldn't surprise me if the personal; data you give to them is "leaked out" and identity fraud is committed by their employees.

  4. CW

    I got a 16 month plan last June at a sub 12 cents/kWh rate, but just received a Notice of Material Change letter that they are raising my rate in 45 days to 15.3 cents per kWh. I'm going through the hoops with the PUCT, BBB and Attorney General, but wanted to alert people about this. National Power Company does not honor its Fixed Price contracts.

  5. fraud victim

    I'd like to have 2 comments about the company, which goes along the line of sinsiter1 and CW

    1. I signed up with National Power Company about 11 months ago. The sign up form indicated that a social security number was optional, yet, they did not let me sign up if I left the SSN field blank. I ended up having to put in my SSN. The next thing that happened was that they sent all my information (name/date of bird/address/SSN/driver license) to me unsecurely via *email*. A few months later, my SSN was used in an identity theft. The address used in the theft was my new home address, which not many people know at the time (as most of my mails were still through a PO box).

    2. The rate I got for an 18 months fixed rate plan/contract was 11.9 cents/kWh. I just got a letter saying that the rate would go up to 15.3 cents. They apparently give themselves the right to increase the *fixed* rate 28% through some clause in the agreement that explicitly caps the increase for variable plan to be no more than 10%.

  6. sc

    I also just received a letter from National Power Company notifying me that the new price for my "fixed rate contract" will be 15.3 cents. I'm only 2 months into a 12 month contract. Worst part is, I am now left without a decent fixed priced contract at the start of the peak price summer season.
    I wonder if this is happening to people who locked in 12 cent contracts with other providers?

  7. New Customer shafted

    I started with National on 4/3/08 under a 12 month fixed rate contract at a 11.0 cents per kWh rate. I just received my first bill yesterday and today received a notice that my rate was being raised to 15.3 cents per kWh. I could have renewed with my prior carrier for 12.7 cents per kWh. I'm sure many others besides myself were roped into a plan to get a lot of customers with a bait and switch plan. How could they have not known 5 weeks ago they they weren't going to increase rates this much, in my case a 39% increase in one month.

  8. J G

    I signed up for an 11.9 cent fixed rate for 12 months , and I got the same letter from NPC saying they were changing the rate to 15.3 cents even though my 12 monts is not up. Warning to everyone — it is a joke to sign up for a fixed rate with this company. They do not believe they have to honor it. What is even worse, if I cancel before my 12 months is up, I have to pay them a #300 cancellation fee. When NPC cancels before 12 months, they don't pay me $300. They have a one way contract. AvOID THIS COMPANY.

  9. RAC

    Just got my increase letter from National Power today. Same as others have said. It took them two months to switch to their service and after only one billing cycle they are increasing my 12 month plan rate from .011 to 15.3. Do we have any recourse such as a class action suit, etc. How do we register a complaint with Texas PUC?

  10. National Power Compa

    Signed up for a fixed price 12 month plan in February 2008 at 11 cents. I have not even received my first bill yet and I just received a letter from the company stating that my rate had been changed to 15.3 cents per kWh. This seems like a bait and switch tatic. The timing could not be worse since all electric company prices have increased since February.

    Does anyone know if other providers have pulled this stunt?

  11. Feeling Ripped Off a

    I guess I'll be repeating the same story here. I just got my first bill a couple of weeks ago at 11 cents per kWh. Today I got "the letter" with them telling me my fixed rate is going to 15.3 cents. The thing that makes me sick is that they give you 35 days to cancel from the date of the letter without breaking the "agreement" and not getting charged hundreds of dollars. So since the letter got here on a Saturday 5 days after the date of the letter, there is NO CHANCE I can get a new provider (since it takes up to 2 months to switch). So they totally pulled a bait and switch with that 11 cent bull. If anyone has luck with some recourse. PLEASE POST IT.

  12. mgjohnson

    Don't roll over on this one! Follow these steps:

    1. File complaint with National Power and Power to Choose. Simply log onto each of these websites and send an email with your specifics (National Power is not honoring the $0.11 KWh 12 month contract).
    2. File complaint with the Texas Public Utility Commission on their website. (http://www.puc.state.tx.us/ocp/complaints/complain.cfm)
    3. Send letters / e-mails to any PUBLIC OFFICIAL (State Representatives, Governor, Federal Congress and Senate). YOU MUST DO THIS LAST ACTION. ASK FOR ISSUE TO BE RESOLVE BY JUNE 15, 2008.
    4. Tell everyone you know to do the same.

  13. frothy

    re: the previous comment that they state it is a plan not a contract when called. According to the Electricity Facts Label the Minimum Term and Penalty for early cancellation are both described alongside "contract" .Of course I have recieved the same notice and I am disgusted. Should they not pay a cancellation fee to all those on this plan or at least they should not be allowed to continue selling ANY fixed plans by the regulators

  14. Same story. Haven't been billed for first month yet, and notice is in mail for the increase. I have lost the opportunity window to move to another provider couple of months back by signing up with them. I hate this company now. We should all stand up, and file complaints to PUC, ERCOT, Chron, Senate members etc. Let's FIGHT

  15. Bob

    AVOID THIS COMPANY! I signed a one year fixed rate contract at 11.0 cents kwh. After only one month service, I got a letter in the mail stating they are not going to honor the rate of the contract & are now going to charge me 15.3 cents kwh starting 45 days after May 6th because of a "Material Change". What is the point in signing a one year fixed rate contract if National Power wont honor it after only one month? Called them & cannot get thru: I have been on "indefinite hold" all morning.

  16. Satisfied Customer

    <style type="text/css">
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    <p class="style1">Based on an IP Address track it looks Like National Power Company is writing their own positive comments. That is very funny! So you pay way more with other providers? What about those people locked in on a real fixed electric rate with a different electric company that still hasn't changed yet because the term of the contract is not up yet?

    <img src="http://www.electricitybid.com/images/wordpress-images/national-power-company-ip-address.jpg&quot; alt="National Power Company IP Address" longdesc="http://www.electricitybid.com/electricity/index.php/2007/07/12/national-power-company&quot; />

    I, as a National Power customer, am completely satisfied with their customer service. Even though my rate was quoted at .12 cents a kwh for 12 months 2 months ago, after sending an email to customer care, they replied and explained to me why the rate change was going to change to .153 cents a kwh. They even referred me to the Power to choose website to check other prices. Really, in my opinion, if anyone goes to http://www.powertochoose.com and compare rates with over companies you will see that National Power Company is still have the lowest price per kwh. If anyone actually reads the Electricity Facts Labels, you will see that National Power only charges KWH times RATE and regular city taxes. Everyone else can have a lower rate but charge a customer fee and all other hidden fees which at the end you basically pay way more than the quoted price. After being with National Power Company for 2 months, I would defiantly give them 2 thumps up for all their hard work and great customer service. They have handled all my questions and concerns in a timely fashion, ALWAYS. No complaints! All I have to say is that even though my rate is changing, at least they took their time to send me a PUC certified letter that states their next step. And plus, it was stated on my Terms of Service. After reading all these complains, I honestly have to say that if you don’t like it, go to another company and spend more money!


    <style type="text/css">
    .style1 {color: #FF0000}

    <p class="style1">note from admin: Based on an IP Address track it looks Like National Power Company is writing their own positive comments. That is very funny! So somewhere in your terms of service you have it so your "fixed rate" can change? That sounds a little contradictory? Isn't that called a variable electric rate? The point of a customer signing up on a fixed Texas electric rate is so that they can be assured the rate will remain the same the entire term of the contract.

    <img src="http://www.electricitybid.com/images/wordpress-images/national-power-company-ip-address.jpg&quot; alt="National Power Company IP Address" longdesc="http://www.electricitybid.com/electricity/index.php/2007/07/12/national-power-company&quot; />

    Even though i have been with NPC for a short-period of time (less then 3 months) i feel as though there company provides the best customer service from what i've seen. Im new to the state of Texas and from past experiences with other companies i feel as though the customer service there is exceptional. Even though i had orginally signed up for a fixed rate at 11 cents per KWH, the letter that was sent to me was out a courtesy from the company from what i believe. National Power followed the terms of service that were given by the PUC. no where in that letter or in the procedure of what is happening are the terms being broken, yes they were broken on the national power terms but if you actually sat there and read them you would of saw this:
    13. Material Change: NPC will provide you with 45 calendar days advance written notice of any material change in these
    Terms of Service, either in your bill or in a separate mailing. The changes will become effective on the date stated in the
    notice unless you cancel your Agreement no later than 10 calendar days before the effective date of the material change.
    For the variable rate plans, a change in price (rate) does not constitute a material change for the purpose of this

    ok lets bring it back to reality now. National Power still offers the lowest rates and still provides exceptional service. So for everyone that does agree with this you are given the chance to leave…..take that chance. but still remember my rates are gonna be lower and im gonna have the best customer service. Enjoy paying all those other high prices. And remember that letter was out of courtesy, stop bashing them.

  18. Robert

    Same problem signed up in June last year, Terms and fact sheet do not say they can do this (I have them still). tried to call them Friday, Saturday and Monday. Friday they left me hanging (stayed on line until Saturday morning). Saturday on hold indefinitely and Monday they will not answer

    I had better options shortly after signing up but honored my end but they now want to raise rates 28% violating their own terms!

  19. Satisfied Customer

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    <p class="style1">note from admin: Based on an IP Address track it looks Like National Power Company is writing their own positive comments. That is very funny! So these other competitors have all these hidden fees and things? Wow, really go on I want to know more about this. That is so nice of you to raise your fixed electric rate on everyone, you sound very happy about it. I am sure that PUC certified letter smoothed everything over for your customers.

    <img src="http://www.electricitybid.com/images/wordpress-images/national-power-company-ip-address.jpg&quot; alt="National Power Company IP Address" longdesc="http://www.electricitybid.com/electricity/index.php/2007/07/12/national-power-company&quot; />

    I, as a National Power customer, am completely satisfied with their customer service. Even though my rate was quoted at .12 cents a kwh for 12 months 2 months ago, after sending an email to customer care, they replied and explained to me why the rate change was going to change to .153 cents a kwh. They even referred me to the Power to choose website to check other prices. Really, in my opinion, if anyone goes to http://www.powertochoose.com and compare rates with over companies you will see that National Power Company is still have the lowest price per kwh. If anyone actually reads the Electricity Facts Labels, you will see that National Power only charges KWH times RATE and regular city taxes. Everyone else can have a lower rate but charge a customer fee and all other hidden fees which at the end you basically pay way more than the quoted price. After being with National Power Company for 2 months, I would defiantly give them 2 thumps up for all their hard work and great customer service. They have handled all my questions and concerns in a timely fashion, ALWAYS. No complaints! All I have to say is that even though my rate is changing, at least they took their time to send me a PUC certified letter that states their next step. And plus, it was stated on my Terms of Service. After reading all these complains, I honestly have to say that if you don’t like it, go to another company and spend more money!

  20. Neil

    Interesting that they would say it is not a contract, but the heading on the letter raising the rates reads "FOR FIXED RATE CONTRACTS"

  21. cheap

    <style type="text/css">
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    <p class="style1">note from admin: Based on an IP Address track it looks Like National Power Company is writing their own positive comments. That is very funny! So the rate change doesn't matter to you?

    <img src="http://www.electricitybid.com/images/wordpress-images/national-power-company-ip-address.jpg&quot; alt="National Power Company IP Address" longdesc="http://www.electricitybid.com/electricity/index.php/2007/07/12/national-power-company&quot; />

    I also received a letter from NPC stating the rate was gonna go up. It really didnt matter to me because its summer and they do that in the summer. First i called up there to see what was going, and it took a few minutes to get through, but told me they were having phone issues. I understand that, i always have to wait along time when doing anything over the phone. What was interesting is that the rep told me to go to the power to choose website, so i did, and i think like only 1 or 2 companies offer a lower 12 month fixed rate. They also told me that the rate you see from a company on that site only gives you the rate and not all the extra fees. I looked up a few of the other guys and they have alot of extra fees that NPC does not…..so it doesnt really matter, they are still little cheaper than the other guys

  22. think about it

    <style type="text/css">
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    <p class="style1">note from admin: Based on an IP Address track it looks Like National Power Company is writing their own positive comments. That is very funny! Every competitor huh?

    <img src="http://www.electricitybid.com/images/wordpress-images/national-power-company-ip-address.jpg&quot; alt="National Power Company IP Address" longdesc="http://www.electricitybid.com/electricity/index.php/2007/07/12/national-power-company&quot; />

    I'm really surprised with everyones comments. I find it funny sometimes cause every summer everyone is shocked again! Let me welcome everyone to Texas! The summer means higher rates. And pretty much every competitor does something to this affect, they just dont tell you and bundle up extra costs in different categories. I'm not thrilled either!…..but at least I'm being told. There is a web site http://www.powertochoose.com where you can compare rates. Just be careful, the rate is not the only thing you pay, so dont be fooled by that alone, you have to actually open the facts label for them to see the entire cost.

  23. TREBOR

    My story is about the same as everyone else.I was unable to contact National Power all day.I did get the Attorney Generals Office,consumer protection agency and PUC.I sent an email message to my state representives in the Senate and House and PUC.I filed a complaint with PUC this morning and they gave me a complaint number.I'm still going to email the governor and a few other officials.Phil King in Weatherford.PUC told me that they had received quiet a few complaints on Natl. Power this morning.Call or email everyone possible.This action is WRONG so don't let them get by with this.I don't want to change providers. I want them to honor their contract at 11 cents kwh!

  24. OUCH!

    Unbelievable…simply unbelievable! Same as many of you, I received the "we're not gonna honor your contracted rate" letter today…even before receiving my first bill.

    PLEASE follow standard procedure and file complaints in all the usual places…and thanks to others who have already posted addresses, etc.

    Is there an attorney in the house that would like to lead the class action suit? We would luv to hear from you:):):)

  25. OUCH!

    Oh, and one other thing. Did you notice that the envelope that our letters came in had no identification on it? I assume they were hoping most folks would think it to be junk mail and simply toss it in the trash. Nice way to lock more customers into the new rate hoping that 45 days would pass before they found out about the increase. "But we sent you a letter. Didn't you get it?"

    We're dealing with guys here who wear lots of jewelry and hair jell. Bet you could also get some great waterfront property in Arizona from them as well…as long as you sign a contract and send money before viewing the tract!!! 🙂

  26. Huriya

    I have the same exact story as everyone else here. I've only been with this company 1 month and I just got my letter in the mail yesterday. I've tried to call them 10 times and someone picks up and hangs up all very quickly never even saying a word. I called all the numbers listed on their site and this site and never could get an answer. The one number where I got someone is the 832-630-6495. I don't know who this guy is but he simply gave me the name and number of the supposed owner DAVID BARRETT 281-723-5888. I am going to file a complaint with every entity that I possibly can. This was classic bait and switch and us dooped consumers should be compensated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please everyone needs to not take this lying down and fight this fraud company and get what we rightfully deserve! Please feel necessary to contact me at anytime if anyone wants to join in fighting this fraud. Personal emails aisha77_black@yahoo.com, or huriya77@gmail.com

  27. OUCH!

    Thank you Admin for pointing out that National Power is obviously writing their own positive comments. This company's owner's/employees have serious ethical issues which has negatively impacted a lot of us honest folks.

    I doubt that we will be compensated for this unconscionable behavior by National Power. However, with enough pressure by writing the Public Utilities Commission, etc., I just bet we can run these scoundrels out of business.

    File a complaint TODAY!!!

  28. bb

    If the company cannot reasonably expect to maintain a fixed price for a given term it should not be offering a fixed rate plan for that term. The present price increase results from either a) failure to appropriately anticipate pricing or b) willful disregard for the expectations of consumers who have already signed on to a fixed price plan with your firm. I hope the latter is not the case.

    It appears to me a reasonable request is that concurrently with the Material Change to become effective on June 20, 2008, affected customers like me be provided an opportunity to switch to a month-to-month plan, with no early termination or other additional charge. This would provide these consumers appropriate options to shop among other providers over a reasonable time, rather than the relatively brief duration or less than 45 days. I would like to know, by no later than the end of May 2008, if this could be an option and I look forward to your reply.

  29. solongnpc

    I just spoke with David Barret (thanks for posting his personal number. He's quite concerned about all the minutes being drained from his cell phone). He gave me a sob story about taking over this company. They weren't "hedged" for the summer so now they are at the mercy of the markets and must break everyone's contract or he'll go out of business. He also didn't know why everyone was so upset because it is so clearly stated in the Terms of Service. I started to read the clause to him but then figured out he knew it was bs and I was just wasting my time. What I find most strange is it sounded like I was talking to a 19 year old kid!
    He did tell me if we want to cancel the contract we just need to contact a different provider to switch. You don't have to try to call them first.

    Has anyone alerted the media. It seems like it would make a great story for Wayne Delcafino!

  30. bb


    Texas PUC http://www.puc.state.tx.us/ocp/complaints/complai

    Texas Attorney General http://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/complain.shtm

    Houston Better Business Bureau https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/GetStarted.aspx

    FTC Concumer Complaints https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup?Z_ORG_

    Complaints.com http://www.complaints.com/

    consumeraffairrs.org http://www.consumeraffairs.com/php/a_report.php

    BBB of Metropolitan Houston
    1333 W. Loop South, Ste. 1200
    Houston, TX 77027
    Phone: (713)868-9500
    Fax: (713)867-4947
    Email: bbbinfo@bbbhou.org
    Web: http://www.bbbhou.org

  31. tbrindley

    I finally got thru to Enron..errr …uh, National Power Co. They state that I should have read my terms of service. I signed up on the tele and was never made aware of any terms of service. All I have from them is an email, which I saved, stating what my rate is and when it will end.

  32. Outrageous. They are scouting these pages to tell users (who haven't signed up yet) that how wonderful they are.
    Here is the list of email ID I have with me (consolidating emails)

    1) RMackert1@aol.com
    2) rhunter@nationalpowerco.com
    3) jfrazier@nationalpowerco.com
    4) lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com
    5) jtorres@nationalpowerco.com
    6) alewis@nationalpowerco.com
    7) kwilliams@nationalpowerco.com
    8) cbaker@nationalpowerco.com
    9) lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com
    10) msandoval@nationalpowerco.com
    11) cbaker@nationalpowerco.com

  33. tbrindley

    I just spoke with David Barret. He is aparently the owner of National Power Co. I asked him if I should make my formal complaint in writing to him. At first he stated "yes". I then mentioned the review board, the PUC and the attorney generals office. He then said actually I can make my complaint directly to the PUC. I said "no, I think you need to go thru the motions of answering these complaints like he is supposed to. I then mentioned to him that in business you have no guarantee of turning a profit and that I hope he goes bankrupt. He said thanks and hung up. Let Mr. Barret know what you think. He can be reached at 281-723-5888.

  34. concerned4allofus

    Guys I have been trying to get through to them just to make a payment however I was told their system crashed… Heres what I found out with the PUC…In the Terms and conditions there is a clause that indicates Our 'fixed rate contract' can be changed due to material change. So I guess we are stuck…I never had an issue before but I believe this new owner is all about greed..I am leaving them today Even if I have to pay more I will take my business elsewhere..This company has very unethical practices and is very deceptive I have sent info to NBC News hopefully they will act on it and everyone will go elsewhere…

  35. bb

    Billing Questions or Problems: If you feel your bill is incorrect, please contact an NPC customer care representative or email
    customercare@nationalpowerco.com. A customer care representative will assist you to resolve any billing disputes. If you are not
    satisfied with our attempt to resolve the problem, you may file a complaint with our company and request a supervisor to conduct a
    full review. If we fail to resolve your dispute, it is your right to file a complaint with the PUCT: Public Utility Commission of Texas
    Customer Protection Division P.O. Box 13326
    Austin, Texas 78711-3326
    (512) 936-7120 or (888) 782-8477
    Fax (512) 936-7003
    Email: customer@puc.state.tx.us
    Website: http://www.puc.state.tx.us
    TTY (512) 936-7136
    Complaint Resolution: Please contact your REP if you have specific comments, questions or complaints. Upon receipt of a
    complaint, your REP must investigate and notify you of the results within 21 days. If you are dissatisfied with the results of the
    investigation, you may request a supervisory review, if available. Your REP must advise you of the results of the supervisory review
    within 10 business days of your request. If you are dissatisfied with the results of the investigation or supervisory review, you may file
    a complaint with the PUC or the Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division. Please include your name and account
    number, as well as an explanation of the facts and the resolution you desire in your complaint. For a complaint involving a disputed
    bill, your REP may not initiate collection activities or termination or disconnection activities or report the delinquency to a consumer
    reporting agency with respect to the disputed portion of the bill. However, after appropriate notice, your REP may terminate or
    disconnect your service for non-payment of any undisputed portion of the bill. If we fail to resolve your dispute, it is your right to file
    a complaint with the PUCT: Public Utility Commission of Texas, Customer Protection Division PO Box 13326 Austin, Texas 78711-
    3326; (512) 936-7120 or (888) 782-8477; Fax (512) 936-7003; Email: customer@puc.state.tx.us; Website: http://www.puc.state.tx.us; TTY
    (512) 936-7136.
    Meter Reading:

  36. bb

    The FACTS LABEL specifies under what conditions the FIXED RATES are subject to change:


    The price per kWh includes standard transmission and distribution kWh charges as established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and is subject to change during the term of this agreement if there are any changes in fees imposed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and/or Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) authorized changes in standard Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) charges.

