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League City Texas Electric Company

Texas Electric Rate Comparison

The side chart provides an electric rate comparison from multiple Texas Retail Electric Providers competing in League City Texas. There are more Electric Companies besides those in the chart below but those in the chart have been most competitive. These electric rates are unbundled commercial electric rates (in the green chart). The blue and white chart are our residential League City electric rates. With commercial electric rates you are not readily provided the TDSP charges because they differ from business to business so the electric rate will look lower than residential rates. In order to find out what your TDSP charges are you will need to contact us or the utility in your area. For instance, in Dallas it would be Oncor Electric Delivery and in Houston it would be Centerpoint Energy.

Call to Speak with an Energy Consultant: 1-800-971-4020

League City Commercial Electric Rate Chart

Commercial Building Permits for League City Texas

You cannot turn on the electricity until you have received a building permit from the city. If you will be building in League City be sure to call the city and get the ball rolling for this so the builders will have electricity when it comes time to construct your facility.

Appointments may be made by calling LaShondra Holmes at 281.554.1079 or Fill out a PERMIT APPLICATION FORM at the Building Department. Approval of the Site Development Plan is required prior to issuance of the building permit.

Building Department Website

League City Texas Residential Electricity

If you have accessed this page and just need to find a low cost residential electric rate you can use the League City Texas residential electricity comparison chart below. You will notice it says “Houston area” but don’t be confused by this. This “Houston area” section includes “League City” electricity rates and plans. Here we update who the lowest cost electricity providers are each month. The electric providers change each month so be sure to check back with us as we update them each month.

League City TX Residential Electricity

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