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Amigo Energy Houston Electricity

About Amigo Energy

Amigo Energy is a privately owned Retail Electricity Provider (REP) that services both residential and commercial consumers in Houston Texas and the rest of the state.  The Energy company was founded by a Hispanic father and son team with over 20 years of combined experience in the Texas deregulated energy market. If you don’t live in Houston Texas Amigo is still able to provide electricity to your home and business at a much lower electric rate then most of the other providers in Texas.

Current Texas Residential Electric Rates

Dynamo Soccer Team Sponsor

Amigo Energy is the official home and commercial business Retail Electric Provider of the Dynamo soccer team. The marketing strategy used by Amigo will have co-branded Dynamo and Amigo Energy advertising on the field and on other Dynamo related products and merchandise. The strategy works to gain new customers and keep existing ones.

The Founders of Amigo Energy

The founders of Amigo have been involved in the infrastructure of the Texas power grid for years and have assisted the public utility commission in the Texas grid reliability. Antonio Vega worked with TXU for 37 years as an electrical engineer providing strategic knowledge and grid reliability engineering to make sure electricity reaches its final destination. Texas remains one of the most reliable grids in the United States. The state may pay a little extra for their energy but we have one of the best grids in the country and you have to give those who engineer and create the grid credit.�

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    • MARIA

      To all prospective electric customer,



      • electricitybid

        Maria, What happened to you? Do you mind explaining the situation in more detail?

  1. Nancy Bednar

    Hi, I would like to know more about your company, I just moved to houston from dallas and I'm looking for a job, I serched on this page with no success.

    please contact me,


    Nancy C. Bednar

  2. ZackbTX

    Amigo Energy engages in dishonest, bait-and-swtich marketing tactics which likely constitute violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Amigo recently raised customers' rates 61% in one billing cycle (one month), during the hottest time of the year, when customers are more dependent on electric service than other times of the year. Shame!

  3. CraigB

    Amigo es no Amigo, I got gouged by these people as soon as my contract rate expired, my rates went from .116 kwh to .154 kwh the first month after contract expired, next month it went to .198 kwh and I switch the day I got the bill, but due to Relient dragging there feet for four weeks in picking up my service I had to pay another "Friend" bill at a rate of .2419, that is over 100 percent increase in 3 month! The last month of which I waiting to change my service.

  4. Rosemary deJ

    We also have been gouged by these people, I am outraged. If anyone reading this is considering going with Amigo DON'T DO IT, they will rip you off too. Our rate went from 0.1519 to 0.2419 in the space of two bills. I arranged to change service in June when I received a bill showing an increased rate of 0.1959. I had to wait almost a month for Reliant to switch us over. Now we have a leaving present from Amigo. For our final month of service with them they increased our rate again to 0.2419 and presented us with a bill for almost $900. Naturally it is impossible to get through on the phone to them. Wish they would regulate this industry and shut down these price gougers.

  5. Kevin B

    Is anybody getting a class action suit together we need help bad. These weasels raised me to $0.2469 per kWh and billed final two months ($1700) at same time. I had to take out a loan to get rid of these crooks.

  6. josh

    Is anyone else having trouble getting through to their customer service? I’m a former NPC customer who got switched and luckily I was able to change to a new company, however I still have not received a bill from Amigo for the month I was with them… All this crap is starting to sound VERY shady. First NPC gives them their business and then the rates skyrocket, and now you can’t reach anybody on the phone… Oh and they're trying to bill me july rates even though I was with them for June….

  7. ron s.

    amigo raised my rate from .10/KWh to .26.kwh as soon as my contract was up in july. i transfered my service the same day. i hope these people burn in hell!

  8. Doug C

    I've had the same experience with Amigo. It seems once they noticed I was switching companies they decided to raise my last month's rate to $0.24/kwh. The funny thing is that it took them more than a month to send my final bill. Previously they always billed me one day after the meter was read. I'll be filing a complaint with Amigo, the PUC (like those cronies will help) as well as writing my state reps. This is legalized robbery, plain and simple. I've been with four power companies and this is the only problem I've ever had. If anyone knows of a class-action suit, please post.

  9. cd

    Ive had the same experiences as everyone else.

    I believe Amigo Energy is overcharging customers to "penalize" them for not switching to their fixed rate program.

    In the Amigo Energy terms of service it states: "The price described in the Applicable Electricity Facts Label iis inclusive of all applicable energy, transmission, and distribution charges, but does not include non-recurring fees and applicable taxes. The price is subject to changes in applicable transmission, and distribution charges, generation fuel prices, and applicable taxes."

    I contacted Amigo Energy customer service and said I believe I am being overbilled. I asked to see the a detailed breakdown of changes in applicable transmission, and distribution charges, generation fuel prices, and applicable taxes for the last three months, which would account for their need to raise prices by 43% over that period. They said they couldn't do that.

    I filed a complaint with Texas Attorney General (www.oag.state.tx.us/) and the Texas PUC (www.puc.state.tx.us/) and suggest everyone do the same.

  10. Jeff Luebke

    Our electricity went from .107 to .2419 as soon as our 6 month term expired. An increase of almost 250% before we had any notification whatsoever. I intend to file complaints with every organization/office listed above also.

    Starting with the Better Business Bureau of Dallas who has 18 previous complaints registered. They already have a listing of unsatisfactory at the BBB site in Dallas.

    For what it's worth 17/18 Dallas complaints have been resolved.

    Just looked at my bill and see these jerks don't even have business hours over the weekend.

  11. KJ

    We are in the same boat as you. I switched to another provider after recieving a .19/kwh rate from Amigo. I didn't see it coming after having experienced very reasonable rates over the last 18 months of service. If that wasn't bad enough, the final slap (bill) was .241/kwh – astronimical! I will be filing complaints as well.

  12. rod

    Amigo Electric business model is competitive until it expires. Then they JACKED up the rate 52% without notice. The say 12 periods well, it is periods not a year. They bill not every month, sometimes 2 in one month. So, the unsuspecting slob thinks he can switch after 1 year. WRONG. They count on that. Our Bill increased from 11.9 to 24.19 during the hottest and peak demand months. It has hit our family hard. IF YOU GO WITH THEM, YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR HEAD EXAMINED FOR BRAIN ACTIVITY.

  13. Randy

    I just spent the last 2 months trying to get out of business with Amigo. It was a horrible experience. Like someone said – If you go with them, examine your head. They are bad all around. Now, what will filing with the PUC do? I plan on doing it, but would like to know what will happen, if anything. I also had the rate hike from .13 cents to .24 cents from May to July. The worst part was spending hours on the phone arguing with them, being placed on hold and being cut off, even hung up on. Unbelievable. Are they alone in this type of practice? Or do other energy companies price gouge and torment their customers? Please, if someone has any legal advice, post it. Thanks!

  14. Linda

    We were with Nat'l Power before they discontinued service in our area end of May and was automatically switched to Amigo with the understanding nothing would change. We called Amigo 7/07 to ask about our stmt and was told one had been sent. We had not received it so paid it online asking them to mail a hard copy and also e-mail us the statement. The charge from National Power from 5/13 to 5/30 was .125KWh. The charge from Amigo from 5/30 to 6/12 was .1999KWh. On 8/4 we called again having not received the June or July stmt again paying on . We were extremely surprised to see the charge went to .2469KWh and a late charge for the June stmt. We call Green Mountain and have swithed as of 8/6 after reading them the KW hrs used for the same time the bill would have been $200 less. I agree with the thought process that Amigo increased the charge to get you to sign a contract. They had attempted to get us to by e-mails and telephone calls,yet we could not get a stmt from them.

  15. Josh

    @Linda: Interesting that they told you they sent you a bill. I called them and they said my statement was in "open bill" which apparently means they hadn't sent it yet, and supposedly wasn't even due. According to the CSR, it takes 30 to 60 days after the final date of service to get a bill….

