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Magnetic Cooling does away with electricity

Magnetic refrigerator doesn’t use electricity

The Technical University of Denmark have created a refrigerator that uses magnets to cool rather then electricity. The cooling mechanism makes absolutely no noise.

Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have discovered this cooling method while experimenting in the Riso project laboratory. The newspaper reporting on this was Nyhedsavisen which is a rather new newspaper publishing its 1st newspaper in October 2006. The paper is a free publication making money from ad revenue.

Existing refrigerators that use electricity will soon be able to be completely replaced by this magnetic technology. This will be a fully environmentally green source of energy for the purpose of cooling in refrigerators and air conditioning units. The first prototype will not be ready until 2010, with cooling cycle efficiency at a 60% greater norm then current refrigeration units.
The way the technology works is by using opposing magnetic fields to effectively raise the temperature of the materials in the cooling unit. The heat energy is taken through a fluid like water and then thermodynamically reversed to a cold temperature. The scientists have experimented in a test laboratory by cooling a room from 68 degrees Fahrenheit down to 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit.
The new method uses opposing magnetic fields to increase the temperature of the materials employed. The heat energy is transported through a non-volatile fluid, such as water, and then thermodynamically reversed to a cold temperature. The scientists have already been able to cool a 68° F room to 51.8° F using the newly invented cooling technology.

‘This magnetic cooling technology may take some time to catch on but if I remember correctly there was a contest that had scientists working on a way to make air conditioning and refrigerators more efficient with the prize being several million dollars. This would be a worthy winner of this prize still exists.’
The refrigerator is completely silent which means that the same would probably be true of an air conditioner to some degree. I look forward to when this technology becomes available to the public as I would like to buy both an A/C and a refrigerator

Magnetic cooling is not new but this is the first practical example of the technology actually cooling a room to this degree.�

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  1. John

    Its 2010,
    have they developed this yet or?
    I suppose the only possible drawbacks are to those with metal peices in their body & being stuck on the fridge like a magnet.
    Is there any more on this particular technology from this group?

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