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Fire up the coal plant, your MAC is an energy vacuum.

The metro-sexual MAC idealists are melting the icebergs

The digital age is an energy hog. All of you apple computer snobs trying to save the environment are actually contributing to melting the icebergs and creating coal fired smog and smoke in our cities. Sure, your computer is not as bad at using electricity as say an air-conditioner but there are enough blogging idealists out there trying to save the environment to cause an energy vacuum that takes all that stored clean natural gas out of surplus and causes those coal plants to fire back up.

Is this a refrigerator or a computer

The money saved in using more efficient computers is far less then the money lost and energy burned by the pace of a large growing number of nerdy idealistic bloggers of the Al Gore persuasion. The PC power required to do some of the intensive things we require on our computers requires so much state of the art chips and processors that everything is spinning and running faster then it has ever before. Our computers will eventually approach the energy consumption of a refrigerator if our demand for the latest technology continues. Imagine tens of thousands of Al Gore wannabe’s with a computer using the energy of a mini-refrigerator typing away about saving a seal or an iceberg. This would be ironic but we are closing in on reality as the energy demand in a computer doubles about every two years.

Energy demanded beyond your Apple PC

Coal Fired Power Plant

The Hubs, Repeaters, Networks, ISP’s, and data warehouses required to keep the dot coms running your blog to save the environment adds additional electricity demand. Moving back and forth from desktop to dot com and back requires even more electricity and then the domino effect just continues on. The factories that put these steel machines together use about 1% of the United States’ electricity feeding even more into this energy monster. For those of you that think the ability to work from home instead of driving to work is helping, well it is not enough to keep up with the energy demand of our technology needs. We were expecting a digital age providing unlimited benefits by providing the information we need at a moments notice but we have skimmed over the powerful effect it will have now and in the future on the electric grid. Don’t be fooled, your blog and the hours you spend each day with your computer working on it could be making things worse rather then better.


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  1. Daniel


    What does this have to do with Macs specifically? Wouldn't this hold true for ANY computer? Particularly desktops, which are much more power hungry than laptops.

  2. Tim

    "Don’t be fooled, your blog and the hours you spend each day with your computer working on it could be making things worse rather then better."

    I like how you wrote this….in your blog.

  3. JB

    I get it! It's a joke! There's no other explanation for such stupidity. Grats on brilliant trolling.

  4. Too bad most of apples sales are laptops and these computers can be charged by solar power on the cheap…I like your argument though just keep fighting and eventually we will find a solution in the chaos of opnions and facts or some quiet ubuntu user will design free energy from empty dorritos bags…

  5. unknown

    You must be one of the stupidest people on the internet. Your saying that the 5% of people on the internet (Mac users) are using more energy then the 95% of PC users.

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  7. Zonbu is not a bad idea. I really wonder about some of these comments. Where do these yuppie kids come from and do you really think they will have some of the same ideals when they get out of college and start trying to make money?

  8. TexasAggie

    I think his point was only that the crowd that bitches about the planet are the same ones contributing to the demise of the planet. Like John Travolta who flies his own 747 spewing crap in the air and then his bimbo wife tells us to cut back on the so-called carbon footprint.

    Although he's charging all of us Mac owners (me including) as whining hypocrites, there are millions more who own a PC.

    Pretty funny though….I too know what an idiot Al Gore is. He's now a multimillionaire due to the global warming farce and "carbon credits." Interesting how he won't publicly debate ANYONE on the issue. What a bunch of suckers.

  9. edominator

    While reading your comments I saw how many of you are not able to use the words (then and than) correctly. Quick example on when to use the word then: I went to the store then I went home. The word then represents a sequence of events.

    The word than is used while making a comparison. I like apple pie better than pumpkin pie. Better than you average bear.


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