  16. thall

    seems the most egregious thing happening is the arbitrary increase without notification and this goes on with all service providers.
    for what it's worth i wrote to all state and national lawmakers demanding they fix this and the best i got was "well,next time we are in session we will look at it". we need to look at the people representing us and get some new ones elected who actually understand the problem.class action suits and the bbb are are joke because the energy companies are operating within the law the morons we elected passed.

  17. Jerry H

    Looks like we are left with few options as I too have been fleeced by Amigo customer service is horrible as they don't respond to emails nor phone calls (one of them actually hung up on me when I asked his name). There must be a maverick lawmaker who will take these people on.I am about to email John Culbertson and Dan Patrick and let local newspapers and TV stations know about the practices used by these REP's. Suggest a picket/prostest march on Amigo headquarters to let them know how many people are affected with their low handed business tactics.

  18. maria diaz

    I am with you guys….I won't go into more of the same of how I was hosed, but my bill is a $1000 compared to our usual $500 bill. We were increased from 16.something to 24.9.They refused to make payment options with me. I am interested if anyone files a class action or even if the news media gets involved. I cancelled my 2 year contract (a week after I signed up because they refused to let me make payments on the bill)Their customer service is deplorable. As I type I have been on the phone on hold for almost 30 minutes waiting to talk to a manager that was to have ALREADY called me back. Truly rediculous…..

    maria_c_diaz@yahoo.com– contact me if you have any ideas on what we can do….

  19. I sent an email to local tv media today.
    (The 4 major networks in Dallas.)
    No responses yet, I'll update here if they reply.

    My increase was .107 -> .2419 in one billing period, no notification. Today when I finally reached their office they told me they didn't have time to update me prior to increasing the billing. My only notification was my increased bill.

    I reported to Public Utility Commission earlier in the week and they say their response should come within 21 days.

  20. tammy

    From $191 in May 2008 to $687 in June 2008!!!

    We, too have been victimized by Amigo Energy. I hope we can accomplish a remedy. Our home is only 1107 square feet, we have thermal curtains in most windows, keep the air at 78 during the day, 74 at night. I was on a variable plan that was never out of line with other companies and then I decided to switch when my rate went from .1439 for April 2008 to .1769 in May 2008. I switched to Green Mountain for a 3 month intro offer of 14.3. Unfortunately the switch didn't get accomplished fast enough. My highest bill with Amigo in 1 1/2 years was $191, my LAST bill from Amigo=$687!!!

    I switched May 22, 2008 and when I still hadn't received my final bill from them in late July, I called. When I FINALLY got through, they said my final bill had not been generated (could take 30-60 days). I asked what my rate/kwh was and they said it hadn't been determined yet! How convenient for them.

    Then when I received my $687 bill I called repeatedly for several days before I finally got through and then held for 30 minutes for a rep. I asked for a manager or supervisor and they refused. I asked them to review my history of usage and charges and they said I had a variable plan and that they had tried on several occasions to reach out to me with a fixed rate offer and that I didn't respond. (I don't recall ever getting reached out to by them!) She also said that I was supposed to have called them EVERY month in order to keep the lower variable rate. I don't recall being informed of that either.

    I'm sorry that everyone else here is experiencing some similar problems, but it feels better not to be alone. I'm going to fight it every way I know of–it's not fair to be held captive that way.

    Good luck to all.

  21. tammy


    I did receive my final bill. It was $687! I haven't paid it yet. I was told I have 60 days to pay. I plan to file complaints with the PUC, Attorney General's office, Fair Trade Commission and Amigo.

    I thought I had seen something saying the rate couldn't increase more than a certain % in a month but I can't locate that now. Does anyone know about that?


  22. Josh

    @Tammy: It's right here: http://www.amigoenergy.com/web/pdfs/npc_termsofse… Section# 4 – Variable rate offers may change, but not more than once per billing cycle and not more than 10% from the rate stated on your Electricity Facts Label without NPC providing you a revised Electricity Facts Label.

    The only facts label I received was when I first was sold to them, so unless they can somehow prove the postal service delivered the (non-existent) new EFL, they're SOL.

    BTW, how'd you get them to finally send you a bill?

  23. tammy

    Josh, thanks for the link to the info I needed. I only ever received the facts label when I first signed up with them 1 1/2 years ago, so I hope this info will help me.

    I received a bill about 1 month after leaving them–I called repeatedly and finally got through to someone. They said just to wait until the bill was generated–it sometimes takes up to 60 days.

    Thanks again for the link.

  24. tammy

    Unfortunately I just spoke with the PUC and they said it wouldn't help to complain regarding my rate jumping from .1769 to .2469 in one month because under my variable rate plan there is no stipulation that they can't raise it to any amount they want.

    I guess terms of service were different for NPC customers who went to Amigo. (Can't increase more than 10% per billing cycle).

    I still think it's robbery, price gauging, etc. however, I feel pretty stupid for not covering all the bases from the beginning. It was open-ended and I wish now I would have caught it.

  25. Norbert

    I'm having problems with Amigo too. I was an NPC customer, stupid me for trying to save money by going with a company with low rates. Not only did they delay billing me until they could jump my rate to .2469, they ALSO do NOT have a previous meter reading for me, so the jerks assumed the previous reading to be zero and charged me for the full amount of electricity logged by my meter SINCE INSTALLATION. I did get through to them on the phone, and after one rep hung up on me, the next guy says the bill is valid no matter if there is an overage and I MUST pay it, and IF they determine there was an inaccuracy, it will be handled as a refund. It took two months of multiple requests just to get a bill… how long can they delay on a refund? Sorry, mi amigo…. I smell an impending bankruptcy and I don't want to see my money go down the tubes with you. I'm trying to contact the TDSP and my next messages will be to PUC, BBB and TX Att Gen.

  26. Doug F.

    It seems that the nearly 200 consumers who were notified by National Power of price hikes in their fixed-rate plans who complained to the PUC, and subsequent PUC actions, landed all the rest of the former National Power customers in a company called Amigo. Amigo waited two months to bill me and raised my rate from .1143 to .24+ per kWh.

    There is no documentation of any kind that I agreed to the switch. Amigo did not send a Letter of Authorization. Amigo did not disclose the price of the plan that they were putting me in nor allow me to choose one of their service plans on their website. In fact none of the Chapter 25 Substantive rules applicable to Electric service providers, Subchapter R. Customer Protection rules for electric service were followed. It appears that when we were switched, Amigo elected to just plunder their new customers. I don’t believe this was the intent of PUC’s S25.474 Selection of Retail Electric Providers.

    There are no ethics or friends at "AMIGO".

    I encourage everyone who has been slammed to file a complaint with the PUC

  27. Kal

    SLAMMED,CHEATED BY AMIGO ENERGY. I was NPC customer who was sent to Amigo. The minute i got the notice i switched to another provider. After 2 months Amigo sends me a bill for $406 at .24KWH. My rate with NPC was .11 KWH. I cannot get anyone on the damn phone number they have list on the bill. I went to the PUC website and complained. Any other options folks have had any luck for fighthing these CROOKS!!

  28. Kal


  29. Chris R.

    We were auto switched from National Power company to Amigo. We were paying NPC $.145 per KWh.

    They switched us AUTOMATICALLY!

    So Amigo waits 2 months to send us a bill.

    I had no idea this whole time it was at $.2419.

    Guys seriously, I greened up my house like crazy.
    For 5 kids, a wife and myself in our 3500 sqft home we used 1355 KWh in 1 month.

    For 1 month our charge was $327. That is an OUTRAGE for 1355 KWh.

    Any class action suit please post here. Our 5th child was born 1 week ago just to get BILKED by some company. Our baby needed a new car seat and I guess we will just have to give the money to rip off artists instead.