  37. In response to BB, the drastic change in price National Power Company has made to their fixed electric rate was not related to a TDSP or PUCT change in price. The change in rate has much more to do with the "material change" clause then anything else and the fact that they did not hedge their energy.

  38. Upset Customer

    Sent via email to customercare@nationalpowerco.com

    Dear Customer Care,

    I write to inform you of my unhappiness with your company. I tried calling your 800 and local numbers first, but like your power offers, they do not work!!

    Also, your website is infected with a virus according my anti virus program. (figures, because you are a bunch of scum)

    Per the Fixed Rate Increase letter from Richard Hunter ( DICK HUNTER – go figure that one ), I am going to opt out of my agreement and change providers.

    To raise your fixed rate 39% is not a reasonable increase. This is, in my opinion, a bait and switch and deceptive trade practice.

    You should listen to your recorded inbound calls. You will find the representatives of your company saying the rates would not change during the 12 month fixed term.

    A fixed rate is a fixed rate, not a variable rate.

    Also, I wish I would have known in January, when I requested service, that I would not be switched until late April costing me default rates from my old provider during the lapse.

    As an extremly dissatisfied customer, my lesson is learned, reported to the PUC, Attorney General and several pro bono lawyers, if I get one to take the case, I will post here again with contact info for a class action.

    Now, as a result, I will have to pay a lot more per kWh than what was being offered as a renewal rate from my old provider.

    Thanks for causing lots of upset.

    Upset Customer

  39. MAD 1

    I have had the same experience with the 5-6-08 letter and going to 15.3 cents Kwh. FIRST, of what relevance is the "Material Change" clause of the agreement? Under "PRICING" it states that "THE PRICE ON A FIXED RATE OFFER IS A FIXED PRICE FOR THE TERM INDICATED ON THE ELECTRICITY FACTS LABEL." Clearly, this statement supercedes the "Material Change" one, which merely means that notice needs to be provided, not that it is allowed. Additionally, as cancellation fees are detailed, it IS a contract. You can't have it both ways! All I can say is complain, complain, COMPLAIN!!! Also, I tried David Baret's number and got a female that said I had the wrong number (but I didn't). ARGGGG!!!!!

  40. wow

    ok im not here to talk total crap like the rest of ou
    but ive been with national power for quite some time
    lets just say my contract ends in about 5 months
    ok wow they made a change in their price
    ok wow it was a contract
    but read your terms or service
    please read it now
    they had the right to do that
    they followed all quidelines
    their not stupid
    their not gonna sit here and screw "honest" customers and at the same time be screwing themselves
    yea think about it
    why would they sit here and do a bait and switch or wahtever the term that one of you people made up was and loose all the money they have invested into that company
    just get over
    dont like it
    go to someone else
    not the hard
    here go here http://WWW.POWERTOCHOOSE.ORG
    go there and shut up goodness
    and for your information ADMIN im a customer, matter fact a REAL SATISFIED CUSTOMER
    ima pray for everyone that actuall is gonna sit here and talk crap about another company.
    just proves how many of you actually care about this company that your takin this much time and thought and concern in to this issue
    thank you

    a you tube video?????
    you tube
    should we post a blog on myspace too???
    yea really grow up

  41. Eve

    Even with the admin pointing out that they may be posting their own comments, I spoke with an employee today and they are enduring the same rate change as any other customer. FACE IT PEOPLE DO YOU ASK THE CASHIER WHEN YOU GO TO THE STORE DAMN WHY IS THE MILK SO HIGH TODAY WHEN IT WAS $3.97 YESTERDAY? Do you ask the clerk at the gas station why is the gas 2 cents more than it was yesterday? NO!!!!! Everything is going up and it clearly states in the terms of service that the FIXED and or VARIABLE RATE can change within 45 DAYS. They are offering you a chance to switch without being assessed the penalty. Do your shopping PEOPLE they are still one of the most competitive prices out there. So if you would like to pay 3 times more than you would have to, find another provider. Im staying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. TREBOR

    It looks like that a consumer protection group is needed to police these rich power companies offers before they are allowed to be listed on the "Power to Choose" site.The wording in these offers can be misleading and not easily interpted by the consumer.The power companies know what they are doing.They write their offers in a manner where nothing jumps out at the customer as being threatening or dishonest.Don't think for a second that National Power didn't put this clause in to be able to manipulate their offer to their advantage.I complained to PUC last year about the difficuly in deciphering these offers.Makes you wonder how many more of these power companies have their offers loaded with these types of clauses for their advantage.We have a list to pick providers from using the power to choose site,but is there one that can be trusted? I have changed providers three times and will continue to take the risk to try and get the best price.I will not change providers.I want National Power to pay up.They offered 11 cents pkh for 12 months and that's what I want. This clause was put in as an out for them and they are trying to use it. I guess it's back to emailing the state officials tomorrow.Just don't give up.For all the people in this state that has had deregulation forced on them these crooked companies and their owners need to be put out of business. I also would be interested in a class action lawsuit if National Power is not made to honor their offer.

  43. Eve

    Does anyone not see that its in the TOS #14. They CAN CHANGE THE RATE!!!!! Do your homework. You want to FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT BECAUSE (YOU) DID NOT READ THE FINE PRINT. VERY intersting to see how this turns out……

  44. InTheDark

    Channel 2 in Houston ran a story on these bozos Monday evening.

    http www click2houston.com/investigates/16251234/detail.html

    Also, MAD 1 is correct. The Material Change clause covers how notice of a material change is given. However, it does not give them any additional permission to make a material change. This needs to be spelled out in anybody's communications with the PUC, AG, TV reporters and anyone else.

    Concernedforallosus, the PUC is misreading the contract language if they told you the change is allowed.

    Also, any complaints or lawsuits against this company need to also be brought against the owner and any other individuals you can get the names of for perpetrating this fraud.

  45. MAD 1

    The PUC, Attorney General, BBB, and Channel 11 news Defenders has been notified. Please contact these entities with your complaints. Just as National Power Company expects us to live up to our agreement, I expect them to as well. Any competent energy trader can figure you have to hedge your fixed contracts. If not, your placing a bet I am not going to cover. I have every expectation that my agreement be honored.

  46. Mad Mom

    When their attorney smarted off on Channel 12 and said something to the effect of, "If people didn't read their contracts, that's not our fault," I nearly croaked. I've read that contract left, right and sideways. The "material change" clause should not supersede the initial statement about the fixed rate being set at X cents for Y months. I interpret it as our contract lasting Y months, and THEN the material change clause can kick in, under the right conditions. Speaking of, most contracts would give some sort of a list of what constitutes a material change. Their contract is so vague that a rainy day could be a material change.

    If the material change clause TRULY was meant to be pertinent to our contracts, then it should have been mentioned immediately after "X cents for Y months." Something like, (Except in the case of material change, see paragraph 13.) But noooooooo, they didn't do that. Why? Because they're pulling this rationale out of their hineys, that's why.

    Also, their attorney must have missed the classes in laws school (Contract Law) where you're taught that any ambiguity or lack of clarity in a contract is held against (for lack of a better term) the drafter of the contract, especially when the drafter of the contract is an expert in the area of the contract content and is in a superior position to be able to draft a clearly understood, unambiguous contract that is not misleading. In other words, they are completely able to draft a document that is not tricky and full of fine print that no one could understand. If any reasonable person would read "fixed rate of X cents for Y months" as meaning your rate till stay at Y cents for X months no matter what, then it is up to National Power to make it VERY clear in the contract if there are ANY exceptions to that…..not to bury it in language that is open to dispute.

    When we consumers sign a fixed rate contract, we can't abandon it if we find a lower rate elsewhere….not without paying a penalty. Why should the power company be allowed to abandon our fixed rate contracts whenever they please?

    Last of all, if the PUC lets this action stand, then the phrase "fixed rate" needs to be done away with, because it is meaningless as regards power companies. What National Power is trying to pull is to turn all our accounts into variable accounts. I didn't sign on for that. Fixed is fixed. Period. Is English their fourth language, or something? No fixed rate account with ANY power company will be worth spit.

    Let's just keep crashing their system daily. Call them nonstop. I'd love to see them go under and be run out of Texas. They couldn't tell the truth at gunpoint. Make noise. Call the PUC, your state senator, the governor and anyone else you can think of. This one does not pass the smell test and we need to spread awareness of the stink.

  47. Tee-Lee

    I just switched providers to a variable rate. I am not signing another contract for awhile, until this blows over. And I am definitely not sticking around with these crooks. You guys who are waiting around for an outcome before you switch may be robbed of a $300 cancellation fee. Remember that it usually takes several weeks to have the provider switch completed. I already think there's going to be a 2nd part to this story come July, based on loose interpretation of wording.

    Also I believe that if NPC is forced to honor their rate by the PUC, they will go out of business, forcing us to another provider anyway. May as well switch now and ditch these guys while you can!!!

  48. bb

    There should be a way to create an online petition:

    If someone is able to organize the online "petition signing" I am ready to contribute the text of my letter to Mr Dick Hunter. Mad Mom's legal comments above are quite excellent, and should be incorporated in the petition.

  49. bb

    Maybe we should all reply with:

    Dear Mr Dick Hunter,

    I have reviewed your letter dated May 6, 2008.
    My legal advisors have also reviewed your letter and the agreement with your company. We note that the agreement indicates that my account is priced at a FIXED RATE. Please see your published Electricity Facts Label.

    This letter is to notify you that I have every expectation that my Agreement be honored.

    Furthermore, as the matter of "fixed rate" contracts is currently under review by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, I expect that any gross Material Change such as you have outline in your letter would become effective following the term of the Agreement, or at some future time folliowng the current review by the PUC.

    Again, until such time, I expect fully that the terms of my Agreement with your company will be honored.


    Your Valued customer

  50. concerned4allofus

    Quick question for you guys, Is this only for the Houston area or is anyone in the DFW area getting these letters?

    Please let me know as I still cant get through to customer service nor is anyone answering my emails.

    "In the Dark" -Thanks for the PUC info I dont understand why this man was so adamant that I was wrong and the contract was right…Shouldnt he be taking my complaint instead???

  51. bb

    More phone/fax/email contacts – many are down…
    Source: http://www.puc.state.tx.us/electric/directories/r

    Public Utility Commission
    Service Area: Entire Texas
    Customer Type:
    Track No: EL050015
    Type: Corporation Status: Active

    Mailing Address


    Primary: Company / Physical
    616 FM 1960 ROAD WEST
    SUITE 700
    HOUSTON, TX 77090
    Main: 281-377-7570
    Alt: —
    Fax: 281-377-0913
    Email: RMackert1@aol.com

    PTC Non-Residential Contact
    National Power Company

    , 00
    Main: 877-333-7693
    Alt: —
    Fax: 713-715-6353
    Email: customercare@nationalpowerco.com

    PTC Residential Contact
    National Power Company

    , 00
    Main: 877-333-7693
    Alt: —
    Fax: 713-715-6353
    Email: customercare@nationalpowerco.com

    Company / Physical
    616 FM 1960 RD. WEST
    SUITE 700
    HOUSTON, TX 77090
    Main: 281-377-7542
    Alt: 832-630-6495
    Fax: 713-715-6953
    Email: lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com; jtorres@nationalpowerco.com

    SBFund Contact
    616 FM 1960 RD WEST
    SUITE 700
    HOUSTON, TX 77090
    Main: 281-377-7570
    Alt: —
    Fax: 281-377-0045

    SBFund Address
    National Power Company, Inc.
    616 FM 1960 Rd West
    Suite 700
    Houston, TX 77090
    Main: —
    Alt: —
    Fax: —

    Associated Names




    Identification Numbers


    Certificate: 10106
    Type: REP
    Date: 04/08/2005
    Filings: Certification

    Type: DOCKET
    Date: 03/02/2005
    Note: Application for REP Certificate
    Filings: New

  52. concerned4allofus

    I live in fortworth 76123 area. Did anyone get a price rate change in that area or close by? If so what is the new rate?

    Please advise

  53. bb

    PUC must act after power company reneges on fixed rates

    "A fixed-rate deal is a fixed-rate deal,"

    National Power's letters to customers began arriving Saturday, and the PUC received dozens of calls Monday. As of Tuesday afternoon, the commission's staff had still been unable to reach company executives, and phones lines in Houston were busy much of the day.

    "They're not returning our calls," Smitherman said.

    By Smitherman's reading, National Power doesn't have the right to cancel fixed-rate contracts and increase the rate. And the state can take actions that include fines of $25,000 per violation.

    source: http://www.star-telegram.com/business/story/64147

  54. Mera Naam Hates Nati

    How come Houston Chronicle isn't running a story on them? Anyone knows who to contact at Chron?

  55. cencarnacion

    Needless to say, I am in the same boat.

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. By law, if a complaint is filed, the defendant must reply in a week's time or else it spells trouble for them.

    I have done this with Southwestern Bell when they would not return my calls regarding a fraudulent phone number opened using my SSN. The FTC straightened it out for me.

    Link: http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm

  56. TREBOR

    To concerned 4 all of us.The DFW area has also been infected with this.I was also unaware of how far it stretched in the deregulated area.The Ft. worth Star Telegram ran an article today on this with comments from Barry Smitherman of the PUC.He did state that a fixed rate is a fixed rate and it should be honored! Now how far his comments will go,who knows.National Power has probably been pulling this off for some time and getting away with it due to violated consumers not complaining and taking it on the chin.Evidently this time their GREED might have caught up with them.I hope so.We must continue to pursue fairness in this.If this company and it's owner has enough money to get established they have enough money to honor their contracts!

  57. vdubuclet

    I am in the same boat as every other poster on this thread. I wanted to know are people jumping ship from National Power now, or are you waiting ot see if the PUC takes some kind of action?

  58. Tee-Lee

    I jumped ship. Not waiting for the government to take care of me. Whatever happens, this company is history.

  59. solongnpc

    I just spoke with a rep from PUC. She advised we go ahead and switch providers if we don't want to stay with NPC because if we don't we will be subject to the NPC $300 cancellation fee if we do it later. She also told me by switching to another provider, we will not revoke any of our rights and our complaints will continue to be investigated. I think they are taking this seriously because they are getting a lot of calls.

    My other concern is if we don't switch companies now, what is going to happen when NPC inevitably goes out of business. Will our electric just be shut off until another provider can pick it up. I just switched to Reliant on an e choice plan which will adjust every 3 months (no contract). I requested a switch with the earliest connect date of June 3. I will have to pay Centerpoint a $6 fee to do it this early with a "mid-cycle switch". You can go online for the info but will have to call to get them to process you faster on the mid-cycle. If you don't, it could take 6 weeks which would go beyond our 35 day deadline (45 days – 10 days notification) per the letter.

  60. bb

    A smart competitor would provide a special plan to those consumers caught up in the nationalpower.com scandal by offering an easy, customer-friendly sign up plan.

    I'm sure there are hundreds or thousands who will switch this very week.

  61. bb

    sorry it is nationalpowerco.com

    HAHA this thread has high page rank! now when searching for national power company

  62. bb

    PUC should provide that if consumers switch service providers nationalpowerco.com be forced to honor its FIXED RATE AGREEMENT and the company be forced to compensate the consumer with the difference through the end of the term of the FIXED RATE AGREEMENT

  63. Tee-Lee

    I just received an email from Channel 2 in Houston. They will be doing a followup story on the 6 and 10 news tonight. Not sure if there is anymore information to be reported vs. what's written here.

  64. bb

    Texas Public Utility Commission investigating electricity retailer National Power Co

    http www dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/texassouthwest/stories/051508dnbuspucnatpower.fda15a6c.html

    PUC probing power retailer for changing 'fixed' rate

    http www chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/biz/5779364.html

  65. cencarnacion

    After days of trying to call NPC, I was able to reach a live person by the name of Miss Lewis. She said that the change in rate is due to rising fuel prices and that THE CHANGE WAS APPROVED BY THE PUC!!!! If this is true, then we need to get after the PUC as well by writing to our state senators. If they do not do anything about it then let's vote them out.

    By the way, I also filed a complaint with the FTC. NPC is required by law to respond in one week.

    Also, I will be contacting the media about this possible PUC conspiracy.

  66. Screwed

    I live in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in San Benito and received this stupid letter. Was able to get through this afternoon & spoke to Paula (nice lady) offered me to go month-to-month at 14.5 for now until I can find someone else & avoid the early termination fee. (That was a nice suggestion.) And then went to Power to Choose to look for another company – all these companies have that dumb clause. We are screwed.

  67. solongnpc

    To cencarnacion:
    I don't think I would trust anything someone from NPC said. They are obviously liars.

  68. concerned4allofus

    To solongnpc
    I have to agree with cencarnacion after having an encounter with one of the reps there at PUC; He didnt have much to say about it except as indicated before their clause is correct and we dont have a case I wouldnt be surprised if PUC denies that. I think I have to make a complaint against them as well… does anyone have that site and #?

  69. bb

    Newspapers report there were over 200 PUCT complaints filed (and probably the list is growing rapidly). Company can be fined $25,000 per incident. That's over $ 5 million

  70. bb

    I had contacted my State Reps office yesterday.
    They contactd PUC on my behalf and indicated there are now more than 280 PUC formal complaints.

    I contacted PUC re my complaint submitted online yesterday and they indicated that by state law a company has 21 days to respond.

    I've set a google news search to email me updated media coverage as it gets indexed.

  71. NPCSucks

    In the same boat here.

    Do they jack up the rate at the 45th day after the letter or right now?

  72. OUCH!

    Just saw a piece about NPC on Channel 2 News at 4:00pm.

    A spokesperson with PUC, Terry Hadley, said that calls were not being returned by NPC. Further reiterated what has been said by another poster above, that NPC is subject to a $25k per complaint fine if found to be in the wrong.

    With calls not being returned to the PUC (if that is true), I would venture a guess that NPC is quickly heading for the exit and will be filling chapter 7 any day. Which leaves us (my opinion) no choice but to switch carriers…wouldn't want to have a service interruption in this heat.

    Very frustrating…

  73. OUCH!

    Another thought. I mentioned chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy above…however, I didn't think about a chapter 11 (reorganization) filing. Could filing chapter 11 effectively negate all of our "contracts" allowing NPC to go forward with their business under a court supervised chapter 11?

    I recall a chapter 11 filing by a real estate company that I had some dealings with several years ago. In that matter the court allowed the filing company to forgo payment to their creditors while continuing to conduct business as if the creditiors did not exist…subject to being worked out at a later date for pennies on the dollar. Could this happen? Any comments?

  74. TREBOR

    I went back to the power to choose site and looked at four or five power companies terms of service.They all have a "Material Change" clause stating the same as National Power.One provider YEP even noted material changes to fixed rate customers.If National Power is allowed to raise their rates using this clause you can bet the rest will follow suit
    at their will.If this is the case there is no such thing as a locked in fixed rate with any power company.I will not change providers only to be subjected to this by the next one using the same clause or any other as they interpet them.These power companies and their offers need to be screened and approved by a consumer protection group and written very specifically where consumers understand fully what they are signing up for and what rights they have.Maybe even a consumer protection group that could be contacted by consumers for truthful assistance before making a decision on providers or their plans.IF NOT,THEN WE NEED TO GO BACK TO REGULATED ENERGY PRICES.Rate increases before deregulation had to be approved before they were able to implemented.As it looks now the power companies have the authority by the wording in their contacts to raise their rate at will.

