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Ambit Energy a Scam or a Great Opportunity?

Texas Electric Company Deregulation

Electricity deregulation in Texas has provided some great opportunity to investors and small business owners in the state looking for a new way to make some money. Ambit is one of over 40 Texas Retail Electric Providers in the state selling retail commercial and residential electricity.


Ambit Energy Electric Company

The problem is not so much of an issue for those needing to have their electricity turned on or even by the company Ambit Energy but by those who think they have a good chance of becoming a millionaire or at least rich after the process of signing up to become an independent representative for Ambit Energy, Ignite, Affordable, or any of the other direct sales and MLM companies out there selling electric service in Texas.

The danger in this way of thinking is that if it is supported by some of the company’s spokesman it allows the beginning people in the MLM company to become wealthier while the new people signing up make more for their sponsor’s then they will for themselves. A better approach is to see this as a part time thing you might be able to make some extra cash with. An income report from the company showing just how many people make over six figures with an MLM company is a great way to decide if you have a statistical chance of making an opp like this work even if giving it 40 hours a week.

Not all Ambit Energy sales reps profit through their compensation plan in a dishonest way by promising new recruits hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. If you do want to sign up with Ambit Energy we  encourage you to sign up with Ambit through a sales consultant of theirs that approaches the business in an honest and ethical manner. Our opinion is that you should sign up on their affiliate program which offers you the opportunity to sign up electric service customers directly without the need to build a downline. We believe you will save yourself much time and money by going directly for the customers rather than trying to make the MLM downline work in your favor. We have met and talked to a few Ambit Energy people that are honest and ethical about this opportunity and do not make outrageous claims. We believe these are the people you should associate yourself with if you decide to do this opportunity.
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What you will not find in the Ambit training material are some of the tricks of the trade that some of the seasoned MLM’ers use to make the MLM opp work. Many successful MLM’ers stack sales representatives and put customer’s under them if necessary to make the whole MLM sales structure pay out correctly so that you do make money. This idea is not discussed by Ambit Energy’s corporate offices as it is borderline illegal to structure the business to primarily build up independent sales reps with no emphasis on customers. The truth is although some of the top guys stack reps under other reps to build up their sales commissions they rely on these sells reps to sign up their friends and family. All of this primarily helps these super MLM sales people. If a new Ambit Energy sales rep wants to make the kind of money these guys make they would need to pull off some of the same type of stunts. Traveling the state, stacking reps and being that charismatic spokesman for the company is usually what it takes. The problem is that these techniques are not always explained  in the sells pitch and most people walk away thinking that the business will be easier than it really is. The truth is that the time it will take to make a truly successful business with Ambit through an MLM downline could be better spent starting a more traditional business or signing up on Ambit Energy’s affiliate plan and just sign up customers. The typical example pyramid chart showing what could be possible in a perfect world scenario is not an accurate representation of what someone in an MLM opp can expect. An income disclosure statement showing exactly how many people make over six figures would be a helpful guideline in deciding if this is right for you.

Many See the Ambit Energy Pyramid Scheme as Old Hat Hyporama

The Office scene about a calling card pyramid business shows that the amazingness of the MLM compounding effect has lost some of its luster as many have tried and been burned by pyramid schemes. The law on what denotes a pyramid scheme and what does not is open for interpretation but as a rule to make it legal a genuine product is required. The Ambit Energy Company opportunity is a great way to make money if you are realistic about how much you can make with something like this and it helps if you go ahead and decide if the affiliate or MLM based business model is best for you. In our opinion Ambit’s affiliate option is the best way to go.

Reality is Many MLM Companies Like Ambit Don’t Make It

Many of these types of MLM companies go out of business or bankrupt due to a concentration on recruiting reps while the customers dry up. Excel Telecommunications was one of the more successful MLM companies of the last 20 years in a deregulated industry and is a perfect example of an MLM company growing into a thriving success only to eventually implode on itself later. By having a concentration focused on recruiting new reps the whole MLM may topple down. Because there is a high percentage of this risk you could very easily be wasting 5, 10, 15 years building a business that will have nothing to show for you when it finally goes out. This is a warning when working with any MLM company including  Ambit, Affordable or Ignite Energy, Amway, Quickstar, Mary Kay and so on. You can make money with these companies but is it really worth the investment in time and personal relationships that could become ruined in the process by promising riches? If you choose to sign up with one of these MLM companies we encourage you to concentrate your efforts in signing up electric service customers and consider the downline part of the business an added bonus. By concentrating most of your efforts on building a downline you will find that most people in the business do not make enough money to justify the time spent in building their MLM structured sales team.

The downline you create may pay out decent money to some of the top people in your up-line but you or those you recruit will not see most of this money in most MLM type businesses. Instead of making money through sales associate recruiting we recommend just signing up people to the product or service in this case it being Texas electricity service.

Some other MLM or Direct Sales companies in Texas are, Zurvita Energy, Ignite EnergyAffordable Energy, and New Age Power Brokers.

Some other traditional Texas electric companies: Bounce Energy, Spark Energy, Champion Energy, Startex Energy and many more.

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admin Donny started back in 2007 from his parents basement and has since married his wife Melody and had three sons, John Adam (7) and Noah (4) and our new 20 month old son. He enjoys tech related things, softball, kickboxing, going to the gym, excursions and activities together with his wife Melody. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. Would you take the time today to try our service and see how you like it. Thank you! and God Bless You!

Comments (723)

  1. maxcom99

    Last time I checked what business can be started for $399. I have owned several businesses and none ever cost me less than 7 figures. The fact is it is hard work and you have to WORK to be successful but the rewards can be life altering. Just ask the thousands of excel mlm alumni who made millions of dollars with Excel.

  2. Pulling my file from Excel I show some revealing facts. The fact is those who made even $20,000 a year with Excel were a minority and only less then 1% made the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Most people made about $50 – $100 a month. I believe the millionaires were between 50 – 100 people which is a lot but at the expense of many others and even their businesses dried up and when the company went bankrupt. These millionaires were in from the beginning which gave them the advantage as they preached the opportunity. Likely many of them jumped off a previous MLM onto this one and now over to Ambit and Ignite. In my opinion someone would need to get in very early into one of these and risk the potential of wasteing a lot of time and missed opportunities elsewhere to make money.

    • Actually, you wouldn't need to get in early to make money. If the FIRST consultant who joined did not get any customers, he wouldn't make a dime! And it's the same for EVERY new consultant that joins! It has nothing to do with when you get in. The only advantage of getting in earlier is that someone may have already signed up every one you know! lol!
      Good Luck!

  3. David McAfee

    This has not been the case for me. I started this eight months ago an its making my house payment and thensome…..i say just try it, if your not happy in 6 months quit…. put 400 in the the stock market and what it turn into a whopping 410 in six months if your lucky…my bet is the skeptic that wrote this couldint scrape together 400 due to years of hard work learing how to be a skeptic investor….

    • Chris

      My bet is that you are one of those that acually fell for this bullshit and now lie so that you donty look like a total douche.

  4. Craig

    Well admin…

    It appears that you are actually bankrupt in your knowledge of this industry.

    Excel communications became the youngest company in US history to reach a $1billion in annual revenue…only since eclipsed by Google just last year. If fact, Excel using this very same marketing model produced thousands of millionaires and was also the one of the youngest companies ever invited on the NYSE. Let me ask you a very simple question. Do you think the NYSE would allow a SCAM (as you so elequently called it) onto the exchange?

    Also, Excel's business model was not the reason for it's bankruptcy. Please stop spreading falsehoods Mr. Gore.

  5. sandy

    maxcom, just ask those thousands of Excel millionares who are now selling vitamins? LOL Excel sold their marketers to a vitamin company. Sounds like a legit company to me!

  6. sean

    Hey admin, your right about the fact that people need to actually "sell" the product or service. But can you name me a field in which more than a few make killer money??

    How many millions of us break our backs for that $20,000 a year working for the Walmarts of the world, only to get laid off and replaced by a younger cheaper worker. How many millions have had the pension plans they worked for discarded when a company was sold or filed bankruptcy, leaving only a crappy social security income to get by on (my mother is one)?

    There has never been an MLM that was truly saturated, people are just to lazy to really work…..which is why only a select few in this country ever make any decent money…regardless of the industry or business model.

    Look at the auto industry or real estate industries, you local car dealer or Realtor broker will hire a ton of sales reps hoping to find the 10% that they will keep around. The others either get fired or LBS (leave before starving), are they scams? It costs a heck of a lot more than $29.95 or 299.95 to get a real estate license, and the vast majority of those people will fail. Same thing for the insurance industry. As far as that goes MOST business fail.

    No I'm not in Ambit..yet….but I am sick of people that like to bash an industry because a friend of a friend of a friend didn't make any money because that person sat on their but expecting something for nothing. Yes there are scams out there (lawyers, IRS, cyclers,the $3.21 the post office charged me to get a simple delivery confirmation on a letter), but there are some very good and legit company's. From my research Ambit Energy has done everything promised up to this point…the only ones dissing it are either anti-MLM zealots or competitors.

    Sandy when was the last time a company that laid you off made sure you at least had an opportunity at a job? Or did they just say sorry, that's business as they locked the door behind you? Do some research, the long distance market dried up with excessive competition, cell phones and VOIP service. Yes it sucked to be an Excel rep (no I wasn't one of them) but at least they didn't lose the complete organization they had built. At least they were given the chance to build something else.

  7. sandy


    The truth is, my parents worked Excel for nearly 10 years, far exceeded everyone in the metropolitan area in downline, etc and didn't make jack squat. I watched my parents sell their business, work 80 hours a week, pretend to be successful (all mlm'ers are pressured to pretend they are making big bucks in order to atract more to their organiation) but never actualy earn the income that these scam organizations print is possible in their material. The truth is, very very few people every make any money, many people lie about making money and almost everyone that did make money has lost it within a couple years. I know from personal experience.

    • Opa

      They sound like a couple of losers…. Why would they spend all that time if they were not making money. I made over $5000 in a year and half with excel on very part time basis for less than a $500 start up cost. ?? It was worth my time. Now I’m making $600 a month for $429 start up with Ambit and I still only put in 1-2 hours a week. First of all, not everyone is alike. Not everyone is dishonest and lying about their business. You get out what you put in. These are the only two MLM’s I ever tried because I never wanted to sell a product. Everyone reading this should get all the facts & decide for themselves if they want to be involved with a home based business. Never let anyone talk you into a business, you need to decide for yourself. Then work the business.

    • Mae

      My husband and i recently joined ambit. And hes now a consultant. I guess the truth is, no one can make anything out of sitting around, any type of job including mlm’s, you just gotta strive to make it happen. Hes only been a consultant for less than a month and have already signed up 5 customers. Need to sign up 15 more in the next few months. Then be on the lookout for interested consultants. (note:dont force them into doing so, cause thats when u may have issues later) sign people up that are really into it. I think this whole idea of making real money out of ambit energy depends on people who are proactive and has a goal in this. Otherwise dont join. Its that simple. Ambit is a new company. So its true, early involvement is the best. The later u get into it the less possible customers and consultants u get. Also, proper, complete knowledge in the business is the key ingredient. Gotta make

      Sure u know what your talkin about when explaining to customers. And research as well. Haters like this blogger makes me wana achieve more in the ambit business. Cheers!

  8. texzen

    Has worked fine for me…The residual i have built in just a year could have just as easily been accomplished by buying like 20 rent houses or investing a couple milllion in the stock market….ohh wait i would have lost thousands had i put in the stock market…

  9. panzer50

    I just enrolled in Ambit. I trust 100% the people who presented this business opportunity to me. I believe the potentiality is real, in fact, it is already happening to a number of people in New York. There is not room for failure.

  10. mrjag77

    Ambit has been bankrupt in the past under a different name, do the research. I lost money with ambit and I got out when I found out that the company is a scam.

  11. texzen

    mrjag77 is nuts…. i've been with this company since its inception…it a a brand new company…never in bussiness under a different name…

  12. inthexone

    This is the most incredible, most visionary, most efficient company i have ever been associated with.Having been self employed for more than 40 years, i can honestly say, working this program 10 hours per week will replace my social security income in 15 months!! I paid into social security for 47 years, now lets be honest;which program is the SCAM?? Ambit Energy is fast becoming the fastest growing company in America!! Scams do not flourish, they die!! J Jacob

  13. AJ Williams

    We are an electricity company that pays more residual to the Sales Representative for their personal customers than Ambit or Ignite. We only cost $99.95 to join. Ambit pays .50cents monthly residual for a personal(residential) customer that uses 2000 kwh of electricity in the Texas market. In New York its worst… they only pay .10 cents per month residual for that same customer. Its a rip off!!! We will pay $6.00 per month for that same personal customer, giving the Sales Representative a larger residual. Ignite also pays only .50 cents per month residual for a personal (residential)customer. Ambit does not allow its Sales Representatives to sign up Commercial customers. We offer service for commercial and residential customers. We are currently doing business in Texas and we will be in New York the first quarter of 2008. Our normal start up fee of $99.95 is reduced for a limited time to just $49.95. Contact me if you are serious…. I am one of the founders.

    Sign up with Affordable Energy

      • AJ and Shereen-
        AJ-I suspect you are with NAP?
        Shereen, don't let them fool you.
        Ambit is known for it's success. I say that if it's only $50 bucks to join then how can anybody be serious about this business? "Oh, it's only $50" Where as in Ambit, they're not gonna give up as easy are they! No one is going to say "Oh, it's only $429" ARE THEY?
        Time has proved that AMBIT ROCKS!

  14. energy2earn nyc

    It seems to me that everyone has an opinion..Some people get it others don't. Ambit Energy is going to break Googles record of 1billion dollars in annual revenue. I think that speaks volumes for ambit..I have been doing Ambit for 31/2 months and the money is great.We are now launching in our 3rd State and we plan on going into 4-6 more states this year.CAn anyother company say that??? We are signed on with 20 more state that are dergulated.Everywhere there is deregulation you will find Ambit..This is going to explode..ambit has the backing of some great leaders and financial support..The whole world is an mlm, just look around you..Your company makes money off of you. A real estate broker hires agents and they get paid from the work you do, is that mlm??? I would say so. Wall street is a Hugh mlm.Ask Warren Buffet and Donald Trump and they will tell you MLM is a great way to make money, thats why Warren has bought several MLM company's.. Is Warren Buffet Stupid?????

      • Yes, Ambit is working, and is working better then EVER before. The growth that took Ambit FIVE YEARS will DOUBLE this YEAR.
        Ambit has announced that it will be opening in MA and CT in the next few months, but has not announce FL yet. I imagine they will pretty soon, though!

  15. energy2earn nyc

    Ambits compensation plan is by far the best i have ever seen.This is the easiest business there is. We are not selling a product. We are not asking people to spend money every month, but to save money..It is something every one uses every single day. We now have Natural Gas. We get paid to unlimited depth. We are not capped on what we can make. We have 3 ways to get paid. PS we have a Gaurantee in writing that we will save you money on your electric and gas bill over a 12 month period or we will give you a check for the difference. No you has that in writing..This is a no brainer….

  16. Looking_at_ambit

    I am currently looking at this business opportunity. I like what I see. For the people who write negativly about mlms… I can see you are fearful of something you don't understand. Another poster wrote that the whole world is a mlm and of course that is the truth. At a job you are below others, are you not? You have a boss correct? You may have a manager, district manager, CEO and up it goes. Even the managers and CEOs are below someone. Of course the king or queen at the very top enjoys many riches most of the time. So yes people, open your eyes and take a look around you. Be very careful of what your mouth speaks, especially if you have limited understanding of it. It would be nice to see a world in which people support eachother rather than discourage one another.

  17. Graz Perrelli

    There are two kinds of people in this world:

    The succesful……

    And the people who criticize them.

    Scam this, scam that. The biggest scam in the world is your complete distrust in trying something new out. If you're too scared, walk away.

    Anyone who is serious can take this model and make a lot of money. This market is so huge, the idea of one company saturating is in absolutely inconceivable. We will pretty much rely on energy for a very long time.

    I will just never understand people who are so weak, and so bored that they need to waste their own time opening up their irresponsible big mouths on something they have no idea about.

    The guy you really need to question is the person running this thread, what are his intentions? TO knock his competition?

    Wow, now that's low.

    Anyone interested in the Ambit Opportunity, I would be glad to answer your questions about it, I'm a rep and I have done my due diligence, and I am very knowledgable about the whole process of starting you up.

    Let's talk.

    There's always going to be controversy. The succesful laugh at it all the way to the bank.

    And to the people who have such a disdain for network marketing, please just move on with your life, and stop damaging good people with your stupid comments. Take some responsibility. Before you totally badmouth someone with a greeat reputation, you may want to do your due diligence.

    Have you worked the Ambit opportunity?

    If not, you're just stupid to even say anything.

    Man, what an unbelievably great world we could have if all these negative creeps just stayed home all day and shut up!

    Graz Perrelli

    • John

      I love the way that people who are for this company demonize and marginalize anyone who disagrees with it in even the slightest way. Hegelian Dialectic to the max.

      • Ken

        John, you are such a wealth of information. I am here learning the facts and your comment was so helpful and insightful. NOT. Why are you even here? You know nothing of value to the topic.

    • mike laria

      well said graz, I have been looking at Ambit for a while now, and the stock is solid and climbing!! People don't understand the concept of the company because of the past which is good because it weeds out the non-risk takers. This country is run by money and risks and those who brave the challanges are who you want. The others will see and realize. Timing is everything in life.

  18. keepinitreal

    It is not surprising to find the "scam" cops out on the beat.

    You guys must be the ones who also sign the pay checks for the Stste Attorneys General for all the states. Scam cop, FIRE your Atty General and save us minions from the $300 predators.

    While you scam cop morons are eating doughnuts and drinkin coffee, if you can read too – pick up a copy of Success Magazine. Be prepared though, it might upset your weekly paycheck!!

  19. Graz,

    I believe Ambit and Ignite can be an opportunity for some but if you don't see a serious income in the first year from all your efforts I recommend jumping ship before wasteing anymore time or you will find yourself making money for those above you and not for yourself.

    Some of your confrontational comments sound like the typical hype coming from an MLM company representative taking on that religous cult like behavior. I would recommend for anyone considering joining Ambit to keep the company seperate from your personal life and don't believe all the hype. Filter out the sensational and give it a shot for a month or two if you must but be warned it's not even close to the best way to make a living for yourself.

  20. Brent

    Wow, I'm amazed at all the negative comments out there. I started my Ambit business a month and a week ago and I'm now a Regional Consultant. I don't live in Texas, New York or even, Illinois but I didn't let that hold me back.

    I'm 34 years old and I've owned 3 traditional business which have been successful but, I can guaruntee you that I'll make more money in my first year with AMBIT than I have in my first year of any of the other business models. The other thing is I didn't have to Borrow borrow borrow to start this business….

    Admin, Please explain to me why your hung up on making someone else money? The gentleman that brought me into the AMBIT business I feel like I owe him money! That excuse to me is pretty lame… Every business your going to run is going to make someone money above you right? What am I missing… I just can't seem to figure that statement out???

    Those of you new to the business. AMBIT is a business, TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS! YOU as an AMBIT consultant are the CEO of your business. YOU make the decisions every day whether you should make those phone calls or stop by and talk to business owners…It's a business plain and simple.

    For those of you that are looking into AMBIT and seeing the negative messages people out there are leaving consider the fact that these people are simply uneducated. I didn't say Dumb I simply mean uneducated on AMBIT.

    Hey, It's not for everyone… but, It's going to happen WITH or WITHOUT you that I can promise.
    The Deregulation of energy will only happen ONCE I know I want to be a part of it!

    • real business owner

      Brent, first of al you're not the ceo of Ambit. I run my own business online and a true business owner can change the price of a product or service. I can change prices, the question is can you? One of my businesses in NY is computer repair, I met a family who didn't have half the money and i did the work for free, because I could. can you change the price of electricity for a family trying to keep up? can you waive late fees indefinitely? I don't think so! as far as I can see, you're just an employee of ambit who is profitting from your actions.

  21. Brent

    By the way, I thought EXCEL created over 2000 millionaires? Also, last time I checked they were far from Bankrupt… I understand they sold out to Shaklee Corporation and Shaklee dismembered the marketing arm.
    I don't know anyone who can HONESTLY say they worked EXCEL 80 hours a week and didn't make anything… I mean really thats a little far fetched wouldn't you say?
    I have a good friend who worked EXCEL part time. The last year he was with EXCEL he made $36000. I would say that's a respectable amount of money for a part timer…
    Anyway, didn't mean to get off Topic.

  22. Brent,

    I am not against making money for others but the fractional amount that you get paid by most MLM companies does not justify the work you must do. You end up with a small commission for your sales while others reap most all of the benefit. If you get in the opportunity early enough and help in creating the buzz you might do well but for everyone else you might find yourself wasteing a lot of time making money for other people.

    If MLM's paid larger commissions for personal customers it would make more sense to me. That way everyone wins even those who don't work the business hard still make a decent commission for the customers they do get.

    I'm pretty sure Excel created less then 100 millionaires and that is being very generous.

    • Carlos

      Admin, How many millionaires have your company that you work for or your business have created until now?

      And do you think that is fair for people to get paid 7.25 per hour?
      that is 290 minus the taxes and other witholdings 250.00 per week total.
      1000.00 dollars per month. Do you think that justifies the 40 hours and all the work
      you must do? People in this situation are flat broke and rarely have the chance in
      getting promoted to make more money. They cannot increase their earnings because someone else has set it at 7.25 per hour. Here in Ambit you are your own boss and if you want more money you work smarter and harder and you will get results. Just like any other business.

      • electricitybid


        I believe you can make money at Ambit but I am here to provide a healthy dose of skepticism so you have a clear understanding of what it takes. Think of the MLM business as a 10 year game plan. If you are just getting started you need to differentiate yourself in the MLM industry as a leader with a specific skill set. You need to go to meeting not just with Ambit but industry MLM meetings, build a Rolodex of other leaders. Offer to train others leaders people for free and meet and greet as many people as you can. Work on building your online presence at the same time and build your name as its own brand. Take a look at top income earner Brian McClure. He wasn\’t just the top earner for Ambit. He did quite well in Excel and I imagine many other opportunities. If he hadn\’t started building his brand when he did he would not currently be an Ambit leader. This does not happen over night and it may not happen for you with Ambit but if you were to model someone like Brian McClure I am sure you will one day have similar success. He does thousands of hours of company trainings and networks with many Ambit leaders as well as MLM industry leaders. If ever he were to join a new opportunity there would probably be several hundred leaders that would join underneath him in the span of a week. You want to be compelling enough of a leader to be able to do the same thing. Obviously this is a monumental task but if you believe you can do it you are on the right track.

  23. sandy

    Admin seems to be the only rational one here. Anyone joining an mlm should understand that people already "in the biz" feel pressured to talk about all the big money makers. It's far from the norm.