    Texas PUC should be notified immediately. Class action suit get ready.

  30. pete

    National went under and the next thing I knew I received a bill from Amigo(my new provider) for over$800.00 for 3wks. I paid almost $700.00 back and received a bill for a remainder of 149.00something due and a new bill for over $650.00 for three wks. I submitted a complaint to PUC These people are theives!!!!!!!!!

  31. sbosshamer777

    My bill wawws $350 last month so I changed to Amigo ,havent' heard from them another bill came for $791 I just can't pay it they keep raisung my price per kilowatt from$.12 to$.26 then to $.28 what can I do send a copy to the utility commission?

  32. Tracy

    I have the identical scenario: was switched from National Power and rate up from 0.125 to 0.2469, just got my bills on 8/12/08, for June and July (up to 7/17/08). I believe none of us has received bill for after 7/18/08, who knows what rate is going to be?

    After 2 days continueously trying to call their customer service, I got to talk to a 'manager', which was a very rude female. She refused to give me any adjustment and didn't care whether I switch my provider.

    Seeing all of these complaints, I don't think filing complains is enough to help the situation. The only option left is a class action. But, before that, could someone tell me what will happen to me if I don't pay the bill?

  33. Allen C

    I am transfered to Amigo Energy by National Power Company with a simple notification without mentioning anything about the rate. I also never receive anything regarding the rate or bill from Amigo Energy until yesterday (8/13). To my surprise, I was charged with a rate (24.69) about 50% higher than I used to pay to National Power for two months (June and July). However, I notice that the rate Amigo charges is posted only until July 1, 2008. How can Amigo charges customer a later posted rate on a earlier reading?
    When National Power informed us regarding the change of provider, we normally assume that everything (including the rate) should stay the same or at least similiar. That is the common practice in business world in Texas or in the United States. I feel I have been purposely delayed the bill,and charged an exorbitant, non-competitive rip-off rate too.
    I am eagerly to join the class action against Amigo Energy if they refuse to do the business in a honest way by following a common practice of the business world and revise their charges, I am also considering to file a Small Claims Court lawsuit for deceptive trade practice.
    I would like to see someone come forward to lead us and take some action together!

  34. Greg

    I just got a bill in the mail from a company called Amigo Energy in Houston, TX. I was previously with National Power Company and received my last bill from them with a cutoff date of May 31. I was shopping for a new plan anyway because my NPC contract had just expired. On June 4th, I decided to go with Dynowatt (Accent Energy) with a one year contract and enrolled online. I did not receive an electric bill in June and so I called Dynowatt to confirm that they were my electric service provider. They confirmed that my service as of June 4, 2008 was with them, gave me my account number, but was unable to give me an amount due, yet. Ok… I read my own meter each month and multiplied my usage times my Dynowatt contract price of $0.14/kWh and sent those funds aside. I finally received my first bill from Dynowatt around the first week of August. It was exactly what I thought it would be but only covered from June 30 to July 30. I wondered where the missing June electric bill was. I received this bill from Amigo Energy for that time period at $0.24 per kWh. I don't know who this company is or who authorized them to be my electrical service provider. I have full blown AIDS and on Long Term Disability from my previous employer. I am still too functional to receive Social Security, so I am not eligible for most assistance programs. Every dollar I get from disability is budgeted very, very, very closely. There is no fun money. Every dollar goes to pay bills. I get my food for the week at the AIDS Food Pantry because every dollar I get goes to paying bills. I do not have the means to pay an electric bill of $465.72 that should have been about $200 cheaper. At this point in time I do not have the energy or the health to fight this matter and don't have the funds to pay this bill. What am I supposed to do? Any suggestions?

  35. pete

    I had the same experience. I received my first bill from theses crooks for over $850. I listened to their lying excuse. I paid in one month over $650. The next bill I received showed a ballance of $149.00 and my new bill for 3wks was >$850.00. In two months they have billed me over $1600 dollars for a bill that is usually approximately 230 to $250per month. I would love to join a class action suit against these shiesters(sp). I did an online complaint with PUC. I have switched providers. The quickest way to do this with out waiting 30 – 45 days is to start a new service and this takes about 3 working days. You cancel theses crooks one day after you arrainge another company to start the new service, This way you don't lose service. I would think the PUC would have acted on these people by now. The attorney general should have helped us Texans by now.

  36. Allen C.

    Looks like we all should let media including tv and newspaper know the redicular situation involving National Power and Amigo Energy, how so many customers being rip-off. I believe this event possesses the character of a good news report.

  37. Shelly B

    I received a $950 bill from Amigo, I was supposed to have .19 cents kWh rates it came to .246 cents kWh. I too had NPC, I filed a complaint with the BBB and PUC. Hope something helps us!

  38. Beckett

    I am disputing about $700.00 worth of Amigo charges on my visa card. Visa is very reliable about siding with their customers but I am still keeping my fingers crossed. The PUC and BBB are pretty useless.

  39. Mark A.

    I am in the same boat as the rest of you all. Amigo energy actually sent me a letter upon the switch stating that I was going to be charged 16.5 cent a kWh. Not satisfied, I switched over to a cheaper company only to receive a "final Bill" from Amigo for $815.86 for 6 weeks of service. I have posted my complaint to PUC and am waiting a response but quite frankly I want answers to this ludacrist amount of overcharges. Is there anyone out there more judicial savy than me to start this class action lawsuit?

  40. Laura

    Same thing happened to us. We were paying .12 per kWh with NPC and now .24 with amigo. Isn't there something in the terms of service that says they can't increase the rate more than 10%?? And if so, that's a breach of contract!! The last bill from NPC was $59.49. We waited 2 months for the bill from amigo and they sent us a double bill of $547.69! We live in a tiny 1000 square feet apartment and do not have that kind of money! I am wanting to switch but can anyone tell me which company is the best to switch to?

  41. Laura

    Another question. Did you guys get your deposit back from amigo when you switched?

  42. John T.

    I hate to say the same thing but this HAS to be ILLEGAL. I was a National Power Co. customer. I heard rumors of their failure and contacted Direct Energy. However, during the 7 weeks for Direct to activate my account Amigo billed me $919 @ .24 per KWH. They purposely did not send me a bill until the final bill so I could not do anything about it. From all the posts I am not hearing any suggestions.

  43. brenda c.

    Thanks to God I saw these message postings and read them before deciding on my new electric provider. I was looking at Amigo as they showed the lowest rates and cancellation fee.

    Thank you all for posting your rip offs from Amigo. I really hope that you all get some legal help and media attention. This is truely criminal.

  44. Jody G

    Unfortunately I did sign up with Amigo about three weeks ago. Anyone know how to get out?

  45. Utsav

    I think Amigo Energy / Vega Resources LLC is going out of business.

    The PUC website has them at the lowest rating possible.

    If you have service with them, I suggest you get out now.

    If you are in a POLR or variable rate plan, you can get out in a few days by asking your new electricity provider for an 'out of cycle meter reading from Centerpoint for $6 at time of switch.

  46. Mav

    Amigo is a ripoff! I also got switch from NPC and when I barely got my bill (Jun and Jul) to my surprise it was .24+. What? Are you kidding me! From being .125 to .24+. I am a single guy that don't used that much electricity and my billed was 3 times as higher as a "summer" billed. Wow! Now Imagine if you are a "Family" and with that rate! Just wow! I already filed a complain with PUC and Texas Attorney! After reading all these comments, I will not pay a dime to those crooks! I get a bad credit but I don't care. Bunch of crooks!

  47. Laura

    Unfortunately i am going to be stuck with amigo because switching will require a 500 dollar deposit which i don't have right now because amigo has billed me for 547.69!!!!!!!!!

