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Katy Texas Electric Company

Comparing Electric Rates in Katy Texas

Fee free to call one of our energy consultants if you have any questions at 1-800-971-4020.

Commercial Electric Rates

Below is a useful chart for comparing commercial electric rates in Katy Texas. Commercial prices differ based on facility and load factor so you will need to call for an update. We will pull your historical data or estimate it if you are moving in to a new facility and get quotes for your commercial or industrial business.

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How to successfully obtain a wholesale electric rate in Katy Texas

We have an aggregation service in Katy Texas where we pool several commercial businesses together into a large electric usage account. By doing this we are creating an account large enough to obtain a discount electric rate. For instance, if you own a small commercial facility that uses about 10,000 kwh a month you might be able to obtain a modest savings on your electric rate. Consider being placed in a large group of businesses with a total monthly usage approaching 500,000 kwh a month. That is 6 million kwh a year. This is about how much electricity a chemical plant or manufacturing facility would use. We are able to procure a true wholesale electric rate for all the companies participating in this type of aggregation. We group companies into the aggregations based on their load factor so that none of the businesses will be taking advantage of another accounts possible high load factor. High load factor businesses are in their own aggregation and the same applies for medium and low load factors. This means that you are grouped with businesses that use their energy in the same way you do. Being grouped like this allows for the electric companies to price your account in the most accurate way possible to produce the lowest electric rate they can offer.

Competitive Electricity Rates From Over 20 Retail Electric Providers

Competitive electric rates are provided by over 20 different Retail Electric Providers. We take the top 3 quotes and squeeze out as much of the retail margin from the rate as possible until we not only have a low rate from the aggregation but have successfully created a reverse auction that allows for the lowest electric rate quote to win.

Katy Texas

Katy Texas is one of many cities in the Houston metropolitan area. Katy is within the deregulated area in Harris County. Because the city is deregulated you can choose among 40 different Retail Electric Providers and over 200 different rate plans. We can help your company make sense of the best options and point you in the direction of the lowest cost provider and rate plan. If you are a manufacturing plant and need a predominant use study we can come in for a very conservative fee and sign off on it so you can recover up to 48 months in back taxes you may have paid and to not have to pay taxes for any future manufacturing electricity consumption.

Katy Texas Building Permit

Building Permit Application and Fees

In order to obtain electricity for a new building you will need to have a building inspection. Katy is a Zoned City. Permits are required for new construction, remodeling, additions, plumbing, electrical, heating/air conditioning. For the safety of our citizens, professional, well-trained Inspectors insure building standards are met. Information is available to “walk you through” the permits and inspections process. Our Inspectors will meet with you for a pre-construction consultation.

Building Permit Phone Number

City of Katy
910 Avenue C
P. O. Box 617
Katy TX 77492-0617
281.391.4830         Fax 281.391.4834

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