    I didn't mean that working 80 hours a week earned them no money, but not what a college educated succesful businessman should earn working 80 hours a week. $36,000/year is 1/3 of what someone that works that hard with that background should be making.

    MLM's will earn you a fraction of what the same work will earn you in a legitimate business opportunity, of which there are thousands.

    Example, a poster above mentioned Affordable energy pays $6/customer/month. Ambit Energy apparently pays $0.50/customer/month. Do you realize that direct marketing companies that are selling non MLM power to residential customers make $25-$100/year in commissions? Oh, and guess what, they don't CHARGE their salespeople to join up. If you're charging people an entry fee to sell your product, something's wrong. Comon, be rational people.

    • Michael

      It's obvious that "sandy" is bashing Ambit to try to get people to look at his "Affordable" energy. I've not known a single Ambit consultant to bash another company. Please do not trust anyone else's opinion.

    • anonymous

      " If you're charging people an entry fee to sell your product, something's wrong. Comon, be rational people."
      Uh, NOT! It just means that Ambit Energy is really serious and they don't want EVERYONE to join their business. They only want the ones that are going to be serious themselves and actually do IT!

  24. Brent

    Not to keep harping on this but it still bugs me about the "making someone else money" statement. Lets look at these Multi Billion dollar oil companies… Do you think they could pay their workers more money? Sure they could… Will they? Probably not!

    The object for any company is to make themselves money. When I started my other businesses I first had to make a profit before I could pay anyone else who would work for me.

    Sandy, I agree with you that "$36,000/year is 1/3 of what someone that works that hard with that background should be making" however, my statement was that he worked Part-time for $36,000 EXTRA that year on top of his Full time income at a Brick Plant.

    I can see that I'll never win an argument here but, I just can't stand by and watch all of the negative comments without at least responding.

    Really MLM is nothing more than leveraging your time through others. Can any ONE person work 3000 hours a week? No, it's impossible but, if you have an organization of 300 people working 10 hours a week doesn't that accomplish the same thing for you?

    Again, Admin and Sandy I can appreciate your opinions. Thats the great thing about this nation we live in! We are all entitled to our opinions and we all have to make our own decisions on what is right for us.

    I just don't want someone trying to make a VERY important decision to have deceptive information.

    I'm done posting here but, I'm sure it won't be the last word on this. Good luck to everyone out there who reads this and if you are interested or have any questions about AMBIT feel free to contact me.

    Thanks and GOD bless!

    • D mill

      As a matter of fact I am looking at Ambit now considering on joining. Sounds to me its the right way to go.

      • electricitybid

        D Mill, Ambit has done very well over the last few years…you just have to be sure and not put all your eggs in one basket. Have something else going on besides just doing MLM.


    Did you know that Ignite filed a lawsuit against Ambit? Ignite started their business in March of 2005..Ambit in Nov of 2006. What most people don't realize is that the people at the top of both of these companies were from Excel so they know each other! Ambit used almost verbatim the same compensation plan as Stream Energy. So Ignite sued and won. When the top leaders in Ambit asked Ignite to join their team, they were denied because of past histories with these people that was not favorable!

    So Ambit decided to form their own company with the exact same compensation plan as Ignite! It was really disgusting the slimy way that Ambit has been using Ignite to start their own company including the states that Ignite announced that they were going into in the future! I don't have much respect for the leaders of Ambit as well as their "aggressive" way of moving into a market long before they have officially received a marketing certification by that state! These tactics will only backfire in the long run and I feel sorry for the representatives that have bought into the business without fully knowing the history of this company!

    • Mark

      It's obvious that Kate is bashing Ambit because she is with Ignite. Please don't trust anyone on this form says (not even me) without looking it up or talking with someone who is "high up" in both companies. Here is Brian McClure's phone number (the #1 Income Earner in Ambit Energy) He makes more than $300,000 A MONTH from Ambit. Please call him: (512)-413-5577

  26. no

    Sounds like Ambit reps should move their customers over to that Affordable Energy guy for big growth on residuals.

  27. Brent


    Hey, I'm glad your in the same business I am! It's truly a great business isn't it?
    I think Ignite is a great company and I don't have anything negative to say about it.
    I joined Ambit because of a few things that I like better and not because I dislike Ignite.

    There seems to be alot of Ignite Reps. out there slamming Ambit but, I hear about several of them joining forces with Ambit weekly. I would like to add that if you are digging around for dirt on a company you can find dirt on any company that you want to if you look hard enough. Now, I did my research before joining forces with Ambit and I just didn't see any kind of information that was going to affect my performance or the companys growth.

    Again, congratulations on being a part of this business and I wish you all the best!

  28. flbiz

    To all you skeptics out there, I've been in a Network market company for 14 years and have made a six figure income for 5 of those 14 years. It's hard work, just like anything else. The only question I ask when I get involved with a business, can I make money if I don't recruit, and If I do recruit how quickly can a get to a six figure income. This allows me to recruit the salesmen and the entrepreneurs.

    Even though I'm not in Ambit, one thing seemed very clear, if we ever go into a depression, there are two things people always pay for: their utility bill and their booze. I'm not interested in being a bartender, so being in the utility business makes too much sense.

    Most negative comments come out of fear. No human being has ever made it financially without failing at least once. Like someone said, give it a year and if you find you don't like it go do something else.

    Ahh before I forget, the differnce between a legit business and a scam…..did the commission check cash!!

    Take care!

  29. BeenThereDoneThat

    Unlike the degregulation of the Telecom industry, Gas and Electricity are being deregulated one state at a time. If you go to one of their meetings, find the person that they're touting as the person in the room making the 'big money'. Pull them aside so as not to embarrass them. Ask them how much of their 'Big Money' is actually earned from the sale of either the gas or electricity. If you can even get them to answer the question, you may be surprised at how little it is. Most of their money is from the sponsoring of new people into the business. Although this practice of paying in this manner is routinely done by many companies in the network marketing industry, it is not producing a stable, residual income and is frowned upon by the professionals in the industry who earn money soley through product sales. Networking a utility has never been a way to build a long term stable income. Excel is gone. Destiny Telecom phone cards is gone. NCN Communications is gone. Many others like them are gone. You are offering one product and one product only. Therefore you cannot increase your share of customer by having more products to offer. Eventually you will run out of customers and with nothing else to offer them, your income, if any, will become stagnant. Find a company that offers a diverse product line with unique and consumable products. Utilities, although consumable, are not unique. There are now, and will be more choices to purchase utilities from in the future. If you put your time into a company with exclusivity on its multiple product lines, you will have a long term, residual income for life. How many times do you want to keep jumping from company to company only to do the same in a year or two. Time will prove me correct that networking Gas and Electricity will not produce an income of any substancial amount nor duration.

  30. Skeptic Sam

    All you guys are full of it. It is just like anything else. Those trailblazers that are present at the inception of a company whether it be an MLM or a Fortune 500 will make the most income. After that, you factor in all the levels of permutations and a few crumbs trickle down to the hardworkers. Take it from me I have involved myself in several MLM's and if you don't get in early and are not working 50 to 60 hours a week on this, you are chasing a dream. MLM's like Ambit talk a good game and give very convincing seminars and training sessions but remember, most of the pie is already gone. It gets progressively harder as time goes by. I am almost tempted to say these seminars and training sessions present themselves as a type of cult following. Don't kid yourself. Don't you think that those stock market clowns that write or publish how to get rich at the stock market and what stocks to buy books are letting you in on a secret for $19.99? The secret is already out and everybody knows about it. This reminds me so much of the gold rush days where many people were just chaing dreams. You think I am an idiot but I have invested and foloowed MLM's for many years as an MBA grad who happens to make six figures the old fashoioned way.

  31. sk

    Seems like all those positive comments are posted by Ambit Agents and anyone trying to talk bad about them has been given a bad name…
    The truth is a good company should not be charging $399.00 for joining the team. In my opinion any company charging any money to join their team is a scam. So therefore I think Ambit is one of them…And you will be one stupid person to pay money to join Ambit thinking you will make money.
    Go spend that energy you have in a company who will appreciate you, who will pay for your time and not charge you to join thier company.
    Last word: Spend $399.00 on yourself or your family. Don’t let that millionaire scammer get more money out of you.

  32. tooshot

    how difficult is it to start an mlm doing the same thing that ambit does? anyone with real knowledge please respond otherwise i think there are enough bullshit opinions on the site already.

  33. prsmith

    Hogwash. People are still joining Amway and a host of other excellent Direct Marketing companies and those who work hard do very well.

    BTW, there is NO DIFFERENCE between the 'MBA old fashioned way' and the Direct Marketing way. Those who work hardest rise to the top and those who don't go into a different line of work. It's that simple.

    Light to your life,

  34. tooshot

    glad to see comments on the site are taken off when the admin doesnt like them guess all this is bs in he long run anyway-

    here’s the secret to success work hard and learn to invest in the stock market buy long when you should and get short when you should. dont count on other people to do it for you learn it and do it yourself and you’ll be happier and make money the good old fashioned way, by gambling

  35. Too shot,

    Your comment is funny enough to leave on here. What comment are you referring too that was deleted? From the sound of your last comment it probably wasn't very educational. I like the last one you wrote though. Good sense of humour!


    I would just like to say that, I too, am a young entrepreneur. At age 22, I feel that I have been very blessed, and fortunate in pursuing my journey as a venture capitalist!

    I would like to share one piece of valuable advice to anyone willing to take it for what it is worth. Half of success comes from a strong network of mentors. Build your network to it's fullest potential, and never be satisfied with it. Along the way you can achieve unbelievable success in any industry by finding others interested in pursuing your ventures.

    As my friend Ken Hendricks used to say, "Dare to Dream".

    If you believe in something than do it. Don't talk about it. Instead, provide people with actions!

    Instead of saying that you want to do something, say that you will do something. Then do it!

    Don't use the word "but" in a sentence, because it then sounds like a negative statement. Instead replace it with the word "and", and turn it into a positive statement!

    I find myself to be a student in the corporate world. I personally joined Ambit for fun, and to compete with a cocky old man who thinks he is in the big time. I don't need the money. I just enjoy playing with different business models by incorporating my own experience, and techniques.

    Just remember that with experience comes greater knowledge , and success!!!

  37. PESETA99

    Hey guys , I am from Puerto Rico and I need more info about ambit, anyone knows about arrests made to the ambit team in texas, bankruptcy, news about their scam or something else, please respond…

  38. JMP

    I recently attended one of the Ambit promotions. Whether you think MLM is a good or bad way of selling products the question is whether or not Ambit is selling a good product. If you are giving your customers a real benefit, you have a good product to sell and should be able to make money without ruining your reputation. I would hate to get my family and friends to buy energy from Ambit only to find out they were ripped off.

    A traditional business has marketing costs that are inevitably passed on to consumers. The MLM is a way of marketing that spreads the cost among many marketers. Its true the people at the top make most of the money. So what? If you are providing a good product at favorable terms you are giving those family and friends a benefit.

    My question to those Ambit reps out there is, Are the customers getting a better price on their energy than they could get elsewhere? How good is the guaranty? Do those travel points have any real value?

    Its true that when a real estate broker hires many sales reps only a samll percent make any real money. But if that sales rep brings in one family member, both the sales rep and broker made some money they wouldn’t normally have made. If someone joins Ambit and brings in only a few customers, that person makes some money and so does Ambit. Anyone who thinks you don’t have to work very hard to make money in sales should stay away. But should they become a customer of Ambit?

  39. sepulvc

    In my case, some of what is in the article I can say was not the truth. I too find that the word Scam in this article’s title is pretty harsh? Does the better business bureau register scammers? I am not saying that there might not be flaws, perhaps allot of them, but tell me what they are so that any future possible enlisters can make a choice of enlisting or not.

    When my Ambit rep recruited me, I was told that in order of making money it did require time and energy and that the real benefits begin once I recruit my reps and the required clients. That was made as clear as water and was reemphasized in the ambit web site video that is on each recruiter’s site and it was my choice to get more information and then enlist or no. So basically, in my case, what I saw and registered for is what I got. This article almost makes it seem as if all those who have registered are uninformed ignorant victims…

    Perhaps this forum should have begun with hard concrete truthful facts that can help inform us unfortunate unaware victims of our poor business choice… I understand that this is a forum is for who ever registers to put in their two cents but I want concrete facts not just a bunch of good / bad opinions about this company, as has been the case in some of what I have read thus far… Give me the HARD FACTS baby…

  40. joepackfan

    I am a recently sold mlm wannabe with Ambit in Illinois. I’ve spent one night just mentioning the ability to save money on natural gas and help other save money also. The feedback was incredible. I want to know when is Illinois going to have the gas available so I can sign people up?

  41. powerfromambit

    Fact: Excel created over 2000 millionaires.
    Fact: Ambit is on it's 3rd state…even though it gave an 18 month head start to Ignite (still only in Texas).

    Don't listen to what people say…look at the what is happening for yourselves and see how the facts line up with what people say.

    For Admin: Excel had a compensation plan that put more $$$ at the top for personal consultants. The result was than consultants did not build depth. Excel then reversed and put more $$$ into the depth, and that is what kick started them into gear and created many more millionaires. This is a fact that many ex-Excel reps can verify.

    Not trying to be harsh, but opinions are cheap, and information can be misrepresented. Ambit continues opening into other states, the compensation plan provides 3 bonus payout and 2 residual payouts (6 levels and overriding residual bonus to infinity).

    Let's focus on facts folks. Our businesses continue to grow, and every week, I see about 100 people make their first promotion in Ambit, and at least 20 more in our region make the next promotion. It's because they spend time "Doing" and less time "Talking about it".

    I'll help anyone understand Ambit, just as many here are also willing to do. We will continue to help drive down the cost of electricity from competition…being part of that is fun.

    There's plenty of room for all of us to succeed. Who is willing to Do Something?

  42. powerfromambit

    Current schedule is to start signing up customers and consultants on Feb 8th.

  43. powerfromambit

    In Texas and NY, customers get a better price or they don't switch. I have many, many customer who save $50+ a month ($600+ a year). I tell them to give charity to someone other than their retail electric provider…and they do.

    I have a customer who made 5 referrals. He has a certificate for a real 5-day cruise that he can redeem anytime in the next 2 years. It is transferable and upgradeable. It's worth a cruise, nothing more and nothing less.

    Another point from some of the previous posts. Keep in perspective, you are not "spending money" to get in this or similar business opportunity that you could otherwise spend on your family. You are investing in a business venture. If anyone thinks they can invest and get a better return, by all means do so. Saying you should spend this money on your family is fraught with short-term gratification thinking. It is true, you can have a great time with that money, but then afterwards, you have to come up with more money to get that same gratification again. That is not investing, that is spending…big difference. Neither is wrong or right, but the consequences are miles apart.

    JMP (and others) are absolutely correct in their message regarding what you get out of this. If you sit around talking about it and waiting for something to happen, emailing people, etc., you paid too much. If you actually go out and do something, talk to people, try to serve them, give them something of value (customers and new consultants), you will do better than nothing. Even if you don't find a customer or consultant for awhile, you get to know other people, their needs and add to your skills. You absolutely cannot earn a living without other human beings being involved. So getting out and getting involved with other is worthwhile…this business opportunity forces you to do that if that is not a "natural" thing for you to do. Stretch, and you get better at it.

    I personally got back my "business fee" in Ambit in 2 days of work. Got my first promotion in 3 weeks (1 of those weeks I was in Canada). It's not difficult. You ask questions, you learn, you make some mistakes and learn even more, and keep going. Find a good mentor and do what they do. It's not hard, but it does take some effort towards an attainable goal.

    All I'm saying above pertains to many things in life. To be a leader, you need to know how to serve. By doing something that is bigger than just being about us, good things happen.

  44. Skeptical17939

    As with most of these MLMs they usually seem to fall to fraud. Just look at all the press on one of Ambit's reps named Bob Pearson. He tried to get several people to join Ambit AND pay him between $5k and $10k to "build their business for them".

    It would seem like a slam dunk case for termination if I've ever seen one….However, even after the brass at Ambit was made aware of his attempted scam within Ambit and his history of past scams, they let him stay! That said it all for me. I would never join any organization that doesn't have more integrity than that.

  45. QuestioningAmbit

    I really do not have any hard feelings toward Ambit one way or the other. I guess I'm just curious why a break-out residential alternative electric company needs an MLM marketing technique to bring it to full fruition. 🙁 Wouldn't they have much better success with magazine ads, newspaper articles, conferences, exhibits that actually detail how Ambit works, etc.? If they make so much money a year, they cannot plug a few million and generate a smart, savvy advertising campaign? 🙁

  46. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    If you are running a legitimate business all you have to do is post the proof and the criticism will go away. No need to be defensive or high and mighty, or condecending to people, and that goes for both sides of this forum.

    All you have to do is post how much revenue did your favorite MLM made in providing the service or product to customers and how much money is generated by recruiting consultants.

    If more money is generated from recruiment which in turn is used to pay the upline commission and you can sleep at night knowing that you are being paid with somebody elses money and not actual profit from what you sell, then so be it. It is really up to you and your God, if that is even an issue.

    If, however, you can post and prove to everybody that your business is legit and money paid out to reps are from products sold or services provided, then more power to you and send me an application. I'll sign up in a heartbeat.

    It is tough to make a living out there but I'll be darn if I I'll stoop so low as to make my living on somebody elses back, hard earned money and dreams.

    Good luck to both sides.

  47. sawi

    To AJWilliams from Affodable Energy, what are your rates for residential? Do you give your consultants or reps any bonuses. I searched for your company in Google and Texas and have not found it. Where can I get more information to find out how reliable it is?

  48. powerfromambit

    To kindly respond to "BeenThereDoneThat", you're talking apples and oranges…one product/service compared to offering two or more from a company. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It's the same difference between comparing an architect, or a cabinet maker. One is a generalist, and the other a specialist. Both can succeed IF they have loyal customers and a decent market share in their locale.

    I have lived among many multi-millionaires with their own businesses. They have all told me to "start with one product or service, and become the best at that one thing. Know it, make it better, understand what others are doing and ensure your customers see you as the expert". These people had businesses in the food industry, lumber, high-tech and more. Since they have the fruit, results spoke to me more than just mere words. I think you and I agree that results are a measure (not the only measure) of proof.

    You wrote: "You are offering one product and one product only. Therefore you cannot increase your share of customer by having more products to offer. Eventually you will run out of customers and with nothing else to offer them, your income, if any, will become stagnant. Find a company that offers a diverse product line with unique and consumable products".

    If you run out of energy customers, how is that any different to running out of other "product" customers. Having multiple products doesn't affect the number of potential customers. With energy, the potential customers (size of the market) is huge compared to specialized products. That is the reasoning behind some companies pushing multiple products, to increase their market potential. The market for energy is the entire population within a deregulated area. Apples and oranges inference among the two, and a huge benefit for the energy market since there are so few that do not use it.

    In the case of retail energy, throw in the lesser need for inventory, monthly collections, monthly selling to the same customers, and similar needs for that venue. The assertion that you can't make a lasting and growing residual with a single product/service is really orthogonal to the discussion here. Lasting and growing residuals are more related to penetration of the market (market share) than number of offerings. You still have to sell for either, but the difference is the holding power and the competitive nature of the market to entice a customer to change his habit or decision (e.g. switch to another retail provider, or purchase the product from WalMart or Target).

    I see many checks each week in 4 figures with Ambit. Residuals grow each month. This business is in its' infancy. How much of an $4-6 Billion market do you need to have a decent income. Most network marketer try to entice people with "get rich in 12 months". You and I and this audience don't fall for that type of hype (point back to results matter). Results don't happen without action. I see that in this business.

    Thanks for the discussion gentlemen.

  49. powerfromambit

    My bad…last paragraph should have stated…

    "How much of a $400-600 Billion energy market do you need to have a decent income?

  50. powerfromambit

    In response to IfUcanSleepDoIt :

    With respect…
    Your choice of words "legitimate business" is interesting. Let's look at corporate America. They file papers with the state, build a business plan, get funding, begin operations, and create value for a customer base with the hope and intent to stay in the game and expand. No one complains that they make a profit from their services and products. They often create revenue from consulting, engagements, product offerings, services to support the customer, etc. This is the definition of "legitimate business" that everyone understands and the model is entrenched in business worldwide.

    Ambit and many network marketing companies are in the same game. They follow those same rules EXCEPT for the use of consultants instead of the traditional sales/marketing model that we see in corporate American "legitimate businesses". They have to file with the state, pass regulatory requirements, setup operations, hire staff, buy or lease facilities, and cover all the same overhead expenses that "legitimate businesses" have to perform.

    The costs are the same…and the revenue stream is applied against those costs according to the business plan…no difference there either.

    When any of us are hired by a company to perform a function, is it normal to be fully productive on Day 1? Not likely, there is training (informal and sometimes formal) required for us to understand the business, the company strategy, vision, operations and how we play a part to help deliver value to the customer, and help the company to achieve its' revenue targets. Still no difference between "legitimate business" and Ambit so far.

    Look at "legitimate businesses". Pick TXU. They regularly get fined for abuses to the tune of millions of dollars…while they are making Billions of dollars. They are not an MLM. I can point to companies in many sectors (Enron, Financial Services firms, Retail, etc.). Legitimate businesses have their warts also.

    The broad brush assertion that Ambit is not a "legitimate business" is a interesting assertion made while ignoring the rest of corporate America…let's be fair.

    Regarding Ambit. The fee that a consultant pays to start his business goes directly to the company. It is used to apply against costs of operating that company, just like consulting and services revenue does for "legitimate businesses". We consultants don't see a dime of that money. We get paid ONLY when we bring customers to the company. The value received from that customer is their money, in return for less expensive energy. Part of that revenue comes to us. Since customers don't jump retail energy providers every month, the financial model accounts for that, knowing from actuary like tables the likelihood in a given month of people switching away…normal "legitimate business" model financial and operations of energy companies (e.g. TXU, Reliant, etc.).

    Now, the reason I raised the question about training when we join a company (time for dollars) is that TRAINING is a key part of the proposition when someone starts something. With Ambit, we leaders spend hours and hours training new people. We train about deregulation, process, sales, marketing, customer service, building a business, managing money in your business, etc. That training costs time, and as you know from "legitimate business" models, time is money.

    With Ambit, a new consultant can also make money without ever sponsoring another consultant. How? He gets customers for himself and gets paid residuals when those customers pay their bills. He/She can make $$$ without bringing in someone with a "sign up fee". He can sponsor an affiliate and still make $$$ without bringing in other consultants. How many "legitimate businesses" that are not network marketing related do that?

    Ambit Energy pays out a well defined amount of money for every customer. Bonuses are based on groups of customers (2 for the first bonus, and the rest in groups of 5). Residuals are based on individual customers. Notice that this is based on customers. Sounds like the traditional "legitimate business" model that all businesses follow. Without customers, you go out of business. You can staff a Sales and Marketing team internally in any business…but if you don't find paying customers, you don't stay in business. There is no difference here in the world of business economics.