  75. cencarnacion

    To Trebor:

    PUC is the overseer of these providers. As such, they should protect the consumers. After all, we pay for their existence with our tax dollars. In my opinion, PUC is incompetent. How can they allow the "Material Change Clause" abstraction in the contracts. How hard is it to specify what constitutes a material change? Sometimes, I wonder, if there is a scandal in the making. Are PUC "powers that be" getting rich off of these providers. Just wondering aloud. I think the PUC needs to be investigated as well. I am writing to the governor immediately after this comment.

  76. Mad Mom

    Other cities in Texas are paying 1/2 or less of what what we are paying. It's not as if power magically costs that much less outside the Houston area. Deregulation has been a disaster for consumers and a huge moneymaker for power companies. Bring back regulation and save my pocketbook. Did anyone seriously believe that deregulation was ever going to benefit consumers? What a line of bullcrap!

    If NPC gets away with this, there is no way I'll ever sign a "fixed rate" contract again since that term will be meaningless. If a power company can cancel the contract at will, what is the point of offering a fixed rate contract that ONLY obligates the consumer and not the power company? In reality, power companies will only offer variable rate contracts, no matter what they label them. Sheesh! Just give me a windmill.

  77. wow

    excuse me
    i have a problem
    not with NPC but with this site
    i had posted comment on here yesterday in regards to letter that was sent out
    and unlike the rest of you scums i didnt post a bad comment
    why because i really dont care about the damn price as long as i have some damn electricity
    if u dont like their price leave
    all this time you people are spending looking at how npc is doing and just talkin trash about them
    you could be lookin for another provider

    and also back to this messed up site
    like i said i posted a comment on here yesterday around 9pm
    i expect to see this damn comment up here NOW
    did i violate your rules??
    was it because nice things by a ACTUAL customer were being said.
    and its funny
    cause everyone is talkin about how npc should follow their own rules
    but this site isnt even doin that
    following YOUR OWN RULES ADMIN!!!!
    from what i know
    this is a review CORRECT?
    everyone has the rite to voice their oppinion rite
    well i did
    WHERE THE **** IS IT AT!?!?!?!?!?!?

    makes me wonder if other customer were posting positive comments and you just keep deleting them

  78. Eve

    This site has deleted my comments. I think its very rude. Did you ever think that maybe they were copying emails tha customers sent to try and re-vamp themselves………………

  79. Variable plan custom

    I am a variable plan customer after my fixed rate plan expired several months ago. Just got my bill dated 5-8-08. NPC had published the rate for the billing period on this plan as 13 cents. An increase from the 11.5 cent prior month billing period. That's not a problem. They have the right to increase each month on the variable plan. HOWEVER, my bill also had a new "FUEL FACTOR" charge which equated to an additional 2 cents over and above the published 13 cent rate for the period. My contract does not allow them to charge any extra "FUEL FACTOR" charge. It specifically states that they can only raise the price once each month. Yet by attaching this "FUEL FACTOR" charge, they actually raised the price twice in the same billing period – the second time retroactively! I have changed providers and won't be paying the "FUEL FACTOR" charge that I didn't agree to.

    Are there any other variable rate customers out there that noticed this new, unauthorized "FUEL FACTOR" charge?

  80. Eve

    They all have a “Material Change” clause stating the same as National Power.One provider YEP even noted material changes to fixed rate customers.If National Power is allowed to raise their rates using this clause you can bet the rest will follow suit
    at their will.If this is the case there is no such thing as a locked in fixed rate with any power company.I will not change providers only to be subjected to this by the next one using the same clause or any other as they interpet them.

  81. Variable plan custom

    It appears that NPC has breached its contracts. If I were on a fixed plan, I'd switch providers ASAP, and not pay any part of my final bill or two to NPC. That's called an "offset" in legal speak. The damages they owe you for breaching their contracts (equal to the additional cost you will incur buying power from someone else) will likely exceed what you owe them on the last bill or two. The reality of the situation is that the PUC will not be able to force them to honor the contracts, because they will be bankrupt. HOWEVER, being bankrupt and out of business, it's likely there will be no one left to try to collect the balance or report you to a credit bureau. (They can't legally report disputed amounts anyway.) If some other company buys the delinqent accounts, they are still subject to equitable claims and defenses, including offsets. Just my opinion, which is not intended as legal advice to anyone…..

  82. JXY234

    So has anyone done the research yet for determining which electricity provider would be good to switch too? I had Reliant Enery in the past and their rates were high thus the reason for me switching to NPC. I'd feel like I better switch to another provider before it is too late but at this point with all this "material change" language in these supposed fixed contracts, I don't know which company I should switch to.

  83. bb

    Like many many others, I switched service providers today. Also notified national power company by email, fax and post to cancel any future auto-draft bank transfers and instructed the bank not to pay them.

  84. OUCH!

    Please share any good deals that you may have found with other companies. One of the most attractive on powertochoose.com is Reliant which has an ePlan that locks in at $.128 untill 9/22/08 and then converts to a fixed rate of $.142 for the balance of a 24 month period.

    According to a rep at Reliant one can get a mid month switch which takes about 13 days instead of the usual 4-6 weeks.

  85. Tee-Lee

    I went with Simple Power variable promo rate. (Another no-name.) I should be @ $0.110 with NPC for Apr/May & May/June due to the timing of everything. Simple will be $0.125 for June/July. I'm playing this by ear. I gotta let this whole mess blow over before I go for another contract.

  86. gw2dc

    I was scammed like the rest of you out of $.119 16 month plan into a $.153 plan. Through powertochoose.org, zipcode 75067 (Lewisville) and TNMP as my regulated carrier, I was able to secure a rate of $.124 per kilowatt (@ 1000 kwh) from Gexa Energy. Rate is fixed for 12 months and is 100% wind power. They also have a 12 month fixed for .119, using conventional fuel.

  87. Buliwyf

    I e-mailed NPC this morning to tell them that I had switched, and an hour later I got this e-mail from NPC:

    I am sorry that you have already switched providers. As of today, it has been decided that we will honor all customers with fixed rates their contracts.
    You still have time to reconsider.
    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Thank you,

  88. National Power Company apparently is telling customers they will honor the original rate? I guess you guys did it. By complaining to the Public Utility Commission, and everyone else you just may have caused National Power to reconsider. I am not very trustful of NPC at this point so I have no way to verify if this is true. Let us know if NPC really is going to honor the rates you signed up at so we can update this thread. I am not buying it at this point but I am sure it will make the news if they do decide to honor everyone's electric rate. I hope they do honor the electric rate they advertised to everyone here as what they have done or were going to do is clearly a scam. It may have backfired on them from the sound of it.

  89. STX

    I just got off the phone with NPC I spoke with a lady named Summer after following the number sequence to cancel my service with them. She apologized and told me to disregard the letter they will honor the original rate of 11c per kWh and not 15.3c per kWh

  90. solongnpc

    It's true. I just spoke with Joan at NPC (not hard to get someone now). She confirmed they are honoring the contracts and will be sending a notice shortly via mail. Make sure you give them your account number so they can notate the conversation and get the person's name you spoke with.

  91. bb

    I called them and the rep said (after confirming my account) that they have decided to honor the fixed rates and a letter of aoplogy iss being prepared. It will be sent out after being checked by their lawyer(s).
    I am not trusting a verbal reassurance at this point. I have already made a switch and have three days to cancel with the new provider if the letter is quick to arrive and extremely apologetic in tone. I belive the company must still be on insteady financial footing, not to mention "in hot water" with PUC and I wonder hpe much to trust their new FIXED RATE – will they tack on additional charger? will they be viable? What should I do???

  92. I wonder if they are honoring just those contracts of the people who have complained or if the PUCT has requested National Power Company honor the original rate as contracted for everyone?

    I personally would want something in writing before I believed anything. Hopefully they will do the right thing but it is anybody's guess if they will stay in business for the long term. I imagine if it is true that they did not hedge their energy they will have to eat their profits for awhile before they get back to green again.

  93. Screwed

    It's true – thank you Jesus!!!! Just got off the phone with Ivan and they are honoring original contract. Yesterday I had switched month-to-month, Ivan checked with Data Entry & they had not processed my order yet so I will be staying with original contract. Thank You Jesus!!!!!

  94. Tee-Lee

    Looks like I will be canceling my agreement with Simple Power. Tomorrow is the deadline w/o penalty. I guess we'll see if they stay in business until our contracts expire.

    NPC, you still suck.

  95. becarefull

    Be very carefull here. The letter they sent was REQUIRED by the terms in the contract. If they do not specifically have wording in the letter regarding "notice of material change" it is really not as valid in the courts. That letter was our LEGAL notification of a change in our contract. Having Summer, Bambi, or whoever tell you over the phone that they are keeping the rate is not "legal" enough for me.

    NPC was trying to pass their business risk to the customers, and if they succeeded, there would be no need for competition in the system.

    NPC made a bad business deal and will have to deal with it.

  96. becarefull

    I just got off the phone with Terry Hadley from PUC. It looks like they are "rescinding the notice of material change".

    Forgive me for not trusting National Power Company any further than I can spit them.

    If we stay for the duration of the contracts, we all need to be watchfull for any additional fees they may try to cram on to our bills.

  97. OUCH!

    Sounds almost too good to be true. However, I too spoke with NPC and was told apology letters would be sent out shortly.

    Thanks to all who were so proactive in pursuit of protecting our collective rights.

  98. MAD 1

    GREAT NEWS, A MUST READ… See the Email I received below from Amy Davis of Channel 2…


    I just received this email message from David Barrett, the Chief Financial Officer of National Power Company:

    "National Power Company has decided to rescind the scheduled rate increase set for late June 2008. All Fixed rate pricing and terms shall remain as originally agreed. National Power Company apologizes for any confusion caused by the rescinded letter. All customers to whom the rate increase letter was sent to will recieve additional confirmation via mail."

    I already have a call into the PUC to confirm. Barrett told me yesterday he was meeting with the PUC today.

    Amy Davis

    KPRC Local 2 Investigates"

    Great work everyone!!!

  99. becarefull

    The people have more power in politics and corporate practices than ever before, and this site is a perfect example of that fact.

    Thank you Amy for following this story. Without media coverage this would of faded away to nothing.

  100. NationalPowerCoRipOf

    I am in the same boat. Signed up in April for the 11 cent plan and got letter saying it will be 15.3 cents. Has anyone received confirmation from National Power Co. that they are taking back their decision and the rates will stay the same?

  101. upset customer

    I have changed providers to US Energy Savings.

    Yes, it was a increase in cost per kWh, but National Power Co won't get my business anymore.

    I was not alone in the switch to USESC. All of my friends, that also had signed with NPC left NPC too. It takes up to 2 months to get switched, depending on your meter reading cycle and your date of request and your new provider filing to change to them so a 45 day notice is just barley doable. I do not trust NPC to leave the agreement as is (where is that letter??) and they can jump off a cliff! ( I wanted say something much stronger but refrained )

  102. PowerOfUsStickingTog

    Guys I just called National Power Co. at 281-377-7530 and the customer service representative informed me that our rate of 11 cents/kWh WILL be honored for the entire term of the contract. He said I should expect to get another letter within a week confirming this. This goes to show the power of consumers. Most companies think they can get away with tricks like this but if each of us takes a stand and speaks up against it there is hope!

  103. deregsucks

    I also received 'the letter'

    I live in Lewisville. I went to the power to choose web site and switched to Gexa. They have a rate of 11.9 versus the 11.8 I was quoted from NPC. (this is for 12 months, versus the 16 month CONTRACT I had with NPC.)

    My advice: switch now! I sent an email to NPC at customercare@nationalpowerco.com AND I called the number 8773337693.

    When I spoke with their representative, he said that NPC would honor their contract with me. I said it was too late, that I had already switched to another provider. When I asked if NPC would assess the early termination fee stipulated in the contract, he replied "no, the other REP you signed up with will not assess you a fee if you cancel the switch". THE OTHER REP???

    It took several attempts to get through to this bonehead that I had switched and wanted assurance that NPC would live up to the verbiage in the rate hike notice I received which says "No early termination fee will be assessed should you choose not to accept this Material Change to our Agreement."

    My advice is, if you live in the TNMP service area, switch away!!!!! Gexa had a 100% renewable plan for 12.3 cents and a traditional fuel plan for 11.9 cents. Go to http://WWW.POWERTOCHOOSE.COM and CHOOSE to put NPC out of business!

  104. deregsucks

    By the way, file a complaint with the PUC. Call NPC's customer service number a few times. Send them emails.
    DICK HUNTER, (appropriate name if I ever heard one) has an email of rhunter@nationalpowerco.com.

    He's the president of NPC. Fill his inbox with your complaints.

    Every complaint to the PUC costs NPC money, whether or not the PUC fines them. Each complaint must be responded to and those responses cost hours of someone's time.

    If you haven't switched yet, do it now. NPC will be out of business before this is over and you would be well served to be out of the mix when the provider of last resort (POLR) takes your account and charges whatever the H=E=double hockey sticks they want. Be warned and switch away NOW!!!

  105. cencarnacion

    MAD1, I got the same e-mail from Amy Davis, KPRC. Just goes to show how the media is a great balancer. Without the media, we would have been trampled on.

    I am staying with NPC until the contract runs out just to stick it to them. If they fold, then I move.

  106. dirkswanson

    I e-mailed NPC a week ago and finally got a response. Their response showed that they are resinding their rate increase. I credit this blog and all of us who complained to the PUC, etc. Their response is shown below:

    Mr. Swanson,
    I do apologize for the lateness in replying back to your email.
    However, as of May 15, we have rescinded the notice of a rate increase.
    Your contract still stands and your rate will stay as is.
    If you wish, you can cancel the switch before it goes into effect and stay with us. It's strictly up to you.
    We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

    Thank you,

    Arthurine Lewis
    National Power Company
    616 FM 1960 Road West, Suite 700
    Houston Texas 77090
    Tel: 281-377-7530 – Toll Free 877-333-7693
    Fax: 713-715-6953 – Toll Free 866-383-6497

  107. agg2001

    i wonder if this was a ploy to see how many of the cheap rate contracts they could get rid of before telling the public they WOULD honor that price. i'm sure they had about 1/3 of the 11.x contracts opt out and switch providers. this would actually help them in the long run. could this actually be possible or is this just something that i'm grasping at?

  108. cencarnacion


    NPC definitely got rid of some cheap rate contracts as some of the posters here have left. Whether it is a ploy or not, NPC will benefit in the short term. Long term will be disastrous. I am leaving after my contract ends and will never do business with them. I am still ticked off by what they did. Those subscribers that left should be given the option to be reinstated or compensated for all the trouble. I say they be compensated with $300, the same amount NPC would have charged us if we left early. Or better yet, NPC should be significantly penalized by the PUCT. A slap in the hand by the PUCT will not discourage this kind of behavior. Other companies may decide to use this ploy to get rid of contracts that are no longer profitable and get away with it.

  109. A I

    I am also a customer, and was informed by NPC they would be honoring the contract.

    I hope this case brings some additional regulation from the PUC regarding fixed rate contracts. The termination fee shoud apply to the REP and paid to the customer if the REP decide to not honor the contract !

  110. TexasAggie

    I'm taking a chance and staying with Nat'l Power just b/c the $.11 cent deal is too good to pass up. Plus, I have it in writing and it's on the landing page of their website.

  111. Buliwyf

    This story just keeps getting better.

    5/15 12:32 p.m. – I switch to Simple Power.
    5/15 12:48 p.m. – I notify NPC of the switch.
    5/15 1:36 p.m. – NPC e-mails me to say they will honor the rate.
    5/15 1:53 p.m. – I e-mail NPC to say that I'm canceling my switch order with Simple Power.
    5/15 2:01 p.m. – I cancel the switch with Simple Power, and receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation.
    5/21 4:30 p.m. – I discover that the cancel order never went thru.
    5/21 4:32 p.m. – Simple Power swears they sent the cancel order in.
    5/21 5:00 p.m. – Center Point swears they never received the cancel order.
    5/22 8:04 p.m. – Hardly slept at all last night, and now I'm waiting for Simple Power to call me back with an update.

    Deregulation is the worst idea in the history of this state.

  112. Buliwyf

    As it turns out, the problem wasn't with Simple Power or Center Point, it was ERCOT's fault. My cancel order on the 15th was kicked back by ERCOT, as well as the two additional cancel orders yesterday.

  113. employeesOfNPC

    The calls we took today were unreal and upper-mgmt just kept coming in and telling us it would all be okay and not to worry. They kept the lies up with us too! What fools were we to believe any of it. I am ashamed and saddened I stuck with a company that was so full of lies, I am sorry to all of you who tried to warn us.

  114. Mad Mom

    I sent an email and fax about our account to NPC this afternoon. (5-28) They emailed back that they were "in no way going out of business." WHAT????? I called them for clarification and they said they'd read the press releases, etc. but had no idea why those things were being written because they were still in business. And would I like to change to another plan? LOL! I told them the PUC had confirmed that NPC was going out of business that morning but they still said they were not going under. So I called PUC once more and they confirmed that NPC is a goner and fixed rate customers are being switched to the provider of last resort. To their last breath, NPC is lying.

  115. Baritone

    I called and talked to a live person 5/29 10 AM. She apologized and confirmed that all fixed price users were being switched to POLR. She said that I would not be charged any type of termination fee for switching to another provider.

  116. Buliwyf

    Isn’t it a shame that your local bowing alley is more thoroughly regulated and overseen than your electric provider?

    Some entity, official or other wise, should have known this would happen.
    Who is looking out for the consumer?
    Power to Choose.org?

  117. Buliwyf

    Anyone want to start an electric company with me?

    From what I understand, all you need is a catchy official sounding name, and a high school diploma.

  118. OUCH!

    Just switched to Reliant and put a stop payment on my bank account for any charges attempted by NPC.

    Total scum…

  119. TexasAggie

    I'll have to eat my words above. I actually canceled my switch to Gexa after receiving the "apology" letter from National Power. Now, National has (or will) shut their doors.

    Calling back Gexa, their "customer service" is yet another JOKE. The switch cycle time line starts all over again….OR, I can come on as a new service customer and pay a $55 activation fee, verses a switch customer. If I do this, I'll be activated in 3 days.

    You would think the idiots at Gexa would realize a HUGE public relations opportunity and waive any fees for immediate activation.

    Even more comical, I can't tell you how many of these genius agents at Gexa ALL say the word "axe," rather than "ASK."

    The level of education (or lack thereof)astounds me.

  120. kash007

    This is ridiculous and shows what a joke deregulation is. On top of that, we have to find this out from online resources. National Power Co. didn't even send a letter or post this info on their website. Let me tell you how this SHOULD have been taken care of:
    All NPC assets should have been seized and sold and the cash received used to pay the difference between 11c/kWh and the new rate that those customers have to pay who are stuck with provider of last resort now.

  121. employeesOfNPC said

    First of all, I would like to sincerely appologize to everyone out there who was with NPC, and were skrewed over by them. What we are being told to relay to the customers is stupid and ridiculous. We are telling them "no we are not going out of business, but you were switched to the POLR provider, (without any written notice, I might add)and you are no longer a NPC customer. We were told last week we were no longer taking new application and to tell our customers that our system was "being upgraded" and the real reason is because ERCOT is not allowing us to sign up any new customers. We are being kept in the dark about everything, we are finding out information from customers calling us and telling us what is going on, and from the media. When we ask what is going on, we are told it is business as usual and please do not listen to what is being said, we are still in business..LIES, LIES, LIES..I HAVE HAD IT! AND even if David Barnett the so called president is told by the PUCT he can keep his licence, I do not want to work for these people any longer.I am ashamed and angry and everything, all at the same time. I was just doing my job, but i hope God forgives me for all the lies that I was telling our customers, and since i'm pretty much out of a job, I will be alot more cautious with what company i choose to work with next.

  122. TexasAggie

    I agree with you, Kash.

    The unreal part of all of this, is the letter of rescission that we ALL just received last week. Wow!!

  123. Buliwyf

    Thank you employeesOfNPC. Your posts are closest thing to an apology that any of us will ever receive.

  124. bb

    The situation with the nationalpowerco.com scandal has grown more appalling day by day.

    To receive a letter from the Texas PUC emphasizing that the company will stand by its existing contract obligations on the very same day that the company clearly will fail to continue as a going concern is not acceptable. It indicates at the least a lack of responsibility and forethought on the part of the PUC – and at worst a disregard and lack of follow through of its mission and responsibility to consumers.

