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TXU scraps their plan to build 8 new coal fired power plants, so now what?

With several petitions and natural gas lobbyists working around the clock, TXU has lost their chance at adding over 6,000 megawatts of annual energy output. The environmentalists have decided that Texas does not need the added pollution. This is fine but Texas is growing at a rapid pace and if it isn’t Coal it will eventually be Nuclear.

Environmentalists not happy about nuclear either

 I don’t think environmentalists will be very happy if a nuclear power plant is built which produces very clean cheap energy but then has a melt down and pollutes the state with fall out. I on the other hand say, “bring it on”. This state needs clean cheap energy and I am willing to take the chance that a melt down might occur. What can you do? We are growing at a terribly fast rate. When the nuclear power plants are built we need to take extra precautions to make sure nothing catostrophic happens.

All power sectors probaly lobbied to out the Coal plans

It is very likley that the nuclear guys were also lobbying to have the TXU plans of 8 new coal power plants to be destroyed. We can’t know for sure but the public outcry itself had a dramatic effect in its own right in bringing these plans to a halt. Natural Gas continues to be the leading fuel for electricity generation for the state of Texas and will likely stay in the lead for another 15 years.

Nuclear will eventually take over in Texas

Beyond this time frame it is very likely that nuclear will take over and the state will do quite well with this new fuel source especially as we become more used to the risk. Take for instance California and Japan. Both areas have a large population and eventually had to resort to nuclear. Do you think Texas will be any different?

We remain the 2nd largest state and the fastest growing in population due to the immigration problem which I look at as an opportunity. Growth means more jobs, more energy sources and more chances for your family to have opportunity and flourish.

What to do about peak energy demand in Texas

By 2009 peak demand will have a serious problem without the needed energy production that the 8 coal fired power plants would have produced. This however will not be a problem as Texas has plenty of time and awareness of the problem. Be on the lookout for wind energy, natural gas supplies and talk of nuclear to continue as plans are made to fill the gap in 2009.



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