    If the assertion is that MLM and related companies are not legitimate businesses because of how they use their "revenue", then just about every business known to man is guilty, not only MLMs, and certainly not a point against Ambit. The internal financials of a company are based on supporting their business model in their chosen industries.

    In fact, I will assert that corporate America is the greater perpetrator to what you are saying than Ambit ever will be.

    Ambit provides value that people will pay for. Lower cost energy, and opportunity for someone to start a business from their home, Leaders who train them (which costs us time), and coaching, encouragement and corrective action along the way for those who want to succeed.

    Yes…I sleep well at night.

    My apologies for the long response…but hopefully, my response was respectfully made.

  51. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    "No assertion at all that Ambit is not a legitimate business nor any MLM for that matter. But word is cheap and we can argue until we are blue in the face and we still won't get this matter resolved to everyones satisfaction. Publish the proof and show everyone where the money is being generated and where the commissions are coming from and I bet you that all the questions will stop."

    "We get paid ONLY when we bring customers to the company. The value received from that customer is their money, in return for less expensive energy".

    You know that is not accurate. With Ambit, consultants get paid $100.00 for each of the the first 2 consultants that they bring in as marketing consultant. After you bring in 6MC you become a regional consultant and get paid an additional $55.00 for the first 2 consultant you bring in. That is in addition to the $100.00 so a total of $150.00. Then you get $55.00 for every additional marketing consultant they bring in to infinite depth. After you bring in a total of 18 MC you are promoted to Senior Consultant and get an additional $135.00 for the first 2 MC you bring in on top of the $100.00 for a whopping total of $235.00 dollars. Then you get $135.00 for every MC that these 2 MC you just recruited gets, to infinite level. Everybody gets the idea? Pretty lucrative isn't it.

    Now, lets see how you can make money selling energy.

    Gather 4 customers in 4 weeks and get paid $100.00. Get an additional 6 customers in 8 weeks and you get another $100.00.

    With these formula, don't you make more money recruiting MC's than selling energy? Why then would you want to spend your time selling.

    "Ambit Energy pays out a well defined amount of money for every customer. Bonuses are based on groups of customers (2 for the first bonus, and the rest in groups of 5). Residuals are based on individual customers. Notice that this is based on customers. Sounds like the traditional “legitimate business” model that all businesses follow. Without customers, you go out of business".

    It is true that without customers you will go out of business. You think that the people on top cares about that. They made their millions already from the minions of MC's they have all over the place. They couldn't care less if the business goes. All they have to do is think of the next hot commodity out there and start another MLM and so the business starts all over again.

    I did not make up this formula. It is taken directly from the Ambit website.

    Am I wrong in my interpretation? If I am, please accept my sincere apology.

  52. Graz

    What have I said that sounds like cult-like behavior? Frankly, I don't see how I can be more upfront and matter-of-fact about my point.

    I definitely agree that if you have spent a year and you see no return, BAIL. You should bail before then as far as I'm concerned.

    Here's what really gets to me. People who are so quick to knock something they know nothing about. Whether it's Ambit Energy or an Arby's franchise, I just believe there is plenty of opportunity today for an American to start with something small and grow it into something big if they REALLY work at it.

    I'm still trying.

    That can take a while and a lot of advertising, and real work.

    Most people out there when looking at an MLM or any other business opportunity, they laugh at it, while some people see the potential. I guess, I see the potential in a lot of them. Generally, it's not the company and it's offerings that is the scam. It's the lie that people convince themselves that they will do all the work that it takes. How many complaints do you ever hear from people that involve things like not getting paid for a certain amount of sales you brought in, or waiting forever to be paid, or getting paid less than promised? You rarely, if ever, hear anything like that. So, if the company delivers a commission for what was asked of you, there really is not much to complain about.

    A scam is someone taking your money and not delivering anything for it.

    You are presented with an opportunity, if you believe you can make something of it, take a chance and see what happens. The truth is there are thousands of people out there who have made millions in all kinds of similar opportunities, including Ambit Energy.

    I am in the home improvement field, and I specialize in flooring. It's not unlike any other business in that it takes effort and organization. I am just tired of working for someone else, and I want to start my own thing.

    I, like many people, face criticism for simply looking for something different in life, something that is my own and can enjoy. I have an extremely arrogant older brother who actually gets off on things that I try and fail at. I admit I have failed, but I also truly believe that's part of getting there.

    I know one day I will be respected for my accomplishments. At the same time, as I age, I care less of what people think of me, especially total assholes who have God complexes simply because they succesfully run a small business. I recognize what is behind those energies. Here's the harsh truth. PEOPLE DO NOT WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.


    I am talking about the people around you. Now, I know there are a lot of great people out there who truly like to help people near them get farther in life by supporting their ideas, and not knocking them all day, and saying things behind your back like you're some joke.

    Too many people out there feed off the dignities of others. I know that is a very big thing that you rarely hear people talking or writing about. SUPPORT. Not just support from a company rep, or sponsor, but the support of the supposed friends and family around you.

    People love to see other people struggle, it makes struggle itself feel detached to them.

    There are people who sickly need to extrapolate the good energy in people who are simply trying to do something for themselves.

    I suggest the good old "Mind Your Own Business" philoophy. If you think that something is a scam, don't get involved. If you feel like something is amazing and you envision really good possibilities, just go for it. I am still learning, and I am not an expert, but I do inately feel that I have to keep trying.

    Sometimes when you reach for something different, to a lot of people, it seems so extraordinary, like the tried and true philosophy of getting a "real" job and making real money at the end of every week.

    Well, with every job, there was someone who went out on a limb and took a chance on a business and made it happen, therefore affording you a job opportunity for their particular business.

    What's so wrong with YOU being that guy, or gal?

    If it fails, you learn something.

    I know that I struggle with serious diversity, with one person in particular who talks behind my back and has my whole family and his friends convinced that I am insane, or extremely foolish at the very least.

    I recoginze it's really his weakness, at the same time it hurts, but he doesn't care about that, because by definition, he is truly the one who is insane. And by that I mean, someone who has an absolute disregard for other people's feelings, because it is worth the comedy value to him while he is at a bar talking his big mouth off, and hanging out with other people with whom he also talks behind their backs.

    People will suck you dry of energy, and courage. All I say is, recognize where they are coming from, and I mean your detractors.

    Realize that NOONE is more important than you are, and that YOU DESERVE something better.

    That much I have learned so far.

    For a long time, I was hurt by someone who constantly talks, constantly rips on me, and finally said to myself, you know, this is just someone who I now have to completely disown.

    I am sure I have stayed off topic, but at least I am offering something real from myself, and hopefully this helps anyone out there who is struggling with adversity from people close to them, because people close to you can be the most damaging.

    In a lot of cases, they don't even know they're doing it, but at the same time there's no excuse for it.

    I thank God for the smart friends that I have who understand things like these who I can talk to and have a way of comforting me in my journey.

    I guess all I am saying is just do what you feel is right, and take on what you know you can chew.

    Just don't let assholes run your life, or believe anything negative people want to say about you.

    It's unbelievable to me just how harsh people who supposedly love you can be so damn hurtful for their benefit, but let it teach you something. For me it has taught me that it really is a pretty cut-throat world. Fortunately there are good people still out there who truly want to help others, and get excited to work with people.

    Hope this helps.


  53. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    The reason why the MLM business will be around forever is simple.

    The people that made a lot of money on it will keep doing it.

    The people that were "screwed" pardon the word, will stay away and warn others.

    The people that never had previous experienced will join and pour their hearts into it only to find the truth at the end.

    Good luck to all of you MLM'ers. Let your concience be your guide. God Bless.

  54. powerfromambit

    To IfUcanSleepDoIt…

    I believe you are correct in your interpretation of the Ambit payout, but very much off course in the application in terms of business economics.

    You wrote "It is true that without customers you will go out of business. You think that the people on top cares about that. They made their millions already from the minions of MC’s they have all over the place. They couldn’t care less if the business goes. All they have to do is think of the next hot commodity out there and start another MLM and so the business starts all over again."

    If I understand this point you made, your zeal is clouded by your economics. With all respect, regarding Ambit:

    1. Your statement, "They made their millions already from the minions of MC’s they have all over the place" is financially myopic.

    Where did those millions that you claim they got come from? You postulated that the money being paid out to consultants, was coming from recruiting MCs. If that is true, there is no money retained within the company (and the people at the top) based exactly on the Ambit payout information that you reiterated! Do the math…From your earlier post of the payouts from the Ambit literature (it is correct) for bringing a new MC onboard, there would be a $390 payout coming from a $399 "business fee". The portfolio that is shipped to the new MC costs at least $9, so from your economics, the company either got nothing, or lost a little bit of money.

    They did get the 2 customers though, but that is future revenue. But you discounted the customer revenue and stated the people at the top got rich from the new MCs already. Your financial logic does not fit your assertion about where the wealth at the top is coming from. You proved the opposite point that you were trying to make. So, if not coming from the minions of MCs, please clarify where did that wealth at the top come from?

    2. You stated "Gather 4 customers in 4 weeks and get paid $100.00. Get an additional 6 customers in 8 weeks and you get another $100.00. With these formula, don’t you make more money recruiting MC’s than selling energy? Why then would you want to spend your time selling."

    Well…it is the leverage you get by building out the organization under you. I have seen $8,000 and $14,000 monthly checks representing RESIDUAL ONLY within Ambit. That money comes from customers downline. It is not personal customers that got them $14,000 residuals. It is the building out of the organization with 1000s of customers and getting residuals of from 50 cents to $3.00 per paying customer that generated that residual. You have to extend the thinking beyond yourself to grasp what this is doing. I have to believe that you understand that fundamental principle of network marketing…leverage.

    Apply leverage within a "legitimate business". Does the CEO of a company make more than the VPs, and the VPs make more than the Directors, and the Directors make more than the senior managers, etc.? That is leverage in action in every public and private company. Ambit financials operate in the same way. Leverage for those who take on more responsibility, and produce greater results.

    Granted, there have been some incredibly poor MLMs that gave MLM and network marketing a bad industry reputation. But the same argument can be made for typical business across every industry sector, as I mentioned in my previous past.

    3. Particularly with Ambit and others in the Energy Industry space, this last quote is very confusing as to the next steps that you said would occur…you stated "They couldn’t care less if the business goes. All they have to do is think of the next hot commodity out there and start another MLM and so the business starts all over again."

    So you are saying that a company that has 100 of thousands of residential energy customers (and growing rapidly) within THE LARGEST INDUSTRY in America, where people faithfully pay their bills (statistical statement) would just walk away and start something else after creating a huge customer base??? Where would they go and what would they do that would be any better? Energy is the largest industry!!! This would be like someone winning the lottery and the cash payout keeps going up, and the lottery ticket holder deciding to not claim the prize and go off and buy another ticket for the lottery. Again, your zeal is clouded by your business economics.

    Can you give a few examples and thoughts of what and where the top Ambit people would go to and start another business that would be worth leaving all that growing customer revenue on the table and not claim it? Actions have consequences. I understand your zeal, but I don't understand your suggested actions that you stated these people should or will do beyond the zeal.

    4. The worst thing that anyone can do in joining a network marketing venture, is to come into that business with an "Employee attitude". That is where most people fail immediately. This is not the security and paycheck for showing up and doing the minimal amount of work to get by. THIS IS A BUSINESS, YOUR BUSINESS. People need to come into Ambit (and others like it) with a Business Owner attitude. You need to think like it is your company. What do you need to do to make payroll? To survive? To get repeat customers? To take care of your business. An employee attitude will last about 3 weeks in this business. You are a consultant in your business, not Ambit's business. Ambit is a supplier in your business. You are trading RESULTS for INCOME. This is not trading TIME for Income as in the "Employee Attitude". Huge difference as you know.

    Again, I respect opinions and thoughts. I read your post to me and the conclusions you made are exactly why someone with a "business owner attitude" should be in Ambit (you included). It is all about YOUR BUSINESS, common leverage, a huge industry, residuals and an opportunity to do something for yourself. If anyone wants to get employee expectations, do not apply. Industry consultants in Hi-Tech, HR, Turning companies around, etc. get paid for their knowledge, and their results. Ambit is no different in that regard. As said in my prior post, we (at least I do) spend a lot of time training people in my downline about this business, the operations, how to treat others, serving other people, etc. to be successful. This is the same as you would get if you purchased a franchise. Training makes you, or breaks you if you don't get the training, and/or you do not apply it to YOUR business.

    Thank you for the discussion.

  55. Joel PMA

    To powerfromambit
    I just joined Ambit this week. I own a closet design and installation company and joined Ambit to build another. I definitely agree with you about employee attitude. Results for income versus time for income is difficult for most to understand. In a few days, we are having a group meeting to develope a business plan for all to succeed. Teamwork, another concept difficult for most to understand. If you have suggestions to help us,we are all ears. By the way, PMA was our motto in college football…Positive Mental Attitude…another difficult one!
    Thanks for reading

  56. powerfromambit

    Joel PMA

    Positive Attitude is critical to any success. We all wain from time-to-time on that…just keep the forest in your sights as you navigate through the day to day learning.

    More than happy to contribute with you. Feel free to click on my link and email me if you want to interact on the side.

    If you could share more about what you are focusing your "business plan" on, I can help target my thoughts better.

    Here are some general things I tell my folks that get started:

    1. This is a marathon…not a sprint. Some people burst out of the gate, others don't. Don't judge, but encourage. Everyone is different. Enjoy the ride and don't be "desperate". You're in a service business. We all want a Steve Thompson or Carlos Marin in our downline…you can't make it happen…but you can let it happen.
    2. Keep a servant attitude. You are blessing potential customers (and consultants) by reducing the cost of their energy below what it currently is. You will run into a few who don't want to change or join. Give them the respect to say 'No' and politely move on. Don't pressure, especially if you don't like to be pressured. I have had that happen many times, and in a month or two, several have called me back after "thinking about it for awhile".
    3. Ask lots of questions and be a student of electricity deregulation in your area. I spent a month asking many questions every day until I had a good grasp (and haven't stopped yet). The expertise and knowledge is part of being a consultant and the reason you will get paid for results. Teamsmanship is key here. Make sure everyone in your group shares what they know. You each are invaluable resources to each other. Working as a group is a great idea.
    4. Remember to do #3 in terms of the consultant business. Rely on those experienced to help your new consultant get onto the right track as well…there is plenty of time for you to take the reins.
    5. Don't be afraid of making a mistake…you will. We are all human. The only concern is making a mistake that is more difficult to recover from. Talk with your upline alot and let them know what you are doing, what you are saying, what questions you are getting. Each one makes you stronger and more valuable.
    6. (last one) Think like a customer. I mean like the customer who switches (as I presume you did), and as the consultant under you. Look at the world through someone else's eyes besides your own. It speeds up the learning process.

    Don't make this business harder than it is. (OK…this is really #7 :-0 ) Energy is a commodity. Either you save customers money with a lower price, or you don't switch them. Your perspective is correct. Do the same with potential new consultants. Don't promise tons of money in a short period of time. Instead, set a small achievable goal, like making enough to pay the electric bill, or a car payment, and build up from there. Be realistic, and emphasize what you have already articulated…this is a business…you are an owner, not an employee…if you don't do anything…that's what you get.

    Sorry for being verbose…I'm passionate about this business and helping people succeed. Become a great servant, and you'll have all the qualities of a great and successful leader.

    I have a great upline sponsor. I try to be the same with those that want to join me in this business as well. I believe that everything else is a symptom (positive or negative) of that kind of attitude.

    Feel free to email or continue this thread in this forum if the forum Admin doesn't have problem (it is a different topic)…I'm OK either way Joel.

  57. Joel PMA

    To powerfromambit
    Thanks for your response. Cannot contact you per your link. Please advise. Our group has questions.

  58. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    I attended a local Ambit presentation. I was very impressed at the number of people in the room. It was packed, many more standing on the back. The speaker is from the Florida area, I forgot his name, but very energetic.
    After his presentation he introduced a gentlemen who was recently promoted to senior consultant level. A young, vibrant and excited individual came in front. He thanked Ambit for the opportunity and claimed he made $26,000.00 last month.

    Everybody was impressed especially when he mentioned that he just started doing this over the last few months(3-4). I was curious to know where the money came from so I raised my hand. The speaker said that they would take questions later.

    After a few more introductions another associate came holding out discount parking tickets. There was a mad dash for the ticket $5.00 compared to $18.00. After all the commotions was over the speaker and the recently promoted gentlemen was gone. Too bad I said, I was not able to ask my question.

    Anyway, maybe you can answer it for me.

    You see, Ambit is not yet licensed to sell Energy in Illinois so it is impossible for the $26,000.00 or a good part of it, to come from energy sale. The only other source that I can think of is the membership fee. Do you also get commission on the website fee of $19.99 a month. Maybe you can clarify this for everyone.

    Thanks and good luck to all of you.

  59. BeenThereDoneThat

    To 'If you can sleep…"

    You see my point. The people in front of the room making the big money are making it from recruiting bonuses; NOT from the sale of any product. They bolted from the room rather than take questions. What does that tell you?!? What are they afraid of? Why not stay and help people understand the business instead of creating a 'hit and run' situation like he did? Long term, this has disaster written all over it and damages the industry as a whole.

  60. TooManyConspiracies

    I once worked for a successful and fully legal Buyer's Club which claimed to save the average consumer tons of money yearly. And it worked. There was no rocket science to it. All was very up front and open. I've been a member for years and have calculated how much I've saved, and it's a lot. But there are lots of people who refuse to get it, no matter how simple. The simpler the plan, the more convoluted they'd try to make it, till convincing themselves of a scam where there isn't any. I've seen 'this club is a scam' claims pop up from time to time without a kernel of truth to them. If they are true, I'm still waiting to get burned or for one of my past customers to stop being happy, lol. But this is how it goes. Those who don't want to 'get it' while the rest of us are getting the same product with a nice cushion in our wallets. Same thing here w/Ambit. The biz model seems just as simple. No one's claiming it to be a slice of cake, as some are suggesting — on the contrary, I've been advised it's real work. The center of the Admin's argument here is 'stacking reps'. And…? How exactly is recruiting other reps a shady deal? And by the way, this WAS made clear to me up front, so please stop the fibs. I feel kinda bad for the naysayers, not just in this arena but in life, since they're the one's who'll keep missing out.

  61. powerfromambit

    We do not get commissions from the website…period.

    See my previous posts that answer your other questions. I see enough residual only checks to know that there is significant money coming from people paying their energy bills. If you both were "burned" in previous network marketing ventures…so was I and many others. Did you stop riding a bicycle the first time you fell (or pushed) off? Did you stop driving a car after your first accident? Did you stop working for an employer the first time you got a pay raise that you felt was too small, or didn't get that promotion you were hoping for?

    Attitude reflects character and heart.

    Name a company that is perfect in your eyes and is worth joining as a business owner, or an employee. It would be helpful to see the world through your eyes in that regard.

  62. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    $26,000.00 coming from purely recruiting reps? No residual from products or services.
    [Hey Bud, give me ten buck. Now, if you can get 10 people to give you ten bucks you give it to me and I'll give you five buck for each. See now, you just made a cool fifty on your ten dollar investment. Tell them to do the same and well split the difference.]

    If you are stacking reps and splitting up their membership fee, yes, there is something wrong with that. It is against the law, it's a Pyramid Scam. As it is right now that's what's happening in Illinois, isn't it. You can't tell me the reps are making money from energy sale because as you know, they are NOT LICENSED yet to sell. So how do you go around the law, is what I'm wondering.

    NOw, I'm not saying Ambit is a scam,I'm just following the money and keeping an open mind.

    $19.99 a month website fee = $239.88 ($240.00)/year
    $240.00 (x)= lots of money per year
    If x=25,000.00
    $240.00 x 25,000.00 = cool $600,000.00 (nice biz). Nothing wrong with that, just plain smart biz I think. In fact if Ambit sells only mediocre amount of Energy but grow their rep base lets say to 100,000.00, not impossible is it.

    Well that's a cool 24 million for the founders. Nice biz. like I said and definitely legal I might add. But no commission on it? yikes.

    By the way is there any other fees involved like, seminar, books, tapes, CD, Training? That's an additional source of income for the founders.

    Just thinking aloud. Like I said if you're happy and you can sleep at night. More power to you. Got no bones to pick with any of you or even Ambit. Just commenting on what I read. Maybe in doing so I can get somebody to re-evaluate their positions and if at the end they still feel that this is the best thing that ever happened to them, then so be it, be happy and enjoy doing it.

  63. powerfromambit

    You might want to review :
    1. Federal and State case law about pyramids and scams.
    2. The criteria for the Ambit pre-launch in Illinois…your numbers are grossly in error in your example.
    3. Your inclusion of "other fees" for books, tapes and CDs, etc. is inconsistent relative to businesses and consulting professions across all industries.

    To add to the previously unanswered question about your examples of model businesses, you might add examples of businesses or consulting professionals where they can obtain their training and materials that they choose to purchase from suppliers for free (and the cost is not hidden in other activities) in the public / government sectors. These are included as part of any franchise fee, when you buy a business, expenses when you start a business, or in business-to-business activities in the public domain. Would very much like to see how your model works beyond your current zeal for the energy market you pursue here. I would very much like to see the world through your eyes…I'm clearly missing something in your business economics (and case law).

    When you purchase a franchise, they made money from you purchasing a franchise. When you buy a business, they made money from just you buying that business. When M&As occur, someone made money from just that activity. So, how is this different with Ambit, Ignite and others (or is it just Ambit)?

    From your zeal, I presume you refuse to do business with any franchise or small business in America…because the single point you drive here is also true for how most of them got started as well.

    Let me encourage you to help steer this to your positive examples of what you see other companies or opportunities doing correctly in this business space. That might better help frame your points within this discussion. Thank you.

  64. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    You might want to review :
    1. Federal and State case law about pyramids and scams.

    [If you have the link to these case laws you're referring to, I'll be more than happy to review them.]

    2. The criteria for the Ambit pre-launch in Illinois…your numbers are grossly in error in your example.

    [This is the link I want to see the most, please post it here so we can all review it. Could you also post the corrections in my grossly erroneous calculations, thank you. If you don't mind.]

    3. Your inclusion of “other fees” for books, tapes and CDs, etc. is inconsistent relative to businesses and consulting professions across all industries.
    [Don't see anything wrong with selling books or paying for training, I think it's a good revenue source]

  65. energyphoenix

    Thank you powerfromambit! I really enjoy your insight and wisdom when it comes to saying what you have to say in a way that outs it out there some anyone with even a small education can get it! I have been with Ambit for a little bit now and KNOW what Ambit offers and what it can pay out in relation to my effort, time, and passion put into it. Hope to see you at Power Trip 2008! My name is Phil and you will see me with my brother Jeremy…we are the Simers' brothers!
    to all of you who knock Ambit…you either are against us with another company or you just have not researched enough…because even a "caveman" could see what we offer! To Consultants AND Customers!!!!!