    We must call upon PUC Commissioners Barry Smitherman, Julie Caruthers and Paul Hudson, as well as Governor Rick Perry, as well as Texas State Representatives (for me, Representative Beverly Woolley) to act to remedy the immediate consumer problems affecting the former costumers of National Power Co. and just as importantly, to legislate and implement means to prevent this situation from recurring with other service providers. Otherwise it WILL occur again.

    Anything less that a complete solution here is a failure of leadership on their part, and a abrogation of responsible citizenship on ours.

  125. kash007

    I completely agree with what bb said above. We MUST raise our voice and take this issue to higher levels. Otherwise it WILL keep happening.

    Write letters, make phone calls, contact news agencies

  126. Eve

    I hate to say it but that 11 cents that NPC had was one of the best rates out there. I was dropped to Amigo who I sat on hold trying to reach someone for over 2 hours. I finally resorted to sending an email to the correspondence department. Waiting for a response. My neighbir was switched to GExa and they told her not even based on credit thst her deposit would be a flat $400.00. Deregulation is the worst thing you could ever do to a state.

  127. Randy Halper

    I have been a National Power Co customer sicne 10/07. Initially I was on the variable plan and locked in the .11 fixed rate in March 2008 for 12 months (due to the increasing electic rates). I've been reading all these posts and I'm very concerned about what I should do. As of today (May 31, 2008) I have never received any communication from National Power that they were increasing my fixed rate contract above .11 or have I received any communication that National Power is pulling our of the Texas Market. I also have not received any communication from the Texas PUC. So my big question is does this apply to all Texas residents (I live in Plano Texas) and if it does should I be shopping and changing my provider now before I am forced to a POLR (provider of last resort). From everything I'm reading it sounds like the consumer is the big loser here…especially if you are assigned to a POLR without notice. This is really unfair….apparantly an electric company can pull out of the market to avoid honoring its fixed price contracts if it's to their advantage (but the consumer can't get out of the fixed price contract without paying a cancellation fee)….this needs to be addressed by the PUC and corrected. Now I'll have to pay significanlty more than I was planning on since electric rates have increased over the last several months since I had thought I "locked in my rate"….which turns out means nothing if the electric provider changes ist mind…..very frustrating…electric deregulation….appears to hurt the consumer in this situation.

  128. Steve D

    I'm one of the NPC screwees, and I've had it with these fly-by-night outfits. I found out Reliant has a good rate (13.0 till October, 14.5 thereafter for 24 months total, plus a $75 sign-on bonus), and they can switch your service in 14 days or less for an extra six bucks. I put my order in on May 31st and I'm getting switched on June 4th! I'll save ten times the six bucks in saved rates alone over the POLR rates, and I'm with a REAL energy company now.

  129. Steve D

    I agree with bb too. The Texas Legislature and the PUC have got to do something about this crap NOW.

  130. Screwed To Tears

    I Never got any notice from NPC,PUC or any other FUC. Just got a letter today 5/31/08 from my old provider saying THEY have been notified that I've been switched to POLR as of 5/27/08 and that they missed me! Great never got a letter like this before! And I'll love their 13.1/13.6 12/36 term plans making my bill increase 13+%! Before my last provider I elected a variable rate and they signed me up for a 12 mo fixed rate anyway! The whole GDT is a scam from govt to private sector. Hell, they work together to screw the public. Counting on GOVT to fix something? You're kidding yourself. Counting on Private Sector to act on conscience for the good of all Americans! Are you insane! Not since George Washington & Thomas Jefferson have we had dignity and honor as considerations for leadership and I'm sure some crap could be dug up on them too. It's time for TAR, FEATHER, AND PITCHFORKS!

  131. I have been with Ambit Energy since September 2007 on a fixed plan of 11.99 and they have not tried to go up on me. I checked their current rates and they are 12.49 & 12.90 but no contracts.. The good news though, you can switch back to whoever for free if they go up too much. Great perks. Check it out http://www.OnlineAmbitEnergy.com.

  132. HoustonPower

    I wanted to offer everyone reading this site the facts with respect to POLR and NPC. If you were a customer with NPC and you were on a fixed rate contract, you have been dropped to the Provider Of Last Resort (POLR) and you will NOT lose power at your house or business because of this situation. You must select a new REP as soon as possible to avoid the POLR charges. You do not have to stay with the POLR provider under the POLR rate or some other offering the POLR provider may or may not offer you. You can go to any REP you choose. I would recommend you look for someone who has been in business no less than 2 years. That will ensure you that they have been through volatile times and probably have good risk management policies.

  133. tommylam

    Can anyone tell me if it is legally possible to withold all or a portion of my final payment to National Power Co?

  134. DontPayYourBill

    Yes don't pay your bills. Let those idiots suffer like they made us suffer

  135. kash007

    Guys this is crazy. Contact the media, contact a lawyer, let's sue these people. This is like AT&T telling you your 39.99/month plan is going to be 59.99/month even though you signed a 2 year contract for 39.99.

  136. Received Letter

    I just received a letter from "StarTex" Power that NPC is going out of business and that I am going to be switched to POLR (Provider of Last Resort). Until my last NPC billed (03/10 – 04/08) my kwh is .123 which was my initial fixed rate. I haven't received a letter from NPC that indicate otherwise. But, I understand they are going out of business and most likely I need to choose a new service provider. I checked some rates and the lower cost per kw is Direct Energy. Has anyone dealt with this company? Thanks. Oh…there fixed rate of 12/month plan is .135 cents.

  137. KiloWattheHell

    HoustonPower makes some valid suggestions, but it seems to me that once one is switched to a POLR, your going to with that POLR for a month or so even if you switch to another REP right away. I'd appreciate any comments from this community on this point.

  138. KiloWattheHell

    NationalPower, above, offers some useful suggestions, but it seems the me, that once one is reassigned to a POLR, you are going to be with that POLR for a month or so even if you switch right away. I'd appreciate any comments from this community on this point.


  139. The provider will switch you on your standard meter read but needs a few days lead time. So check your latest electric bill and see when it says your meter read date is. If you switch a few days before or preferrably even more days notice they will get you switched in less then a month. If you Sign up with a new provider right before your meter read it may not be until the next month that you get switched to the new provider.

  140. tbrindley

    I spoke With Reliant (my POLR) and they quoted me .133 kwhr plus a $5 monthly service fee. Was told this rate is good for 3 months (even though it is a month to month plan)then it could go up or down. This is one of the cheapest rates out there now and will take me thru most of the summer. Not all POLR rates are high I guess.

  141. powdermonkie

    I just received my last bill from NPC and it was through 5/30/08. I guess due to them going belly up on the 27th. I have another complaint to add with them breaking my 12 month contract. They charged me a $7.25 special read fee. What? I have to pay for the special meter read due to them not having enough credit and/or poor business practices? I emailed them but I dont' have my hopes up. It is only $7.25 but it becomes the point of the whole thing.

  142. Doublenot7

    I was a NPC customer and now my POLR is Amigo. The difference in rate is about $0.04/kwh. The difference between my new rate and old rate will be withheld from final payment to NPC.

  143. Randy Halper

    I agree with kash007.

    I think we should bring a class action suit against NPC (and let the attorneys do the work). We should seek damages for the difference in what we pay for electricity during the remainder of our contracts. The damages should be equal to (amount actually paid/killowatt – amount per killowatt in the fixed contract [.11/killowatt]) x total killowatts used over remainder of contract. For example, if you pay .14 per killowatt and you have 9 months left on your contract and you use 18,000 killowatts over the 9 month period NPC should pay you $ 540 ([.14-.11] x 18,000). That would be a fair settlement. Does anyone know how to get a class action suit started? There are about 15,000 Texas NPC customers affected by this….big enough dollars for an attorney to take it on (i.e., $540 x 15000 customers is $8.1 million).

  144. migrainemayhem

    Well – I never received a notice from NPC that they were going belly up-I received a letter from StarTex on 5/30/08 telling me about the situation and I had been placed on a POLR account as of 5/28/08-I tried contacting NPC-All numbers I could find rung a few times and disconnected-I called PUC of TX for help-After a long hold finally talked to a human being who told me that NPC had defaulted and I had been switched to the Provider of Last Resourt (POLR)-I am being charged 3 times the going rate and should switch to a new rep STAT-I asked why I hadn't been notified in advance that this was going to take place (received letter 2 days after switch was made from another company) Told provider (NPC) was "SUPPOSED" to notify everyone-Asked what penalty was in place for the public because THEY DID NOT-Told I could file a complaint-Asked why the PUC, who supposedly works for the public didn't notify me-Told they didn't know what accounts were involved, that POLR switch was done by ERCOT-Asked why ERCOT didn't notify those accounts involved in advance and I was again told they didn't know who those accounts would be-I stated that was strange-This situation didn't happen overnight-Lots of discussion in advance-They had no trouble switching me to a POLR provider who will happily charge me 3 times the going rate until I find a new provider-After the fact-In the summer months!-How could they do that if they didn't know what accounts were involve???Then asked who my POLR supplier was-Told he didn't know but I "SHOULD" received a letter in the mail in a couple of weeks with that information-Thats almost 3 weeks after change takes place and it takes time for switch to take place-while I get gigged unbeliveable rates -StarTex was great and helped me switch STAT –Check them out

  145. migrainemayhem

    Oh Yeah – I had a locked in contract for 18 months at 0.117 per kilowat hour – Guess what -when I got home today I received my regular monthly bill – No mention that that this would be my final bill and I should seek another rep – This is just wrong!!!!!!

  146. npchater

    I must say, this is the biggest rip off in the world. I just recently moved from a state w/ regulated power, and never thought I'd see the day when I wish the government was still in charge. It is amazing a company can get away with this. I love how I'm charged a meter reading fee because of their incompetence. Now we're all forced to find new providers when the cost of energy is getting close to it's peak. So much for 11 cents an hour…

  147. Powerless?

    Class action? Nice post, but THEY ARE BROKE. They have no assets. Who's going to pay? Attorneys don't work for free. Best advice is don't pay your last bills.

  148. npchater

    Only problem is if you don't pay your bill they'll probably send it to a collections agency and/or put a delinquency notice on your credit report. They don't have anything to lose at this point, and obviously don't care about customer service anymore.

  149. Randy Halper

    I didn't think they were bankrupt. I thought NPC was getting out of the Texas Market and was stiill is business. Could be I don't have this right.

  150. Randy Halper

    I just received my last invoice and I also have the $7.25 charge on my bill. This is noted as TDSP discretionary service charge. What is that for? Charging for dropping us?

  151. TexasAggie

    Mine is $23.73 on a bill that's only $56 worth of use. I think I'll wait until the last minute when the credit card is assigned to pay it and dispute the charge.

    To the points above, will they even have a collection agency assigned, or will the doors truly be shut?? If so, I just got free electricity.

  152. npchater

    They would just sell the amount to a collections agency who would begin collecting on it – which ends up costing you since you're paying the collections agency's fees and interest. Sadly, this is a situation where the consumer loses in all aspects.

  153. Powerless?

    Uhh, no. Dispute the bill in writing. If they report it to a credit bureau, dispute it with the credit bureau. They won't be around in a month or two verify the info and the credit bureau will have to delete it. If they sell the account to a collections company, dispute the amount in writing and inform them in writing to not call or write further about the debt. After being so notified, their only option is to sue you (which they won't do for a few hundred dollars or less). In any event, you would win such a lawsuit, since it's your right to offset the damages NPC owes you for breaking the contract from any amounts you may owe NPC.

  154. Randy Halper

    I received my last invoice and it shows the "meter read" is an estimate. The estiamte is much lower than my actual usage. What this means is the POLR (or new company–I changed providers and it becomes effective 6/3) will charge me (at a higher rate per kilowatt) the difference in the meter reading between the prior reading (which is an estimate) and the actual when they generate a bill. So I'll pay more for the electricity than I should since this last bill (for all my usage) should still be with NPC. I think NPC is intentionally under-estimating the usage to get out of the .11 agreement they have with us. I urge everyone to read their own electric meter today and document it. I read mine on June 2 (3 days after the est. reading) and my meter shows usage of 2611 kilowatts compared to their estimate of 1382 (1229 kilowatts more than the estimate—which is almost double the usage). I also think we should all file additional complaints with the Texas PUC on this matter. I would have thought NPC would have to do an actual meter reading for a final bill.

  155. Powerless?

    "I thought NPC was getting out of the Texas Market and was stiill is business."

    Ha! That's funny. As if they were some great big company.

  156. PeevedInAllen

    I have confirmation that I was switched on 5/30 to a POLR – Assurance Energy (part of Oncor/TXU). I called and their rate varies between .16 and .20. I have setup new service with Gexa – switching as of today (with an $18 meter reading fee). So, I will only be with the POLR for a few days. The problem I have is the same problem identified by
    Randy Halper above – NPC estimated my meter reading very LOW – and the POLR will get the benefit of billing me for a lot more killowatt hours (at their high rate) than I used while with them… Call the PUC, Call Rick Perry – make this a big issue…

  157. kash007

    Powerless? is right. Dispute your last bill in writing. If they send it to collection, dispute it in writing with collection. At that point NPC will have a few days to respond in writing to collection which I doubt they will do.

    Randy Halper is right–15,000 customers is a LOT. If we make a big issue out of this, we can achieve something. The problem is, how many of these 15,000 are reading this or other online blogs? If you have friends in media please try to get this issue more attention!

  158. elizabeth agnew

    I have a problemabout my account with npc Have been trying to get in touch with npc for the past two days can't get throu. One week I get a letter from npc saying that my rate is going up and I can change provider then the next week I get a letter and it is telling me that I would not have the increase.The I get this letter from Star tex saying I was going with polr what ever that is so what is going on with my account and what do I need to do. I'm very upset about all of this.

  159. Kendall

    I may have some answers for those wondering about the change to POLR. I just got off the phone w/ the PUC, and this is what I learned:

    1. Even if you switch from the POLR today, you will still be charged this exorbitant rate until your new provider takes over. This can be up to 45 days, but is usually a month. The only option is to stay with the POLR until you can get a better plan. In my case, it looks like the POLR is the way to go.

    2. The POLR rate is ~$0.30/kWh. In my case that is almost triple the NPC rate. This would mean my bill will be around $450 instead of $150.

    3. The discretionary charge on my bill($23.73) will be investigated. I am sending the PUC a copy.

    All in all, a very frustrating experience.

  160. tbrindley

    And don't forget…you can reach the cell phone of NPC's Chief Financial Officer by calling 281-723-5888. Let him know what you think.

  161. KiloWattheHell

    It may be possible to reduce the exorbitant POLR rates by switching to a cheaper plan offered by the same POLR. I was moved from National to Reliant. I immediately arranged for a switch to a 12 mo. fixed rate plan from DirectEnergy. This will take about a month. Meanwhile, I called Reliant and switched from their default POLR plan (@ $.217/KWh ) to a month to month $.155 w/ $5 monthly fee and no cancellation fee. This was effective the next business day.
    I hope and pray that this scheme works.

  162. Jim Smithies

    The problem with Reliant's month to month plan is that the first month is a teaser rate and it then goes up from there. A better alternative to the POLR rate would be with Champion Energy's 12 month fixed rate. It is much lower then 15.5 cent month to month rate and remains the same for 12 months.

    Champion is a very large solid electric company and one of the top 20 electric providers in the country
    Sign up with Champion's Discount Electric Rate

  163. AaronH

    It gets better you lose your deposit with NPC if you have more than 3 late payments with them in the past 12 months. Doesn't matter if you haven't been with the company for 12 months or they terminate your contract you lose no mater what! I say law suit and take them to the bank.

  164. migrainemayhem

    Please let me know if a law suit is started – This has got to be stopped in Texas or whoever we switch to can do this again, and again, and again!!!

  165. Randy Halper

    I signed up with GEXA on Saturday 5/31. I told them I was an NPC customer and they put my service through as move-in serivce (rather than the normal switch than can take 1 – 2 months). They tell me my service should be effective this Thursday 6/5 or Friday 6/6….much faster than the regular switch (less than a week). They also quoted me .115/kilowatt for the month to month plan. I'll follow up with GEXA in the next couple of days to be sure the change is effective.

    On the estimated meter reading…I called ONCOR, my local TDSP that reads the meter. They told me the meter reading was not perfomed and it was estiamted due to the number of NPC customers affected. They told me you can request a re-read of the meter for a $7.25 fee. In my situation they told me the meter is being re-read tomorrow for the POLR so they can use that to send to NPC so NPC can adjust the final bill appropriately. In any case I have my actual meter reading written down and the day and time for documentation purposes (I also e-mailed it to NPC to documnet the discrepency).

  166. josh

    Anyone know how they can charge a $7.25 fee for a meter read that didn't occur?

  167. To all of the National Power Customers. My heart goes out to you. I know it must be difficult to have to go through something like this. You don't have to settle for what they dish out. There is a company that is available that will not take advantage of you. I switched my service to the new provider above and has never turned back. I encourage you to not wait and make the switch now. This company have the lowest rate in Texas. Click on the website and see for yourself. There are still good companies out there. I chose one. Click on the link and see what they have to offer.

  168. This company offers benefits to the customer just for paying your bill. I am a customer and have received a free trip to Cancun, an free cruise, and am accumilating travel points just for paying my light bill. You can't get any better than that. If you live in Texas, New York or Illinois, Check them out by click ong on the link above… I promise you, you won't regret it.

  169. Doublenot7

    Concerning the POLR rates; contact your POLR and ask them to give you a reasonable rate. I got switched to Vega/Amigo as POLR and I contacted their PUC Rep on his cell. He promised they would do what they could for me and sure enough a service rep called me back and the rate they have me at is 16.5 cents/kwh. Not the best but certainly better than 30 cents!

  170. tovaric

    Folks on POLR rates who want to get off them as quickly as possible.

    Select your new provider and then request them to send an off-cycle switch (OCS). It's cheaper than an MVI which is the default new service mechanism because it's performed by a meter reader, not a TDSP technician. In CNP, OCS cost is about $8, in Oncor $7.5 or something. Some REPS may not let you initiate service with OCS, but insist.

    An MVI costs $18 in Oncor, and $16 in CNP. If your REP won't send an OCS, these costs are justified because given POLR rates, the cost of the MVI is more than made up for the difference in rates.

    If you simply request a Switch, although this transaction is free, it will be scheduled around your next meter read. If your next read is closer than 10 to 14 days out it skips to your next read and will get schedule TWO reads out. That's potentially up to 45 days on the POLR rate.

    BTW, there are going to be many more failures this summer. Be advised.

  171. tovaric

    Clarification, an OCS will take from 5 to 10 days. If you're on POLR, you can ask your new REP to waive the notification period (an anti-slamming protection) to get your switch completed closer to 5 days.

  172. kash007

    This sucks. I don't even know my POLR yet. On top of being screwed by NPC, we have to waste our time to make phone calls and find out this info.

  173. kash007

    tovaric: Thanks for the useful info. I'll talk to my new REP tomorrow about OCS

  174. Dennis Revell

    Where's the 1st post? The 2nd post (a correction) doesn't make sense in the absence of the 1st!?!

  175. joe dixon

    I researched prices last night after getting the bill from NPC for a $23.70 out of cycle meter reading charge and one week of service on 6/2 so with the letters I got from StarTex and Amigo and the research I did on the web including this blog decided I better make a change quick or get stuck with some ridiculous POLR charges.

    Last night (6/3) Gexa had an 11.9 cent (variable, month to month) rate on their website but on of this morning (6/4) it had gone up to 13.1 cents (variable, subject to a 2nd month large rate hike). After doing some research on Gexa's customer service and their unsatifactory BBB rating I decided to go with StarTex at 14.0 cents for 24 mts.. Startex did charge me $53 for an out of cycle meter read but said they would take over the account on 6/9 and there would not be any deposit and they are giving a $10 credit for former NPC customers so I thought it was worth the $53 to get switched quick..

    Also I had the e-bill option from NPC so I called my bank and put a stop payment ($30)on anymore charges from them so they will not be getting their last bill paid or their $23.70 meter reading charge and if they send it to collections I will dispute it as stated in prior posts.

    I figure NPC doesn't deserve anymore of my money since they didn't have the decency to inform their customers of what was happening or to even put some kind of announcement on their customer service phone when I was on hold about an hour between two phone calls I made to talk to someone there and never did.