  48. Laura

    It is impossible to get through to customer service on the phone. You will have to hold forever!

  49. Tracy

    I have filed a complaint at PUCT last week and received a letter from PUCT saying they are investigating Amigo, and Amigo is required to submit a formal response to the investigation within 21 days.
    I think I am not required to pay before I receive more information from PUCT then.
    Anyway, I urge you all to do the same.

  50. John

    I went with Amigo in May with a teaser (introductory) rate. They jacked up my rate to over 20 cents/kwh and the next month to 24 cents/kwh. If you want to change to another provider, it is quickest to request a disconnect and then schedule the reconnect with the new provider for the following day. Otherwise it takes a month to get the service transferred to the new provider. That is my experience. Love to see Amigo go the way of NPC.

  51. John

    PS: To my previous comment. It really does seem that they are taking advantage of the NPC problem by overcharging it's customers. More than likely to get themselves out of the "Red Ink" of their Mismanagement.

  52. August

    I paid a deposit when I signed up with them, kept my account current for a year thru DIRECT DEBIT and then asked for a refund check on my deposit. According to the information on my sign on sheet you can request a refund after being current on your bills for 12 months. I still have yet to receive MY money. Apparently, from what I was told I will not be getting my money because they credited my account for the amount and the transaction cannot be reversed. Funny, my checking account was still debited for the month of August.

  53. Stand Up And Fight!

    Our $200-$300 light bill became an over $500 light bill.
    When National Power got out of the market and switched us to Amigo without our consent, I called Amigo and spent hours on hold and was hung up on repeatedly after the customer service rep on the other end would say "hello this Louis/Ramona/Bob, thank you for calling Amigo energy, how may I help you?" They would repeat their greeting two or three times and then hang up.
    At first I thought there was something wrong with my phone, then I thought there was something wrong with their phone system, now I realize it is a delaying and stalling tactic on their part.
    I finally got through to a rep and was told the rate would be between .15 to .19 but ended up being nearly .25.

    I just spent twenty minutes on hold and got the "lalala I cant hear you" treatment.

    I am switching and may tell Amigo to kiss my *ss over the the .2469/kw bill, credit score be damned!
    I am also calling a few attorneys I know to see if there is a class action lawsuit going against these sh*tweasels yet and if not, then find out which law firm would be interested in starting one.
    I'll post more as I find out.

    "Evil men prosper when the righteous do nothing."

  54. Laura

    I emailed them on august 20th and i got an automatic reply that said

    "Thank you for your inquiry. A Customer Service Agent will respond to your inquiry within two business days."

    Its been 6 days…

  55. fernandod

    WOW, so I'm not the only one? I also had an electric bill which was generally 70-80 (I'm pretty frugal) go to $250 last month. And this is after they told me I wasnt eligible to upgrade when I tried to because I thought my contract was over. Question, my payment was due on the 23rd of this month and I switched companies but the new company wont take over until the 25th of September. Can I get away with not paying Amigo till then? Cuz I sure dont plan on it. I am sure my credit wont be affected that much as I have never missed a payment in my life. But I am worried they will cut my power. If there is a lawsuit please count me in! Thanks

  56. mike

    Reading through these complaints makes me laugh, though I'm unsure why. I found this site out of a want for telling my own story about a sleazy, unscrupulous, company, Amigo Energy, but I see I'm really late to the party. I'll not bore anyone with my story, but I would like to say that I am in complete agreement with "Stand Up And Fight," (letter of 26 August 2008; 3:51 P.M.). I paid approximately 75% of my last invoice, and the balance be damned. Sleazemigo can't ruin my credit; I'm too old & my credit score too high. However, there are many, it would seem, who can be hurt by Sleazemigo's tactics. If "Stand Up And Fight" does manage to get a class-action suit of some kind rolling, I'll join and donate anything I would collect right back to the attorneys who handle the case. I can't understand why this group of bottom-dwellers hasn't been assassinated. It sounds like such a good idea. For the record, I can be reached at mshill@mail.com

  57. mike

    FOLLOW-UP TO MY POST OF 26 AUGUST 2008; 10:56 P.M.

    I would humbly suggest that everyone file a complaint about Sleazemigo with their local Better Business Bureau & the Public Utility Commission. This can be done on-line, or, at least, I was able to do that. And it may help stop other unsuspecting souls from falling prey to this "Den of Thieves."


  58. Mark A.

    It's been 16 days since I wrote my compaint to the PUC and I havn't heard anything, not even a "Recieved your complaint" E-mail. Has anyone received anything form the PUC or BBB in regards to their findings?

  59. mike

    Response to Mark A.

    I too have not heard back from either the PUC or the BBB; although, I didn't expect to hear from the PUC. They are, after all, in the pocket of the electricity providers. Still, I believe the agency has to record a complaint. As for the BBB, I'm rather disappointed. I would have thought there would have been some acknowledgment of my, or any other, complaint. Perhaps "sleazemigo donates money to the BBB.


  60. stbaker2000@cs.com

    AMIGO- read there background. should read they have 20 yrs experience in figuring ways to screw the customers of tx and make money from it- the fact that they are Hispanic is enough to make ALL HISPANICS ASHAMED. Got the same deal – they got my account form National power- signed 24 month agreement- was paying 13.9- NPC gave the customers to AMIGO after 18 months of contract-took 2 months to get first bill. Rate jumped to 20 kw/hr-cancelled went to someone else then they jumped to 25 per kwh- there a crooks and then there are deviants that use the system for there own ends. They may feel this is appropriate- filed a complaint with PUC no response yet- I wonder how many they have gotten -there needs to be a record. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU ARE SMART.

  61. Steve M

    There is some relief in knowing that I'm not the only one who got took to the cleaners! I received notice form NP on June 9th that they had switched me to AMIGO, no warning no nothing. Seems that the PUC knew that this was going to happen, because I called them right after I spoke with AMIGO and was told what their rate was(after I had been switched without my knowledge. The guy at the PUC told me that there was nothing that they could do, and that I could file a suit against NPC, but I was responsible for the bill to AMIGO. I'm not sure why we are waisting tax payer money, paying the bunch at the PUC if they can't regulate anything?

    My recommendation — DO NOT USE AMIGO!!!

  62. Amigocrook Energy + PUC + BBB = Thieves, crooks, cheats. Emailed all above and have not received any response. Need to sue these sleazebags for unfair business practices. If anyone hears of any kind of lawsuit please let me know "bsryan01@gmail.com"

  63. kcp

    Me too. Been screwed by the amigo. Was was NPC. My 1st bill was for $1,574.00!!!!! That bill had atleast 3 months on it. They claim they sent earlier bills, I never saw them. I have sent 2 emails, no response. I have tried to call them. Got thru, they refused to give any concessions on what I owe. I then asked to speak to a manager. They passed me to someone named Steve Birreria. I told him I wished to record the conversation so that I could pass it to the media. He immediately said he would not talk with me and hung up.

  64. Boy, the horror stories about Amigo just make me shudder. I feel your pain.

    If you want to get reliable service at a stable price and help keep the air clean here in Texas, then you should consider switching to Green Mountain electric. Green Mountain is the ONLY company dedicated to helping to keep the air clean in Texas!

    Green Mountain was recently awarded the JD Power award for the best electric company in Texas!

    You can switch online here: viacom.gmrep.com

    Be sure to go to the website dvdpreview.com and take a look at the business model for this company. We are growing fast!

    Bob Conlon

  65. mike (Houston)

    05 September 2008

    Previous posts of 26, 27, & 29 August.

    I have today received acknowledgment from the PUC for my complaint about "Sleazemigo Energy," made on-line on 26 August. My complaint number is, CP2008083134.

    I urge all to file complaints with the PUC, but to be polite. I suspect they ignore most complaints, but it's almost a certainty they trash those complaints considered to be rude. I know, I know, it's hard to be polite about "Sleazemigo."