    I will not get in a WIT WAR with anyone…the information is out there…this has been the information age for 10 years now! Ambit is with the BBB and has guarantees along with GREAT business minded team members. So down with the negative that you promote without concrete basis for even a small chance at a snowball fight on a summer day!

  66. pedromorales

    This is a very good system, I've been in excel and i made lots of money and this company is very similar to the system i've used in the past for that i've enroll in the program for three months now and i'm seen the money is coming in fact the 399.00 that cost to enroll is a freebie compared to what i already made and this is a legitimate company i check with the BBB in Texas and New York and they are register, also Illinois BBB is there with no complaints so for all of you who are still commenting bad about this company make sure you do the research before you continue spreading rumors. here is my personal page
    http://www.pedromorales energy526 check the presentation and see for your self

  67. Laura Licata

    This is such an interesting thread. I am thinking of joining Ambit this week and plunging in right away. I am a member of a couple of MLM's and I love this kind of work and enjoy getting the word out there. I even train my downline to do the same.

    That's the exact approach I will use for Ambit and I know I will make it work. It also helps that I'm in Westchester county in New York and can hopefully get all the members of my apartment complex to join!

    Take care,


  68. ill

    The money made is generated by introducing new meat into the scheme. Each person that joins Ambit's scam does not sell a product. It doesn't make a difference what state that person is in. So who is selling the product? Ambit. So the field reps only make money based on how many ppl they introduce to the scam. The field reps don't manage the electric distribution. The field reps don't take complaints about the electric bill. What is the sole purpose of all those new pieces of meat? Bring in other pieces of meat. Who would receive the payment for my electric bill? Will the money the company receives from me be split up amongst all the members of the company including the lowly field reps as well as pay the energy providers? If not, then, how do they make their money? If the answer is from those new ppl they introduce, isn't that a scam? Why must I give ambit money to receive energy? I already paid my energy provider to install the meter. Does Ambit have to install a meter too?
    Where does the initial fee go? What is the purpose of the initial fee? Suppose I just wanted to pay for electricity and have nothing else to do with Ambit? Would I still be required to submit a fee?

  69. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    You might want to review :
    1. Federal and State case law about pyramids and scams.

    [If you have the link to these case laws you’re referring to, I’ll be more than happy to review them.]

    2. The criteria for the Ambit pre-launch in Illinois…your numbers are grossly in error in your example.

    [This is the link I want to see the most, please post it here so we can all review it. Could you also post the corrections in my grossly erroneous calculations, thank you. If you don’t mind.]

    3. Your inclusion of “other fees” for books, tapes and CDs, etc. is inconsistent relative to businesses and consulting professions across all industries.
    [Don’t see anything wrong with selling books or paying for training, I think it’s a good revenue source]

    Still Waiting……….

  70. TexasBandit

    Being new to the business, I'm optimistic about it, already I'm impressed about what I've heard. I also think it's fair to say that,"We make a living by what we get,
    but we make a life by what we give" and this also describes Ambit in my mind. Those people who or negative and who have not ventured for enough into Ambit should know that "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" some people only pocces the motivation but have not developed the habit which leads to success. "Being challenged in life is enevitable, being defeated is optional" and so I'll opt out of the option of being defeated by what others claim…..and at the same time I'll make a Million with Ambit.

  71. Been away getting and giving customers to my downline to trigger more bonuses. That's part of the fun with this business…serving others.

    Phil…I'll be there looking for you and Jeremy.

    Ill…responses to most of your questions already on this thread. Your latter questions are "customer" questions and the answer is the same for all energy companies. If I misinterpreted the latter, please clarify for us which are "consultant" questions and which are "customer" questions. Thank you.

    IfUcanSleepDoIt…will post after you answer the outstanding questions to you sir which are still missing in this forum. Let's not let them dangle out there…OK?

  72. Laura,
    You will have no problem. Did you join yet? That area is growing well. I've been to Westchester County many times while I worked for IBM…always enjoyed it.

  73. spunkyone3

    Wow… This was so funny to read all of this stuff. People spend a lot of time and energy to argue points, don't they? I only got directed here, because of a new associate who had a friend send them this link. I think it is funny actually. Where is the mention to Avon, Partylite, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, or any other company that uses the same model? Yes, people make money, Yes, some make more…some make less. That's life. MLM's are not illegal.

    Where is the solid proof, legal documents, lawsuits, or whatever that shows me that the company is not a good one? I have called customer service…they answer, they are pleasant, they help. They offer their customers perks for being a customer… how refreshing. What is the problem? There are hundreds of different types of products that compete…so, do that..compete. Don't worry about what it costs. Go find a business you can start up that you will enjoy that isn't hurting people and do it. Move on with life… enjoy your kids… wow… quit arguing over things that just don't matter in the realm of life. LOL.

    Have you hugged your kids today? GO do it! Tomorrow is not even a reality!

  74. Billy in Florida

    Ambit Energy – If you just sign up customers for discount utility bills and not do the $399 master consultant route, then question:

    How much money can you make as residual income or does Ambit want $399 from all who sign up for discount utilities?

    Does Ambit play games with those who only sell the discount utilities and stay away from the Master Consultant MLM system?


  75. RLD

    I happen to be an independent consultant for Ambit Energy Company, and I am VERY impressed with what I have seen so far. Although I agree there are many more scams out there than legit companies, Ambit is not one of them. Ambit is a LEGIT company. I know several people including myself who are earning 6 figure incomes as a result of Ambit. Just for the heck of it, go to my website and click on the video business presentation (Texas), and educate yourself. If you like what you hear give me a call at (832)330-6390. Also, you do not have to live in Texas, New York, or Illinois to be a consultant. You could live in any state and be just as successful. You could do mailings, and people could call and enroll from your website.
    If you are a person (like me) who is not afraid to work in order to be where you want to be financially then this is definently for you. If you expect all the customers and consultants to knock down your door to get you to enroll them than this business or any business is not for you. I only want serious business people on my team. If you are one of them then I look forward to hearing from you. Don't forget to watch the video presentation on my website

    May peace be with you,

  76. BeenThereDoneThat


    My sources told me last night that Ambit got it wrong in Illinois and the ENTIRE Illinois process is on hold until they go back and start over and attempt to get it right in the eyes of the State of Illinois.

  77. powerfromambit


    Get new sources. I got info from Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless myself. They did not start over. Everything is moving towards closure.

    In short time, milestones will prove which sources are truthful and knowledgeable, and which aren't.


    If you go to the Illinos PUC look at doc # 07-0603 It will tell you what happened. They were denied twice and withdrew their application and I believe it was for Gas. I was asked to do this research. I researched it out and what I found was that some of the peoples back ground were less then favorable. Yes there was no legal action on any of this but Im a firm beleiver where there is smoke there is fire. There has been internal friction in the company from the beginning.
    Its like any MLM it either works or it does not work for some people. I know in the state that I live in you can't just sit back and collect like some people think they are going to to do. You have to be selling the service or product to make it legal.
    I also called the Attorney general in my state to find out if there was any complaints and as soon as I told them who it was they gave me the attorney generals office in texas no hesitation. These are some of the reasons I did not do it.

  79. HyenaJoe

    WHAT do you expect from Thompson and Chambless. They are the boss. Of course they'll tell you everything is OK.

    Get new sources…



  80. Rick

    I just recently joined Ambit, even though I live in Missouri. I have found that what has been stated about the value Ambit brings to Consultants and customers is true. With any business, its what you make out of it. I always find it curious of those who complain about an opportunity, but never involved themselves in it themselves. I have joined several MLM and have failed in them, mainly because I sat on my rump. However, Ambit has been an eye opener for me based on the potential market and maybe the timing is right for me this time to do something. I'm even more motivated now to succeed in this business as i received my first check today. Don't know of any scams that send you money for implementing a very simple business model. This is real and I hope others who come to the sites of other Ambit members join as quicly as possible as this is only the beginning of big things to come. And, as with any start-ups, there are always snags and hurdles you have to addrress. Dream big and work your plan as the only way you fail is if you sit on the sidelines and not get in the game.
    Best of luck and success to all of you.


  81. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    Doc # – 07-0603

    Ambit Energy, LP, :
    Application for Certificate of Service : 07-0603
    Authority under Section 19-110 of the :
    Public Utilities Act :
    By the Commission:
    On December 10, 2007, Ambit Energy, LP filed a verified Application seeking a certificate of service authority to operate as an alternative gas supplier (an “AGS”) in Illinois, pursuant to 220 ILLCS 5/19-110. Notice of Ambit’s Application was published in the Edwardsville Intelligencer on December 21, 2007.
    The Administrative Law Judge (the “ALJ”) issued a ruling on December 20, 2007, requesting additional information required by various regulations in order to correct certain deficiencies in Ambit’s Application. Ambit timely filed a response to this ruling.
    Description of the Applicant and of the Proposed AGS Services
    Ambit is a Limited Partnership with its principal office in Dallas, Texas. Ambit provided documentation from the Illinois Secretary of State demonstrating that it is licensed in Illinois to transact business as a limited partnership and it is in good standing with the Secretary of State.
    Ambit came into existence in 2005 and it currently serves residential and small commercial energy customers in New York and Texas. Although Ambit only seeks AGS certification, it additionally is an alternative electric supplier in one or more of these other states. In its Application, Ambit seeks authority to provide gas only to residential customers. Ambit further represents that it seeks to serve customers within the entire service areas of Northern Illinois Gas Company, (“Nicor”) The Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company, (“Peoples”) North Shore Gas Company.
    The Statutory Requisites for Certification
    The statutory requirements for certification of alternative gas suppliers are set forth in 220 ILCS 5/19-110. In order to qualify or AGS certification, an applicant must demonstrate that it possesses sufficient technical, financial and managerial resources and the ability to provide the service for which it seeks a certificate of service authority. (220 ILCS 5/19-110(e)(1)). The Commission’s regulations regarding certification of alternative 07-0603 2
    gas suppliers are set forth in 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.20 through 551.110. These regulations set forth what evidence an applicant needs in order to establish that it has sufficient technical, financial and managerial resources.
    General AGS Requirements and Obligations
    Copies of letters notifying Nicor, Peoples and North Shore were provided, thus satisfying the requisites in 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.30. Ambit did not seek to serve customers within a geographic area that is smaller than a gas utility’s service area. Therefore, 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.70(a) is inapplicable to Ambit.
    Ambit certified that it will comply with all applicable regulations, rules, practices, policies, procedures and tariffs for the use, operation, maintenance safety integrity and reliability of the interstate natural gas system, in accordance with 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.20(a). (Application, par. 5). It also certified that it will provide service to residential customers that are eligible to take service from an AGS; that it will comply with the informational and reporting requirements established by this Commission; and that it will comply with all other applicable laws and Commission regulations and orders, thus fulfilling the requisites in 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.20(a) through (d).
    Ambit further agreed to adopt and follow rules and procedures ensuring that it will have authorizations received from customers. It also averred that requests for service that are transmitted to utilities will be retained for a period of not less than two calendar years. Ambit also agreed to treat customer information in a confidential manner. (Application, pars. 13 and 14). Thus, Ambit has satisfied the requisites in 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.40(a) and (b).
    Financial Qualifications
    As is required by 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.50(a), Ambit has provided this Commission with its permit bond. Its surety is Westchester Fire Insurance Company. The bond is in the amount of $150,000, as is required by 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.50(a). Ambit has satisfied the requirements in Section 551.50(a); however Sections 551.50(b) and (c) remain fully applicable to Ambit.
    Additionally, 83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.80 provides that an applicant possesses sufficient financial resources to be certified as an AGS if it meets any of the criteria set forth in subsections (a) through (g). (83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.80(a)-(g)). Subsection (a) provides that an applicant has sufficient financial resources, if it provides a copy of a Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Report demonstrating, that it has a composite credit appraisal of “3” or lower and a PAYDEX score of “70” or higher. (83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.80(a)). Ambit has submitted a Dun & Bradstreet Report, dated, December 3, 2007, establishing that it has a composite credit appraisal of “2” and a PAYDEX score of 80 (Application, Attachment D). 07-0603 3
    Managerial Qualifications
    83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.100 requires each applicant to have two managerial employees with four or more years of management experience involving enterprise, financial and administration responsibilities. An applicant must also set forth the occupational background information regarding the persons in question. (83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.100(a)). The attachments to the Application and Ambit’s response to the ALJ ruling of December 20, 2007, do not establish when the persons in question worked at a particular organization, or, in what capacity. Instead, these documents merely state that a person “held a position” with an entity. Ambit has not established that it has two managerial employees with four or more years of management experience.
    Technical Qualifications
    83 Ill. Adm. Code 551.90 requires an applicant to prove that it has more than one person on its staff with demonstrated four years of natural gas sales experience. Except in the case of Mr. Smead, the attachments to the Application and Ambit’s response to the ALJ ruling of December 20, 2007, do not establish what positions the employees in question had with an organization, or for how long he or she held that position. Ambit has not established that it meets the requirements in this regulation.
    Consumer Complaints
    Because Ambit had been operating AGS in two other states since 2005, the ALJ ruling required Ambit to set forth, with particularity, what consumer or regulatory complaints or lawsuits have been filed against it contesting the propriety of its current marketing practices. Ambit’s response identified 47 consumer complaints filed against it in the Texas Public Utility Commission, and three filed against it in the New York Public Utility Commission. All 50 consumer complaints were filed in 2007. 50 consumer complaints within one year, all of which, Ambit asserts, contest its marketing practices, is an alarmingly high number.
    Additionally, while Ambit concludes, with regard to most of these complaints, that no violation of any law occurred, it gave this Commission very little information, upon which, it could determine whether, in fact, these 50 consumer complaints were not legitimate. For example, with regard to a complaint filed in Texas by a person named Comisky, the information provided was only that “customer had account set up in brother’s name. Brother complained he was misled” and “Provided TVP recording of brother verifying his SSN, the service/billing address etc.” This information does not establish that a consumer was not misled.
    Moreover, the December 20, 2007, ALJ ruling requested all consumer complaints. All of the consumer complaints Ambit cited were filed in 2007. Ambit has been in operation since 2005. While it is certainly possible that these consumer complaints represent the entirety of the complaints filed against Ambit in Texas and New York, it is somewhat improbable that all complaints would be filed within one of the three years in which, Ambit 07-0603 4
    has been in operation.

    We therefore conclude that the fact that Ambit listed 50 consumer complaints filed against it within one year, and its lack of forthright information about the nature of the complaints, also, makes it unsuitable for a certificate.

    Further, Commission Staff filed the Verified Statement of Joan Howard, a Consumer Policy Analyst in the Commission’s Consumer Services Division. Therein, Ms. Howard stated that Consumer Services Division became aware of Ambit’s “consultant” recruiting efforts in Illinois because citizens and news media began making enquiries with the Commission’s Consumer Services Division and other Commission offices. Some members of the public were contemplating becoming Ambit marketing “consultants,” but, in order to do so, they were required to invest $400. Thus, they wanted to know whether Ambit was licensed by the Commission or whether it was a legitimate company. As a result, Ms. Howard asked Ambit to provide information about its marketing practices. The information provided to Ms. Howard indicated that these consultants were encourage to market Ambit to family, friends, acquaintances, etc., through in-person solicitation, internet web sites, telemarketing and trade shows.
    Ms. Howard further averred that, from the information Ambit provided her, it appears that Ambit’s consultants will market Ambit’s gas supply to end-users. Also, those consultants will attempt to recruit consultants. At a minimum, she recommends that the Commission must require Ambit to distinguish between these two activities. She further notes that Ambit did not provide her with a copy of the consultant agreements. She concluded, in essence, that therefore, it is not possible to determine that Ambit requires its consultants to abide by all applicable laws, including those that prohibit misleading and abusive marketing practices.
    Ms. Howard’s Verified Statement is further indication that Ambit’s Application should be denied. There is no indication that Ambit’s marketing consultants are employees or are otherwise controllable by Ambit. Without such control, any policy Ambit articulates regarding abiding by Illinois law could be meaningless. Also, the allegations in Ms. Howard’s Verified Statement are some indication that Ambit has been holding itself out to the general public as a properly certificated entity, when, in fact, it is not.

    Finally, while practices concerning the recruitment of sales persons are not within the purview of the Public Utilities Act, it appears, from this scant record, that Ambit’s “consultants” recruit other “consultants.” This practice could have a negative impact upon the truth and veracity of the marketing information that consumers receive.

    On exceptions,
    Ambit shall provide verified information explaining the following:
    how its “consultants” are recruited,
    what training they receive,
    what information they receive concerning abiding by all state and federal laws, and what fees are charged, if any, for the privilege of being an Ambit “consultant.”

    Ambit shall further provide this Commission with an explanation as to the method, by which, its “consultants” are recruited, paid, (e.g., hourly rate, commissions) what services are eligible for compensation, (e.g., for “signing 07-0603 5
    up” new customers, “signing up” new “consultants”) and the amount of compensation for each service.

    For the reasons stated herein, Ambit’s Application for AGS certification is hereby denied, in its entirety.

    The Commission, having considered the entire record and being fully advised in the premises, is of the opinion and finds that:
    (1) the Petitioner, Ambit Energy, LP, a limited partnership licensed to transact business in Illinois, is seeking authority to operate as an Alternative Gas Supplier pursuant to 220 ILCS 5/19-110;
    (2) the Commission has jurisdiction over Ambit Energy, LP and subject-matter jurisdiction;
    (3) the facts recited and conclusions reached in the prefatory portion of this order are supported by the record; they are hereby adopted as findings of fact and conclusions of law;
    (4) for the reasons set forth above, the Application of Ambit Energy, LP is denied, in its entirety.

    IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED by the Illinois Commerce Commission that Application of Ambit Energy, LP, for certification as an Alternative Gas Supplier is denied.
    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, subject to the provisions of Section 10-113 of the Act and 83 Ill. Adm. Code 200.880, this Order is final; it is not subject to the Administrative Review Law.

    Dated: January 7, 2007
    Claudia E. Sainsot
    Administrative Law Judge
    Illinois Commerce Commission
    Simultaneous Briefs on Exception to be filed and served: No later than 5:00 p.m. on January 10, 2007.

  82. ambitnotascam

    To: If you can sleep at night do it

    I was at the meeting you are talking about. It was at O'hare and Carlos Marin was in front of the room and David Reyad was the guy who said that. David gets all of his customers from New York. Nobody is paid until customers exist. Watch the video online and you should be able to comprehend that. Most of his business stems from New York or people in Illinois who signed up and had a way to get customers from New York or Texas. I am in Illinois and have made $15k this month off the people I got who got people in Texas and New York. It can be done, the people who don't know people in New York and Texas sign up in pre-launch and wait for the product to come to Illinois. This is far from a scam. I love all this talk because I know how dumb all the negative people will feel when we crush Google's record to a billion per year in revenue and are on the cover of every major magazine and newspaper. Only the resilient make money in this industry. Everyone else will complain and think because it doesn't or wouldn't work for them, that it doesn't work.

  83. ambitnotascam

    BTW, just read the last thread prior to mine. We are resubmitting March 10th-14th for our licensing in Illinois. Don't worry, it's coming.

  84. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    powerfromambit said,in March 2nd, 2008 at 1:49


    Get new sources. I got info from Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless myself. They did not start over. Everything is moving towards closure.

    In short time, milestones will prove which sources are truthful and knowledgeable, and which aren’t.

    "IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED by the Illinois Commerce Commission that Application of Ambit Energy, LP, for certification as an Alternative Gas Supplier is denied."

    So do you still believe Thompson and Chambless that "Everything is moving towards closure"..maybe they are talking about "Closure" of business in Illinois, where does that leave the hundreds of consultants who already paid their $399.00?

    I hope for everybody's sake that this is just a temporary setback…"HOPE" is the buzz word.

    What puzzled me is that after being notified about this decision they continue to recruit consultants..amazing.

  85. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    I hear you David, hear you loud and clear..

    Let's hope for the best..

  86. ChazTX2008

    Interesting discussion. I can honestly say from personal experience that the deregulation of energy is an incredible opportunity.

    Just be very carefull whom you pursue it through.

    As for Ambit, I just want to know why their residual compensation is set up to be so misleading? From what I have read, they do not pay residual income for accounts less than 500 Kwh per month. According to the US Dept of Energy, that is over 33% of the housholds in this country – close to 20% of the housholds in Texas – that they do not pay commissions on. Additionally, they claim to pay banded overrides for high usage accounts starting at 2500 Kwh per month. Again according to the good old US Dept of Energy, 95% of the households in this country use LESS than that and more than 90% of the households in Texas.

    Why the smoke and mirrors?
    As I said just be careful…

  87. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    You don't have to disclose your name you never hid it in the first place. Just google your ID and all your info is there. I do have a good sense of humor but what site is that?

  88. redrider67

    Wow got a kick out of reading all the comments good and bad.

    I joined Ambit Jan. 18 2008 I live in a small town in IL population 650, over 600 miles away from any of the service areas!

    To date I have 57 consultants in my group and 120 customers.

    If you would like to know how you can build this business from afar get in contact with me.


  89. Ambit Rep

    The great thing about this type of business is that everyone who want to join can!! Everyone else can just watch!!
    Ambit Rep choose to be involved with the company and they will earn as much money as they choose. Some Reps will earn a lot of money. Some will a little. It all left up to the efforts of each person.

  90. Brent

    Look for Ambit to re-apply for their license within the next 7 days. It should happen on the 14th-16th.
    Everything will be ready to go by then and the license should be granted in the coming weeks. The ICC has to either approve or deny the application within 45 days.
    There are many wanna be experts on here who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
    Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless have nothing but integrity. These two gentlemen are very humble and really do care about the people involved with their company.
    Ambit is here for the long haul.

  91. IfUcanSleepDoIt


    Are you telling us that you already have 120 customers in Illinois? Wow..

  92. IfUcanSleepDoIt,

    Nope no IL customers, Texas and New York customers. IL is not open for business yet.

    I now have 60 consultants and 124 customers.

    Once IL opens my customer base should double every month!


    Guess I am the only one brave enough to post my phone number.

    Also just as Ambit Rep said not everybody will make money in this business, but that goes with any business!

    If I actually lived in a service area my numbers would be triple as to what they are now.

  93. lauralicata

    Wow Mike….I am calling you. I have to know how you did that.

    I hope you do not mind!

    Take care,


    PS…I'm in New York

  94. jmn494

    So with all this back and forth stuff my question is which energy opportunity is better Ambit or Ignite? Shoot me an email with particulars please.

  95. Wrangler25

    I tend to agree with Mike. I am up near Wisconsin, yet all my customers have come from Texas. My sales team has put on an average of one consultant per day this winter. They have had no trouble finding customers in Texas either. I agree things would be a bit easier if we had service in Illinois, but that doesn't stop me. That's why we have modern telecommunication systems.
    I know someone in Puerto Rico who is a senior consultant for Ambit already doing everything long distance. It can be done. There are successful Ambit consultants in over 33 states.
    Ambit energy consultants have nothing to hide. If you would like to contact me, you may do so at
    David Baer

  96. Confused

    Hi I just read over everything here and attended a presentation yesterday. I am a little confused. I was told that Ambit doesn't use any of their own equipment, billing people, customer service, etc. That EVERYTHING stays from your current gas company, such as Nicor. So you still get your bill from Nicor, if you have a problem you still call Nicor, etc. So my question is, what does Nicor get out of this arrangement? Why would they willingly allow the usage of their equipment and everything else while being undercut in price *and* outdone with perks?