  176. kash007

    NPC won't be getting any more money from me either. They have the guts to still not display the notification on their website. I haven't received a letter from them or my POLR yet. What, they expect us to get all this info magically? If someone is starting a lawsuit, count me in.

  177. Kendall

    I want to add a little more info from my post of yesterday. It turns out that who I thought was my POLR was, in fact, not. I still do not know who it is. The PUC did not even correct me when I spoke with them. How do you find out your POLR? I went with Star Tex Discount Offer as they promised to get me off the POLR by Friday (6/6). It will cost me a switching fee of $28, but that is way better then paying $0.30/kWh for a whole month or more.

  178. Will

    I called Assurance Energy that is supposed to be my POLR according to state website. Apparently that is some subcompany of TXU. They said their records show I was switched to them on May 19th. (Isn't that earlier than it should be???) Also, they couldn't tell me anything at all about my rate other than it was "very high" which made me pretty angry. I put in a request to switch to a new company last week and am hoping this happens as soon as possible…

  179. Randy Halper

    I found out who my POLR was by calling the local TDSP (The TDSP is the company you would call for electric outages and wire maintenace issues…they also read your meter). If a POLR has been assigned they can tell you who it is because the POLR needs to put in a order for a meter read when they take over. In my area (Dallas) my TDSP is ONCOR.

  180. dm


    If you are in the south side of Houston, it may be Reliant. After reading all these developments last week, I called them on Thursday May 29 and the lady there said I was not on their system. I called NPC who said they didn't know who the POLR was – BIG SUPRISE THERE! I called ERCOT, they did not know as they were still in the process of switching and suggested I call PUC for further info. I bit the bullet and signed up with Green Mountain for their introductory 3 month plan the next day (Friday) and will be switched today June 4. This morning I used Reliant's online chat feature and they did confirm that I was switched on Friday (guess I called too early) with service to end on June 4. Their POLR rate is 21.7c/kwh.

  181. Kendall

    Thanks for the advice, but I live in North Texas(N of DFW). Although I was told that would not preclude Reliant from being my POLR. I actually live in a TNMP area so I suspect they may be my POLR. It sounds like you did very good getting off the POLR that quick. Unfortunately, when I left on vacation last week I thought this was all settled because I had already switched from NPC effective some time in late June. That was killed when NPC decided to pull out.

  182. Randy Halper


    If you look on one of your electric bills it should note who to call in your area for electric outages. They are the company that reads your meter and can likely tell you who the POLR is if you call. That's how I found out who my POLR was. When I called the POLR they would not negotiate the rate and advised me to get off of the POLR ASAP since the rates were high and is only meant to keep you from losing electric service.

    What you need to do is find a regular electric provider ASAP. Call them on the phone (don't sign up on the web). Let them know you are a NPC customer and you are being assigned a POLR. The new provider should be able to put through your change as "new service" and get it started in less than a week….do not go through the regular switch process…it can take 1 – 2 months to go through.

    My POLR rate is .25 / kilowatt…about double the market rate…outrageous and unfair. I signed up with GEEXA on Sat 5/31 and my service with GEXA started today 6/4…less than a week.

    If you're not sure about which company to go with just pick one with a reasonable month to month rate so you get off the POLR. You can then change to a fixed plan later if you choose to without any cancellation fees since the month to month plans have no guarantees.

    Good luck and get off the POLR now.

  183. I got a letter from TXU energy today who said they were the POLR that I got assigned to. Also that they got permission from the PUCT to put me in the TXU market edge plan instead of the more expensive POLR rate. The marketedge plan is a variable plan that is now about 19.1 cents per kwh. So I am glad I went with Startex .

  184. kash007

    Got letter from Reliant yesterday that they were chosen as my POLR. The rate is…….21.7c/kWh! Can you believe that? My bill is going to be almost DOUBLE this month because of NPC's shenanigans. My new REP said they won't be able to switch until July even with an out of cycle meter read. Needless to say, I am very annoyed. Called up my credit card company to reverse the payment to NPC for last month's bill. They are going to be paying for the difference in 11c and 21.7! FYI–for those of you in South Houston, Reliant is probably going to be your POLR.

  185. Robert

    People, I've spent the last hour reading all the posts concerning this company once I learned of their situation. This is just ridiculous how they are leaving this many people with little choice.

    I'm with Stream Energy. Even during Hurricane's Rita & Katrina, they honored their 9.9cent rates, took the financial hit but maintained customer loyalty for their actions.

    I'm actually meeting with the CEO of the company this evening. I'll attempt to see if he has any special provisions for NPC customers to help from getting on the POLR system at rates north of 20 cents per kWh.

    For those interested in more details, I'll post them later or you can email me privately at robertpaster@yahoo.com

  186. tbrindley

    Reliant Energy is full of a bunch of liars also. They quoted me 13.3 cents. I called back to verify. They verified it. Now they won't honor it and will charge 15.5 cents. I said screw you and went green at Green Mountain.

  187. Ashish

    Thanks for the info on this blog in keeping us all updated.
    I just signed up Gexa variable rate power plan 13.3 c/kWh. They will switch my account on June 10. Better than the POLR's 18.0 in n.dallas. IF there is any way to punish National Power Co for their unethical actions, please count me in… and update this blog with info on how to make your voice heard. Thanks.

  188. TexasAggie

    Liars indeed. Just got off the phone with Gexa to verify my order from last week at $11.9 cents fixed, and they said my account is locked at over $.13 cents. Now they have to "pull the recorded conversation" to change it back!!!

    Here we go AGAIN. This is so $#@%$%*&!!# unbelievable. Is EVERYONE in this industry a freaking idiot????? And no, the government isn't any better. Actually, they're far worse. Look at the Social Security program. Uggghhh!!!!

  189. tbrindley

    I just got my bill from NPC. It is NOT estimated but it is under reported by approx. 1000 kwh. Has anyone else had this problem? I have a feeling that Centerpoint did what they where supposed to but that NPC is screwing me one more time. They say my whole bill for May is only $8.97 for 30 days. I know for a fact the meter reader came on the day stated on the bill, I saw him. What do I do???

  190. kash007:

    Reliant is lying through their teeth to you – it's not up to them to switch you, it's up to any new REP you select.

    New REP requests ERCOT who contacts your TDSP, who replies to ERCOT who send the OK to the new REP.

    The normal switch time 30-45 days is obviously nonsense in the best of times – how are you supposed to synchronize end of one FIXED term to beginning of another?

    Request an "Out of Cycle Switch": 7-10 days,

    Better an "Unprotected Out of Cycle" Switch: 2 business days.

    Or: request a switch as a "Move-in" Switch (shouldn't matter that you're not actually moving in, under the circumstances)

    Fastest is request a "Priority Move-in" Switch; that should happen the SAME day.

    They might try to charge you fees for the some of the above – though in the circumstances they really OUGHT TO WAIVE IT. Funny, Oncor tells me they DON'T CHARGE ANYONE FOR ANY KIND OF SWITCH.

    Don't know if their terms/rates are the same, but best on Power-To-Lose website (ZIP-code dependent, of course) I saw when this National Power BS came up for me was Startex's 3-yr Residential, fixed (then!) at 13.6c/kWh (Oncor Area).

    TOS, Facts label here:

    – just checked it, looks like you missed the rate I HOPE I've got (13.6, Oncor), they're saying 14.2, now.

    Startex don't seperate their TOS and Facts Label, latter is p.4 of above PDF.

    Now you don't suppose the REPs are jacking up their rates because of the flood of National customers, do you?

    I signed up with them last Friday, 5/30/08; promised a switch to them today (6/5/08). Called today to check on it; ERCOT had rejected the switch request!@#$%^&*!!! (along with many others), apparently asked them to re-submit; got a switch date of June 10 now!!! Ridiculous.

    More anon?

  191. Randy Halper

    To: tbrindley

    You can request a re-read of your meter if you think it is wrong and have it provided to NPC and the POLR. I had a similar issue with NPC under reporting my usage (trying to reduce the electricity they selll at .11 ….the way I see it the less NPC sells at .11 the less money they lose (presumably they are paying more than .11 per kilowatt and therefore are losing money at that rate). Oncor re-read my meter on June 4 and it was 1500 kilowatts higer than the read NPC reported on May 30. You may need to pay for the re-read (Oncore charges 7.25). My meter was re-read on June 4 by my new supplier (GEXA) and Oncor (on my request) sent the reading to NPC and to the POLR so I didn't have to pay for a re-read. Now I have documentation of the re-read. I also documented my meter readings personally on June 2 adnd June 4. The company that services your wires and who you call for service outages is who you call for a meter read or to have a reading transmitted to the prior supplier or the POLR. I didn't know any of this. I spent a bunch of time of the phone talking with people to figure this out. Have a re-read done or you will pay POLR rates for the understated 1000 kilowatts by NPC.

  192. kash007

    wow I was so happy when I moved to TX and found out about deregulation. Now I know what a joke it is. Whoever lost money on NPC–guys I have an idea. Let's start an electric company and offer 1c/kWh rates. And when we get thousands of customers, we will just conveniently go out of business. I bet you NPC CEO, CFO etc are not losing sleep over this. That is why this joke of deregulation is going to continue. These thieves need to be fined and their business license revoked. How can they just simply exit the Texas market and continue to do business? This is ridiculous! I can't wait for them to find out about my credit card reverse charge and then for once have THEM on the receiving end of this BS.

  193. TexasAggie

    I'm not waiting to dispute the charge on the credit card. I "lost" the card, and will receive a new one with a new number. They were paid once, but will NOT be paid twice for the final charges.

    Unfortunately, Gexa is just as incompetent, so the money that I "owe" is mine for my trouble and multiple calls.

  194. SteamedSteve

    TexasAggie – Don't forget, if they try to charge you late fees or anything along those lines that you couldn't get through to the customer service rep to give them the new card since they're not answering 🙂

  195. KiloWattheHell

    Does anyone have any experience with or comments about Direct Energy???

  196. employeesOfNPC

    I just went to pick up my final paycheck from NPC. We all got fired except for a few people..all of collections are still there (of course because they have to try to collect as much money as possible) 2 people in accounting and some people answering the phone, but I was told the calls are not coming thru because the phones are "not working" properly. They have a few people shredding documents, because for all of the people that signed up for e-bill plan..we had to make a copy to keep for our records and was was turned in to Data Entry, and another copy was placed in your file..what does that mean? There are thousands of copies of peoples CC and Bank Account information just sitting in files for anyone to see..just a heads up…Oh but I was told that David was not able to keep his licence, so that's very good news, but he can re-apply to get it back in as little as a few months..make sure that does not happen..

  197. kash007

    Dennis Revell: Yes, definitely censorship here. One of my comments was deleted

  198. kash007

    Guys, I received my final bill from NPC, and their "estimated" read is 1200 kWh LESS than my own actual read that I took on 05/30. This means I will be paying the POLR high rate on these kWh, that should have been billed by NPC at the low 11c rate. What do I do? Note that I won't be paying NPC's last bill, but I will be stuck with this charge with Reliant. Please advise.

  199. Powerless?


    Thanks for the update. If you know people still who are still there keep in touch with them, and let us know what's going on.

  200. kash007

    Thank you employeesOfNPC! We appreciate your feedback here. I know it is unfair to you guys that you were fired, while the executive officers of the company are still enjoying as if nothing happened. Good luck and keep us posted!

  201. Doublenot7

    "KiloWattheHell said,
    in June 6th, 2008 at 9:25 am

    Does anyone have any experience with or comments about Direct Energy???"

    A secretary at work has them and has no complaints. I just switched over to them too.

  202. Doublenot7

    No, 20 day switch. But my POLR is only slightly higher than them.

  203. Powerless?

    Info from Texas PUC website:

    Note that Amigo is not a POLR, but has agreed to honor the terms of NPC's Terms of Service. If you were on a variable plan and were switched to Amigo, DON'T PAY ANY CHARGES THAT AREN'T PROVIDED FOR IN THE CONTRACT WITH NPC.

    The NPC Terms of Service (at least the version that I agreed to about six months ago) for the variable rate plans (1) Do NOT provide for a fuel factor charge; (2) Do NOT provide for a company-initiated special meter read fee; and (3) Only allow for rates to be adjusted ONCE per billing cycle, and then by no more than TEN PERCENT (10%).

    Note that they recently tried to materially change the TOS by adding Fuel Factor language; however, that is not binding and effective on the customers until NPC gives the required written notice, which they NEVER DID for the variable rate customers!

    Again, if Amigo tries to enforce these illegal charges, tell Amigo to STICK IT and complain to the PUC!!

    And Again for all of you who don't understand this: Amigo is not a POLR. Amigo is an assignee of NPC and is bound by the NPC Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up with NPC.

    None of the foregoing is applicable to the fixed rate customers, who were switched to the POLR for their particular area.

    By the way, did you hear that the PUC Commissioner is resigning? Just as the sh*t hits the fan he bails! How nice for the people of Texas.

  204. Steve D

    I just received my final bill from NPC today 6-6-08 and was surprised it was so high. The bill said my final meter reading was 75687 kwh on 5-30-08. But when I checked the meter today, it was only 74285 kwh, and this was a week AFTER NPC said they read my meter! According to them I owe $291.36, but I actually owe only $101.63, so they are trying to over charge me a whopping $189.73! Since they are going out of business, I will never get this money back if pay it to them. I wonder how many other people will be ripped off by this company?

    National Power Co. is trying to steal from its former customers after it tried to illegally raise its rates. Please help get the word out!

  205. channel121

    I have a couple questions if someone at this board knows.

    I got two bills due for NPC. My average price per kilowatt went from .135 in May to .163 and now is .25. It has doubled in the last month! They also charged the special meter fee and fuel charge. I thought they could not raise your rates more then 10% in a 30 days period without notification. Can they charge me this rate? If not, do I follow what others have said about disputing the bill? Collections are a pain to fight even if I am right because you have to spend so much $$ to send mail certified plus the time it takes.

    Also, where can I find the TOS you talked about "Powerless?." I signed up last year and they have charged me the fuel factor and of course raised the rates. But I have no agreement they sent when i signed up.

    Yes, this is all great how you get screwed by everyone involved. Whether its the new company Gexa who gave me the run around for three days or by NPC who seems to just want to take as much money as they can and run.

  206. Steve D


    I just got this email from Amy Davis of KPRC Local 2 Investigates:

    Hi Steve,

    I am out of town through Monday, but I wanted to reply quickly to tell you that a PUC spokesperson told me to tell NPC customers that they shouldn't pay final bills. I can talk with you more on Monday, but NPC can not disconnect your power. And if you want to have CenterPoint re-read your meter, you'll never get back what you overpaid.

    Amy Davis
    KPRC Local 2 Investigates

  207. mfisher1967

    I just found this site and am in the same boat with the NPC fiasco. Started service 4/15 with NPC on a 12 month fixed-rate contract for .11 per kWh. Received a letter from NPC on 5/6 telling me that my rate would increase to .153 per kWh. Was about to cancel my contract, but reported issue to PUC and BBB. NPC then said that they would honor contract terms, so I held off on shopping for a new provider. Heard nothing of NPC leaving the Texas market until Reliant sent me a notice that they were my POLR (.217 per kWh). Never received any warning of this from NPC, which is supposed to be required under PUC rules. After reading a few posts here, I checked my meter to see if NPC had "adjusted" my last bill. The meter reading was low-balled by NPC, so that Reliant (POLR) will end up charging me for power that should have been billed to NPC. There is no way in heck that I have used 884 kWh since 5/30. NPC last read was 4596 and I just read 4680 about 10 minutes ago. I am going to instruct Discover not to pay the last NPC bill and also plan to have them reverse charges for the prior bill as well. If they are going to play these games, so can I! I have also sent an email to the Williams & Bailey law firm to see if they are interested in filing suit against NPC on my behalf. I also asked if they thought a class action suit would be appropriate. I will post when/if they get in touch with me.

  208. mudbelly

    What a joke. I complained last month to NPC about my "fixed" 11.7 rate going to 12.5 for the April bill. The lady said she would credit me back the difference. Cool, I thought. I have received NOTHING from NPC about going out of business.

    Today I get my mail (been on vacation a few days), and there is my NPC bill – looking completely normal without a "final bill" statement – and there is the same 12.5 rate. As a bonus, they underestimated my usage by about 1000kw (but charged the 7.25 "special read"). In the same mail bundle I found the ERCOT notice that TXU was going to be my new provider. I changed to startex at 14.2 for 36 months "fixed" (we know what that means). DO NOT PAY NPC! I figure I will STILL LOSE money for this month even without paying my final bill (wrong rate, extra read, POLR rate difference). I have NO problem fighting them on this…

  209. PeacefulProtest

    Anyone wants to join in for a peaceful protest against NPC and the whole joke of deregulation? I don't know where we will do this, but I am open to ideas and I am definitely going to show up. If we get enough media attention, it will force the lawmakers to do something about this and prevent it from happening in the future.

  210. PeacefulProtest

    At this point, this isn't about money for me. I don't care how much money I lost or am going to lose because of the difference in the new high rate and 11cents/kWh. Now it's about principle, justice, and doing the right thing. I can't see NPC owners get away without paying huge fines. And I don't want to be caught up in this mess ever again. So let me know who is in for a peaceful protest.

  211. Shannon

    I just got my last bill from NPC. According to their "estimated" meter read, I have used over 1500 kwh from 5/30 to 6/8. There is just no way I used that much.
    However, I haven't got any meter reading and at this point it's probably too late since I'll be switched over to Ambit by next Tuesday or Wednesday.
    How can I dispute this meter reading? I don't want to pay obscene amounts of money to Reliant (my POLR). Can I dispute this with them? Shouldn't it be SOMEONE's responsablity (NPC or the POLR) to get an actual meter reading before starting new service???

  212. DallasBoy

    I just signed up with YEP Energy. They are offering a 100% renewable energy rate of 13.0 Cents per KWh. This is the lowest rate in the state for renewable energy. They did not charge me a deposit and was painless.

    I too have NOT heard a word from NPC about their status. Just more bills like others have described.

    Yesterday I received a letter from Amigo Energy stating that National Power "has asked Amigo Energy to take over its previous responsibility". It appears that I'm not on the POLAR, but rather Amigo (my switch to YEP hasn't kicked in yet). Amigo also claims that "you will be served by Amigo Energy under the exact same terms of service that governed your prior relationship with National Power Company." This is a LIE and is deceptive! My rate with NPC was 11.5 cents with NPC (as of my last bill). Amigo is charging me 16.5 cents! These douchebacgs can't be trusted either! Do not switch to Amigo. They are dishonest in their letter.

    NPC charged me $150 deposit when I signed up. Last week I demanded they return that, WITH interest, minus the last bill(s). I will not be sending them another dime.

    I would also be interested if somone decides to file a lwsuit.

  213. Randy Halper


    You can have your meter reading that will be done by Ambit sent to NPC and the POLR to dispute your usage. It's not too late to do this. My understanding is the actual (new meter read)meter read will be used to compute the electric usage. This can be done by using your last actual meter read and the new one. The electic companies can compute an everage usage per day and then allocate these between NPC and the POLR. So I recommend you have the read performed by Ambit transmitted to NPC and the POLR so you can dispute your bill. Most of the usage should be with NPC (at the lower .11 rate). FYI….I had to make several calls to the TDSP to figure this out and to find someone who knew they could transmit the read performed for my new supplier to NPC and the POLR.

  214. Ecomike

    I just posted this complaint to the PUC website:

    "I requested a move to a new REP on or about June 2nd, Monday. My meter is read on the 14th of the month. I have been informed that my new REP service (Green Mountain.com) will not be able start until July 14th according to ERCOT, meaning I will be at the mercy of huge spot prices, and the variable rate at Amigo energy for one month longer than should be necessary.

    Since they can move customers to the POLR in just a day, why can't my service be moved when my meter is read on June 14th, 2 weeks after I requested the move???? They can move service for the REPs that just went bankrupt (like National Power) in days, so why can't mine be moved when my meter is read on June 14th.

    Oh, and while we are at it, my son has just been nailed by National Power's withdrawal from the market, so he is getting the POLR rate shaft right now too! I am not happy! How long will it take for ERCOT to switch him to a lower rate provider when he selects one?

    Someone is, or has been a sleep at the wheel, or they have their finger in the cookie jar? You people are suppose to be protecting us!

    One more really upset, registered & voting Texan.

  215. DallasBoy

    National Power FINALLY has the balls to tell people they are out of business!