    I'm still waiting for acknowledgment from the BBB.


  66. Susan

    To John T,
    You said you had signed up with Direct Energy. I also signed up with them after National Power Co. transferred me to TXU. Direct Energy read my meter in July & August and I still haven't received a bill from them. I've called them twice and they keep telling me they're having problems with their billing. Have you been receiving bills from them? Something just seems strange.

  67. mike (Houston)

    I've been asked by someone who has also posted on this website to explain more about the response I received from the PUC, which was noted in my previous post.

    The response came in the form of a form-letter through regular mail service. A complaint # was given on the envelope. I filed my complaint on 26 August; the response is postmarked 3 September.

    The response states that the letter itself is conformation of my complaint, that my complaint is being investigated, that the company (Amigo) has 21 days to formally respond, and that a final determination will be made at that time.

    I don't expect much from the PUC, but at least I'm causing sleazemigo a wee bit of trouble. I again urge all to file complaints with the PUC and BBB. If you've done so and it's been more than 10 days, file again, and again. But, I stress once more, be polite. The PUC will use any reason it can to dismiss a complaint. If you call the company (Amigo) names, like I'm prone to do here, or cuss, or threaten, I'm convinced your complaint will not receive any attention.

    I realize everyone is angry, and most likely has a right to be, but if you write the PUC and/or the BBB in the same tone that's evident in some of these posts, including mine, the complaints won't be heard. This is the place to scream and cuss, along with a couple of other websites I've found, not on the complaint form.

    I will keep everyone posted.

    mike hill

  68. Baltar

    If you have seen you rates go from a static rate to 24 cents without a official letter from Amigo Energy and wish to join a class action lawsuit against Amigo Energy please email me at baltarratlab@gmail.com. I am seeing how many people have been affected by this illegal action.

  69. Baltar

    Direct Energy is having technical problems with certain areas that have their meters read by Oncor and one other, forgot the name. If you call them up, they will have your information along with two readings, forth which you will receive a bill (second techical problem, is that they are having trouble with the billing system) for the combined two months. If this causes a hardship, you can contact them and they will work it out with you.

  70. User

    Just this past summer and an ordeal with Amigo Energy has made regulated power in Texas seem like a fine idea. If this November's election proves to be mostly Democrat,like I think it will be. Maybe we can again get a handle on this states energy. The state senator here in Fort Worth will lose in a big way to Wendy Davis a lady that has always been for the people. Amigo is not my amigo.

  71. mike (Houston)

    Ref.: Post of 5 Sept. 2008


    I have today received another letter from the PUC. I will copy parts of this letter, and each can determine how it affects his/her situation. I will make every effort to not take anything out of context.

    Paragraph 2, last sentence:
    "Amigo Energy has acknowledged the issues addressed below and is working to resolve customer concerns":

    1) No bill received.
    2) No payment arrangement for bill not received.
    3) July 2008 billing not in compliance with the NPC Terms of Service.
    4) No notification of variable rate change.
    5) Electricity Facts Label (EFL) not in compliance with PUC.
    6) Amigo Legacy customer billing concerns.
    7) Inability to respond to customer phone calls.
    8) Insufficient documentation to respond to complaints.

    Paragraph 4 in its entirety:
    "Amigo Energy has agreed that customers affected by the July 2008 billing will receive an adjustment for the July billing cycle at the NPC identified rate of $0.165 per kwh. Amigo Energy will send updated invoices to customers that did not receive their July or August 2008 invoices. Amigo Energy will also send corrected final bills to those customers who have switched away to another Retail Electric Provider."

    I am to contact the PUC if I've not heard anything by 7 October.


  72. Tracy

    I have received identical reply from PUC, and the $0.165 was the rate I proposed to Amigo of what I am willing to pay (it was the highest I had with NPC).

  73. Mark A.

    Well folks, I see everyone has died off into the wood-works so I'm hoping you all are finding some resolutions with Amigo energy. Today I just finished off my battles with said enemy only after a weeks' worth of actual "Phone Haggling". I won't bore you all with the crazy details about 15 day cycles or even "taking 20 percent off my final bill", I will just share with you that the names you want to talk to are either James Simon or Tammy M. Faust "Service Manager" at 1-888-469-2644. Settle for no one else as they are common Amigo Hagglers. Be sure to Drop the PUC and "Class Action Lawsuit" words repeatidly in your conversation…even if it's in the middle of a conversation. In the end, hopefully you will win. This all is if you were a former NPC customer, under a FIXED plan, and were willing to pay .165 cent a KWH (not .24 cents!). Other than that, I hear Reliant is now on shakey grounds, and for those of you who want to avoid Kaos, CHANGE now! Good luck folks!

  74. A Wind Mill Doesn&#0

    Wow, great to find this series of posts. I had dismissed the Amigo rate hike as a product of the spot price for natural gass that ALL providers were stuck with passing through to customers. This has me thinking I dismissed it too quickly! Ready to call and join a class action if I find that other companies did not do this little month-to-month spike in pricing this last July.

  75. Carmen Fritz

    Please can you include me as I have received an email and bill asking for the .2419

  76. fred

    thanks for the warnings…. I am shopping for new elect service.. Will not use these crooks. thank for the warning.. hope all you get some help from the lord and the folks elswhere………

  77. Robert L.

    I guess misery loves company. I too have been scammed by Amigo. I went through the same thing, within 2 months time my bill jumped from .12 to .24 per kwh. I went from a 185.00 a month bill to a whopping 809.00 in August.

    We have a little boy born with a birth defect and we were at the hospital when the rate increased and did not see the bill until it was way too late to make an immediate change. We finally had the time to call Amigo and ask if something went wrong. We told them that this was a hardship and we were going to have to borrow money to pay the bill. We asked them what we should do and they said to log onto powertochoose.org and find a different company.

    We just went with TXU but it took another month to switch bills and now we owe over a 1000.00 on our final bill.

    They harass us constantly demanding we pay immediately after we already agreed in August to pay it off at 100.00 per month until it is paid, which we have been doing faithfully. They keep calling and offering to drop the bill 20% if we pay right now. We explain that we already agreed to pay the 100.00, but they keep harassing us.

    I thought about calling PUC and Attorney General when I first saw the bill. Then I decided that if they just let me pay it out, I wouldn't do it. But after all these harassing phone calls after we already agreed on a payment plan, I've decided tonight to go ahead and call PUC and the Attorney General's office tomorrow morning.

    If anyone else agrees to file a class-action suit, count me in.

  78. J Houston Electricit

    I work for a competitor of Amigo's and I can tell you after reading these complaints that it is clear that many of you do not understand how electricity is bought and sold.
    Month to Month is the worst way to go, ESPECIALLY in the hot summer months when the price of everything goes up.
    None of you are forming class action suits against your grocery stores, are you?
    How about those gas stations that were charging over $4 per gallon? Are you suing them too?
    Commodities went WAY up over the past year and have now started to come back down, except groceries…hmmm…
    I hope you do some research before you go all crazy against your electricity providers. If everyone would take some responsibility and conserve energy we would be paying a lot less.
    Gas usage in the US went down only 3 percent vs. previous year and the price went down considerably.
    Stop wasting electricity and see what happens to the price.

  79. vickieo

    I was also one of the unlucky people to be switched over to Amigo when National Power went out of business.
    Sometimes I get a bill from them, sometimes I don’t. I have NEVER received a call from them on neither my home phone nor my mobile. I have to call them to find out how much my bill is or to make a payment. AND, every time I call, I am on hold AT LEAST 35-40 minutes before I can actually talk to someone! I have tried to set up my “MY AMIGO” account online but I get an error message each time stating “We could not locate this account. Please ensure that the information you entered is correct.” I recheck and re-enter the information from my bill and still get the same error.