    Can someone explain how that works to me? Please. Thank you.


  97. Thefuture1ambit

    Hey Mike
    I have to say I have been in a few different business's But there has been nothing to touch Ambit I am like you no where close to service area and building strong and this gets more exciting everyday.Just becouse your not in service area can not let that stop you!!

    Michelle Prevette

  98. nic9898

    I joined ambit in Illinois in Nov. 2007.
    Currently have 28 reps and 220 customers!
    All customers are in Texas or New York!
    Once Illinois opens up, I believe I can
    double my business every month!
    If you have questions about joining ambit
    call me!
    You get what you put into it!

    nick (815)267-3293

  99. Thefuture1ambit

    Hey Mike I agree with you I am to out of service areas In North Carolina probly one of the last states that will be deregulated,but that has not stopped me.Ambit is has a very strong structure.I to am having no problem building it ,and agree it depends on your Why and if you are determined enough to push forward and not afraid of obsticles.People give up to easy they think having there own business is easy it takes work and time.And team effort.Ambit is growing and I am in it to the end and I to am not afraid to put myself out there call me if you want to know more.1-704-322-3903

  100. As a former Realtor and now a full time Ambit Rep all I could say is Ambit works. The question is will you? Plug in, follow the system you will be successful simple as that. We are only in two states it is still a ground floor opportunity. For the skeptics out there…..Would Shell Oil give a contract to Ambit if it were a scam? Remember they do over $318 billion dollars annually. In my opinion most of these scam sites are just a slick way to attract leads.

  101. sjsds

    I just wanted to make ONE comment regarding one of the hundreds of posts here…

    Excel did not "sell out" to Shaklee. When Excel announced it's intention to file bankruptcy, Shaklee invited top earners to view the Shaklee compensation program, see the vision of the company and were invited to come aboard, if they wanted.

    MANY successful Excel individuals did not join Shaklee. Some did, and continue to be extremely successful. I know…I am personally acquainted with quite a few of them.

    Just needed to set the record straight. It's unfortunately that such rumors take on such an aire of "gospel truth."


  102. proactive

    Anybody who buys into a business model like Ambit and does'nt make money on their investment,first of all probably sat on their dead ass and did nothing.Second of all they should probably stick to what ever job they had because they are the type of people who are stuck in their little comfort zone listening to people (after you got involved)telling you that thats a scam,thats a pyramid,that will never work,and you know what? They're right,for you.You will never go anywhere unless you believe in what your doing.The energy market will never dry up,there are 50 states in this country.Stop listening to your friends.Negative people promote nothing but negative energy and if you let that seep into your life you will go no where.You need to do some research on the subconsious mind.Good luck

  103. Hi confused,

    I will explain this to you because I used to work for an energy marketing company like Enron.

    Your company Nicor delivers the energy to you. Nicor does not get anything out of this at all. The deregulation laws took care of that because the base companies have been a monopoly like the telecommunications companies were back in the day. They have to allow other companies in because its a federal law. They have no choice.

    The truth is that much of the time the energy you receive can be coming from anywhere because energy cannot be stored. When a Nicor generator goes down for maintenance or for any other reason, you don't have a black out. That is because they will purchase energy from another company and send it over the wires so you can turn your lights on without interrruption and keep all your food cold.

    That is where Ambit Energy comes in. They purchase energy by the megawatt in bulk so they can provide it to the consumer at competitive rates. They will be your supplier while Nicor or Con Ed in my case still delivers the energy.

    Even knowing my supplier is Ambit doesn't really guarantee my energy is coming from them. I just pay their rates.

    Does this make sense Confused?

    I'm going to take Mike's lead and give my number as well because I am in New York and will be hitting the apartment buildings in NYC and Westchester next week.

    Its a great time to be a New Yorker and even better as an Ambit consultant.

    Laura Licata

  104. OOPs…I said it was a great time to be a New Yorker and I forgot about the whole governor resigning thing.

    Its still a great time to be a New Yorker!


  105. Amused

    Love how several of the "believers" on here are just Ambit plants using the board as another recruiting sales tool and a place to post their phone numbers.

  106. powerfromambit

    Welcome to the forum everyone. Nothing I can add about Ambit above what we've all been experiencing ourselves. From my previous posts, this in not the place to come with an "employee" attitude and perspective. You truly get paid for your results. If you do nothing, that's what you get.

    All the best to everyone. I'm in Texas and coming up on my 1 year anniversary with Ambit. Gotta love it.

  107. TUSTOOL

    What really blows my mind is how people get on here and just complain about it. You didn't do it so just move on. I was approached about Ambit by friends they knew I had my own business at one time. I perfer being in business for my self not having people above me and I like the contact with people in person. Programs like Ambit are great for some people. Enjoy the ride and make sure you protect your self. Remember one things they make the rules you play by.

  108. AmbitIsGrowing

    Hi all,
    Count me as another excited Ambit Energy Consultant. I have been involved for over a year, and have earned thousands of dollars. The company has shown itself to be very responsive and customer friendly. 🙂 There are those that say it can be done, and there are those who say it can't be done. For themselves, they are both right! As "powerfromambit" said, this is a business and you can NOT come into this with an employee attitude and survive or thrive for very long. YOU MUST consider yourself a business owner, completely responsible for your success. NO EXCUSES.

  109. energy2earn nyc

    We dont need this board to recruit… We just need to educate the uneducated like those with all the negativity… Please for all you negative people just sit and watch us grow…every sport needs spectators…. It is much more fun that way… To all the consultants to our success..

  110. lee

    I just started ambit, and one of the main reasons I did was to help people. Does any of the other energy companies give free vacations upon enrollment or do they give points to customers which then can be used for vacations,resorts,cruises or even airline miles??

  111. Triumphant Success

    It is noteworthy that the reason that we all pay to be a part of the game (up front or monthly, depending on the MLM) is because if we do not pay a cost, then where does the money that we want to be the recipient of come from?

    Also, the reason that Ignite doesn't use advertising instead of through referal is because they DON'T HAVE TO! (lol)

    Why would they? They offer an excellent product (Cheap Energy) and that is something hard to refuse. And with no advertising division? That's one place that our profit can come from; it frees up more money to work with at that point.

    Also, Powerfromambit… I'd like to start up a dialouge with you over e-mail, I'm fascinated with your teaching and debating abilities and am interested in picking your brain!

    Regarding the whole 'Ambit is bad, Ignite is good' thing… I say "Ha Ha, get over it!"
    So what if Ambit 'stole' the business template. Ever been to Logan's Roadhouse? Ever seen a Texas Roadhouse across the street from Logan's? Same concept, and same original founders. One of them just got mad at the other, and now you have TWO Roadhouses to choose from! So… which one is closer? (lol)

  112. energy2earn nyc

    I agree competition is good. Lets drive the cost of energy down…..

  113. suckered againIL

    after reading all the negative stuff about ambit energy, I've decided to join. I love negative.

  114. (Triumphant Success) I like to say as a Ambit consultant there is no comparison Ignite or Ambit 1) We Ambit reps advertise by choice just as yours do and share with family and friends 2)Compare comp plan Ambit beats hands down 3) Ignite can not, and has not made it out of Texas AND oh how long has ignite been in business 4)Ambit gives written guarantee 5) We Ambit are backed by Dutch Royal/Shell , So if ignite is saving money on advertising why is Comp plan lower? And why are they not getting out of Texas if anyone wants go to google put in dutch royal shell/ambit do the research I feel know one should join a business until they do there due diligence and and key is get with team that knows there business And as far as (roadhouses)Who's got the best steak? Thats where the customers go lol
    Want to find me google me:)
    Michelle Prevette

  115. Wayne

    You won't recruit me. If this is such a great opportunity, Why aren't you guys who want us to join trying to sell us electricity OR paying our fees to get in on the "secret". You gotta be outta your mind to believe in a Pyramid game. You are on your way to being fornicated.

  116. Wayne

    Guess What. I can change my Energy provider for FREE. Why should I pay ANYONE to do it for me?

  117. Wow Wayne there is no secret teaching and informing people with knowledge, and paying it forward is good if the person is serious and not negative and bet you would want someone to build your business to(Pyramid)some people are there own dream killers.And your right you don't have to pay someone to change your provider but a lot of people don't understand so it is my job to let consumer know and yes I get paid and yes I should because if I can save someone money and not ask for one red cent nor do I ask for credit card nor do I ask for any personal information. And I screen the people I work with because people filled with such negativity as you would be a drag!
    Building Strong Team! And guess what we don't sell a thing we build on relationships but then again some people don't know how.

  118. Triumphant Success

    I agree, that I've seen some things that Ambit has that Ignite does not have. I was fascinated when i read what Powerfromambit said about a free cruise for customers…? Wow!

    That being said, I am good friends with the person that got me in to Ignite, and he and I have always wanted to start a business together, so this is our chance. Despite the (possibly better) compensation plans and other benefits, I'm sticking with Ignite because I'd have to convert my entire up and down-line to be happy, plus I'm happy where I am! 🙂

    But I will concede that from what I've seen, Ambit seems to be the better choice, for those who have a fresh start.

    "On our way to being fornicated"?
    Wow very imaginative… I bet you're enjoying the visual. (lol)

    To comment on a few statements of yours:

    This is a secret; one that we're trying to TELL everyone! Have you ever met an Ignite or Ambit rep that wanted your money and your soul on faith? It's not as colorful as you believe it is.

    Until someone comes to you and explains that there are money-making opportunities out there that (in theory) break the rules of society's concept of the HARD-EARNED dollar (and believe me, it isn't so easy), in essence it IS a secret, one that people could benefit from. I know I have.

    Also, you said that we should pay your way in.

    What would you do if we DID pay your way in? Thank us? I have personally sponsored several individuals that deserved a break but lacked the cash to make it happen, so I loaned them the money. No skin off anyone's back, because they payed me back with the profit THEIR NEW BUSINESS made them, and they are now thanking me for the opportunity I've shared with them.

    I understand that there are MLM concepts out there that sound all smooth and care-free with never ending profit for everyone where dollar bills rain from the heavens, but the pyramid IDEA can be modified from company to company. There lies the real threat. So…… find one that works honestly, and then let loose and inform the world. Make money and pay your bills. Help your fellow man. And thank God (and your sponsor) for the chance to break free from this society's system of ALL for the business owners and NOTHING for the Honest Joe but a broken back and a headache for the rest of his life.

    I'll end with this statistic:
    95% of America's population work for the other 5%. The 5% make the rules, hire and fire whom they please, with NO REGARD for those they crush.

    Scam? My bank account says otherwise, as do the bank accounts of those in my down-line.

    The scam comes when someone sees this opportunity and talks themself out of it.

  119. powerfromambit

    Well spoken by Triumphant Success.

    If you don't have a dream in life, your boss or the company you work for probably does.

  120. Wayne

    Well, Pundit (or should I say puppets). When you run out of suckers for your pyramid game, don't say anyone did not warn you. You reap all that residual income while I inform everyone I know that you can switch your energy provider for FREE. The ONLY way you are gonna make any money in a pyramid is by (or should I say buy) recruiting other suckers to play the game. You "product" is a secret for a reason. Pyramids are ILLEGAL. You can say you have a product. Your product is information. So you are selling information that I am willing to give you. YOU CAN SWITCH YOUR ELECTRIC PROVIDER FOR FREE.

  121. Wayne

    I know a guy with a B.A. in Kyle Texas who preached just like you pundits preach now. He found out different and he is now out of Ignite. This is a pyramid game. It is not a legitimate business. My friend apologized to me for his shortsightedness and he now thanks me for my preaching to him. Have fun boys with that "residual income". I personally think you would be better off with a job at McDonalds. They ARE hiring and they won't charge you a start up fee to get you burning burgers.

  122. Wayne

    Without recruiting business associates (suckers), you will only reap residual income which comes from getting people to switch their provider. You won't make 50 cents an hour this way. The only way to make money at this is by recruiting sales associates. In a legitimate business, the less sales associates you have, the more clients there are out there for you to see. You are not in competition with your associates. This "business" requires you to recruit sales associates. Those new associates have to pay to play! THAT makes it a pyramid game.

  123. Wayne

    Triumphant Success said "This is a secret; one that we’re trying to TELL everyone! Have you ever met an Ignite or Ambit rep that wanted your money and your soul on faith?"

    YES, I have.
    1. They wanted a start up fee (my money).
    2. They wanted my soul on faith. (By asking me to trick people into signing up under my name. I would tell ANYONE that they can switch their electric provider for FREE. (My soul) Friends do that for friends.

  124. Wayne

    Here's a SECRET. Have you ever been approached by an Ignite or Ambit representative that ONLY wanted to get you to switch your electric provider? HMMMM
    What? He wanted you to become a rep BEFORE you told your friends to switch their electric provider using their name?
    I'm SHOCKED!
    SHOCKED! I tell you.

  125. Wayne,

    I decided to take your advice, I called the proper authorities to find out if Ambit, Ignite, Avon, Mary Kay, Affordable Energy were illegal companies and they told me NO.

    It has been stated many times, that no business is free always a start up cost associated with opening one up, whether it is a franchise or a distributorship.

    I imagine that you have tried an MLM company in the past and did not make it work, so you call every company that a scam and you get jealous that other people are making money with them and you can't.

    It is a normal to feel that way Wayne, some people like yourself just don't have what it takes to be successful with an MLM company.

    That's why you need to stick with a JOB, better suited for you! Have people telling you what to do so you know your way.

    If you want to talk about it..

    Give me a call.



  126. Wayne I know people like you are just negative will always be negative and no one will ever change that, you mentioned McDonalds well if that what you consider freedom keep flippen them burgers never havin a dream never being your own boss and never having finacial freedom,go ahead keep telling everyone they can sign up for free with Ambit and Ignite becouse they can and they will save money you make our jobs easy and your building our companys and we are reaping rewards.Thank you

  127. Wayne

    My telling everyone that the can sign up for FREE will not help anyone at Ignite or Ambit because I will bypass the pyramid. Man, the myopia here is contagious……

  128. Josh

    Want a real secret. Google Mike's telephone number and see what he's really selling.


  129. Jamie

    If it walks like a pyramid, quacks like a pyramid, and flocks like a pyramid, It's a pyramid.

  130. Dave

    Want to see what Mike above is really selling, GOOGLE his telephone number. Hint: It's not Energy.

  131. This board is a sham too. Anything that the Ambit pundits can't counter is erased as fast as they can police the board. To realize what is the reality click my name above.

  132. Johnny

    Want to know what Mike (redrider67) is really selling, Just Google his telephone number. he gave it to you above.

  133. The excitement is contagious on this site. I was speaking to someone who called me about this oppportunity and they live in Queens (a borough of NYC) and he seemed to think this company is a no-brainer.

    One of my friends whose husband works for Con Ed is probably going to join.

    How can anyone not see that we are just selling something everyone needs and at better price. The idea is so simple and absolutely perfect!

    Good luck to everyone!


  134. excelent3


    A Builder, guess what, you have to keep building to get paid. I earn 80,000 residually a year and don't really HAVE to work. If I was a builder, I would be a little nervous right now. People don't NEED builders, but they need energy, just like YOU DO.

  135. Triumphant Success

    Ok… MY TURN!

    Definition: To take for granted or without proof.

    Synonyms: arrogance, presumption,
    hypothesis, conjecture, guess, postulate, theory

    Picture: see Wayne's face.

    There IS a startup cost to have your own personal business with Ignite/Ambit (to be a money-making representative), however there is NO COST for a customer to switch their energy providers!

    Joe hates Reliant. Joe doesn't like to burn money. Joe's brother offers him a chance to pay his energy bill at a lower rate. Joe is happy.

    Wayne is sad.

    Perhaps I am the first to explain this to you, but there really is no excuse for making SO many postings that say the same thing over and over again, especially when your information is all based on… what? That's right, an Assumption!

  136. excelent3

    Can anyone tell me the name of the first (male) spokesperson in the "Cracking The Energy Code" Presentation and he is he in any other capacity with Ambit other than being a visible spokesperson?


  137. Triumphant Success

    (Wayne): "You are selling information that I am willing to give you."

    (Wayne): "My telling everyone that they can sign up for FREE will not help anyone at Ignite or Ambit because I will bypass the pyramid."

    Wow! Are you REALLY helping ALL of those people? You're such a nice guy!
    So, which energy provider are you hooking these people up with that saves them all of this money?

    For your information; An Ignite Rep needs 10 energy accounts per rep. We also need 3 Ignite Reps in our down-line. This essencially means that if we approach someone and offer them the opportunity to switch their energy and DON'T TELL THEM about the money-making aspect of it, it is because we don't think they have what it takes to be a Rep, OR we simply need one of those 10 energy accounts.

    Thus your statement of (Wayne): "Have you ever been approached by an Ignite or Ambit representative that ONLY wanted to get you to switch your electric provider?" is a tad bit erroneous since it's our job to do JUST THAT.

    (Wayne) "I can change my Energy provider for FREE. Why should I pay ANYONE to do it for me?"

    It is true that it is possible to switch your energy for free online. Go for it. But if you're 'paying' someone to do it, I think that you're a bit more gullible that the average 5th grader.

    As an energy consumer, you don't owe a red cent to anyone for switching your energy to Stream Energy (or the Ambit Equivalent). It is free of charge to you. The only thing you pay for is the chance to be a member of an MLM organisation, if you so choose.

    I hope we've (finally) cleared that part up.

    And to Suckered AgainIL…
    Congratulations! Welcome to competitive energy!

  138. BeenThereDoneThat

    I wish the people up in front of the room at these meetings would 'Boldy Go' out on a limb and say, "I made this much money last month!! Come on up and look at my paystub. That? Well, yeah, the vast majority of my money is from recruiting bonuses so, no, none of that money is truly a residual income because, no, we're not making any money from the sale of energy in Illinois at all yet so, yeah, if the recruiting stopped today I wouldn't even have a check at all next month but I'm ecstatic that all these people here are signing up so that I can have a big check next month and each month there after so that, eventually, when we can sell energy, a small part of my check will be residual." Do that. Stand up, be honest and do that and let's see. Although I do find Ambits compensation plan a bit amusing or maybe ultra creative would be the best possible description. According to the .pdf, in order to earn your first $100 JumpStart bonus, you must enroll 4 customers for the energy. Here's the fun part. You can be one of the 4 (which makes sense) and if you have an Ambit Energy website, the website itself counts as two more! Come on. Let's not even break a sweat here. How about we throw them a $100 bone for basically just waking up in the morning to motivate them to get more reps that pay $399 each to join which keeps the guy in front of the room, up in front of the room making his big check. The debate goes on.

  139. triumphant success

    Nice posting BeenThereDoneThat.

    I have seen the checks of my up-lines. I was impressed, and signed on.

    In fact, my up-line is a 22 year old Guatemalan who came to America illegally 6 years ago, who didn't understand a word of English.
    He now owns his own home (paid cash) and has $36,000 in the bank that he's saving up for his first Mercedes. He has been in the company for a year and a half.

    If we want Residual Income, we need energy accounts. You DO understand that it is up to us as Reps to locate the energy accounts correct?

    Assuming you get that part, we get paid off of each energy account. WAAHOO… but we're not ready to retire just yet.

    Regarding Residual Income, this is something that takes time to grow. It is not a get rich quick concept. Rather it is an investment into the future. I liked that commercial (don't remember what it was about) that showed a basketball court, littered with rigged mouse traps with plastic balls set on top of each. The speaker drops the first ball. Another goes flying wildly into the air. Then three go flying. Then ten. Within the first 20 seconds there are balls flying through the air uncontrollably, by the thousands.

    Residual Income.

    You knock over a domino. It knocks over two. Those two knock over two each. Within moments, your one domino has caused every domino on the table to fall.

    Residual Income.

    A boy cat and a girl cat have 6 kittens. Those six pair up and create three litters, 6 kittens from each. You now have 54 kittens, which pair up and produce 27 litters, with 6 kittens in each litter. NOW DO NOT FORGET that the first cats haven't stopped having kittens, nor have the first litters stopped. Within 4 years you have OVER 1 BILLION cats.

    Residual Income.

    It isn't a practical application, but you can't argue with mother nature. Nor can you argue with science or MATH!

    In a perfect world, sure it would stay to the formula precisely. But heck, if i had $0.50 for each kitten, and I was counting in 1 billion kittens, we're talking about 500 MILLION dollars!


    Let the debate continue

  140. AmbitisSuccess


    His name is Carlos Marin, and he is the top income earner with Ambit.

  141. "BeenThereDoneThat"
    I for one have seen the residual checks of many and very well on my way to residual and it does take time to build residual as it takes time for any business go open a store see if you make profit in a week or even a month (not) We can debate all day long but I can tell you one thing I have tried several businesses LOST SOME GAINED SOME but I did not give up on my dream even when them negative dream killers that have a JOB (EWW) and have to be told what to do and how to do it. That's why they have Jobs I worked for years beside people that consider that ok for their life and that's ok if they are comfortable and happy but 95% of them are not!!! Most people hate there jobs and are treated like crap because corporate don't give a damn about the people having a job you ain't nothing but a number!!My husband worked for company big name company 29 yrs missed 2 days closed doors $5000.00 in severence go to work for that NOT Jobs are taken out of this country everyday, and the cost of living, hell with a job you have to rob Paul to pay Peter to survive. Foreclosures speak for that! But if you decide to do somthing for yourself a take control do the due diligence Ambit is not promising you to get rich quick, Ambit is a opportunity you can take control of. Ambit will give you what you put into it. You put nothing you get nothing. Ambit has very high standards and it's paying my bills and loving every minute of it Yes I have a team yes as you say recruit so does the army,and 75% of my team is not even in service area but we are making it happen. I Don't ask my team to put there life on the line. I ask them to go for there Why!

  142. triumphant success

    I'm nearly completely confused after that… but I LOVE YOUR PASSION!

  143. Triumphant Success

    Thefuture1ambit… Your continued usage of the term due diligence got me curious, and when I looked the term up I was surprised at what I found.

    I believe that the phrase's definition is noteworthy and will contribute to the theme of this thread.

    Due Diligence: (According to -Encyclopedia of Small Business-)

    -Due diligence is a program of critical analysis that companies undertake prior to making business decisions in such areas as corporate mergers/acquisitions or major product purchases/sales. The due diligence process, whether outsourced or executed in-house, is in essence an attempt to provide business owners and managers with reliable and complete background information on proposed business deals, whether the deal in question is a proposed acquisition of another company or a partnership with an international distributor, so that they can make informed decisions about whether to go forward with the business action. "The [due diligence] process involves everything from reading the fine print in corporate legal and financial documents such as equity vesting plans and patents to interviewing customers, corporate officers, and key developers," wrote Lee Copeland in Computerworld. The ultimate goal of such activities is to make sure that there are no hidden drawbacks or traps associated with the business action under consideration.

    Thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

    If everyone did their Due Diligence… NO ONE could say that they were scammed in any way.

    Do your research!

    Do your Due Diligence!

  144. Wayne

    These people are lying to you. Do the math. There is money to be made by recruiting (suckering) others into playing the pyramid game. Otherwise you may as well play penny poker. You won't make any friends doing this to friends but go ahead, you can make more friends. Perhaps you can even buy some friends with your "residual income".

  145. Oren77777

    Hi, scam or not i am in two weeks and making money. In two weeks I made about $1,100
    As long as that cow is givin' milk i'm in.

    Good Day All

  146. Adreyenne

    Hello, I am very new to this. I heard of Ambit Energy just a few days ago and was very interested in what the advertisment was saying, honestly, it had me so pumped i was ready to take a leave from work and school to learn more about Ambit. I did research Ambit on the BBB and they are a member, which says that they are legit. I do agree that if a person does not make money working as their own boss, perhaps they did not put forth the effort. does anyone know what the start-up cost is. the video i watched said $40.

  147. Adreyenne

    Can you give me a run down on what an average work day was like that enabled you to earn $1100? Like what do you do to earn money? How do you file that with the IRS, with a 1099 becuase thats liek being self-employed???

    Thanks! 🙂


    Getting no response from Oren…. sounds like he's trying to pull an AMBITSCAM on you.

  149. JubJub

    I'm not even going to try and convince you all Ambit is a scam but I will say do a check on your leadership.

    Paul Meyer IGI scammer, and Ameritrust Lending.

    Carlos Marin (ex Amway<— used to go to Mexico and use there poverty to his advantage to get them to buy tapes that would "Give the wealth", Empexis, APP <– failed Gas card saving MLM scam, InXone<– the Gas card scam he started on his own when APP failed, Lexxus)

    Just do a search on the leadership of your company/business model. Their leadership is filled with scamming, and jumping ship to the next MLM and drag their underlings with them while they stay on top.

  150. Toothdoctor

    Does anyone know what happens to your organization if ambit goes bankrupt? Please let me know.

  151. texasgirl08

    I went to an Ambit "conference".. seems like they're more interested in making money than making the people happy with lower energy costs.
    I think people would believe more, if the Ambit consultants were more interested in people switching over instead of being on their "team" and stop being so selfish.

    dont put your email or phone number down for any of them.. they're like sharks.. and they'll call you 6 times every day.. 7 days a week!

    pyramid.. at its best… and a majority of these posts are from the Ambit sharks.. beware texas.. beware.

  152. BeenThereDoneThat

    And just how much of Oren's new found wealth was derived from the sale of a product or a service? My wager is that NONE of it was. When money is passed onward for nothing more than taking other people's money to get into a business….well, you know the drill. The debate lives on.

  153. Triumphant Success


    The last 4 postings were good ones. More fuel for the fire. I'm interested in seeing Ambit Rep's responses.

    I guess it's good for me that I'm with Ignite and not Ambit for this round, cause I don't know enough about Ambit to offer a defense.

    I AM looking forward to the response though.

    Regarding Ignite, I am DEFINITELY sure that it is a strong focus of our to keep our customers happy with low energy rates, & it is a massive focus of ours to not just recruit reps, but also the 'spread the love' around by offering this low cost solution to regular people regarding their energy rates, no strings attached.

  154. justathought

    So I have read a few of the postings on the site and just like with everything in life there is always a pro and con.

    To me it definitely sounds like an MLM and thats fine. Those who are smart enough to build something that brings in revenue for themselves and others I think is a positive thing.

    I wouldn't say that they are scams as several have said. It's not something that interests me personally. But I do know people who have gone into it with high hopes and expected easy $ and lost their small investment of whatever that may be. But perhaps it wasn't such a small investment? Who knows? Only they do.

    Just like in a normal business someone creates a business and than has his or her employees working hard to make $ for them and themselves.

    My thoughts as to why a lot of these Billionaires (Warren Buffer & Donald Trump) are so interested in buying or being a part of them is because they do attract a lot of people who think they are easy $. And if a business is set up to have a great catch and is making those at the top Millions, why wouldn't they invest in it or endorse it for a percentage. It's just another investment to bring in $ for them.

    So to those who are interested id say go for it, but be aware that there's no such thing as easy money you will have to work very hard to make it. But definitely do your research.

    Those who are best served for this job are people who can market themselves well and can speak to anyone.

    I hope this was helpful and giving people a different look at this whole MLM.

  155. Wayne

    Ignite & Ambit are one and the same. PYRAMIDS. You make money by scamming others into joining. As long as there is a steady stream of suckers, the mess makes money for those at the top of the heap. Those who are unsuccessful at scamming others to join will come and go but the money still trickles to the top so long as the suckers keep coming. Trouble is, the people at the bottom are putting out "money for nothing". They are being ripped off. They drive, drive, drive from meeting to meeting using their gas. They count it off on their income tax (at your expense). They make pennies and give up then the next group of suckers are already being hatched to be scammed in the near future. The people who get in early scam those who come late. The pyramid is nothing new. It's been around for ages. They used to call the game Airplane whereby the "pilot" sells fictitious "tickets" to ride on his imaginary plane. When the "ride" is over the "pilot" walks away with the "passengers" cash. The passengers get nothing and it's all justified in the "pilot's" mind because he told them the way the game worked. The new "pilot" then tries to recruit new "passengers". GAME OVER when the suckers stop flowing. Shame, Sham, and Scam. Pyramids are ILLEGAL. The way these so called MLM companies survive the legality is by getting a product. If the mainstream money is in recruiting new "players", the structure is that of an illegal pyramid. If it walks like a duck…….

  156. ANYONE who wants to choose their own Energy, Click my name, go to the site, click compare and use the information to make your own choice of Electricity. Don’t rely on these MLM monsters to do it for you.

  157. Wow I have been very busy me and my team growing very fast so had not been here in almost a week very interesting though. Hey Triumphant Success had a ignite consultant join me last week.That was interesting he is pretty good guy,and very sharp might I say
    Texasgirl08 they would not waste there time to call you back if you told them that you was not interested so you must be leading them on to call you back 1 call back and with your attitude I wouldn't have you on my team negativity is poison and you will never go anywhere with that.
    JubJub as far as the individuals in the business so many have been in different businesses and people can pass judgement all day but there are good and bad everywhere that's when you find people that are going to help you to your goals and hell I bet you look in your closet you got family that don't live by the moral rules but do you want people judging you for what they do hell no!!Is that fair to you Hell No!If ambit or ignite where a Pyramid Texas AG would have them shut down so fast we would not exist, Texas AG loves to eat Pyramid scams alive,TX AG has no problem seizing all funds and anything to do with Pyramid scams with all due respect they should.
    And Wayne blah blah blah same old stuff different day with you. Why are you not out building homes? Oh that's right economy's down and people aren't buying them!

  158. powerfromambit

    If you read this thread from the top down, everything on this forum has been addressed by both sides. No movement from either side…that's OK.

    Everyone is a crusader about something…this forum is no different. Some of our experiences are very different. Some get back on the bike after they fall off, some don't. Some decide to learn to drive a car and the heck with the bike. Is it maturity, conviction, laziness, or leadership?

    No one is perfect in this forum or anywhere else. Nit picking about 'little' details keeps one bouncing off the trees and never gets one out of the forest. Some people like the trees and don't want to leave the forest. That's fine for them. Recognize that by what they say and how they say it. Others want the opposite and to leave the forest. That's OK too. Different people are driven by what is important to them. 'Little' details is ambigious…I know that. What is not ambigious is the time and energy spent to build 'little' details.

    The comments about people being too focused on money is true. It's true within every business in America and beyond. Pointing out that Ambit or Ignite or any MLM is corrupted by these people, is myopic and intentionally omitting every other company in America. Can you honestly say that corporate officers, CEOs, people at the bottom working their way up the ladder are not motivated by money? If you do, you need to get out of your home once in awhile or go work for someone else. The point of working is to make money. Don't so at the expense of others is wrong. Projecting that an entire business is corrupt because of a few people in that company is immature.

    If you don't have a dream, I'll bet that the person or company you work for does. That's the difference between poverty and success minded people. It doesn't have to be about money, it can be the friendships, your life purpose…whatever. But if your dream is to tear down others, you get back what you put into it. It also reveals your heart. We can all crusade for something and very seldom, need to resort to attacks. It's necessary sometimes, but not most of the time, and should be done the few times with very clear facts, not opinions and assertions. This always reveals the depth, or lack of it in someone's thinking. I'm guilty of it as well sometimes…it's all part of maturing. Staying there and never getting beyond it, shows lack of growth.

    Negative people very seldom succeed (except in politics). Povery-minded people are too proud to learn something new and re-evalutate their thinking. Sometimes new information confirms what you think, sometimes it makes you question what you think. That's OK. Both have been demonstrated in this forum.

    Many assertions made here have been opinions, not legal precedent or law. That is also very obvious. It is also very interesting to watch people demonstrate their understanding of the laws of leadership (or lack of it). If you're a leader, and no one is following you…you're merely taking a walk, and you're not a leader except in your own mind. That's what differentiates leadership thinking and action from opinions without legitimate facts. What leader are you and I following. Is anyone following you? If so, why?

    I encourage new people to read all of this thread…it's long. However, everything for the last month has already been addressed…nothing new except the same assertions and opinions.

    I monitor to see if anything "new" comes up, but choose to spend my time on positive areas of life. I get out of it what I put into it (just speaking about myself). If it works for you, go for it.

  159. Interesting article. I looked closely at both the Ambit and Ignite opportunities, but felt the start-up costs were just too step. I decided to go with Affordable Energy, similar concept, good compensation plan, start-up cost was only $49.95.

  160. Triumphant Success

    Well powerfromambit you've done it again… You always sum it up so nicely.

    I must agree, I DO have delusions of grandeur at times of being this magnanimous leader of a massively successful organization, but heck, that isn't so bad.

    I'm not trying to scam my way into the presidency, nor am I trying to start a cult following.

    I am trying to make money.

    I am also trying to find ways to improve my loved one's lives by helping them out with alternative income options.

    And to Thefuture1ambit… You hit the nail RIGHT on the head with the statement "Wayne blah, blah, blah. It's the same old stuff, but a different day with you."

    I would say that he sounds like a broken record, but that I could get used to. As is stands, I keep hoping that he might have something ELSE to say, so I keep reading his postings every time & then he lets me down.

    Wayne, everyone understands that you believe this is a pyramid.

    The forum topic is 'Ambit Energy Scam'. Well lets start to find ways that Ambit is scamming the world.

    (According to Webster)
    Scam: a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick profit; swindle. A fraudulent business scheme.

    Fraud: deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.

    If you can't show us that Ambit is SCAMMING the public with any FRAUD then for god's sake, spare us the redundant gibberish.

    If you want to prove it's all a scam, then you'll have to prove it's a Pyramid.

    Pyramid: a pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered.

    Now… It is ONLY a PYRAMID IF it is NON-SUSTAINABLE. How long had Ambit been alive? I think that it is sustaining itself. Sure it involves making profit when there is enrollment of new reps, but there IS a product. Energy at a low rate. Heck it could be energy at a high rate, and it would still be a product.

    Next after you prove that it is a Pyramid, you'll have to expose Ambit's FRAUD. But that's going to be hard since they aren't telling anyone anything that is in any form or fashion deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage. (which is the entire definition of fraud)

    Then after you prove that Ambit is committing fraud (which should be difficult since that is a felony, and the authorities haven't been able to find any kind of fraud on Ambit's part) Then that should support your SCAM theory.

    But, we all know that that will never happen, as all you know how to do is repeat yourself in a new way Every Single Day you make a posting here.

    If Ambit is scamming the world, then so is the waiter that sold me that juicy steak when I only wanted a burger at first.

    Is he to blame, or am I to blame for not standing by my original order?

    He just sold me that steak, and you know what, sure it costs more, but BY GOD it sure tastes good!

    Everyone knows the original cost to become a member of Ambit's organization. They also know IN ADVANCE what their responsibilities are BEFORE they pay a red cent. They decide (just like I did when I ordered that steak) that they think they can make something out of this opportunity, and that it is worth the cost to start up.

    Thus the decision lies in their hands, and no one else's.

    So, for everyone out there who believes that Ambit is a SCAM, a PYRAMID or FRAUDULENT in any way, please look up the words like I have. Do your DUE DILIGENCE, and contribute something worthwhile to this thread, instead of throwing childish allegations that can't be proven and labeling it fact.

  161. I am just trying to raise awareness of the FACT that a pyramid is a pyramid is a pyramid. It doesn’t matter that you have a product. That is just a cover. PYRAMID GAMES ARE ILLEGAL. Call you local bunco squad and Ask this specific question “Is a Pyramid game an ILLEGAL undertaking”? They will tell you YES> The fact that you derive MOST of your income from recruitment of suckers to play the pyramid makes it a pyramid. I say it again. Your “product” is information. Information that I am willing to GIVE AWAY. So & So will be a better Energy Plan for you if you switch and you can switch for FREE.

  162. Mytwocents

    I find it interesting that people seem to think that others have to be spooned fed information as if they still babies. Why is it that people can not just be left to their own devices when it comes to making a decision such as: should I join a company like ambit or not? People are not as foolish as one may think. If the information is given to them by reps and told up front then why should there be a discussion of a scam involved? Are we not competent to make our own decisions once presented with the facts? I was searching for a “work from home” job and came across the online work from home job herbalife which also got nasty reviews from people indicating of it being some kind of a pyramid scheme. But it’s also interesting to know that everything was told up front when I was contacted. I was given a choice to make, I was even given time to investigate the company and its business. At the end I choose not to go with it for personal reasons but my point remains the same. People should be responsible for their own decisions; I believe that is one of the reasons why cigarettes and alcohol though viewed largely by the masses of being dangerous and deadly are still allowed to be soled freely in stores. It’s called corporal America.

    There is nothing wrong with advising people about the goods and bad of something. But if you do attempt to advise someone of these things please make sure that you do it with respect and concrete evidence. I enjoyed the readings of both Powerfromambit and Triumphant Success because they stated their opinions/facts with the most dignity and precession. That is what wins me over. I could care less about the company and what it does but I do think that when true businessmen debate they should be able to do so with the respect and calmness along with the insight and intelligence that both Powerfromambit and Triumphant Success have shown on these boards. I admire that and honestly nothing will come unless you get out of your comfort zone and try something new perhaps even unorthodox.

    I’ve worked for a sales and leasing management job for about a year and after being fired because I felt overworked and underpaid and believing that I could actually take days off because of the stress of the work being paid 12/hour with a management title I realized that corporal America is all about how much you can slave in order to make someone else rich.

    So why not give people the chance? Maybe it will work maybe it won’t but I guarantee if you’re still working a 9-5 job your employer isn’t in any mood to raise your pay anytime soon. As long as you can work hard and get paid the least u will survive in that world. Its not easy being a leader most people only know how to take order and feel threatened when they are given a chance to leave their comfort zone. That’s fine but don’t hate others for having the ability to do it

    My last comment is referred towards the clients and the reps. I haven’t seen any stories about people been ripped off or not getting what they were promised by a rep. At least show me that before you condemn a company/product

    Good day…

  163. Triumphant Success well said!!
    And Wayne my site gives Away Free Information and, yes Wayne people can sign up on there own for free!They can get there own replicated site For Free as well.
    Hey Triumphant Success I think you have a site as well don't you and yours is free to the customers as well!
    Wayne keep building them homes maybe someone will buy them if economy comes back but don't hold your breath gonna be a while:)

  164. Suckers - Pyramid; g

    How can I clearly distinguish between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate sales opportunity?

    A: Many years of broad experience in the direct sales field and extensive research led to the identification of five causal and defining characteristics of a compensation plan that clearly separate exploitive MLM/pyramid/chain selling schemes from legitimate sales opportunities. These five characteristics – referred to as the "5 Red Flags" – both cause the horrendous loss rates and clearly define or distinguish between a pyramid or chain selling scheme and a legitimate income opportunity. A detailed report on these characteristics is posted on the research page of our web site. The compensation plans of over 250 MLM programs have been tested against these 5 Red Flags of "recruiting MLMs" (those with pay plans that primarily reward the recruiting of a downline, making sales to non-network customers a comparative waste of time – which applies to nearly all MLMs).

    In the compensation plans of recruiting MLMs, we find these “Five Red Flags” (causative and defining factors):

    Recruiting of participants is unlimited in an endless chain of empowered and motivated recruiters recruiting recruiters.
    Advancement in a hierarchy of multiple levels of participants (“distributors,” "associates," etc.) is achieved by recruitment, rather than by appointment.
    Ongoing purchases (company products and/or sales “tools,” "business support materials," training, etc.) by participants are encouraged in order for them to be eligible for commissions and to advance in the business ("pay to play").
    The company pays commissions and/or bonuses to more than four levels of participants.
    For each sale, company payout for the total of all upline participants equals or exceeds that for the person actually selling the product, creating an inadequate incentive to sell products directly and an excessive incentive to recruit new participants.
    In 100% of the MLMs where data is available, MLMs with all five of these characteristics (which is nearly all MLMs) result in losses suffered by approximately 99% of participants. The odds of profiting are far greater at gaming tables in Las Vegas. (For more complete discussions of the "5 Red Flags," read the reports linked from the MLM Consumer Guides page.)

    It is true that most new MLM recruits buy a few products and services and soon drop out. The ones who lose big are those who believe the promises of MLM promoters and then work hard to make them happen – and find their participation to be a money trap. Whereas in a legitimate business those who invest the most in time, effort, and money can be expected to profit the most; in MLM those who invest the most, lose the most – with the notable exception of those at the top of the pyramid or who got in at the beginning of the recruitment chain, some of whom make obscene amounts of money.

    One astute former MLMer stated it well: "The massive loss rates in MLM would be the same even if every participant had the talents and ambitions of Donald Trump or Warren Buffet! The loss rates are pre-determined by the scheme design and its operation."

    Some MLM promoters and executives vigorously deny that they are pyramid schemes, or even MLM. They may set up rules of behavior for participants to follow (such as requirements for sales to non-participants) in order to make them appear more legitimate. Such rules have little effect if the underlying structure features a compensation plan that rewards recruitment of an endless chain of participants as primary customers. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. “ Likewise with MLM.

  165. Suckers - Pyramid; g

    Looks like this scam checks off on all 5 so its a scam/pyramid

    all of you 'positive' non-negative people should consider that a simple website and info like Wayne provides is a lot more positive for people then inducing them to pay you money

    (1) get a skill besides being a follower
    (2) get morals or some modicum of them to really contribute to this society/world
    (3) stop being a bottom feeder praying on people's ignorance just to assuage your feelings of insecurity seeing people 'upline' making more than you
    (4) go to school and learn what you are involved in

    See you and everyone in the next scam !!

  166. Suckers - Pyramid; g

    "In 100% of the MLMs where data is available, MLMs with all five of these characteristics (which is nearly all MLMs) result in losses suffered by approximately 99% of participants"

    Some joker used some percentages above in this ridiculous debate so here is one for everyone –

    do you want to be the 99% and lose money or contribute to the 1% of people making money above and off you ??!?!

    please use your brain and wake-up

    $400 dollars is a lot of money for books or a class to gain real knowledge to make you more empowered or marketable

  167. Suckers - Pyramid; g

    I spent $100 on a book to learn Excel (the software program) and then $200 for a community college class and now I am making $50/hour doing real consulting work

    I have my own business and am considered a consultant. It took effort like all these yahoos state all of their businesses did to recruit more suckers so why not invest in effort with real results?!?!

  168. Suckers - Pyramid; g

    final thought to the self-righteous business-having, "world blessing", holy-rolling zealots

    your information or product(MLM term) that you can now switch energy providers for free in above states is not worth $400 .. or actually more like ($0.08 a person to you – $398.92 upline to the top)

    if you can go to bed at night justifying any part of this way you are in this con-game for a very good reason

    everyone is part of a company in some way shape or form – yours just happens to be a pyramid scheme and prays on the uneducated and on your greediness at expoiting this

    sleep on that and see you in a couple years angrily working for me complaining about the how business is unfair and you get treated shabbily

    negativity does breed negativity like all of you Ambit devils say and it always come back to you in life so continue to spread your $400 worth of negativity and enjoy your life in 10 years

  169. Here is what the Better Business Bureau has to say about some of their associates. If the last line doesn't get your attention, it should…..

    Multi-level Marketing

    Before participating in any multi-level plan, be sure you have a clear understanding of the company's marketing plan. The Bureau recommends that any multi-level marketing plan be reviewed by an attorney to make sure the plan is in compliance with multi-level laws in your state.

    Determine whether you will be required to purchase a certain amount of inventory to participate in the plan, and whether company policies allow you to return unsold inventory for a refund. In most multi-level plans, the company does not offer refunds to distributors.

    You should personally examine the product or service you would be selling to make sure it has not been misrepresented. You should do research to see if there is a market for the product in your area, and consider your own ability to sell. Be cautious of inflated earnings claims. As an independent distributor, no one can guarantee that you will achieve a certain income level.

    That is the nature of ANY pyramid. There are those that will say "That's business". That's a CON!

  170. nic9898

    Boy, it sounds like most of you got taken by
    a mlm at one time and now are against them!
    I am very happy working part-time for Ambit
    and the money I make is better than my full-time job as a loan officer! I have no problem working to make money, its seems most of you do!
    Nothing is handed to you at Ambit, and even at the top of Ambit those people make more, but
    the are always on the road working long hours
    to make money and help others do the same!

    I dont think Ambit is for everyone, but Wooking
    a little every day sure makes me a great paycheck!

    Questions feel free to e-mail me at

  171. "Suckers – Pyramid; get a Job said,in March 31st, 2008 at 7:33 pm I spent $100 on a book to learn Excel (the software program) and then $200 for a community college class and now I am making $50/hour doing real consulting work

    I have my own business and am considered a consultant. It took effort like all these yahoos state all of their businesses did to recruit more suckers so why not invest in effort with real results?!?!"

    How the heck do you sleep at night when you charge these poor people $50/hour for doing "real" consultant work?? Wow, it's amazing how you can justify ripping people off yet Ambit offers the oppurtunity to make UNLIMITED income for $399 and were the ones who should have problems sleeping at night??? I think not…. Look in the mirror my friend…Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  172. It's really quite simple with Ambit…. You either get it or you don't… Some people don't have the capacity to grasp what true residual income is. If you don't understand it's ok…. There is a need for people who want to work a JOB.
    To all others with an open "out of the box" mind. You really need to take a look at Ambit.

  173. powerfromambit

    Quote: "Many years of broad experience in the direct sales field and extensive research led to the identification of five causal and defining characteristics of a compensation plan that clearly separate exploitive MLM/pyramid/chain selling schemes from legitimate sales opportunities".