    I guess they decided to wait to tell everyone until AFTER they sent out gouging bills in hopes that people would blindly pay them.

    See the notice an letters just posted to their website: (https://www.nationalpowerco.com)

    I have not received my letter in the mail yet, and who knows if or when I ever will.

  216. mfisher1967

    I just sent the below email to NPC. Perhaps it would help if everyone who set up automated billing via a credit card disputed their bill.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have asked Discover to dispute this charge due to breach of contract. My account was switched to a Provider of Last Resort on 5/30/2008 without notice. This is in violation of PUC rules and has resulted in a billing period in which my rate will be nearly 100% higher than the fixed-rate contract pricing that I was paying as a customer of NPC. I am disputing this charge to recoup these dollars due to NPC's unethical actions in this matter. Feel free to pursue legal action or turn this over to a collection agency as you see fit.

    Mark Fisher

  217. NotPayingNPCBill

    Great letter there. I am going to use this too as I wasn't notified of my switch to POLR either.

  218. Shannon

    Thank you Randy.

    If I rescind/dispute the charge on my credit card to NPC for last month's bill, who eats the loss?

    Does NPC not get paid?

    Or (as my husband believes), would my credit card company have to eat the loss?

    I don't want to remove the charge if it's going to hurt my credit card company as I don't think that is fair to them. But if it's NPC who will be hurt, then that is all well and good.

    Either way, NPC is not getting paid for the final bill.

  219. mfisher1967

    I would like to provide an update concerning the dispute notification email that I sent to NPC's billing department today. The email was returned as undeliverable, meaning that NPC's billing department apparently shut down their email address. My guess is that NPC is a company in name only at this point.

    Here is something else that I was thinking about. Most cogen plants use natural gas or coal to generate electricity. Why should rates be so high for electricity right now since the price of oil has very little to do with generating power?

  220. Oil has over the last few months been causing natural gas prices to follow it up. Recently natural gas has been its own monster traveling up regardless of what oil does. These all time record highs make the energy sector follow one another although this is not always typical. Oil does assist in a small way in the production of electricity in natural gas steam power plants by lubing the turbines but this is a minor part when considering natural gas being burned is what produces this steam.

  221. We are not quite sure about YEP, "Your Energy Provider" at this point. They are another fly by night electric company and are on our list to watch for one of the many electric companies going under. If anyone knows different feel free to let us know. Until we hear different I would recommend not signing up with YEP as they could be on their way out as well.

  222. tbrindley

    What is the connection between NPC and Centerpoint under reading our meters? Has anyone checked this out? And the connection between Reliant and Centerpoint? Reliant will benefit from the under read meters. Mine was not estimated but actually read on May 29th. My normal read date. Then Reliant (my POLR) had it re-read on May 30th which is also wrong. According to my normal read Centerpoint says I only used 76 kwh for the month of May. The next day it was read again logging only 6 kwh for the one day. I am currently using about 50 kwh per day. I have requested a re-read of my meter but something is up with all of this. My meter has always been read correctly in the past so what is up???

  223. jerk

    tbrindley – Do you have a digital remotely read meter my any chance?

    Remotely readable … and remotely programmable … ?

    Forsooth, Hamlet, there might be something rotten, and not just in the State of Denmark.

    New group for ex-National customers only:
    (not moderated by someone who wasn't a victim of National)

    also see:

    Website (concerning National): http://tinyurl.com/5y3fxc
    (recently updated)

  224. Kendall

    Does anyone know if NPC even has anyone left to take care of bills paid by autopay of a credit card? Mine is set to be paid on 6/18. I was thinking about "losing" my credit card to prevent NPC from getting paid. Unfortunately, my credit card co. told me I could not stop this autopay beforehand so my only recourse would be to dispute the charge.

  225. Trebor

    I live in Ft. Worth and was placed with TXU as my polr.The first that I had heard about NPC going belly up was on this site and then through the nightly news and newspaper on the 27th of May.The same day I got a letter from PUC stating that NPC had agreed to honor their contract!I signed with Direct Energy at 13.5 on the next day.Not exactly a rate comparable to the regulated cities in this state.TXU (my polr) sent me a bill today for $300. saying I had agreed to sign up with them and pay the $300. for a deposit and if I didn't pay by June 16th my service would be disconnected. Bullshit,Bullshit,Bullshit!I never even spoke to them!I contacted PUC,filed a complaint and then called TXU and told them how sorry they were.They agreed to drop the deposit.These crooks are trying to prey on the elderly and the unattentive hoping to catch people off guard to increase their wealth!I sent a copy of letter from TXU and bill to Puc and am in the process of writing my state rep and senator,after all they should know they are the ones who voted this in!Make your voice heard.I am also disputing the NPC bill on my credit card without a doubt.

  226. NPC is BK

    I just called and cancelled my CC now the last charge will NOT go through to NPC. I figure it will be easier to dispute the charges now before they get paid than later after they get paid. I can't get a hold of anyone so I give up. Once they realize I owe them money I will get a phone call and I will be able to clear it up then.

  227. hipster

    FYI – I got this response from the PUC

    E: Customer Protection‏
    From: Smitherman, Barry (Barry.Smitherman@puc.state.tx.us)
    Sent: Mon 6/09/08 12:23 PM
    To: Jack Hipp (j_hipp82@hotmail.com)
    Cc: Haas, Jason (Jason.Haas@puc.state.tx.us); Lloyd, Brian (Brian.Lloyd@puc.state.tx.us); Donna Nelson (donna.nelson@governor.state.tx.us)
    Mr. Hipp Thanks for your email. I'm sorry that this has happened to
    you. Prior to the last couple of weeks, only six REPs had gone out of
    business since the retail electricity market was deregulated in Jan
    2002. Almost all of those REPs had a flawed business plan whereby they
    were buying energy short term through the ERCOT balancing energy market
    and then selling it long term to their customers. It seems as if
    National Power may have been pursuing the same flawed business model.

    With regard to financial stability for REPs, the PUC does have rules
    regarding financial resources. We have tried to balance the desire of
    the legislature to have robust retail competition (and a multitude of
    REPs who can enter the market) versus only having a handful of large
    "household name" REPs with larger balance sheets. Having said that, the
    PUC will be opening up our rule regarding REP finances to determine if
    it needs to be changed.

    Our rules do require the "exiting REP" to notify the customer;
    unfortunately National Power did not do that and we are considering an
    enforcement action against them.

    POLR has always been designed as a service that continues the flow of
    electricity to your home in case your REP goes out of business. Because
    the POLR provider unexpectedly receives a bunch of unplanned customers
    almost overnight, the plan was designed to be priced based upon the
    Marginal Clearing Price of Electricity in the ERCOT balancing energy
    market. That price has been unreasonably high of late. We have asked all
    the POLRs to price electricity to you at levels below what our rules
    allow. We will also be opening up our POLR rule to see if it needs

    As of last Friday, ERCOT changed some of it operational procedures which
    we believe will allow transmission congestion to be resolved more
    inexpensively. We will be closely monitoring the balancing energy
    market this week to see if there is any improvement.

    As we have asked of all others in your situation, please switch to
    another REP or another product from the POLR as soon as possible.
    Thanks again. Barry

  228. hipster

    I think it makes good sense to wait until all the dust settles and all the extra charges are in before deciding on how much to pay NPC if anything! NPC violated the PUC rules by not notifying its customers that it was going out of business and that delay will cost us lots.

  229. NotPayingNPCBill

    Pay NPC? For what? I am stuck with an incorrect meter reading that is going to cost me 1500kWh * 21c/kWh instead of 11c/kWh it SHOULD cost me because I used that electricity when I was with NPC and hence should be billed at that rate. NPC isn't getting another penny from me. If anything, they should pay us $300 for them breaking the contract and making us go through all these hassles. How convenient, we break contract, we pay $300, they break contract, we are stuck with POLR at twice the rate.

  230. TexasAggie

    And therefore, they will get zero $$ from me. If I had violated the contract, they would have their sleazy attorneys write letters and destroy my credit.

    Now, it's on the other foot. They violated MY contract and will have to absorb the loss…not me.

  231. Buliwyf

    I have two questions I'd like to ask everyone.

    First, how many of you are not going to pay your final NPC bill?

    And second, can they have your power shut off if you don't pay it?

    I did read Steve D's post where Amy Davis advised us not to pay it, but like every thing else surrounding this debacle, who knows what to believe anymore.


  232. NPC is BK

    The funny thing is I get a letter from David Barrett on 6/11. Saying NPC is leaving the market and I will be switched on 5/30. That letter is over a month too late. Now I will be able to recover some of the added cost of being on the POLR for 30days by not paying my last NPC bill, credit card canceled and they will never see a dime of it.

  233. Steve D

    I will not be paying my final NPC bill. I consider this a small compensation for the hassle and additional expense they put me through.

    Ironically, a similar fiasco happened to me once before with Ideal Energy. They didn't renew their license and were shut down by the PUC but they didn't bother to tell anyone. The only way I found out was when I got my first POLR bill ($$$!). Fortunately, I hadn't paid my final Ideal bill yet, so I withheld payment since they cost me a fortune through their own gross negligence. I got a letter from a cheesy legal firm about six months later asking me to either pay or send them a letter to dispute it. I did neither, and I never heard from them again. That was two years ago, and it never showed up on my credit.

    NPC is history. If they are not around then they can't confirm the debt, and there's nothing anyone can do to make me pay. Screw ‘em for screwing me!

  234. Buliwyf

    I just spoke with a rep from the PUC, and she confirmed that NPC could not cut off my power; however, she advised me to pay the bill anyway.

    NPC is still in business somewhere, and they could turn the debt over to a collection agency and file with the credit bureaus.

  235. Steve D

    The rep was wrong. You shold not pay a bill based on an estimated reading. Let the dust settle and then pay what you really owe them.

    Amy was right. If they overcharged you like they did me then you will never see that money again.

  236. refusenik, Tyler are

    refuseniks of the World unite!

    As per "poll" or vote for refuseniks (non-payers), asked for above:

    Hands up here for a non-payer, Tyler area. I've "nuked" the "regular" bill: ~4/18/08->5/19/08, as well as the final bill: 5/19/08->5/30/08; as well disputed the first "regular" bill I ever received off National: ~3/19/08->~4/18/08.

    Screw 'em.

    See end of this post for link to scribblings containing my quick-off-the-mark resind of ACH (Authorization for Recurring Payments) to National and the CC company.

    On the subject of "funny" meter readings, see here:

    Where, actually, the last meter read I got on the final National bill looks spot on, and one person from Oncor (but, as above, it's hard to trust just one – half the orgs you speak to in the deregulate arena don't know their asses from their elbows) told me that it was, in fact, a real read and not an estimate, as it said on the bill. The fact that I have a Power Line Modem read digital meter supports this view – there's absolutely NO NEED for estimates, as they can be read remotely in 20 seconds with the click of a mouse button.

    admin said,in June 2nd, 2008 at 12:07 pm:

    "The provider will switch you on your standard meter read but needs a few days lead time. So check your latest electric bill and see when it says your meter read date is. If you switch a few days before or preferrably even more days notice they will get you switched in less then a month. If you Sign up with a new provider right before your meter read it may not be until the next month that you get switched to the new provider."

    "admin" is talking out it's ass here, and is obviously as badly informed about the options as most REP agents. Not surprising as this "forum" is obviously set up by heavily censoring pro-industry shills. There are several much faster options for switching to a new REP – just not many REP agents know about them – not their fault, probably hired from Burger King round the corner and given MINIMAL training, and paid Snot.

    I've found out more in 5 days or so than all the industry shills running this website, the REPs, even most at ERCOT and ONCOR know – or at least are willing to tell you.

    Dennis Revell.
    E-Mail: dereg_ripoff@hotmail.com
    Website (concerning National): http://tinyurl.com/5y3fxc
    (recently updated)

  237. TexasAggie

    Hey Buliwyf-

    What makes you so certain that they're still in business somewhere?

  238. Buliwyf

    Steve D,
    My meter reading wasn’t a mid-cycle reading, or an estimate. I switched on May 15th, and my meter was read on the 20th (ERCOT rejected my same-day cancellation request). My new provider confirmed my start date reading.

    I'm not certain; that's just the impression I got from the PUC rep. I could be wrong, but either way I'm not sure $53 is worth a credit bureau ding.

    I received a call from NPC yesterday. They mysteriously lost my credit card information, so I told them to send me the bill via regular mail. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to pay it yet. The purpose of my first June 12th post, was to get a idea of how many other customers weren't going to pay their last bill.

    If the admin has any thoughts, sharing them would be greatly apprieciated.

  239. hipster

    Maybe we should all pay them real slow like a $1.00 a month – Worst case it would be reported as slow but they couldn't say we ignored them – Just a thought

  240. not paying

    I had my bank do a stop payment, and I advise all to do the same. I did not pay last month's bill and will not pay the final bill either. A REP might think twice before they "leave the market" if they will be left holding the bag for breaking their contracts. The PUC won't protect our interests. Think who is on the PUC. Over what would have been a 12 month contract, NPC fiasco will cost me hundreds of dollars. Not paying these bills will save perhaps $200. As far as I am concerned, I have no valid legal relationship with NPC, and do not have to pay them. In fact NPC still owes me damages for breaking their contract!

  241. Rachael Ross

    I actually work with an electricity broker – Quantum Gas and Power Services, ltd. and it’s crazy to be watching news spread of these sorts. If ANY one needs help – give me a shout via email rross@quantumgas.com and let me help you out! I will NOT lie to my customer, however I will help them. We have over 500 brokered accounts and do not have any unhappy customers and also have a great renewal turn around even during the current market. Our number one goal is to protect any customer against fixed rates that are bound to be broken and the way we do this is how we choose our business partners. For residential, we use Champion. They give us a promo code amd I am able to sign everyone up online with our code and it offers a discount. It is subject to credit approval however, it’s worth a shot. Champion Energy is a reputable provider that will NOT harm their customers or break contracts. They are smart about their hedging and forward prices. Choosing the BEST rate is not always the BEST decision because that could mean that a REP is almost going out of business and in the event that that happens your contract will be switched to POLR (power of last resort) rate which is about 21¢. Email me and I will be in contact with you in a matter of minutes.

    Rachael Ross

  242. mudbelly

    Just don't pay them and dispute the claim agist your credit if one ever appears. I have plenty of "emotional distress" here to more than cover their last bill. Not to mention about $117 price difference I have to pay TXU because of a false reading, false reading charge, move in fee, etc. My time here also has some value. And what about the difference I will be paying for my new provider for what should have been the duration of my contract (the next 5 extremely costly summer months)? I could have switched REPs for much less even a few weeks ago had I been properly notified (as the law states). What about deposits? Do the collection agencies have any deposit info, and will those who owe less be getting a deposit refund? It works both ways. The loss will be quickly written off by the generating company – Reliant or Luminant in DFW (now private TXU which undoubtedly will be re-aquired someday by the state at a huge cost to taxpayers at great profit to current owners). There really needs to be some reform to the current model of capitalism as we know it…

  243. mfisher1967

    I disputed the 2nd to last NPC bill that was charged to my Discover card on 6/5/08. I plan to dispute the final NPC bill which is due on 6/22/08 as well. The NPC fiasco is going to end up costing me hundreds of dollars.

    NPC failed to properly notify me that I was being transferred to a POLR as required by PUC rules. They could have had the common courtesy to call me, or to send me a letter, to let me know that they were going out of business. I am having to pay Reliant Energy (POLR) a rate of .217 per kWh for the electricity that I use from 5/30 to 6/16. I am also having to pay a fee for an off cycle meter read so that I can switch to Ambit Energy without having to wait until 7/15/08. All of this because of NPC's failure to let me know what was going on.

    NPC would not have hesitated to charge me for breach of contract if the shoe was on the other foot. For that reason, I have no remorse when it comes to not paying their last two bills.

    I really hope that NPC calls me to ask why I will not pay them. I look forward to telling them that I don't appreciate how they dodged my phone calls and emails when all that I wanted was to know what was going on. NPC can call me at any time and threaten to report me to the credit agencies. I will dispute any negative credit report entries from NPC as well. As far as I am concerned the last two NPC bills are my charge for their breach of contract. I really hope that someone gets a class action suit going….

  244. NotPayingNPCBill

    Class action lawsuit for breach of contract and emotional distress. Who's in?

  245. TexasAggie


    Do you or anyone else have the specific clause from the PUC that mandates a 45 day notice from NPC to the consumer??

    This would be beneficial to all as evidence in the event of future credit report disputes.

  246. mfisher1967

    Texas Aggie,

    The relevant PUC rules may be found in section 25.43 sub-section "R" at this link:

    Here is a summary:

    (r) Notice of Transition to POLR Service. When a customer is moved to POLR service the customer will be provided notice of the transition by the REP transitioning the customer as well as by the POLR. Notice shall be provided as soon as the transitioning REP knows the customer will be transitioned to POLR service and as soon as the POLR has the customer contact information. The notice of transition to POLR service shall include, at a minimum the following items:

    (1) Notice by the REP transitioning the customer:

    (A) The reason for the transition to POLR service;
    (B) A contact number for the REP;

    (C) A statement that the customer will receive a separate notice from the POLR that will disclose the date the POLR will begin serving the customer;

    (D) A description of how and when any unused customer deposit will be returned to the customer;

    (E) A description of the POLR pricing mechanism for the appropriate customer class and service territory and a statement that the POLR price is generally higher than available competitive prices, that the POLR price is unpredictable, and that the exact POLR rate for each billing period will not be determined until the time the bill is prepared;

    (F) A statement that the customer can leave POLR service by choosing a competitive product or service offered by the POLR, a REP affiliated with the POLR, or another competitive REP, as well as the following statement: “If you would like to choose a different retail electric provider, please access http://www.powertochoose.org, or call toll-free 1-866-PWR-4-TEX (1-866-797-4839) for a list of providers in your area;”

    (G) For residential customers, notice from the commission in the form of a bill insert or a bill message with the header “A Message from the Public Utility Commission” addressing why the customer has been transitioned to POLR, the continuity of service purpose and temporary nature of POLR service, the need to choose a competitive provider, and information on competitive markets to be found at http://www.powertochoose.org, or toll-free at 1-866-PWR-4-TEX (1-866-797-4839);

    (H) If applicable, a description of the activities that the REP will use to collect any outstanding payments, including the use of consumer reporting agencies, debt collection agencies, small claims court, and other remedies allowed by law, if the customer does not pay or make acceptable payment arrangements with the REP; and

    (I) Notice to the customer that after being transitioned to POLR service, the customer may accelerate a switch to another REP by requesting a “special or out-of-cycle meter read” and that applicable transmission and distribution utility charges for the meter read will be charged to the gaining REP, which may pass the charge on to you as a customer.

  247. LetsDoIt

    National Power Company should be charged with Breach of Contract and Emotional Distress to their customers.

  248. hipster

    I got the letter from NPC on 6-18-2008 telling me that they are out of business – Surprise Surprise. Letter was dated 5-30-2008 but the plain white envelope was postmarked 6-16-2008. It seems as if they wanted to get as many payments in as possible before sending out the letters.
    David Barrett should never be allowed to start up any company that deals with the public.

  249. mfisher1967

    I too received a letter that was mailed on 6/16, but was dated 5/30. What a piece of garbage NPC turned out to be. The only satisfaction that I am getting from all of this is that I will not be paying my last two bills from NPC. This I do on General Principle.

  250. Don

    Well. My power just got cut this morning. On 5/29 I had signed up with Reliant, but apparently there is a delay. The POLR supposedly sent a mail requesting a deposit, but I never received and honestly wouldn't care about anyway since I was changing to Reliant. So now I've called Reliant, cancelled my initial request and submitted an emergency change along with the $97 charge to Oncor to turn my power back on.
    Nay to Oncor for not even leaving a note.
    Nay to NPC for breaking the contract
    Nay to CPL POLR for not attempting to contact me (they were able to confirm my email address, telephone number, and service address when I finally tracked them down)
    Nay to Reliant for not getting the switch done sooner. I was charged for an out-of-cycle meter reading so its not like they were waiting for the end of a billing cycle.

  251. Don

    Oh hey. You guys are right. I just got my letter from NPC as well. Postmarked 6/16. Letter date 5/30.

  252. NPC is BK

    They were waiting for some poor souls to pay their power bill so they could afford stamps to send letters out.