    On December 12, 2008, I called and after being on hold for almost an hour, a customer service rep answered. I told him that I needed to make my payment on the newest bill that I had for $189.00. He told me that he could not take my payment because a disconnect notice had already been sent out a few days ago and that I would have to go to any Wal-Mart and make a payment via a MoneyGram ExpressPayment and that I had to pay $349.97. When I asked why I had to pay $349.97 when my bill was only $189? He said that another bill had already been sent recently and that I would have to pay that amount also in order for my service to not be disconnected and that it had to be paid before December 29. I told him that I had not received a new bill for the additional amount and asked if he could email it to me. He told me he could, got my information and said that he would send it immediately. I told him that I would go send the MoneyGram as soon as I got off the phone. I did, he didn’t. I still have not received the new bill, email or U.S. Mail. I have never received the infamous disconnect notice that was sent out either.
    Today is December 29 and at approx. 10:45 this morning, my power goes off. I immediately called Amigo. I was on hold for 1 hour and 12 minutes and finally Eileen anwers. I told her that my power just went off. She asked for my account number and then puts me back on hold. She comes back on and says,” Ma’am, we just sent a re-connect request to Centerpoint this morning.”
    I asked why they would just send it this morning when I paid the amount that I was told to pay 17 days ago on December 12. This is when things get fishy. She said, “We sent a disconnect notice to Centerpoint electronically on December 12 and then you made your payment on December 12 so on December 13, we sent Centerpoint a re-connect notice.” I asked her “If you sent it to them on December 13th, why would you send it again just this morning?” She tells me that after they sent the re-connect request on December 13th, Centerpoint denied the request. I asked “Does it say why?”and she says “No.” I asks, “What day did they deny the request?” She says, “I don’t know.” I asked “Why didn’t someone re-send it before today?” She says, “I don’t know. All that I can see is that it was sent to Centerpoint sometime this morning and that it will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to have my power restored.” I asked if there was someone else that I could speak to or if I needed to call Centerpoint to find out why it was denied and when my service would be restored? She says, “There is nothing more that we can do. The matter is out of our hands and if you keep speaking to me in that tone, I will terminate this call right now!” Can you believe that? My tone….MY TONE!
    I hang up, call Centerpoint’s 800 number for power outages. I was on hold for approx 2 minutes and a lady named Cathy answers. I explain to her what Eileen at Amigo tells me and she looks up my service address. She then tells me that Amigo sent a disconnect notice on December 22 to terminate my service on December 29. She said that did not send anything on December 12 or December 13 and that they have only received a disconnect notice, not a re-connect notice. She said they could not deny a re-connect request for me if they never received a re-connect notice in the first place. She also said they they have to receive them by 2:00 P.M. otherwise, my power would not be on until tomorrow. She said that since it was Amigo’s fault, Amigo could send another request and that Centerpoint could do a priority restore so that my power would be back on by 5:00 for sure but that they would have to request it. She told me to call Amigo back right away and tell them to re-send the notice since it takes between an hour or two for the request to come thru. She also told me that Amigo does not have a name on that account and that when I call them back ask them to add my name since they are the only one that can do it.
    So, again, I call Amigo. It is now 12:47 and again I am listening to a recording for 32 minutes. Finally, Kerina answers. She is more help and more polite than Eileen was although she also said that she saw everything that Eileen had told me earlier. She said the she did not want to re-send the re-connect request because she was afraid that it would cancel the one that was sent in the morning. I asked her what time was the request sent this morning. She said it only shows AM or PM. I asked if I could speak to a manager or supervisor and she said that I would have to hold. She put me on hold and within 5 minutes, came back on the line and told me that there were no supervisors available. Then she said she talked to a supervisor and he told her that there was nothing that they could do and that he would not request an emergency restore. When I said that I thought she said no supervisors were available, she said “He is available but not to talk to you.” I asked what I should do since my power should not have been disconnected anyway, she said, “You can call Centerpoint back to see if they have received the request yet but other than that, the matter is out of our hands.”
    So, here I go again. I call Centerpoint and almost immediately, a rep answers. I tell her what the Amigo people told me and she says that was not very good customer service and checks again for a re-connect request. When I ask if there is someone else that I can speak to she said, “Would you like to speak to a supervisor? I’m not sure there is anything they can do until we receive the request from Amigo. You are welcome to call us back as many times as you need to until you find out that we have received the request.” I told her that I would call back around 2:00.
    At 2:20 I call Centerpoint once again. The rep answers right away and when I ask if she could tell me if they received my re-connect request she asked for my service address and immediately says, “Yes Ma’am. We have received it and rest assured your power will be restored between now and 10:00 tonight”.
    Thank God for Centerpoint AGAIN. My power came back on at 3:30 this afternoon.
    I think it is entirely wrong and should be considered criminal, to turn off power for a bill that was paid almost 20 days earlier. Amazing that Centerpoint’s customer service reps provided more assistance to another service provider’s customer! All of Amigo’s employees should be fired for their screw-up and NOBODY had the common decency to apologize….EVER! I also have still not received the last bill that was supposedly mailed and emailed and still haven’t received a disconnect notice.
    I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Public Utilities Commission on the advice of one of Centerpoint’s customer service reps. I called the 800 number that she gave me and the recording states that it could take up to three weeks for a response to their investigation.

  80. miracle08

    I too have had service with Amigo since December 07, and now my contract is near its end date. I have called the customer service just about EVERY time I received a bill because it would be sooooo high. I was supposed to be on a 12month term with a 12.6c rate; However the Kwh would change drastically every other month or so. The bad part about all this is that I was traveling quite often, and was only home for 2 weeks at a time every other month or so, but my bill was ALWAYS near $200 or more. I live in an apartment, and no one was home; everything was turned off, except the kitchen appliances (fridge, microwave). When I called them to see why my bill was so high, they basically had an attitude, put me on hold several times, told me that they didn't know, and finally kept trying to tell me that I must leave a computer on, and things like that. They said that that high price was normal. I found that strange because I knew people who stayed in the same area with 3 bedrooms and a family who was always home and paid less than what I was paying monthly for a 1bedroom apartment that No one was hardly in. YES, something needs to be done about these people. I am currently researching and trying to find a better company to go with because my contract is ending with AMIGO soon! If anyone knows what can be done or who is a good electric company, please inform…tawanab_48@hotmail.com

  81. ElleB

    UPDATE::::::: I'm going through exactly what everyone else is going through with Amigo Energy. The only thing different here is, I have received a certified letter from C. LeRoy Melcher Attorney at Law in Houston, TX stating that I have 30 day's to respond or pay the $2,112.86 I supposedly owe for 38 day's of service. First off, $2,112.86 for (38) day's ONLY. Hmmmm, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this company is twisted. Once a judge get's a hold of my bill alone, it will all be down hill for Amigo if it isn't already.

    Anyway, I am working on talking to my attorney right now to get a class action lawsuit against them. This is new to me and I have no clue how to go about doing this, but I'm in the beginning process and would love some help and advice from others.

    There are 4 requirements to proceed with a class action.
    1. Numerosity – enough plaintiffs to make class action an efficeint way to handle the claim. (Got this one covered)

    2. Commonality – common issues of fact and law for each claimant (and this is not the only site with people complaining)

    3. Adequacy of Class Rep – the person who is the class representatitve needs to have claims that are the same as the class members and that they are capable of serving as the representative. (I'm dealing with everything you all are dealing with)

    4. Adequqcy of Counsel – that the law firm representing the class has sufficient skill and resources to represent the class. (seeking attorney's advice at this time)

    My advice at this time: I am not an attorney. These steps were recommended by one though.
    -file a complaint with the PUC http://www.puc.state.tx.us/
    -file a complaint with the BBB http://www.bbb.org/
    -file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General http://www.oag.state.tx.us/)
    -file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov/
    -if you receive a letter from an attorney. Put the ball in their court and send them a certified letter within the 30 day's stating that you dispute all charges and never signed up to use this service. Please send me ALL documentation, including any paperwork with my signature on it stating I signed up for this service. Please send a contract with my signature on it. Please send all letters and bill's that were mailed out to me at the initial switch over from NPC (or whatever provider you had.)

