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How To Deal With TXU


Many times when a company uses TXU Energy as their energy service provider they find that a problem or two may develop in the process of their contract. These problems could be major or minor but the question comes up as to how to go about negotiating and delaing with customer support. TXU is a very large company and at one time was a monopoly. Oncor Electric Delivery is a division that broke off of them and actually became their own entity unaffiliated with them in any way. This allowed other electric providers to come into the Texas market and compete with TXU.

If You Have Broken Your Contract Agreement With TXU Energy

Some commercial businesses have accidentally broken their contract agreement with TXU when electric rates went down and another electric company came into the mix offering a better deal. Generally the competing electric provider notifies the business that they are about to break their agreement with the other provider when Oncor or ERCOT makes this known to them. This notification process doesn’t always happen and sometimes falls through the cracks. In these cases you may be stuck with an early termination penalty that is usually about 2 months averaged bills or something that is based off of current market rates. If the penalty is based on current market electric rates you usually have some wiggle room to get the penalty lowered some.

Where To Start

You should start by talking with the Electricity Provider that didn’t notify you that you were about to break your energy agreement with the other electric provider. Call the energy company in question (Your Previous Provider) and ask to speak to a manager. The manager will have the skill and knowledge to answer your questions and possibly negotiate a way out of the penalty. Explain your honest mistake with the provider and let them know it was accidental. Let them know you would be willing to come back onto their original energy contract if they will waive the early termination penalty. After you have worked out an agreement with your old energy provider you will want to call your current electric company (TXU Energy, Reliant Energy, Direct Energy, etc) and explain your situation. You want to try and let them let you out of the agreement while your not too far into it. They will be more likely to let you out without penalty the sooner you notify them of the situation.

Give Them Added Details

If you are a well known public non-profit or just happen to have a good reputation in the community then politely let TXU Energy know that you have that type of influence. Make it clear that the situation was by accident and you would like some type of compromise between your company and the energy company penalizing you. Any additional information such as low cash flow issues and the potential that the penalty could cause serious consequences to your job or the company as a whole could help influence their situation.

After All Avenues Have Been Exhausted

After trying everything to get the penalty removed and still no compromise you may want to speak to an energy consultant to see if their relationship with the electric companies could help in the influence to reduce or remove the penalty. You can speak to an energy consultant here:

Speak to a Consultant

More about TXU Energy


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  1. ElizaBlue

    TXU has HORRIBLE customer service. It is obviously out of the country and there is a huge communication gap. From my accout I can tel there is no attempt to resolve an issue even to the point of when it's clear I am due a refund the rep will hang up the phone.

  2. AngryInTexas

    Enter into service @ TXU at your own risk!!!!!
    The customer service is HORRIBLE!! I called to cancel new service 2 days before the start date. They started service and did not inform me. They informed me that it would take 5 days for them to disconnect service. When we asked to speak to a supervisor, the phone was "disconnected" about 5 times. We were forced to stay on the phone for over 3 hours just to speak to someone that was rude. They made no attempt to correct the problem. We asked for a phone number for their regulatory service, they refused to give me the information.

  3. ellimac

    I am presently trying to deal w. TXU. My bill was $185.00 more for the same period than it was the past 2 years. Customer serv. said I used all that enegry. I have had no additional appliances at my house and I live alone. They would NOT let me speak to a supervisor. Finally said I would have to wait for one after 20 minutes I told the clerk to take my ph # and have sup call me. He said he could not guarantee the sup would call me. He did not have control over what other people did. I sent 2 letters and never got a response. Any ideas.

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