    I wonder why state attorney general's don't seem to have and use this valuable and extensive research.

    What is the origin of the information that results in your conclusion? Is this "broad experience" based upon more than 1 person's experience, or cumulative years across 100's or 1000's person years of statistically significant sales, market and business experience as part of a study backed by reliable research methods…or something more relevant to an opinion poll?

    It is foolish to blindly accept such information and conclusions without any insight into the source, methods and extent of the study. It could just as easily be just another expression of opinion versus legal fact. It would be interesting to know and verify the source, research and legal scrutiny that helped form and confirm these 5 casual and defining characteristics…and from what time period the study was done. Is this recent data or from the 1980's and 1990's?

    Thank you for sharing.

  174. Answer to: What is the origin of the information that results in your conclusion?

    It is my "opinion" that O. J. Simpson is guilty of the double murder of Ron Goldman and his Ex wife. Problem is the District Attorney couldn't pin that one on him either.

    It doesn't mean my "opinion" is not CORRECT.

  175. This "opinion" is from the Harris County District Attorney's Office….

    We routinely investigate promotions that appear to be in violation of our Texas Pyramid laws and we do prosecute pyramid cases. Pyramids are illegal in Texas and most jurisdictions, because they are inherently fraudulent. Generally, a pyramid promotion is just an exchange of money but the law includes any “consideration”. Participants are encouraged or required to pay a consideration and then recruit additional members in a down-line in order to earn a large payout when the later members are recruited. In truth, each new participant has a mathematically smaller chance of recruiting new members than earlier participants had. Inevitably, very quickly, the new participants can’t find enough people to successfully recruit to replace themselves. The promoters (the people who started the scheme or got involved very early) have walked away, taking with them all of the money they have received from gullible participants.

    It’s a felony offense in Texas to promote a pyramid. Setting up a pyramid, joining one, or recruiting new members all constitutes illegal pyramiding.

    Often pyramid promoters tell recruits that their promotion is not a pyramid and try to distinguish their program from an illegal pyramid. Frequently, promoters will say they have the advice of a lawyer or some law enforcement entity. Many times, these are just lies being told by an unscrupulous promoter to try to lure gullible people into participating. Be warned, it is generally not a defense to prosecution that a promoter or some third party misinformed the participant as to the legality of the scheme.

  176. Pyramid promoters will try to claim their program is not a pyramid because it involves not only the building of a cash down-line but the purported sale of a product or service and that the cash down-line payments are really only sales commissions for the sale of legitimate services or products. The law takes a common sense view of this: Is the purported sale of services or products really just a sham to try to justify what is otherwise just a money down-line pyramid? For instance, would anyone pay $5,000.00 for a few hundred dollars worth of cheap dishes unless they were told they could go sell cheap dishes to down-line participants and earn thousands of dollars each month in down-line commissions? If the purported sale of products or services is just a sham, it’s still an illegal pyramid.

  177. Wayne

    Why would anyone pay $400 for some books that tell you how to tell others they can switch their electric provider for FREE unless they were told they could go sell cheap books to down-line participants and earn thousands of dollars each month in down-line commissions?

    My Opinion?

  178. powerfromambit

    Your opinion is that electricity is equivalent to cheap dishes? "If the purported sale of products or services is just a sham, it's still an illegal pyramid" is correct…It has to be proven to be a sham.

    What makes it more difficult is that the purported sale of electricity in Texas is also highly regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and implemented by a little company in Taylor, Texas called ERCOT which manages 90% of the Texas grid.

    Since as you say, "the law takes a common view of this", perhaps you can explain how within a very highly regulated industry (Energy) that the due diligence in the hearings and approval process by the TX PUC with Commissioners, lawyers, public officials, etc., would still grant Ambit Energy, Stream (with Ignite) retail electric provider certification within Texas AND not conclude that that these are pyramid scams? They know the law very well. They know the business models. This is the government with all their resources in one of the most highly regulated industries in America.

    How can that be?

  179. Johnny

    The quote was "the law takes a common sense view". It's pretty obvious you have none.

  180. Johnny

    You MISS the point as usual. The key is all in the structure of the mess. Why would Wayne use the word "book" in place of "dishes" and how would you get electricity out of that? Face it you are selling books to train reps OR you make pennies. You have to recruit new suckers or the pyramid collapses.
    It all goes back to…..
    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it's a duck!
    TX PUC grants companies the right to sell electricity in Texas. Whether or not Ignite & Ambit enter into that has NOT been proven to ANY satisfaction on this forum.

  181. Buyer Beware

    Having been involved with Amway in the mid 90's and Nationwide in the Early 00's I know a small bit about these scams. I am not an expert, but can smell the mess from far away.

    I went to a meeting recently to essentially laugh at the idea and see the people there. "The guy" was there, and he had some of his cheerleaders there as well. "The guy" doing the meeting is always so sharp and well polished. He is apparently making money out the arse and seems like an all around good guy. His underlings are around to look kind of average and make you feel like, "Hey, I could do this too". The script is the same as it ever was. The only real difference is that these guys had a projector and a semi-fancy power point presentation. And they are selling energy, not soap or benefits packages.

    The other thing that is the same is that "The guy" is always a seasoned veteran. He has been doing this for years in other mlm's. He is a professional talker and a professional scammer. They run from one business to the next. This guy was no exception. He said he had been doing mlm’s full time for around 15 years. Sell juice for a couple of years, then sell some soap, then gas cards, then phone service, now some energy. Once the suckers stop signing up, they jump ship. They take as many suckers with them as possible to have under them in the next business and open up shop. I have seen it many times and was reminded of it vividly the other night. As nice as the guy seemed, he was/is a scammer.

    For the folks that are signed up and drinking the kool aid that will respond to this… I bust my ass working traditional jobs. You and I both know that it also sucks. It is the reason you are receptive to these scams. Unless you own the company, or hedge fund, or law firm, or energy company, or you will be a piker. A pay check away from being broke. Plain and simple. In this fantastical world of mlm's you are always only a step away from financial independence. Always only a step away from buying that car on the 98th page of the Rob Report. Only a step away from never being a slave to your alarm clock again. Etc.

    Save your money and buy yourself a vacation, a treasury bond, a tree to plant, a new bike, some flowers for your girlfriend, some new brakes for your car, an xbox, a years supply of hot dogs, whatever. $400 dollars is a good amount of cash after taxes. Your dignity and respect for yourself and of your peers is worth far more.


  182. Buyer Beware

    Why did my post get deleted?

    This forum is obviously a joke. Welcome to the new America in forum form!

  183. Buyer Beware


    I am sorry about that. My original post is showing up now. Please delete these two posts if you like.

    Thank you.

  184. Thefuture1ambit

    Too Funny it's a good thing none of us have Wayne building our homes he's to busy with his blah blah blah!!And I went to Wayne's supposed to be site and he promotes for all of us in the energy business
    Nice9898 congrats to you I really enjoy my Ambit business
    Powerfromambit I could not agree more our company does know the law. People need to understand it is not as easy as saying we are moving into a new area it takes a lot of lawyers, litigation and financial backing to go where we already are. As I stated much earlier in this forum Texas AG is one of the toughest across the states and does not hesitate to shut a company down and seize everything they have done it time and time again. This is not a scam nor is it a pyramid I see it making differences in peoples lives everyday so what it cost 399 to become a consultant there is no hidden agenda and no your not going to be rich overnight but yes it can help people save money so I get paid to educate people So What. Teachers get paid to teach their students. I have many happy customers that have thanked me and are very happy that's not a opinion that is fact!!
    Triumphant Success I am like you come in and Wayne is boring on the other hand I enjoy reading what you and Powerfromambit have to say
    Have a great Day!

  185. powerfromambit

    Impressive response. Since you believe your opinion is more accurate and thorough than the PUC commission and Texas law, you should go to the Attorney General and set them straight real quick.

    "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it’s a duck!"

    You should go to a farm and take a look at the white chicken looking creatures out there with web feet. They are called ducks. It's pretty clear you've never seen one.

  186. Wayne

    I didn't say "the law takes a common sense view of this". The Harris County District Attorney's office said that. I had trouble posting so that post was entered in two posts instead of one. I tried to put the link to the Harris County DA's office but could not post it for some reason. Google Harris County District Attorney's Office. Find Consumer Fraud and then find Pyramids. It is there word for word. You know the Nile (denial) is the longest river in the world.

  187. Wayne

    the future1ambit and powerfromambit illustrate what the Harris Couty District Attorney's Office said PERFECTLY. The hand writing is on the wall. Don't be suckered. Oh and power: If it's chicken to stay away from "business" that patterns itself after a FELONY OFFENSE then count me as one of your chickens.

  188. Johnny

    Show me a link that says that the TXPUC approved Ambit or Ignite. Otherwise, you have proven nothing.

  189. Johnny

    I got this from the Attorney General of Texas' website. His name is Greg Abbott. Pay close attention to what is said about Pyramid schemes.

    Five Tricks of a Con Artist
    If you fell for a scam, chances are it was because a skillful salesperson pushed all the right buttons. Here are five ways that smart sales people – and scam artists – can get you to part with your hard-earned money against your better judgment.

    They give you something for nothing

    When someone you don't know well gives you something for nothing, be alert. Be aware of the feeling of obligation that the other person has created in you. Is that person manipulating you into buying or doing something that is not in your best interests?

    The offer of a sumptuous dinner or a "free gift" sets you up for a high-pressure sales pitch. Many consumers part with large sums of money that they had not planned because they had accepted something up front.

    He makes you like him

    Smooth operators spend time up front making themselves likeable to their intended victims. They are often quite heartless in selecting individuals who live alone, cultivating their trust and affection.

    Con artists are often attractive. They may use flattery, making their intended victims feel appreciated, listened to, and cared about. These people are often quite good at picking up on people's interests, beliefs and preferences solely for the purpose of pretending to have these things in common.

    If someone is trying to sell you something, or trying to get you to do something, stop and ask yourself how much you like this person. Don't let it cloud your judgment about the deal. Be aware that the person may have created a good impression very deliberately in order to take advantage of you.

    They make you think it's now or never

    This is just about the oldest trick in the book. The seller tells you that an offer is good for a limited time only – it's the chance of a lifetime, and supplies are limited. Every high-pressure sale is made in an atmosphere of urgency: hurry, don't wait, don't think, it's a golden opportunity, and you would be a fool to miss it. Your natural impulse is to grab the opportunity.

    Of course, there are golden opportunities in life, but they are rare, whereas high-pressure sales are depressingly common. Be aware that the appearance of fleeting availability in and of itself will make you feel compelled to buy. Try not to be driven by that feeling. Recognize it for what it is: a feeling deliberately (and easily!) caused by a common sales tactic. The offer is hardly ever the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the salesperson would like you to think it is.

    He says he's going to make you rich

    It is impossible to be prepared for all the different stories cons will make up to explain how you are going to come into a fortune. Lotteries, sweepstakes, investments, business opportunities, government grants and long lost inheritances – we have heard it all. The main thing is, a perfect stranger tempts you with a promise of riches that will make all your problems go away and set your family up on Easy Street forever. He may even ask whether you want cash or a direct deposit in your bank account.

    You really, really wish it were true. But the hard reality is that you are going to be the first one to write a check. You will find you need to pay a fee, a cost of wire transfer, insurance, tax or some such thing in advance. Don't do it! You did not win the contest or the lottery (which, when you think about it, you never even entered), and you are not going to get rich. You are the intended victim of a cruel and costly hoax. And by the way: don't give him your bank account number "so he can deposit the money." That's not really why he wants it.

    They make you believe it worked for other people

    Word of mouth is an excellent source of information for any consumer. We always recommend that anyone hiring a contractor, for example, should ask for the names of other customers to call for references. However it is important to note that testimonials are only useful if they are from other real, unbiased consumers who can be contacted independently.

    A collection of written testimonials provided by the seller (even if it includes real-looking names, addresses and photographs) is another matter. It could be real, but it could be fake. Testimonials and references only count if you can talk to real people independently of the seller.

    Also be aware that when you see that other people have accepted something, there is a natural tendency to relax and simply trust their judgment. But if everybody just believes everybody else, you could all be duped together. This often happens with investment frauds.

    Pyramid schemes (or "gifting clubs") are a special case: other "customers" may want you to believe, not because the investment is a good one, but because they need you to join so they can recoup their own investments. They are looking out for themselves, not for you!

    The bottom line: he makes you trust him. "Con" is short for confidence. The con artist's art is making you feel confidence – in him and what he tells you. Con artists get what they want from you by winning your trust and establishing their own credibility in your eyes. They are experts at using your natural impulses and reactions against you.

  190. Triumphant Success

    First and foremost… a word to ‘Suckers – Pyramid; get a Job’

    Good Lord…

    I am almost embarrassed for you.

    "Ambit Devils"?

    What names will you call your fellow man & neighbor next? Spawn of Satan?

    Well, if we can get away from the name-calling, and the warnings that we're all about to be 'fornicated' (referencing Wayne’s posting from the day before he met me), perhaps we could get back on topic here.

    ‘Suckers – Pyramid; get a Job’ speaks of how difficult it is to rise from nothing and be a success in this industry, and then he turns and verbally abuses those that not only succeed, but encourage others towards achieving their own success.

    The man power and hours put into this business are never to be considered EASY MONEY. It was difficult to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has ever made a dollar in this industry to get started. Once they have persevered long enough for their organization to start to sustain itself, then they can at that point afford to take a little break. Yet he sounds as if he would burn them at the stake for it.

    "Ambit Devils"? The town of Salem comes to mind…

    Well here’s a glimpse of the past, and a vision of the future for you all.

    Once upon a time, someone started to sell clean water in bottles. The bottled water industry is now a massive industry, but I'll admit I thought it was a ridiculous concept at first!

    Yet it started to make sense the more we saw it, & now I simply refuse to drink from the tap.

    Well Multi Level Marketing makes sense like bottled water does. And friend, whether you like it or not, & whether you're with us or against us, we're going to change the way that America does business. If a company does not have to advertise, & gets all of their business internally from forming MLM organizations, can you stop them? It is their right and choice, and a dang smart idea to boot!

    (Ha Ha!!!) My next door neighbor is in an M.L.M. candle-making organization. I almost laughed at her when she told me, but the truth is that this is a concept/formula that WORKS & everyone wants to be in on it!

    Once a person establishes a strong organization in the Retail Energy industry, he can then start making money by (for example) drinking Tahitian Noni juice & being paid thousands of dollars a month WHILE his energy organization is supplementing his lifestyle.

    Can you stop it from happening? Will the government stop it from happening when to all current definitions it is LEGAL & LEGIT?

    You can't take your opinion to the bank my friends. My father likes to say that "Opinions are like a$$holes… everyone has one, but none of them smell very good."

    Hateful opinions aren't going to stop the American business empire from flourishing & evolving to include Network Marketing. The entire economy is going to embrace the MLM concept, because they don’t have to pay for the advertising. And I believe that if a person can become a millionaire from making 100% Soy candles, then THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

    Let’s focus on Tahitian Noni for a moment to break down the point I am trying to make.

    The way that Tahitian Noni works is as such:

    It costs $120.00 to be a member of the organization every month, and that money buys you a case of Tahitian Noni juice (4-bottles) or whatever you want to spend your 120 points on.

    Sure the product is overpriced, but so is an Aston Martin, a BMW or a MacLaren. Can you tell me that I shouldn’t buy one of those vehicles because there is a more affordable alternative? What if I want to be a member of the hot cars club? It is MY decision! So price is not an issue. (I’m digressing…)

    So a member of Tahitian Noni spends a minimum of $120.00 per month and finds others that want to be members themselves. For each member in a person’s 1st level, Tahitian Noni pays the sponsor $25.00 every month for the rest of the person’s life as long as they are still paying their $120.00 per month. Then it drops to $5.00 per month for the sponsors 2nd level, and $5.00 for the 3rd level, and so forth…

    Everyone is still drinking their Tahitian Noni juice, and enjoying the health benefits of the product and one member at a time they are decreasing the amount they spend out of pocket every month.

    First it’s $120.00, but they bring in a member so it is reduced to $95.00, and then reduced further to $70.00, and so forth, etcetera, until finally they are not spending a dime on this wonderful product, and then the PROFIT starts to come in!

    My friend Lucio came to America illegally, and learned the language very fast. He worked his way up from busboy to food runner and finally to server in a restaurant, and now he speaks flawless English and is working in a 4-star restaurant to pay his bills while his checks are direct deposited every month into his bank account. (btw- He became a U.S. citizen)

    Lucio currently owns his own town home at the young age of 22 and has about $40,000 in his bank account. He is saving to buy himself his first Mercedes.

    That’s good business!

    That’s the future of America’s economy!

    It’s unstoppable, and will grow with or without you.

    Try to tell Lucio that what he’s doing is unethical, and he’ll introduce you to the 200 people in his down line that have better health and income in their pockets and tears of joy in their eyes. Try to tell that to ME! I owe Lucio eternally! I am proud of being in his down line, he’s a brilliant leader, idealistic and caring, and is teaching others tirelessly to improve the quality of their lives in every way!

    So there is your glimpse of America’s future, from 100% Soy candles to Noni juice to competitively priced energy!

    Here it is, and we are on the glorious horizon looking down into the valley of commerce and profit for everyone!

    I’m diving in headfirst!

    No more name-calling… it’s unbecoming. If you can't make your point with the power of reasoning or suggestion, then don't resort to accusations or defaming comments meant to be hurtful. We're ladies and gentlemen having a debate. Let's remember our heroes and strive to imitate their attitudes. Let's make them proud of us, and this goes for BOTH SIDES of this debate!

    But again, this is just my opinion, and like my father always says…

  191. Triumphant Success

    BTW Johnny, EXCELLENT work on the research. Keep it up, you're helping us to keep this interesting, and helping to enlighten every reader.

    And powerfromambit… awesome response time in supplying Johnny with the information he requested when he said "Show me a link that says that the TXPUC approved Ambit or Ignite."

    Unfortunately I wouldn't know where to look to see the Ignite equivalent.

  192. powerfromambit

    Triumphant Success…you are a leader. Thank you for taking time out of your day to encourage us all.

    To Johnny…the balls in your court to prove that the Texas PUC did not approve Ambit with a certificate to be a retail electric provider.

    Then you can explain why the AG hasn't gone to the TX PUC to stop licensing retail energy providers that are pyramids.

    As far as I'm concerned…this topic is complete. Facts versus opinions. Regulation versus arm-chair lawyers.

    Name calling and tantrums are for boys. I'll wait for some men who can have a discussion. in the meantime, you're helping every reader realize that venom is a poison. Remember, leaders without followers are merely taking a walk.


  193. powerfromambit

    I'm going to spend some time finding others I can personally sponsor, mentor and bury myself into their success. It's a simple think in life.

    We may agree or disagree on this business, but America is still the land of opportunity, not the land of entitlements (for the most part). Find something that works for you and do it.

    Be a player, not a fan. Players execute, fans cheer or undermine, but are not in the game. Leaders easily identify fans pretending to be players and separate them. Fans are not in the game because they do not have the skills, knowledge, and temperament to be in the game.

    Which are you? A player, or a fan?

  194. Triumphant Success


    You make me want to hang out with you! (lol)

    I admire your focus & clear delivery. Maintain your uplifting attitude and inspiration. You're helping me in ways you cannot know, and you're inspiring countless others as well.

    It's leaders like you that CREATE leaders.

    Something that you might want to watch out for… (if you're like me and want to help EVERYONE in the world)

    There are people in our companies that are being neglected by their up-lines.

    I wish that I could create a support line or an uplifting website to help people in our companies to stay on the path to success.

    This could be one way that we could rebut the claim that this is a scam; to offer support where people are being neglected.

    Any ideas?

  195. Wayne

    SO, We have established that some sucker signed off. FACT: A pyramid is an ILLEGAL undertaking. FACT: Both Ignite and Ambit are patterned after an ILLEGAL pyramid. (This cannot be denied) FACT: A pyramid is a FELONY in Texas. FACT: Both Ambit and Ignite are patterned after a FELONY offense.
    “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it’s a duck!”

  196. mcbride


    Hey Wayne ol boy.

    FACT: A pyramid is an ILLEGAL undertaking.

    Prove it HOTSHOT!!!

    This porocess of doing business has been vetted by the every Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission and even the New York Stock Exchange. Excel Communications used this business model very successfully in every state and in fact was one of the youngest companies ever listed to the NYSE. Let me ask you a two part question.

    If this is illegal, then why haven't all the states shut down every direct marketing company out there, and would the NYSE, the most prestegeous exchange in the world let an illegal business come even close to setting foot on their front steps?

    A bit of advice for you Wayne….

    Mark Twain said…

    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt."

  197. mcbride

    Oh yeah..

    One last thing. I would love to see you in court before a judge making this case.

    "Your honor, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it’s a duck!”

    You see, the whole basis for that statement even making an ounce of sense it that you really know what a duck is. In this case, you really don't. Period.

  198. Toothdoctor

    Wayne, you kept giving us the same thing over and over again. Please give us something different to think about, instead of the same old blah…blah..blah.. Please tell me why Ambit is allowed to do business in Texas if your assertion is that Ambit is a pyramid and it's a felony offense to promote a pyramid in the state of Texas?

  199. TUSTOOL

    Why is everybody discussing this. Either you join or you dont join. I personnelly was given the opportunity and I declined to be apart of it. So,for you guys on here complaining about it forget it. And for the ones that arn't get selling energy.

  200. Johnny

    The District Attorney said that a Pyramid is a felony. I'd say Wayne has proven that fact heretofore…..

  201. powerfromambit

    You keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The DA is correct, pyramids are a felony.

    However, the only thing that Wayne has done is define a pyramid.

    What you and Wayne have failed to do is prove that Ambit and Ignite are illegal pyramids. So far, the Texas AG, Texas Public Utility Commission, ERCOT, and Texas Regulatory Commissioners all do not agree with you and Wayne that these companies are pyramids. You can assert all day long, but the FACT IS, the people who make the law, enforce the law, investigate companies, and prosecute the law, DO NOT AGREE WITH YOUR OPINIONS that Ambit and Ignite are pyramids. That's the core of your arguement. The state legal, legislative and regulatory opposition against you is huge.

    You have certainly proven that you have strong negative opinions that you want to voice, but that is all you have proven.

    The full burden is now on you to either prove it legally through case law against Ambit or Ignite by the Texas AG, Supreme Court rulings, or something tangible (opinions are worthless), or find another topic to talk about. So far, you have no facts (just opinions) to make your claim that connects Ambit and Ignite to a pyramid.

    Also, the very fact that you even asked for proof that the TX PUC certified Ambit and Ignite to sell electricity in Texas shows complete ignorance of Texas energy regulation and the regulatory legal process. Anyone who knows just a little bit about that, would not have asked for proof since they would KNOW that energy is highly regulated by the state of Texas. They would KNOW that scrutiny is at the extreme by the regulators about every company having anything to do about energy BEFORE THEY ARE LICENSED (certified) to participate in the Texas energy market. That was easy public information that you could have found.