    *As soon as you file a complaint with PUC, they are to contact Amigo and or the Attorney's and stall any further legal action from taking place until the investigation is complete.
    *keep copies of all letter, bill's, e-mail's and any correspondence to Amigo and their attorney's.
    *although PUC, BBB, FTC & TAG might not be of much help, the fact that your complaint is on record can assist you in your dispute.
    *keep your complaints current. If you file and you receive notification that your complaint case had closed. REFILE. It never hurts and will buy you some time and possibly save your credit from being affected.

    ATTENTION:If anyone is planning a class action against Amigo, I would like to contribute. Please feel free to contact me at bindsielaugh@yahoo.com.

    I don't mind being a right fighter on this one. These people need to be shut down.

  82. For hope those of you who are frustrated Amigo and their unfriendly rates. Come to my site to find out what is Behind Amigo's Facade.

    Amigo is not the same Amigo, it was bought out. I would agree with
    ElleB, once you read my post about Amigo, a class action suit is the best way to go.

  83. jkwhite

    I switched from Amigo to save money and got nailed for a $250 termination fee of which I had no warning. I called and some Amigo representative said that if I would stay with Amigo, I would get the $250 refunded. Lies. The money was taken from a direct withdrawal setup (STUPID on my part) and now when I call back and hold mOre than 30 minutes, I am told that too much time has passed and the fee stands.
    I will contact PUC, expect to never see tyhe $250 again. I also plan to send Amigo no Christmas gifts.

  84. If there is anyone who is looking for very low energy rates they should contact American Utility Choice. They offer a free services in which they will obtain the lowest energy rates. All commercial business will receive the lowest energy rates because their usages are high. Contact them today info@americanutilitychoice.com

  85. JL

    Amigo Accounts for almost 40% of the Violations in Texas!

    This article shows the math. so do the math then over there at the PUC

    hello… the puc website says there are 5681 complaints total in the entire state! amigo is responsible for 673 of them ????? at 64% thats 420 violations. if 19.3% is that statewide rate, then that's only 1096 violations across the entire state. So the score is: Amigo:420, the Entire rest of the state: 673. So that means amigo is responsible for almost 40% of the violations in texas !?!?!

    hello… PUC… make electricity in texas 40% better. Put Amigo out of business. What does a company have to do to get put out of business?

    article below:

    Texas electric providers violated rules more frequently, study finds
    By JIM FUQUAYjfuquay@star-telegram.com
    Nearly 1 in 5 consumer complaints against
    Texas electricity providers over billing problems and other rule violations were upheld by the state, a sharp increase over the previous year, according to an Austin consultant.

    On average, 19 percent of the complaints against retail electric providers, or REPs, last year turned up rules violations, said Patricia Dolese, a former Public Utility Commission staffer who has headed Regulatory Compliance Services since 2002.

    Regulatory Compliance, which works with retail electric providers, used PUC data to rank the companies.

    Among several dozen REPs, three had at least half of their complaints confirmed as violations. The largest of those was Vega Resources, which does business as Amigo Energy, with 673 complaints, of which 62 percent were confirmed.

    For four electric companies, less than 10 percent of complaints involved violations, including Reliant Energy, one of the state’s largest REPs. Green Mountain Energy recorded the lowest rate, just 2.3 percent, which Dolese called "phenomenally low."

    Paul Markovich, senior vice president at Green Mountain, said: "We take it extremely seriously. The other side is that we keep our promises to our customers."

    At TXU Energy, the state’s largest REP, 11.3 percent of complaints were confirmed. TXU spokesman Tom Stewart said the company watches its numbers and ranking compared with its peers’.

    "It’s nice to have a better percentage than our competitors but still leaves a lot of mistakes we’ve made with customers," he said. TXU had 2,174 complaints but also has nearly 2 million residential customers.

    Dolese said it is worrisome that REPs are racking up rules violations at an increasing rate. In 2005, just 6 percent of complaints were found to involve rules violations. That rose to 10 percent in 2006 and 12 percent in 2007 before jumping to 19 percent last year.

    "Clearly, they are having more trouble clearing the hurdles," Dolese said.

  86. John

    I saw this in the dallas morning news site 3/16… Jacquielynn Floyd wrote this in the dallas mornig news . I thought it should be passed along. These guys are crooks. She calls them "POWER PIRATES!!!!" Go Jacquielynn go!

    PUC: Floyd 1, power pirates 0
    2:02 PM Mon, Mar 16, 2009 | Jacquielynn Floyd

    I'm doin' a little victory mazurka after being fully vindicated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas in a miniwar with a retail electricity provider. Smackdown!

    Dogged PUC fact-finders got the company to 'fess up to having its bill collectors try to gonif me out of money I didn't owe them as recently as February – even though I switched providers last August and settled the account for good in November.

    Say my goodbuddies at the utility commission:

    They have taken the steps to ensure that you will not receive any more calls or communications asking for payments,
    That is swell news. But all is not forgiven: What about other consumers who are having similar tricks pulled by this and other unscrupulous power providers? What about the fact that it took me three months of extortinately bloated bills to switch to a cheaper plan? What about the scores of similar stories I heard from other consumers who want to know why deregulation bore succulent fruit for rapacious retail companies, but Texas residents are still paying the highest power rates in America? How do they plan to penalize this company (Amigo Engergy) and the many others that are using obnoxious billing tricks and dishonest collection policies to cheat the unwary?

    These questions are not addressed by my three-graf notification from the PUC.

  87. Burton

    Signed up for 11.9 cents per KwH, received my first bill and was charged 13.5 per KwH. Went back and looked at the emails, they were smart enough not to put the rate I signed up for on any correspondence. Called customer service, and they claim no such offer was made. Funny, I never would have signed up for a service that was more expensive than the one I previously had.

    I have since signed up for Dynowatt service (and will pay a 150.00 early termination fee to Amigo), and the rate I signed up for is noted in the confirmation emails they have sent me. I'm supposing that since they left a paper trail the rate will be honored.

    I highly suggest picking a billing company other than Amigo.

  88. Charissa

    I signed up with Amigo Energy on 07/17/2009. The man that could barely speak English was rushing through the process and therefore did not completely set up my account. I express paid my deposit of $225.00 the same day, for which I was charged $5.65. On the 18th, I called back to see how long it would take to turn my power on. This is when I found out that the account had not been completed. This woman was very polite and spoke English quite well in comparison to all of Amigo's other employees. She told me that my power would be turned on by the 21st at the latest. Monday the 20th, I called back to check the status, just in case they had it turned on. This man informs me that the power would be connected on the 22nd. He couldn't tell me why. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He transfered me to an alleged supervisor with a fictitious name. She refused to let me speak when I tried to inform her of the situation. None of the other employees even know of a supervisor named Arrianna Travis. I was advised by the BBB to cancel the account and get a refund. I tried to do this but I was informed that it would take longer to cancel the account than to connect the power and that it would take them at least 10 business days to give me back my money. This is absurd seeing as how I gave it to them within 10 minutes from the Wal-Mart Money Gram. So I e-mailed Amigo telling them NOT to cancel my account and to go ahead and turn my power on. As soon as I had sent the e-mail, I received a confirmation e-mail back from Amigo with a copy of my original message in it. Then, I called back to verify that they had received the e-mail and to tell them over the phone also, NOT to cancel the account. So now it's the 21st and my power is still not on. The reason: the account was canceled. This man tells me to call AEP North to request that they make a priority connection. They tell me that they already had an order for the 21st and that Amigo had canceled it. Woman tells me that if they get an order from Amigo today before 3pm, that they can work it. I called Amigo back and tell them what she said. This woman tells me that they can't send priority orders. Then tells me that it will take 3-5 business days to get it turned on. So I've contacted the BBB, and filed a complaint with the PUC. If any of these hundreds of posts are evidence, they won't do anything about it. I have also contacted my attorney. I will be switching companies to one that is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating rather than the F rating they have given to Amigo Energy which is NOT accredited by the way.

