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Spark Energy Promotional Code

Promo Code with Spark Energy

Spark Energy is currently not offering a promotional code for their electric rate. We have provided an alternative discount electric provider rate to the left. Simply type in your zip code and click on the “compare” button to the left and you will be taken to a discount electric rate page for Champion Energy, Startex Power, and several other providers, where you can check for rates in your area. It doesn’t matter if you live in Houston, the North Texas area the Dallas area or other location. As long as you live in a deregulated area and you type in your correct zip code the electric rate will apply.

Last year Spark Energy and Startex Power were offering a 12 month electric rate at this time for around 11.1 cents kWh. On Sept 5 2008 Spark’s 12 month electricity rate was 12.55 cents kwh in the Dallas Fort Worth area and 13.65 cents kWh for 12 months fixed in the Houston area. Depending on what the market has done since this update their rates could be higher or lower then this. This is only a sampling of their rates for Sept 2008. In comparison to Spark Energy we recommend checking Startex Power’s updated discounted rates. We have a discount link to their webpage here: Startex Energy Discount Rate. The rate does not have a monthly customer service charge and it is not dependent on how much energy you use in a month. The rate will not change the entire term of the contract. The 12 month term offers the best electric rate as it will lock you in for the summer months which can sometimes be higher if you come off contract before that time. You may sign up online with Spark Energy at this site and the promo code is already built into the link so there is no need to worry about typing it in.

Back in May 29 2008 the Texas residential electric market was close to a 3 year high. Rates look much better now as of Sept 5 2008 but are sitting at support floor and look like they may bounce back up in the next week or two. If you would like another low cost provider to compare with Spark you may check out Bounce Energy and see how their rate compares with Spark Energy. You can sign up on Bounce’s no deposit or low deposit electric rate here: Bounce No and or Low Deposit Residential Electric Service If you have bad credit or no credit I recommend choosing Bounce’s cheapest Plan and have them attempt to pass you at a low deposit requirement. If you have good credit I would go with their “Super Saver Plan”. Learn more

Spark Energy Promotional Code

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admin Donny started back in 2007 from his parents basement and has since married his wife Melody and had three sons, John Adam (7) and Noah (4) and our new 20 month old son. He enjoys tech related things, softball, kickboxing, going to the gym, excursions and activities together with his wife Melody. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. Would you take the time today to try our service and see how you like it. Thank you! and God Bless You!

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  1. Scott

    This website is flooded with false "good news" about Champion Energy. Their rates are not the lowest. Go to and see.

  2. Jim Smithies


    You may not understand that this is a blog. Each article was written on a specific day in the past. At the time and date of this article Champion did have the best rate although as of today there are other providers besides Champion, depending on your area in Texas offering better rates then Champion and Spark Energy. We have the residential electric providers we currently recommend on the top left of this site in the orange boxes. As of today "Affordable Energy" has the best 12 month fixed rate in the Houston and Harris County area. Champion has decent electric rates in other areas in Texas. We only recommend electric companies with a proven track record and ability to stay in business. Riverway Power, National Power, Pre-Buy Electric, Etricity, are just a few providers that once offered better then the average electric rate but are now all out of business. There is a reason we are picky on who we recommend on this site. In comparison, the Texas government is quick to put the next fly by night electric company on their site. Over 50,000 Texas electric service customers are now on the POLR electric rate because of the PUCT not investigating soon enough and cracking down on these companies and so they are now left paying 20 – 30 cents kWh until they pick a new provider.

  3. PBuhr

    We got popped by Commerce Energy for .279 per kilowatt this month and we have been walking around with the thermostat on 80. We have reduced our usage by 75% and still got ripped by Commerce with a $995.99 energy bill. Watch out …like the oil companies…we are all getting TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS!!!!

  4. John Smitharusky

    I came to this website looking for a way to sign up for Sparks Energy service for my house. I noticed it is actually cheaper to go through you than to go to them directly. Thanks

  5. please take my name off of the service list i was lied to and i would like to go back to the servce that i had i don't want anything free but the service that i always had thank you

  6. my name is angela diggs-bey and i live in the city of baltimore md i was lied to about your service i never wanted to change the service that i had so please take me off of your service list and put me back on what ever service that i had when i first got baltimore gas and electric service please call me if you need any other info

  7. Lumpy1

    We have been with Spark for 3 years. The first year the rate was great, the second year they offered you a higher but still competive rate because you were a good customer. This year, even though you are still a good customer, they did not offer the same rate, or for that matter the lower rate that they are offering people with the promo code. Instead they raised the rate of the loyal, excellant paying, customers that have been with them for several years. How is that for customer service. By the way, when you want to speak to someone at Spark, they NEVER answer the phone and if you send them an e-mail, they NEVER respond to that either. There are at least a dozen or so in our office that have Spark and none of us have ever been able to get them on the phone or get them to respond to letters, or emails. Like I said, poor customer service.

  8. Adele Dodd

    I am with ambit energy as of this moment until I find another electricity provider – which will be very very soon. They called me the day after the Hurricane IKE struck our home and told me that if I didn't pay my bill (which I had all intentions too but, I really needed a place to stay due to my bedroom wall being ripped out and my kitchen wall being peeled up to the ceiling, my a/c shred to nothing, mesquitos were HORRIBLE and I only had $250.00 to my name. Gas for the car was not cheap at that time) or they would cut off my electricity (which I turned the power off from the inside and outside breaker boxes before the hurricane hit) and they would charge me a late fee if I didn't pay then. (my bill was normally due on the 12th or 13th and I get paid on the 15th, which was when I would normally pay them) well, I laughed at the woman on the other end of the phone and said I don't have any electricity the Hurricane just knocked out all our electricty and tore my house up and No one in my neighborhood has electricity. She had said, oh, I'm so sorry but, you still have to pay this bill now. (Now, I had all intentions of paying the bill, just not at that moment because I needed for gas in my car and to go stay some where for a few days at that very moment but, thanks to AMBIT ENERGY I couldn't do that. They could have given me a little lee way there under the circumstances) anyway she said, if you don't then we will charge you a late and reconnect fee. Well, I paid the bill right then and there to keep from having to pay their fees.
    When I got bill the next month it was $75.00 higher and October bill was higher and then the bill for November (which I just paid) was DOUBLED ($227.and some odd cents). I didn't use the air conditioner (because I don't have one anymore) I don't use the Freezer (because wall isn't completely fixed) or the Refrigerator (because it don't work anymore now). I barely use the washer and Dryer(because I get to hang my clothes out on the line to dry). So I have used less electricity. Oh, I was late on 1 payment and they raise my rate to 0.2090 from a reate of 14 or 15 (and it wasn't even my fault but, due to an error – not theirs but, someone elses). I will NEVER again recommend AMBIT energy to any one anywhere.
    In my opinion, they do NOT deserve to have customers and that customers are not customers with Amibt customers. They are just a number and the all mighty dollar is their ONLY concern. They top another energy company in customer service and I don't mean in a good way.
    Please everyone do your homework and read carefully EVERY word that the electricity providers have to say in their long contracts, if not some will take complete and full advantage of you and your hard earned dollars even if an emergency or crisis hits. You want to make sure they don't take advantage of you and your hard earned dollars even if you are late on your payment due to something out of your control and jack your rates up to something you can not afford.
    I now am in OVER DRAFT in my bank just to pay the electricity bill that has DOUBLED in price. Please do not choose Ambit Energy as your service provider, in my opinion they are not customer service oriented, they are only driven by money.

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