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Houston Electricity Rates

High Electric Rates In Houston

Houston has some of the highest electric rates in the state of Texas. The reason for the higher energy rates has to do with the bottleneck and congestion in this metropolitan area. The city just requires a whole lot of energy to keep the place running. The problem is that outlying cities that don’t use as much electricity have been paying for this congestion that Houston is the culprit of.

How To Solve The Energy Congestion In Houston

The Houston congestion problem affecting other surrounding cities is likely going to be a thing of the past when the Texas nodal system comes into affect. The nodal system will allow Texas cities that surround the city of Houston to pay for their own bottleneck problems which will likely be much less congested then the city of Houston. This will allow the cities in Harris County to pay less then the city of Houston for their electricity rate. Very simply, Houston will pay a higher rate for being more congested and other cities in Harris County will no longer be penalized for something that is Houston’s problem.

Need To Find Houston Electric Rates To Compare?

If you happened upon this page looking for what the going Houston Electric rate is at then we have provided both a commercial electric rate comparison chart below as well as some low cost residential providers in the Houston area. You can bookmark this page as we keep the rates updated on a monthly basis and come back to see what rates have done on the next month.

You may call and speak to one of our energy consultants to learn more about available electricity choices in Houston by calling 1-800-971-4020

You may email us with your business or residential information by clicking on this link to go to our contact page. The chart to the right is our commercial electricity rate chart. To compare residential electric rates in Houston please click here.

For a low cost residential electric provider I would go with Spark Energy for now. They have a low cost electric rate with no monthly customer service charge. As of October 17 2007 their rate is 11 cents kWh for 12 months with NO monthly customer service charge.

Spark Energy – The Spark energy promo code is now expired.

If you do not want to be locked into a contract then you might want to check out Startex Power. They have a really good variable rate that follows the commodities market. The rate is low the first month and then follows natural gas there after. You can manage the rate by watching what it will be each month on a page Startex has setup so you are never suprised as to what the rate will be the following month.

Startex Power – Sign up Online
Manage Variable Rate


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