  89. April Zannone

    I too just found out that Amigo bait-n-switched us! They offered at 24 mo. rate guarntee and now just told me that some months are on seasonal rates..that was NEVER revealed to me when I signed up for it. Also, when I asked for supervisor "Julie" told me he's just gonna send you a copy of your contract, then she told me there isn't one available, then she refused to transfer me to anyone..instead she tried to talk to me about going into another plan..right! Like I'm that stupid as to stay in bed with a snake! We are filling a complaint and switching companies!

  90. Jessica B

    Whatever you do do not sign up with this company. They rip you off blind! Whenever your contract ends they put you in the highest rate plan they have. This is truly ridiculous. This company needs to be put out of business. I was a national power customer that got switched over. I too experienced the .24 kwh charge when I got switched over…imagine the shock I received when I got my first bill. My bill at its highest was 200.00 with NPC. My first bill with AMIGO was 470.00 and my next was 485.00. I called and they told me that they had lower options. I decided to stick with them (what a fool I was). They never mentioned that I was placed on a seasonal rate program…but I soon noticed it in my bills. My rate was supposed to be 11.0 kwh but I have been getting charged 14.9 percent. This is legal robbery and terribly unfair. I was on the phone with a customer service rep when I saw this and it just upset me even more….seeing that they have been robbing so many people. I told the customer rep that they would soon get sued because of their wrong doing. She didn't say a thing. How could she? I hope that they lose all their customers. It is horrible that a company like this can exist. They have no integrity whatsoever. They are in the class of crooks and criminals and shouldn't be in the lines of doing business. Anyone want to get together and start a class action lawsuit?! I think we should….they have gotten away with way too much!

  91. Debra C

    I too have Amigo and I called them when my contract was about to end and they put me on a new 6 month contract at a rate of .111. They were very helpful in getting this done so I did not get gouged the higher rates. All electric companies are the same way and they will gouge the hell out of you if you don't call before your contract is up. Don't think Reliant and the others won't do the same to you should you forget to call. Amigo sent me a letter stating I was about to be up on my contract and to notify them to get a new one to keep my lower rates. I have no complaints because so far with them I have had the cheapest rates in the summer that I have ever had in the 8 years I have lived in this home.

  92. joel

    customer service is horrible. billing is horrible. power went out 3 times in one week at one point. they charge way too much. i have submitted 3 complaints to the bbb and the puct because of 3 separate occurrences. i told them to turn of my electricity on the 19th 3 separate times. they ended up turning it off on the 24th. they charged me $40 for 5 days, then initially refused to refund me the money. i filed another complaint with the puct telling them to investigate this company. today i got an email from amigo saying that because i had submitted that complaint, they would give me my money back. keep in mind that is the first email i have received from them in 1.5 years. now, they seem to have set me up on their "auto draft". i found $75 missing this morning. i did not set myself up for auto draft, and they should not have my checking account number. they are frauds

  93. Sekhar

    This is fraud company!! They had charged me for 1200kWh for the first 4 days with this company. When I called and complained, they fixed it immediately. Now after the 9months of contract, when I cancelled the services, they charged me nearly $1000 for nearly 7000kWh for just two months. This is ridiculous!! I have never used more than 2000kWh. in any of my previous months. I have filed with PUC.

  94. Joanna

    I locked in with Dynowatt. They've been excellent re my situation to date. Does anyone have anything info re Dynowatt, Centerpoint, Just Energy, etc?

    For what it's worth, powertochoose.com lists rates. But from my understanding, Reliant is the "big daddy," which is where Dynowatt and the others in my area get their electricity.

    Good luck to all of us!

  95. AMA

    I am a current customer of Amigo Energy and have not had a problem in regards to billing or the service. From what i am reading is if you people read you mail maybe replied to your renwal this wopuld not happen i have renewed every 6 months as they send them to me. I am also reading how people wanted to pay late well what kind of bussiness would this be if everyone didn't pay the bills on time lets get real people the way the economy is today they have to eat as well read you mail and pay your bills on time and STOP BLAMING THE COMPANY I MEAN REALLY

  96. What they simply won't tell you about Ambit Energy!
    Posted: 12/2/2009 – 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] – 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
    Financial Freedom can simply be achieved by eliminateing your regular monthly expenses!

    I was fortunate to find a company that i have been involved in now for two years, i was able to eliminate my monthly mortgage payment, bmw note and light bill. There were things that i was not able to do before because i had no time, i had to work overtime at work to keep up with my monthly bills. Well i know that statment sounds redundant but most people can relate to it. For me i was working on a job every day that required me to put in more time and effort and barely pay out all of my monthly expenses. On top of that i felt like a slave to my job, in essense the job was owning me not the other way around. I knew it was time for a major change. I would say that the biggest effect the Ambit opportunity has allowed me is the ability to go back to my job every morning more by want than need. I don't think that there is anything wrong with haveing a job, but i do think that you ought to be able to wake up every morning with the ball in your court. See all financial freedom is the ability to make choices that will not effect you financially. It meant takeing back ownership of my life. (More time) That is what financial freedom is to me. I am not hear to sell anyone on the Ambit opportunity but i wanted to tell my story and let people know that you can be a becan of light in other peoples life simply by shareing your life experiences. I f you would like to contact me simply to ask a question or anything my door is open. If you would like to find out more about the Ambit opportunity http://www.meetplanz.com or cscott@energyxp.net 866-532-5550

  97. Carl

    What they simply won't tell you about Ambit Energy!
    Financial Freedom can simply be achieved by eliminateing your regular monthly expenses!

    I was fortunate to find a company that i have been involved in now for two years, i was able to eliminate my monthly mortgage payment, bmw note and light bill. There were things that i was not able to do before because i had no time, i had to work overtime at work to keep up with my monthly bills. Well i know that statment sounds redundant but most people can relate to it. For me i was working on a job every day that required me to put in more time and effort and barely pay out all of my monthly expenses. On top of that i felt like a slave to my job, in essense the job was owning me not the other way around. I knew it was time for a major change. I would say that the biggest effect the Ambit opportunity has allowed me is the ability to go back to my job every morning more by want than need. I don't think that there is anything wrong with haveing a job, but i do think that you ought to be able to wake up every morning with the ball in your court. See all financial freedom is the ability to make choices that will not effect you financially. It meant takeing back ownership of my life. (More time) That is what financial freedom is to me. I am not hear to sell anyone on the Ambit opportunity but i wanted to tell my story and let people know that you can be a becan of light in other peoples life simply by shareing your life experiences. I f you would like to contact me simply to ask a question or anything my door is open. If you would like to find out more about the Ambit opportunity http://www.meetplanz.com or cscott@energyxp.net 866-532-5550

  98. Jennifer

    Weird, hard to believe it's the same company you all are talking about. Maybe Amigo Energy in Dallas is different than the one in Houston? I've been with Amigo for 3 years now, on a fixed rate that has gone down with each renewal. My latest bill was $83 on an all electric house where we run our air conditioner pretty regularly, in the coldest part of winter or the hottest part of summer it generally stays below $200. The rest of the year I'm at about $100, more or less, and I'm on their green plan.

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