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Gore and his Electricity Generation Global Warming Tales

Al Gore has started a new phenomenon and multi-billion dollar industry related to all things global warming. It just so happens that electricity is one of the leading causes to his global warming consipracy. Is this Global Warming nightmare really true? Many believe it is true but we haven’t exactly heard the whole story. If you remember, most of what you see on TV is either a few movie stars trying to trumpet the theory or the political party or lobbying organization receiving millions of dollars in their campaigns making it further known. This is a political circus and the news organizations love it. They will continue to report on it so long as people will listen and get hooked in. Anything that causes a passion or emotional stir will remain on TV, the air waves and in print. Al Gore has literally created a political power house that will bring in more votes, money and ultimately give himself a lot of power. So the question again is, is this Global Warming thing really true?

Top Scientists Disagree with Al Gore on Electricity Generation causing global warming

A well made video put out by some top scientists in the weather field differ with Al Gore on more then a few points. This video is nothing like a conspiracy and presents the facts in a very clear unimbelished way. It is a UK video Documentary that was created by several top weather and climate scientists at some of the more well known Universities across the nation. ABC bought the video and plans on airing it as a counter video documentary to Al Gores popular Global Warming Video.

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