  253. LetsDoIt

    Save your envelopes guys. This will be very useful to expose the fraud NPC is trying to commit. "Oh but we informed them May 30" Ummm NO! The post office tends to disagree

  254. mudbelly

    Just got my letter today too – actually 2 identical letters – dated 5/30 but postmarked 6/16 – I will be keeping both for "evidence." Suck it NPC.

  255. DoNotPay

    NPC is BK said,in June 19th, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    They were waiting for some poor souls to pay their power bill so they could afford stamps to send letters out.

    😉 Veryfunny 😉

    I was lucky … well, that's a bit of a stretch … let's say lucky .. ish …

    I got an unsolicited E-Mail from Amigo Energy 5/30/08, touting their services saying: "as "you probably already know" (I didn't) National was "withdrawing from the TX market", checked out true; so immediately fired off the following to the CC Co. and National, and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all:

    "To: National Power
    cc: attn: Richard Sedona @ customer@puc.state.tx.us
    Several others, either now and/or forwarded/sent to in the near or not so near future.

    From: Dennis Revell,

    Ref: National Power Accnt. #: *********

    To whom it may concern:

    This communication, of this date and time, Friday, 5/30/08, around 11 pm, absolutely and irrevocably rescinds the Authorization Agreement (ACH) for Recurring Payments that I sent as a scanned document via this same E-Mail account on Friday, February 29, 2008 1:46:50 PM. This revocation to be effective at the date and time first said, or as close to same as the law governing contracts allows.

    As the Agreement we had was broken by National Power Company, with zero notice, and as it was an agreement for automatic electronic payments; this electronic communication is deemed to be, and will be argued strongly as of equal status to a signed snail-mail communication via the US Postal System.

    A signed copy of the same (ie: this E-Mail), or very similar, is in any case attached as a scanned Microsoft Word document, just as the original ACH document referred to above, that was transmitted, and which you accepted. This may, or may not, also be posted via the US postal system.

    In addition as National Power would have levied a penalty of $300.00 on myself, and presumably many other customers, had I or they tried to terminate early, this rescind of authorization shall also apply to any upcoming payments that National Power may believe they are entitled to. This should almost go without saying; as the authorization is hereby revoked.

    I realize that National Power may then regard themselves to be entitled to consider any such as an offset to any larger, hopefully very much larger, judgements that may be made against them in future, hopefully the very near future. A bridge to cross in that future, or a stream to swim.

    If National Power had the slightest shred of integrity, and right now, you're right up there, or I should say down there, with the Ken Lays and Jeffrey Skillings, ex-Enron Arch Criminals, then you would have exited the Texas electricity market more gracefully, and not like thieves in the night, merely by not taking on any more customers, and letting the current agreements run their course. It was of course, Jeffrey Skilling who started off the whole deregulation fiasco/rip-off.

    Much more anon!?!

    Utterly Disgusted,

    Dennis Revell"

    I added this para later to the hardcopy I sent snail mail to all concerned, and perhaps some who were not:

    "In addition whether or not allowed by the National Power co. "Agreement" {note not in addition: I found out later it IS allowed!}, transfer of the ACH to any other party is also hereby forbidden, and if it has occurred already, is also hereby absolutely and irrevocably rescinded."

    Dennis Revell.
    E-Mail: dereg_ripoff@hotmail.com
    Website (concerning National): http://tinyurl.com/5y3fxc
    (recently updated)

  256. wade

    I have a filed a small claims suit against NPC for breach of contract. I am suing for difference between my fixed rate and the rate I will now have to pay for next 11 months. I have withhold payment for final 2 bills ($610) and state In suit I'm using this amount as offset to damages. When I get my default judgment ( I don't think NPC will respond or show up in court), this will at least protect me from a possible ding on a credit report.

  257. NPCsucks

    Great idea wade! How much did it cost to file small claims? How much hassle did you have to go through?

  258. KiloWattheHellisGoin

    Is there a lawyer or judge out there who can comment on the legality of withholding payment in this situation? NPC delivered only 2 months of electricity in a 12 month contract. They collected payment via automatic credit card payment for 1 month and presumable will do so again for month 2. Can I legally contact my credit card company and request a reversal of one or both payments in order to offset what will certainly greater electricity cost for the 10 months NPC will not be supplying electrical service? Or do I have to (as SWMBO says) make payment, calculate the increased costs over the next 10 months, then attempt to sue for increased cost? Or should use a different,more appropriate legal strategy? Thanks in advance.

  259. Whatanordeal

    I just received my final bill. I cannot believe that NPC expects me to pay an out of meter reading fee b/c they went out of business. They estimate this charge at $23.73. They call it a discretionary service charge. Also, in looking on the PUC website the fee for a meter read when it is due to a transfer to POLR is $6. I sent a notice to the PUC.

  260. TexasAggie

    Wow!!! No wonder the business failed. With "investor" names like Zahed Lateef of Houston and Adley Abdulwahab, I'm surprised we had electricity at all.

    What the hell?? We could have at LEAST received a free Koran or prayer rug for our trouble. Dohhh!!

  261. TexasAggieRacist

    TexasAggie–what does that have to do with anything? First of all, investors are not the ones making decisions. Secondly, are you trying to say the company failed because the investors have Islamic names? That shows nothing but your own ignorance.

  262. OsamaObama

    Home addresses for some of the NPC scumbags!

    NPC – Registered Agent & Legal Counsel
    Russell Mackert – Secretary & Director
    28303 Bolinas Ct
    Spring, TX 77386

    Michael Wallens, Sr – Director
    27406 E Benders Landing Blvd
    Spring, TX 77386-2098

    $181,850 Dallas Resident
    Michael Wallens, Jr – Director
    2319 Sun Shadows Ln
    Spring, TX 77386

    David Barrett – Treasurer & Director
    4322 Country Springs Dr
    Spring, TX 77388-2588

    I believe Barrett is the only one left in the NPC corporation. Because of their illegal & fraudulent activities, the above scumbags have lost their corporate veil protection and could be sued as individuals. Richard Hunter has disappeared or has been composted somewhere.

    The lawyer has a previous client after him from a 2003 incident. He has a public reprimand on his state bar record from that incident.

    The best news is that the Feds are after them all big time. I hope they live long enough to do the 20 plus years at the Fed Pen!

    The PUC is the Texas consumers worst enemy!

  263. OsamaObama

    Besides all the deceptive and fraudulent activities that this company has been committing against its valued customers in the last month or so, NPC is now downloading a virus from its webpage when any customer accesses billing or notices. The virus is a JS/Downloader.agent entitled NationalPowerCo_Com(1).htm. My virus software has picked it up 3 times in the last month. This criminal activity is very dangerous to the average consumer. This virus has the potential to compromise the consumer's personal, financial & identity security. One customer's SSN has already been stolen and identity theft confirmed. I notified NPC over a month ago by phone that this problem existed with their webpage, and received a non response. I told them to check with their webmaster. The PUC should turn this over to the State attorney general's office for prosecution.

  264. OsamaObama

    Have Fun! Certified Mail

    Mr. Russell E. Mackert – Registered Agent
    Mr. Richard Hunter – President & Director
    Mr. Russell E. Mackert – Secretary & Director
    Mr. David Barrett – Treasurer & Director
    Mr. Michael Wallens, Jr. – Director
    Mr. Michael Wallens, Sr – Director
    Mr. Adley Abdul Wahab – Director
    Individually and/or
    National Power Company, Inc.
    5555 West Loop South, Suite 300
    Bellaire, TX 77401

    You as the addressed individuals and/or National Power Company, Inc have breached your contract (account XXXXXXXXXXX) with me to supply electricity to the above address for 16 months from July XX, 2007 to November XX, 2008 at a fixed contractual rate of $0.119 per kWh. You have terminated said contract as of May 30, 2008. In addition to the said breach of contract, you have violated several provisions of the “Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act” in your contractual dealings with me as a Texas consumer.

    Because of your contract breach and violations of the DTPA, you have caused me to suffer economic and mental anguish damages plus additional damages from your knowingly deceptive trade practices.

    I demand therefore you have ten (10) days from the date of this letter to immediately compensate me for damages with $ XXXX.00. The $ XXXX.00 must be in the form of a certified cashiers check made out to me.

    If the above demand is not met, I will file a lawsuit for deceptive trade practices and negligence in the appropriate court of law for actual damages, plus punitive damages, plus special damages, and any and all court costs against National Power Company, Inc. and/or all individuals listed above as officers and directors of said corporation. The individuals listed will be sued directly without any regard to any corporate veil protection. The corporation and/or the individuals named will receive no further correspondence from me prior to the filing of said lawsuit.

  265. OsamaObama

    One more scumbag to add to the NPC list:

    Adley Abdulwahab – Director
    3007 E Lake Falls Cir
    Spring, TX 77386-2905

    What is it about all these scumbags living in Spring. Poor Carol Ann!

  266. TexasAggie

    Good stuff Osama!

    I was going to give it about a month to dispute the first billed charge on the old CC number. The last bill one won't go through after I "lost" the card.

  267. OsamaObama

    More NPC trash!

    Richard Hunter – President & Director
    30519 Imperial Legends Dr
    Spring, TX 77386

    The PUC still has not revoked the NPC certificate #10106! The PUC is going through the standard PUC bureaucratic (do nothing) BS. This means the consumers are still getting cheated. Way to go Smitherman! The PUC commissioners need to be sued as well as the NPC scumbags.

    Talked to some guy named Richard "Saliva" at the PUC, he sounded like he was on NPC's payroll or take!

  268. Asuli

    What are our options? If we refuse the charge will it affect our credit rating? I just received my bill today from the POLR and don't know what to do. For twelve days of electric usage I was charged $322 at $0.34/kwh to be paid by July 7th. Six of those days I had no clue NPC went out of business until the POLR sent me a letter and three of those days waiting for CenterPoint to transfer my account to Gexa. Combine that absurd rate for twelve days of usage with last months bill of $300 and there goes my funds. How can anyone afford this with a family, bills, mortgage, car, and other payments? I just want to know what the options are. I've already complained to the PUC, talked to executive customer care at my POLR which happens to be CPL, and plan on taking legal action. Anyone know of some good lawyers in Houston, Texas?

  269. tbrindley


    You should have called your POLR and switched to a cheaper plan with them then switched to Gexa. Your rate would have been 0.155 for the time you were with the POLR had you done this. Since you are already with Gexa the POLR probably won't do anything to help you because they are a bunch of scumbags.

  270. Asuli

    I would have done that except the my POLR does not even service Houston. Even if I wanted to they do not operate in the Houston area, and I never received a good answer from the PUC or CPL as to why I was transferred to a provider that doesn't even provide their REP services to my area. None of this makes any sense to me at all.

  271. tbrindley


    Contest the bill in writing. They will have a number of days to respond. Then file a complaint with the PUC. If they don't fix it you will either: a)pay the bill. b)Don't pay it and take the hit to your credit report (you can add a 100 word explaination to your credit report)or c) file a lawsuit. Since they put you into a POLR that does not serve Houston how can they charge you anything. I would be yelling and screaming to the PUC to fix this. Tell the company that you won't pay unless the give you a normal rate.

  272. Asuli

    Well I'll email, mail, and fax the letter by the end of the day to make sure that it gets to CPL. I just received the bill last night after work and obviously was angry, but today I'm just trying to figure out how everything works and what exactly is going on. According to PUC I'm not the only one who was transferred to a non-local Rep and certainly won't be the first to raise a fuss about the bill.

  273. Doublenot7

    I saw PUC last not on Ch.2 news, classic stuff: First they stated that had they known NPC was in trouble, they would have lets us all know so that we could find a new provider. Then seconds later they comment that there are 20 more companies in risk of failure but they won't release those names because it would drive their customers away. Way to protect the consumer PUC!

  274. TexasAggie

    I'm all about the free market. The government's big snout is NEVER the answer (just look at the Social Security mess). But, I think the the private sector, in this case, needs to have a tighter leash on transparency. Perhaps more difficulty to enter the market would help.

    I agree with Asuli, and am also worried about the credit. I've worked way too hard to get it to perfection, only to lose it to something dopey like these morons at NPC.

    But, I'll be damned if I support $200,000 plus salaries for the "execs" and the unprofessional manner upon which they've handled this.

  275. mfisher1967

    I just talked to my credit card company today. On June 8th, I had disputed NPC's 2nd to last bill when I found out that I had been switched to a POLR without notice. My call today was to check on the status of that dispute and to dispute the last NPC bill as well, which was charged to my card on 6/21.

    My credit card company told me that I would have to wait for 15 days after the charge from NPC's final bill hit my card to dispute those charges. On a bright note, however, NPC has not responded to my dispute over the charges from their 2nd to last bill and I will get a credit for those charges. Perhaps there is a little justice in this world.

    Stay tuned…

  276. Will

    Got my POLR bill today. It is quite obvious that they way overstated my usage under them. NPC's "estimated" meter reading for May was the exact same as my April usage. This despite the fact that the average temperature in DFW was 87.0 in May, 77.9 in April. May had 14 days above 90, April had none.

    I will call my POLR to complain but I don't know if it will do any good. The meter estimate (if one really had to be done instead of a real reading) should have taken into account the temperature difference between the months. Instead it assumed it was a no-A/C month (which April was for me.)

  277. TexasAggie

    Will said-

    You stated: "Instead it assumed it was a no-A/C month (which April was for me.)"

    A no-A/C month?? Isn't that a GOOD thing???

  278. wadewood

    Cost to file in small claims court – $30 plus $65 to have Harris county sheriff serve papers.

    This will be served to their registered agent –

    Russell Mackert
    5555 West Loop South, Suite 650
    Bellaire, TX 77401

    A post above has Suite 300 listed. He has moved upstairs in same building to Suite 650.

  279. Will

    No, it is definitely not good. The NPC under-estimate made my NPC usage smaller than actual. Yes, that by itself is good- my final NPC bill is lower. However, since the POLR usage bill started with the final bogus NPC meter estimate reading as its start point, it made my billed usage with them much higher than actual.

    Thus, I am getting charged at a very high POLR rate for electricity that was actually used in May when I was with NPC with a much lower 11 cent/KWh rate.

    I believe this cost me ~$150. I'm sure it cost almost everyone dropped by NPC a good deal of money.

  280. TexasAggie

    Okay…I get it now. Thanks, as I'll have to look at mine if and when it comes in.

  281. bb

    National Power Company has attempted to autodraft my bank account in June even after confirmed receipt of my rescinded autodraft agreement. The bank will reverse and then the BANK will have a claim against them. If there is another attempt to autodraft I will file a complaint (yet another) with the Federal TRade Commission.

  282. WP

    has anyone considered a class action lawsuit? Seriously, I'm very interested to know what the State of Texas is doing to go after these kinsd of companies pulling shinanigans like these in our State!! What ticked me off the most about this whole situation is that NPC nor PUC nor ERCOT sent out letters in time for anyone to "switch" providers before being unvoluntarily transferred to the POLR. I am disputing some current charges with the POLR they transferred me to b/c I was not notified I was being transferred to them…by the time I got "notice" from any of them I had already accumulated $250 in charges (for 10 days of service!!!!) FYI – the PUC held an emergency meeting with the POLR's aksing theem to lower their rates so that customers like myself would get a break from this mess. Unfortunately it was a "request" by PUC not a requirement so my POLR charged my .31/kWh! big difference from my "fixed rate" with NPC of 11.9!! I've submitted complaints to the POLR and PUC – haven't had a response from either yet…

  283. Powerless?

    Why do you people keep clammering for class action lawsuits?? Don't you get it? NPC is gone. Out of Business. Broke. Sure, the claims against NPC are valid, but there's nothing left to take from them!

    That's why you should not have paid your last bills!

    Has anyone gotten a refund of their deposit from NPC? (I wasn't required to give them a deposit.)

    Also, for all of those who, like me, didn't pay your final bill, have any of you received any follow-up bills or collection letters from NPC? Mine was due two weeks ago and I haven't heard from them. If anyone experiences any collection activity, please inform us on this board.


  284. ConsumerPower

    Guys, don't wait for class action lawsuit. File a small claims court for breach of contract and failure to notify 5 days in advance of switch to POLR per PUC requirement. I filed for $300 for breach of contract, $720 for the difference I will have to pay between 11 cents and 15 cents rate (based on 1500 kWh / month usage) and $3000 for the emotional stress they have caused me. Once I get judgment against them (I'm sure they won't be showing up in court) they will have no right to ask for payment for my final two bills. If they send it to collections, I am going to send my own collection notice to the collection agency lol

  285. Powerless?

    LOL is right. You will get a worthless judgment, you spent probably $200 on filing and process fees, you are going to waste a day of your time in court, and all that still won't prevent those NPC scumbags from reporting a delinquency to the credit bureaus or sending a collections agency after you. Why do you think otherwise? A small claims court does not have the authority to grant an injunction to stop them.

    I wouldn't waste my time and money on a small claims suit at this point. Wait until someone tries to collect. If NPC sells the delinquent account to some collections outfit, the account is still subject to all your offset claims against NPC. At that point be sure to timely respond in writing, certified mail, to dispute the validity of the charges and claim your offsetting damages. Then let THEM take you to court on it (which they, of course, won't). But if they did, simply prove your offsetting damages and you will win, they will lose.

    I really don't think those morons at NPC will even report this to the credit bureaus. They probably stopped paying their bills to the credit bureaus months ago, and will not have the ability to report negative info. In any event, if they do report a delinquency, once they are totally folded and non-existant in a couple of months, just dispute the info with the credit bureau. They must verify the info with the creditor, and if they are unable to verify it, they must remove the info. Who's going to be there to verify the info? They already are not answering phones, email or postal mail.

    If I WERE going to file a suit at this point, I would carefully jump through all the hoops of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, (there are specific required written notices that must be given before any suit is filed), and I would sue not only NPC, but I would sue each company officer, individually, for various acts of fraud, including their posts on this website. The corporate entity won't protect them from fraud claims.

    For any of you that are tenacious enough to get small claims default judgments against any of the officers of NPC, individually, be sure to get an abstract of the judgment from the court clerk and FILE IT IN THE REAL PROPERTY RECORDS of the counties where the officers live and/or own real estate. It will become a lien upon their non-exempt property (which will cause them trouble when they go to buy or sell a house) and it will be picked up and reported on THEIR credit reports. That's what those sons of bitches deserve. But I'm not going to waste MY money on it, unless and until they try to collect on that final bill.

  286. ConsumerPower

    "Wait until someone tries to collect. If NPC sells the delinquent account to some collections outfit, the account is still subject to all your offset claims against NPC" –that is the key. What will make the collections agency listen to you and agree to your offset damages? Only a small claims judgment in your favor. Or am I thinking wrong? I am open to suggestions.

  287. Shannon

    Powerless, I didn't pay my final bill either and I have not heard a word from NPC.
    They charged me an invalid late fee on the final bill, so they have that against them also. Even if I WERE going to pay the final bill, I would dispute that charge, which I cannot do since they don't answer their phones anymore.
    I'm still losing money even with not paying this final bill. I had to pay Reliant $200 for 10 days of service. My husband tried to dispute the meter read on 5/29 and they told him it was actual read (B.S.) so he ended up just paying the charges.

  288. Powerless?

    "What will make the collections agency listen to you and agree to your offset damages? Only a small claims judgment in your favor. Or am I thinking wrong?"

    Again, in the event that they should sue you (and chances are they won't), you answer the lawsuit and plead the offset as a defense. When you prove your offset damages, they lose, you win, and you do so without incurring any court filing fees.

    Thanks, Shannon, for the info. I'd like to know if anyone becomes the target of any collection activity.

  289. mfisher1967

    The dispute over my 2nd to last NPC bill was finalized and the entire amount was returned to my credit card! NPC never even bothered to respond to my credit card company about the disputed charge, so my card was credited automatically.

    I filed a dispute over my final NPC bill a few days ago and will find out the results in approximately 30 days.

    I do expect to start receiving calls from bill collectors, but I will simply turn the tables on them and spend about 30 minutes explaining how NPC screwed me over. I am actually looking forward to calls from a bill collector, which I am sure will be a new one for the bill collector. They will keep trying to get me to commit to making a payment and I will simply keep telling them how NPC probably has cost me much more than they are trying to collect. In the end they will threaten legal action, but I really don't care. I have a good lawyer in Deer Park that my wife and I have used for years and he will silence their calls if it comes to that.

  290. Doublenot7

    I received a letter from collections today concerning NPC. Time to to get to work on this I guess.

  291. Powerless?

    Damn. I was hoping to avoid the headache. What collection agency? Was it a final NPC bill that you didn't pay? They certainly won't be collecting from me.

  292. sidney

    I was forced to find an alternative power supplier when NPC failed to fulfill the contract to provide me with power for 1 year at 11.2 cents per Kwh. I did not pay my last invoice NPC sent me. As NPC has not fulfilled their side of our contact, I don't think I should be obligated to pay NPC any more than I have already.

    Today I received a "Transmittal" in the mail (USPS) from

    Transworld Systems Inc.- Collection Agency
    1560 West Bay Area Blvd. – #325 -Houston, Tx 77546

    Notice – Your utility service provider has requested that we contact you regarding the balance overdue on your account. We realize this may be an oversight. However, to avoid the termination of your service, your attention is imperative.

    The above amount due may include late fees or fines, as per your agreement with our client and/or which are otherwise permitted.

    Please send your payment to the address below. If necessary, you may contact our client directly at the number indicated below.

    TSI is a collection agency attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Our demand for payment does not affect your right to dispute this debt.

    Please make continued collection efforts unnecessary by resolving this matter.

    Send correspondence, other than payment, to this collection agency at P.O. Box 1864 Santa Rosa, Ca. 98402.

    National Power Company, 616 FM 1960 RD West # 700, Houston, Tx. 77090 Our Client's Phone 281-377-7570

    (then in small print)Unless you, within 30 days after receipt of this notice, notify this office that you dispute the validity of this dept, or any portion thereof, TSI will assume this dept is valid. If you notify this office in writing within the 30-day period that this debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, TSI will obtain verification of this debt or a copy of a judgment and mail you a copy of such judgment or verification. If you request this office in writing within the 30-day period, TSI will provide you with the name and address of
    the original creditor, if different from the current creditor.

    We are required under some states' laws to notify consumers of certain rights as detailed in the list on the back . . . . . (Texas is not listed on the back so I won't continue)

    I plan to reply in writing the tthe collection agency telling them only that I dispute the charges.

    Can anyone with legal knowledge or expertise suggest an alternative plan?

    Thanks Sidney

  293. Doublenot7

    Same company that I received my letter from. I have already filed a complaint with TX PUC and was planning on filing on NPC in JP court for damages (offset the NPC charges by the increased rate from the other provider and fees associated with having to swap providers since they provided no notice).

    I switched to Direct Energy but the fastest they said they could switch my service was 20 days, even then my first bill had an out of schedule meter reading charge on it. I have yet to receive the Amigo bill for the 20 day period still and that is holding me up on filing in JP court.

  294. Will

    Just curious, did the amount in the letters from the collections agency include any "fees or fines" above the last bill amount?

  295. Josh

    @Doublenot7: Be prepared for that Amigo bill. I called them to find out how much I owed – $402 for a 2 bedroom apartment kept at 80 degrees with all CFL bulbs and apparently (according to them) I used 1669kwh. Looks like the screwing by NPC isn't over yet 🙁

  296. Powerless?

    Guys, if you are getting an Amigo bill, you were on a variable rate plan with NPC. Amigo is not a POLR. Amigo agreed to take NPC's variable rate customers and to honor NPC's Terms of Service (TOS).

    According to the NPC TOS that I got when I signed up for their variable rate plan, increases in the variable rate were limited to 10% of the prior month's rate, and they were not allowed to add on any "fuel factor" or "energy" charges over and above that rate.

    NPC tried to do a TOS "switch-a-roo" to expressly allow for a fuel factor charge, but did not give the required 45 days written notice that is required for such a material change. (The "material change" letter fiasco that they got in trouble for applied to the fixed rate customers.) It's important to find the copy of the TOS that you were given when you first signed up with NPC. I think NPC probably fraudulantly mis-represented to Amigo which TOS was applicable to its accounts when Amigo bought them.

    I don't know if Amigo made a subsequent "material change" to the TOS by giving the required 45 days written notice. (I switched my account to Relaint before Amigo took over my account.)

    Only NPC's fixed rate customers were dumped to POLRs.

    Hope this helps, and keep us posted with collections info.

  297. Doublenot7

    The collection agency added an additional $60+ to the bill. I haven't called them to tell them where they can file it yet.

  298. Will

    I was with NPC for only one month (May.) I set up automatic billing to my credit card and it was never charged. I didn't send a check for my final bill as I assumed it would be automatically paid via credit card at some point. I tried to call NPC customer service in June but nobody ever answered. Now that six weeks has elapsed I guess I will go ahead and mail NPC a check for the original bill amount. I haven't received anything from any collection companies yet but want to avoid that if I can (maybe it is too late for that). Not worth risking my credit status for this amount.

  299. Doublenot7

    Has anyone received their Amigo bill yet? I still haven't. I'm curious to see what surprises are contained therein.

  300. Josh

    @Doublenot7: Nope, still waiting. After 45 minutes on hold, I was able to talk to someone, and was told that it would be 30-60 days after your final day of service before you get your bill. My worry is that they would put the due date on a day before I actually get my bill. Seems like the type of thing they would do…

  301. wade

    I won my small claims case against NPC. They failed to respond and I received a judgment for $1100, which included $600 if offset fees from bills that I did not pay. Bring on the debt collectors….

  302. Josh

    @wade: Good luck getting money from them – they died because they couldn't even pay ERCOT for the power they were selling. As the old saying goes "You can't get blood from a turnip."

  303. Powerless?

    Wade, Congrats.

    Get a Writ of Garnishment and have the Sheriff execute it against the DEBT COLLECTOR mentioned above in this thread. Presumably, if they have collected anything, they will be holding it for NPC. The Sheriff can seize any money that a third party, such as the debt collector, bank or anyone else, holds for NPC to satisfy your judgment. You might can find NPC's bank account by looking at your cancelled checks.

    Did you happen to sue the officers of NPC individually, or just the company itself?

    If you are tenacious enough to follow up on this, you will be doing us all a big favor.

    I still have not received any collection letters or even a follow-up bill.

  304. Doublenot7

    Wade, please give us more details! Do you have a copy of your petition? Did you get or use your bill from the POLR or Amigo in your filing? I'm getting ready to file against NPC also.

  305. houston

    I use National Power Company from 2/1/2008.
    They switch from it to Amigo Energy on 6/2008. after one month i got receipt of 200$. before i was paying around 30$. what will be the best option to do?

  306. houston

    At NPC i was paying around $30 per month. But they switch to Amigo and they send me bill of $200.
    we should get together in order to get cheated.

  307. wade

    I was switched to a POLR; I was on fix rate contract. I had been with NPC for about 45 days when they defaulted on ERCOT.

    I sued in small claims on breach of contract. I argued for the difference in new rate over 10.5 moths vs. my fixed rate under NPC. This difference was about $1100. The judge did ask for copy of NPC rate and copy of new rate to show this. He then issued judgement in my favor.

    I owed NPC $632; I had never made a payment to NPC. I claimed this as offset damages.

    Technical they owe me $500 plus my court fees $95. I am NOT going to pursue any further unless they come after me for debt collection.

    I did receive the letter from Transworld. I'm not worried about an uncertified letter. I have a crdeit monitoring service – if they try to ding my credit or pursue leagl action on debt collection, I will be ready.

  308. RBeard

    I was with NPC and like everyone else I was swithched to a POLAR without notification. I was on the First Choice Polar Plan for 6 days (795 kwh) and a bill of $245. A little price goudging going on! My bill has been sent to collections and First Choice people have been "sorry". Basically they told me that I was not a customer anymore and they do not have to deal with me. I told them good luck ever seeing a dime from me. I am in the process of finding a lawyer and taking this to court. I really need to find a class action against these POLAR companies. Any suggestions????

  309. Doublenot7

    I attempted to contact NPC's collection agency today, Transworld. They just have a recorded message and then hang up on you, they will not take your call. Just send payment to NPC or send snail mail correspondence to Transworld.

  310. robfwtx

    Has anyone found a consumer's group or attorney that can give some direction in this case? I just received my Amigo Energy bill @ .249 per kWh. I had already switched to Direct Energy once the news story hit in June but I still had 30 days on Amigo.

    If I can hold Amigo to the original terms of the NPC contract, then 10% more would be about .1262 and not .249. That's for more reasonable and something that wouldn't break the bank.

    Any comments?

  311. Kendall

    My Amigo bill was also @ .249 and mentioned that all late charges had been removed. Duh, I would hope so since this is the only communication that I received from them. I thought that the PUC had asked these POLRs to take it easy on us. Obviously, they did not. Has anybody tired to get Amigo to lower their rate? I have until the 27th to pay this & am looking for any advice before enriching Amigo.

  312. Powerless?

    Once again, Amigo is NOT a POLR.

    If they were a POLR, then the matter is simple: you would owe the money. That's the system, so says the law.

    However, Amigo is NOT a POLR. Amigo "bought" the variable rate customers' accounts from NPC and assumed the duty to honor the NPC terms of service. Unlike those who WERE switched to a POLR, your terms of service survived the switch to Amigo and continued to govern your relationship with Amigo.

    Look at the NPC terms of service that you got AT THE TIME YOU SIGNED UP WITH NPC. Those are the terms that govern what you owe Amigo, unless Amigo changed those terms by giving you the required 45 days written notice.

    Even though it was a "variable" rate plan, MY terms of service stated very clearly that NPC could not raise the price more than 10% month over month. Nor did the terms of service allow NPC to tack on a "fuel factor charge", like they tried with me.

    Amigo had the right to and may have in fact changed your terms of service by giving you 45 days written notice and sending you a new terms of service. In that case, the new terms of service would govern after the 45 days notice (but not before). I don't know if Amigo did that or not. If so, and if you ignored it, then you owe the money. If not, then Amigo must honor the NPC terms of service, and if they are not doing that, you should (1) file a formal complaint with the PUC (see their website for the proceedure); (2) dispute the applicable amount in writing with Amigo, keep copies and send copies of the dispute to the PUC and don't pay the disputed amount (do pay the undisputed amount); and (3) if they persist and claim that you owe money that you don't owe under the contract, then sue them under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

    Don't count on Amigo giving you an accurate copy of your terms of service with NPC. NPC changed their terms of service several times, and most likely misrepresented to Amigo what terms of service were applicable to the accounts Amigo purchased. Material changes to the terms of service made by NPC or Amigo are simply not binding upon you unless you were mailed the required 45 day written notice.

    That's why you've got to carefully read your terms of service and keep copies and not just sit back and hope that the incompetent/impotent staff at the PUC to tell these companies to "take it easy on us." It doesn't work that way. Your terms of service form the contract, and the contract is the law. If you want to know what you owe, go read the contract.

  313. Will

    I have been trying to get my TXU/Assurance POLR Energy bill reduced by getting the estimated start reading adjusted to reflect something closer to reality. My account is still in "investigation" state by Assurance. Apparently they have a procedure they are supposed to follow for former NPC customers that call with this complain. I think initially I called before the procedure was written which may explain why it is taking so long for me to get completed.

    I am concerned however that my bill will go to collections company even though they've told me not to pay it. I've still gotten a late notice and (two weeks ago) a threatening letter about it going to collections within 10 days. The agents I've talked to seem to act like it is out of their control and done by a different department. They've told me they've emailed the departement but I'm not optimistic that it still won't go to collections.

  314. Kendall

    I was NOT a variable rate customer of NPC. I was on a fixed rate for 1 year. I never received anything from Amigo until this bill came last week. In fact, I thought my POLR was Gexa until I received their bill – there was almost a 4 week period missing, from May 30 – June 25. When I paid the Gexa bill and asked about this missing period, they had no clue. Somebody mentioned that variable rate customers were bought by Amigo, bit it seems that fixed rates were bought, also. If that is the case, then wouldn't the same deal apply to us? That is, wouldn't Amigo have to charge us our contracted price?

  315. Kendall

    I just reread portions of this and found you are the one that said fixed rate customers were switched to POLRs and only variable rate customers were switched to Amigo. Obviously, that is not the case with me. Where did you get your info?

  316. Powerless?

    "Where did you get your info?"

    POLRs depend on your service area. The list is here:

    Perhaps the term of your fixed rate contract ended just prior to the NPC default. If that was the case and you did nothing, your account, as the contract clearly provides, would have reverted to a month to month (variable) plan at the variable rate then in effect (which as I recall was about 24.9 cents in June). When did you sign up for your fixed rate plan and when was it scheduled to end? That's critical information you must know before we can determine if you are being ripped off or not.

    The fixed rate customers were NOT bought by Amigo. They were moved to non-voluntary POLRs. Why would Amigo or anyone else want to buy fixed rate contracts and honor a 10 cent rate when it would cost them perhaps double that to buy the electicity to service those contracts? That's why NPC went under, Duhhh.

    I can't explain why you would get a Gexa bill AND an Amigo bill, unless you, yourself switched to one or the other of them, OR you were "slammed" (i.e. switched without your consent – unrelated to the NPC mess) by the most recent provider. Did you call and switch to Gexa at some point?

  317. Kendall

    I had a 1 year contract that was not expiring until Jan. 2009.
    "The fixed rate customers were NOT bought by Amigo." – Exactly what I was implying yesterday.

    Since yesterday, I have been on the phone with both the PUC & Amigo, plus I checked all of the mail that I have received from REPs since this all began. Here is what I found out:

    Amigo did take over as my POLR although they are not on the POLR list at all for my area. I discovered a letter from Amigo (my bad because I stated that I had not received anthing from them – out of sight, out of mind, I guess). Amigo's letter stated that they had taken over as my provider, and they even included a rate of .165 (this must be why I forgot – I could handle this rate). Amigo is adjusting my bill to the .165 rate.

    Oops, almost forgot. The Gexa bill is still king of a mystery. They were my first choice when this all began, but the PUC killed that deal (or so they said). Really, its too bad because my July bill from Gexa was at a much better rate then what I am getting now.

    As far as the last bill for NPC, I still have not received any notice from a collection agency.

  318. Powerless?

    It sounds like your account was mishandled in one way or another. I wonder if some of the NPC account records were lost, thrown out or shredded in the chaos of their final days.

    It's good that Amigo agreed to adjust your rate. Their complaint rate has gone through the roof, according to the state website.

    I managed to switch my NPC variable rate plan to Reliant effective a day or two before Amigo was to take over. I got a rate of 14.2 cents for June, July and August, which changes to their flex plan rate at the end of this month.

    I never paid my last NPC bill. I have not received any follow up bills or collection activity yet.

  319. Powerless?

    By the way, I'm not saying that I'm happy with Reliant. I'm happy with the rate I got, but Reliant's customer service is horrible. The online signup process didn't work and wasted a bunch of my time. They told me I had bad credit and wanted a $700 deposit, even though I have perfect credit (The unpaid NPC bill didn't exist at that time). Actually, they sent me a bill for the $700 deposit after their online sign up process stated that a deposit was not required. I got copies of all three credit reports and verified that there is no negative information. Then they set up my plan, which Reliant called its "Residential Choice Plan" as if it were a business (that takes brains), and therefore assessed state, Metro and City of Houston sales taxes. Residential electricity is not subject to state and local sales taxes, except for a 1% city sales tax in certain cities. But my house is not in the city. They wasted hours of my time, but they did finally waive the deposit and remove the taxes.

    When the markets stabilize I will happily leave Reliant again. Definitely.

  320. Kendall

    "I wonder if some of the NPC account records were lost, thrown out or shredded in the chaos of their final days." – Per the PUC, that is a possibility, and that is why it took Amigo so long to bill me. I noticed they sure as hell had my SSN, though. You know, so they could report me to the credit bureaus if I tried to skip out on their bill.

    Before all of this started, I was with Reliant and would still be if they had not sent me notice that they were raising my rates to what, at that time, seemed enormous. It's like there was/is collusion going on. How could they know in December that natural gas prices, and thus electric rates, were going to increase as much as they did this spring/summer?

    Does anybody know why some are getting collection letters while others have not? Maybe they are concentrating on the large unpaid bills first.

  321. Doublenot7

    I filed a complaint against NPC with PUC and received a response letter from PUC today. NPC failed to respond in the 21 day window, big surprise. PUC can fine NPC up to $25K but I doubt they will get fined even $0.025 since they are no longer in business.

  322. KiloWattheHellisGoin

    I've been energy company surfing from National to Reliant to DirectEnergy. I've paid National (reluctantly) and Reliant in full, but I've been with DirectEnergy through 2 meter read cycles and have yet to receive a bill from them.
    They tell me "they're having trouble with their billing system." Can anyone shed some light on this situation?? Has anyone else experienced this??? Is DirectEnergy going south???

  323. Doublenot7

    I've been with Diect Energy also for a few months but have only received one bill so far. I have no idea what the problem is, but i'm about tired of Texas energy companies right now.

  324. ScamAlert

    Do a web search for W Financial Group.
    They were 'into' more than just electricity!
    They are (were) at the same exact address
    in Houston.
    The sad part is, they will get by w/slap on the wrist while the folks lost all of their
    retirement funds.

  325. Powerless?

    Actually, the story on W Financial Group was in the Houston Chronicle. I quote therefrom:

    "Two Spring men and one from North Texas misled elderly investors to raise money the men used to buy a Houston electric company that failed last month, federal regulators allege."

    "The electric company, National Power, was one of four that collapsed in recent weeks as wholesale power prices spiked…"

    The story named the same men mentioned on the SEC site.

    I can't find the story now on Chron.com, but I printed it. It was dated June 19, 2008, is entitled "SEC accuses three of duping investors", and was written by Tom Fowler.

    So…it's documented that National Power Company IS the electric company that was bought with the swindled money.

    A post above in this thread by "dm" on June 20th, 2008 at 6:59 am gave a link to this article.

    Any collection activity, anyone? They seem to have given up and disappeared.

  326. Doublenot7

    Nothing since the original letter here. Have not heard a word since I sent them the old cease desist letter.

  327. Sadsituation

    The plan originated in taking funds from the elderly under false pretenses.(18 million) Part of the proceeds were used to purchase National. The sec has stepped in and they are being prosecuted.

  328. Kendall

    Well, I just thought this was finally over for me. Last week I received a new "Final Bill" from Gexa stating that I now owe them for an early cancellation fee. Gexa was my first choice when NPC sent its first letter and gave us the option to sign up with another REP. Then when NPC decided to go out of business, I was told by the PUC that all new deals had been killed. I had to find another REP. Obviously, Gexa did not get that bit of info. I have spoke with Gexa service reps about this, but I don't think they believed my story. They were supposed to call back and have not. The rep at the PUC and I got into it a little bit because my complaint has been closed so I could not speak with the guy handling my case all this time. If Gexa does not come through, I am going to have to file a new complaint with the PUC.

  329. Raph 79

    I have been with Direct for several months and am very happy their survice and rate, $.13/kwh.

  330. radioboy34

    I know one of the owners of W financial, which was the company that funded, then bankrupted National Energy. He is scamming the SEC by hiding assets, he is living in a 2+ million dollar house that was paid for by taking money from the elderly. I really hope they put him behind bars for many years to come.

  331. ScamAlert

    You should pass information to the SEC so that
    this man and his cohorts get what they deserve.

    What will probably happen is that all of the money recovered, if any, will go to the lawyers and the folks that got scammed will get zilch!

    If he and his pals are living in mulimillion dollar homes they should be forced to downgrade a bit…say $100K and take the rest of the money and give back to those they defrauded!

  332. Radioboy34

    ScamAlert – The SEC has been notified. Since I see his name listed, I will share it. Adley Abdulwahab is under investigation not only for NPC and W financial, he has also been caught in Chicago defrauding people with an insurance scam to the tune of $130 million. I wish I could find information on it online. I have a back door source which is 100% correct on this. My fear is this ass will run out of the US before too long and these people will be screwed. I have not been interviewed by the SEC, so I am not under any type of gag order or anything. It will just be interesting to see what happens. I really want to see them all in jail. But, Adley needs to go for life.

  333. ScamAlert

    I haver a close freind that has lost $85K to these rags…their entire savings/retirement.
    I say 'lost' because I doubt that
    after the smoke clears, he gets even 10 cents on the dollar. From what I understand the judge
    has really drug his feet on this thing, and as a result, the lawyer bills continue to climb as the 'rehash' this sordid scam.

  334. Former Employee

    I have been waiting on my W2 and still havn't received it, is anyone else out there going through the same thing?

  335. I am very glad I found your website on facebook. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my roommate were just preparing to do some research about this. I am glad to see such great information being shared for free out there.
    Afon from Columbus city

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