    So this topic is either dead, or we will patiently wait for your proof. If you offer only more opinions, you will likely receive silence (at least from me).

    Thank you gentlemen.

  202. Wayne

    I went to an Ignite meeting. I saw the structure of the "business". I said "PATTERNED AFTER". Patterned after means a mirror image of. BOTH Ambit and Ignite are patterned after a Felony offense. At the meeting, on the big board, the pyramid pattern was put up there for all to see or should I say those who wanted to see.
    I don't have to prove anything. I have proven my point.

  203. mcbride

    Well…I've worked for major corporations in the past. Looking at their struture you could certainly say they are "PATTERNED AFTER" a pyramid. Let's see, we have a CEO, then a layer of VPs, then a larger layer of Senior Management, then larger layer of Directors, then another larger layer of Managers, then another larger layer of Assistant Managers, then another layer of Supervisors, then another layer of what you would apire us all to be…the workers. Look, we just made another pyramid. Cool!!!!

    Boy, it sure does appear that those companies and the people who own them are leveraging the time and efforts of their employees to ahieve their dreams. And guess what, they are not even giving their employees a plan to achive the very same success they aspire to. Now that is a felony.

    You sound like Al Gore when you argue. Since I said so, and since I'm right, the debate is over. If you don't belive me, then just ask me.

  204. Inambitfor3weeks

    Please give some advice. I am new to ambit. What should i do to get more customers? Is it worth it to go to the power trip? Is it true that there is a lot of money in this business? Like in how many months will i see a good income?

  205. mcbride

    Hey 3 Weeks..


    Find out who your National Consultant is. Contact them and ask them for their support, insight and training.

  206. Gus

    Hey Wayne! Do you have a boss? I mean most people have bosses at a job. People have a supervisor that answer to his boss and his boss answer to his boss and his boss answer to the head of the food chain, meaning the CEO or the vice president or to the president. OMG!! is that a pyramid?

  207. Hello 3weeks congrats on your new business! Yes if you can go to the powertrip you will learn alot as well as grow your business. I work my business out of any of the service areas and doing very well determination is the key. You will get what you put in I assure you. If it's to soon to make it to powertrip start considering the event in September me and my team are focusing on that one. And make it to team calls and meetings if you can you will learn more alot faster and understand how to talk about your business and avoid dream killers like (Wayne Above)Some get it Some don't Next….
    This is a very simple business educating people that they have choices with there energy service providers. And you will meet alot of great people along the way and some you can do without but that's life in everyday circumstances.
    Have a great day!

  208. Triumphant Success

    Calling all ducks!
    Calling all ducks!

    God he really likes ducks doesn't he?

    "If it walks like a Wayne, quacks like a Wayne, and swims like a Wayne, it’s just the same meaningless repetitive crap every single day!"

    Like I said, I would call him a broken record, but that I could get used to. I keep logging in hoping that he's saying something different that we can tear to shreds using our large and sharp talons.

    OH WELL…
    This forum isn't going anywhere anymore.
    I'll log back in in a week or so, and naturally, I'll ignore Wayne and Johnny's worthless hot air, and hope for some new blood.

    I have gotten used to gabbing with you guys, am I the only one who wants to keep in touch?

  209. wreckem04

    ok guys just curious.. give me a ball park figure on how ya'll are making with this company!! a co-worker has presented it to me and i'm just wondering if it worth it.

  210. Paco

    The truth is that MLM does have a history of working out. The sad fact is that if you don't come in at the infancy stage of the business, then you are going to have to work twice as hard to hopefully make it work for you and chances are that unless you have a wide range of influence, it is not going to work out for you. The best you can possibly hope for is possibly breaking even. I know what I speak of. I was somewhat successful with another MLM only because I came in at the right time, Infant stage of the business, the product was consumable/sellable, and I had a wide range of influence "connections" people who were willing to do the business with me who also had a wide range of influence. Eventually the business went under and unfortunately the losers were all those who came in at the wrong time and invested much time, money, and effort to make it work for them. I don't advocate MLM, but at the same time, I don't tear it down either. My advise is always to do your homework. Study the company, its founders and their background, how long has the company been around, etc. Find out also what the costs are going to be for you up front before you commit. A good rule of thumb is this "If the company is truly committed to your success and if they really belive in their product, THERE SHOULD BE NO START UP FEES TO JOIN IN. They should allow you to come in for free and allow you to grow the business in this manner. If the founders truly believe in their product, this should not be an issue with them; after all, a quality product will eventually pretty much sell itself. The first rule of business 101.

  211. ambitnotascam

    The thing I love about building this business is, and only people in MLM understand this, you find out what everyone's true colors are. You find out who is a leader, follower, a cry baby, a winner, a loser, trustworthy, weak, strong, negative, positive, hard working, no work ethic, smart, or dumb. This business is the truest form of entrepeneurship in the world. 2% get rich, 20% make a living, 28% pay their bills, and 50% fail. Isn't that everything in life? Last I checked 2% of the people have 90% of all the wealth. I see people making claims that "only the people in early or at the top make all the money." It's the people that work the hardest and the longest and never quit who make all the money. Everyone in Ambit who finds people who talk like the guy who put this forum up, know you are dealing with a negative loser, who is weak and probably has no work ethic and most likely is dumb. If you listen to a guy like this, you are no better then he is. Move on or fail.

  212. Johnny

    The Genie Scam
    One day, A man and his wife are playing golf. The man hits a ball and it smashes a window of a nearby house.
    The man and his wife go to the house and apologize to the man living there, but he said “no need to apologize. See, I am a genie. And I have been trapped for decades. For freeing me, i will grant you two wishes.”
    The man said “well, we are struggling to pay the bills, so i guess we could wish for money”
    The woman said “and our house is struggling, so we could wish for a new one”
    Then the genie said “I will grant these two wishes…one on conditition! because i have been trapped for so long, i have not experienced love for an eternity. In return for granting these wishes, I request that I sleep with your wife.
    After a moment’s discussion, the man finally agreed to allow the genie to sleep with his wife.
    While the genie and the man’s wife were upstairs, the genie said “how old is your husband?” The woman replied “He’s 36”. The genie then said “And he still believes in genies? That’s amazing!!”

  213. mcbride

    Just got the approval from the ICC in Illinois. It's going to be a great weekend!!

  214. powerfromambit

    Another highly visible legal investigation and judicial ruling standing in the way of Johnny's proof that Ambit is a pyramid.

    This was in fact discussed in the proceedings and the Administrative Law Judge ruled from prior Illinois case law and judicial rulings that Ambit's practices in Texas and New York are not consistent nor fit any prior case of a pyramid that have been tried and ruled by the courts.

    Opinions to the contrary are worthless when 3 states have all ruled that Ambit is not a pyramid.

  215. ambitnotascam

    Johnny, read the post above yours. You are the husband. You are the negative loser, who is weak, probably has no work ethic, and most likely is dumb. The best part is, the people in Ambit spend time here to protect what they believe in and get paid. The others, who aren't in Ambit, waste somebody elses time, like their boss, trying to stop the inevitable. Have fun watching Ambit reach the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and Forbes in there quest to be the fastest growing company in American history. It's going to happen, watch it. After all, that is probably what you are best at, watching.

  216. mcbride


    I'm going to call an end to all the bickering and name calling. We Ambit consultants have work to do and it serves no purpose to be here arguing.

    For those who don't belive in what Ambit is doing, fine. That is just your opinion based on your paradigm. One you can change if you feel the need or desire.

    I'm going to go do business with integrity and passion. I encourage everyone in Ambit to subscribe to those values as well.

    As for Johnny and those like him…we wish you the best. Do what inspires you, makes you happy and allow you to helps others. If you can do that, you are rich.

    God Bless.

  217. I'm here to bring some good news. I literally just got back from the 1st ever Power Train conference in Queens, NY. I met Brian McClure, Carlos Marin and a couple of other people.

    Besides the fact that it was truly one of the most motivating experiences ever….they announced that Illinois was cleared as of last night!!!!

    I'm so excited right now I can hardly speak and I truly understand the business better than ever! It can be so easy!!

    I'll leave my number again if anyone wants to contact me about this.

    Take care,



  218. SoTrue!

    THIS NEEDS TO BE READ AGAIN: (it is SO true)

    "The thing I love about building this business is, and only people in MLM understand this, you find out what everyone’s true colors are. You find out who is a leader, follower, a cry baby, a winner, a loser, trustworthy, weak, strong, negative, positive, hard working, no work ethic, smart, or dumb."

    And, I would add, you find out who is really good-hearted, vs. SELFISH.

    This business model is a crucible. It boils you down.. Some people just HATE being 'exposed' by this model and say the model is 'sinister.' Being 'exposed' as somebody who is not cut out for this is not a bad thing, just a learning experience. Some people come into this and develop personally and experience a super positive life change.

  219. Johnny- You obviously have NO knowledge of our comp plan or business model.
    No one gets paid till customers are gathered. Ambit is a REP in the state of texas.
    Retail Electric Provider. They want customers and they gather them through relationship based marketing.

    My customers get better rates due to a patent infrastructure that is SUPER Efficient and a great marketing plan(No wasted money on advertising,no sales department and no advertising department). They get a Free Hotel voucher for simply trying the service(No Contract Required) and for being LOYAL they get reward points to turn in on Free Cruises and Vacations. Can you please explain to me how this is BAD????? I would love to hear this.

    They get a more personable service and ALOT better customer service than the traditional scripted customer service from others.
    In Ambit's comp plan you can literally PASS the person that signed you.

    Ambit pays out the whole $399.00 and MORE usually if customers are gathered within the time required. 2 customers within 28 days(Your kidding right?)
    The C.E.O of the company is explained with one word. INTEGRITY!!!!!

    PowerTrip 2008 is going to be great. If you havent been then you HAVE to attend. It is that good. You have to invest in your business to be successful.
    How many OTHER companies do you know that you have a Q&A with the CEO and CMO? Slim to None. Most people in america (Probally 70% or better) never even MEET the CEO or CMO.

    Keep your heads up fellow Ambit Consultants and Ignite Directors. Your dream is yours and dont let anyone take it away from you.

    To your success,

  220. Wow what an exciting business for all who is in Ambit! This has got to be the best opportunity and most simplified I have ever done we are moving into Illinois and so excited to know where will will go next? He who says this is a scam sure has no clue! My customers are very happy my team is growing everyday!In the beginning of all biz opps it's a lot of work but as it is with anything you do in life once you learn it. Your growth really go's beyond what you ever dreamed.I have had the opportunity to meet some very great people along the way. I am glad to see some positivity in here among most. Some people we can never change their minds no matter what our company is doing. That's the beauty of our business we don't have to convince them. It's wasted time, I do enjoy dropping in to see what is new in here.And look forward to see new Ambit growth!

    Have a great day!!

  221. TUSTOOL

    Question I'm still baffled how you guys feel that you went into business and that you are doing all this hard work. You need to talk to people that started a business from the ground up. Took the risk set up a business plan borrowed the money found packers and etc. It's so funny listening to you guys. I wish you guys luck. Read and see who owns this web site.

  222. Jimmy Mac

    Notice how the people on this forum (both Ambit & Ignite advocates) lump together to tell everyone they are legit. Not one is telling the other we can beat your deal. The common goal seems to be to tell new folks out there that they are legit. Seems to me competition is what business is all about. There is a reason these folks are on a mission to make people think they are legit. The reason is they are not really selling electricity. They are selling a sucker game that depends on recruitment of new suckers to survive. When the flow of suckers stops so does the game and the people who get in last get the shaft. The people who got in first have most likely moved on to a new sucker game. So it goes…..

  223. ambitnotascam

    tustool, it is easy. Most people make it hard. It is a lot of work to build though. To say otherwise, means you haven't worked it.

    Jimmy Mac, we are selling electricity and natural gas. MORON. The flow will only stop if we were somehow to saturate the market, which will never happen. If it did, then we still have many more years ahead of us to get very rich. More people turn 18 in the U.S. every year then there are network marketers worldwide. The sucker, is the guy who doesn't do anything in this business or dismisses it as a "pyramid scheme." If you call it a pyramid, you have never truly heard of one and how it works.

  224. TUSTOOL

    Start a real business once. I have and it was very profitable. I worked hard long days and I had to handle employees and deal with customers in person. Basically the reps are salesman of ambit with no benefits and are paid spiffs and commission. This way Ambit does not have a large sales force. Oh by the way my new business is selling and installing solar panel systems for residential use. Starting June ill be adding residential windmills.

  225. BeenThereDoneThat

    Gather all the 'customers' you want. In a real buiness, you're not paid until your 'customers' actually purchase something! But, since no one in there right mind would build a company or let alone join one and not get paid, Ambit concocted a compensation plan that shuffles funds to the upline soley on the preceived notion that if and when gas is available, the customers have 'promised' to buy?!? People are being paid for promises now? That alone is why serious networkers have or should turn their backs, run for the door with thier hands on their wallets. Find a company that has mulitple product lines to offer, all in multi-billion dollar markets and you'll have a greater chance of long term success.

    The debate lives on.

  226. I'm curious "Been there and done that," how do you mean that the customers are promising to buy something?

    I have Ambit customers who are getting their electric and gas from Ambit as I am too.

    I'm not promising to use Ambit as my energy supplier, I have Ambit as my energy supplier as do my customers.

    I don't personally like to get into the argument because some people only believe what they want to believe and its not worth the trouble to me, but the fact is I am giving my customers the opportunity to switch from Con Edison and lower their energy bills.

    By the way, just from electricity my bill was $20 lower than when I used Con Ed.

    I don't see why that should be a problem for anyone!

    Take care,


  227. BeenThereDoneThat

    As of now, people in your company, in Illinois, are being paid commissions just for signing people up as distributors. No one in Illinois is using your gas. That means no product or service is being sold to an end consumer, yet reps are still being paid. There are other companies out there that pay what they call a 'Fast Start' bonus when someone enrolls in a commpany, however, they are being compensated on the sale of a product or a kit of products. Whether it's sold to a new distributor or to a customer, product it being sold. Your company is just exchanging money for sponsoring because future customers 'promise' to buy the gas if and when Illinois ever says they can. I'm not going to argue the legality. I just don't believe it is an ethical propositon. To pay a commission just for sponsoring comes across like a chain letter. Sending your money to the person at the top for not selling/getting/doing anything and that's what is happening every day. No product or service of any kind is being sold to an end consumer to cause a commission check to be generated.

    Another disadvantage I see to the program is that you are undercutting the competition. You're selling either electricity or natural gas (the same stuff we're all getting now) but at a CHEAPER price. Herein lies the problem. Your gas and electricity isn't of any higher quality than the gas and electricity the public is currently getting. You're gas isn't going to burn any cleaner or boil water any faster and your electricity isn't going to make our homes any warmer. Its the same, just cheaper.

    Now, there are a lot of home-based companies out there selling a lot of different kinds of products that you could perhaps buy cheaper in stores. However, products from these companies are usually of a much higher quality and therfore command a HIGHER price, and, in most cases, is usually unique to that company alone. Higher quality and the fact that they can't get it anywhere else keeps the customers coming back month after month to those companies. Higher prices (not lower) generate higher profits for the company and higher commission checks for the distributors in the field.

    I'm glad you saved the $20. However, that means there is now just that much less money on the electric bill to be compensated on, doesn't it? On top of that, once you have your customer on board using your utility, what else do you have to sell to them? I believe the answer would be, nothing. Unfortunately, your 'customer' is going to purchase everything else they use on a daily basis online from someone else. This means you have to go get more customers intead of increasing your customer share. It makes far more sense to manage 10 to 15 customers who buy their health & nutritional products, (multi-billion dollar industry) cosmetics (multi-billion dollar industry), home and/or cell phone service (trillion dollar industry), pet products ($44 billion was spent on pets in the U.S. last year alone) anti-aging and nutriceuticals, etc., things they purchase every month, plus get a piece of the action every time they shop online at websites like Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl's, Nordstroms, Seare's or any of the other 2500 partner stores such as these.

    Imagine the stagging amount of income from all of that. By leveraging more than just one or two products, you stand a far better chance of creating a long term, highly profitable and a stable, residual income for life. I wish you well.

    The debate lives on.

  228. Hi BeenThere, Sorry, you a little misinformed. No one here is making a commission without signing up customers. Plus the customers are all veriefied to be legitimate customers. All the bonuses are based on adding customers.

    You also stated once they subscribe, what else are you going to sell them? They are using the electricity each and every month, I don't have to go back to them each month for another purchase.

    I've been trying this for quite a few years and this is the best, fastest growing and actually paying program I've been involved with.


  229. Hi again "been there and done that",

    I really didn't want to get into the debate so much but some of your statements need a rebuttal.

    First of all, you talk about the companies that sell higher priced items and are of better quality. You have to know that is completely untrue. Come on, some of the generic products you buy in your grocery store have the exact same ingredients as the higher priced items with a brand name. You can purchase drinks with acai berries and pomegranate anywhere as well as some of the best moisturizers/wrinkle creams, vitamins etc, at Target prices.

    The other point you made I have to dispute as well. You said Ambit is undercutting the competition's prices. Isn't that the whole point of deregulation? That is why ATT is probably not your phone company anymore. Deregulation has occurred because the federal government is giving opportunity to "capitalists" to encourage free enterprise.

    I believe that is what our country is based on.

    The debate lives on???

    Take care,


  230. ambitnotascam

    tu TOOL, I own several companies. Ambit is just the one I want to keep for the long haul, because once you build it strong you don't have to worry about outside factors. Ambit give us an opportunity to create our own little energy company franchise. I don't worry about the market or any other outside forces with Ambit, you have to pay that bill anyway. My businesses, however, do worry about it. I own a construction, real estate, and mortgage company. I also own a percentage of a hotel and restaurant/lounge. The only businesses doing well are the hotel and restaurant/lounge. The others are down because of the market. I will probably be closing the real estate and mortgage company, too much headache and the banks don't want to close anything. You shouldn't make ASSumptions about people, I probably do better then you in business. With or without the companies doing poorly.

  231. BeenThereDoneThat

    Laura, as for the quality of the products carried by the companies in question, some of those companies have been in business for some 20 to 40 years longer than those places with Target prices. Therefore, their products must be of better quality or nobody would have been buying them for all those years and those companies would have gone out of business years ago. That takes care of the 'untrue' statement. The 'generic' products you mentioned are just that…generic…as is your gas and electricity. Nothing special about either of them, just a little cheaper price. You are correct; AT&T isn't my long distance carrier. As with all utilities, changes will come along a dictate a paradym shift just as cell phones took away the long distance companies, and now VOIP is cutting into the cell phone profits, something else will come along and change the way people get the same gas and electric service they were getting anyway. Whether Con Ed does something extreme or Ignite or other companies come along, it will affect your buiness. Its inevitable since neither are unique item, and you only have one or two products to offer depending on where you live.

    As for Michael's comments, it doesn't sound like you're in Illinois, because if you were and you have been paid a commission check, you were paid for nothing more than recruiting. Nobody has bought any gas in Illinois. They have only promised to buy. So what if you got people to sign up as customers. Have they bought anything yet. No. Was a commssion earned? definately not. That is the exact same thing as if you were a car salesman who was paid on Friday because a customer 'promised' to come in a buy a car next month. Verified or not, c'mon, who does that? As for the other comment, okay, you got their electricity. Great. Those same people who now get to save a few bucks on their electric bill each month spend that money and far more than that on a ton of other things that, if you had a business that offered all of those things, you would make far more sales/commissions…and these are things that you don't have to get them to buy every month. They already do, just like utilities.

    Folks, I commend you for attempting to change your lives by thinking outside the box. Most people never will. However, if you're going to invest your time, invest it where you'll make the most money. Its like you have a million dollars in the bank and your settling for a 5% interest return when you could be getting a 60% interest return for that same million dollars. Utility bills are just a drop in the bucket of what people spend every month. Why not get the whole bucket?

    The debate lives on.

  232. powerfromambit


    Your zeal clouds your judgement. The debate is dead. Read all the prior posts.

    The people in IL who are getting commission check is because they are getting customers from Texas and NYC. The Administrative Law Judge in IL has already determined that. Read the findings…it is very clear.

    The opinions live on. You haven't provided a single fact. The debate is dead.

  233. Hi BeenThere,
    Sorry, but you really haven't done your homework here. No, I don't live in Illinois. In fact, there are no Illinois customers yet. All the customers are from Texas and New York. We are only getting paid on the energy use from those customers. The ones that actually use the electricity. I am really sorry that you don't believe our customers are verified. Yes, they all get verified. We have even had customers fail the verification process. (sometimes they forget they are locked into contract with another provider)

    I can tell you, I've "beenthere" with those vitamin companies, seen great products before they hit mainstream. Trying to convince others to take an "non-brand name" product was extremely difficult. If you did get someone to try it, you had to basically hound them every month.

    With this program, I have 25 customers in the short time I've been involved. (probably more than in all the vitamin programs combined)

    Guess what, I don't have to hound them, they will use electricity month after month. Don't you? I will get paid on a one time effort rather than a month after month effort.


  234. BeenThereDoneThat

    Power, my next door neighbor, who hounds me once a week to join because he knows I have a rather large organization with another company, told me just Monday that he has earned $2400 in commission checks from your company. He has no customers in Texas or New York. He only has his verified customers in Illinois who have 'promised' to buy in the future. Can you not see the point here? Nothing is being sold in Illinois yet he is getting paid in Illinois. He is being paid for recruiting people, who get customers who can only 'promise' to buy in the future. Every other company in every kind of business pays its distributors or its employees only AFTER the sales are made. Please explain why your company gets away with this.

    The debate lives on.

  235. Hey BeenThere,
    You had better watch out, I think your neighbor might try and sell you the Brooklyn Bridge next. I bet he always catches the biggest fish too. LOL

  236. goambit


    I think you just enjoy throwing something out, just to try to keep the debate going. As was mentioned more than once already, Ambit consultant only get paid on "pending" and "energized" customers. So even if a customer is "verified", which is not even the case in Illinois due to the fact that Ambit consultants can't even input Illinois customer information in yet, there is no pay out until a customer status reaches "pending" status. It seems that either you are throwing some BS out here about your neighbor, OR your neighbor is pulling your leg about making money with just Illinois, OR, your neighbor is making money with his/her customers in TX, and NY.

  237. Been there,

    You may be right about that because your neighbor is being paid by building his organization. I don't believe he can be paid on customers who sign with Ambit in the Pre-launch for Illinois but I may very well be wrong.

    I just don't understand your argument. What is wrong with pre-building an organization and gathering customers who want to pay less for their energy bills?

    I said before, its all about free enterprise, team building, entrepreneurship, etc and what makes our country great.

    Why do you have a problem with that? I am thankful I heard about Ambit as are my customers and consultants.

    Being angry and negative only comes back to you.


  238. Hi,
    I just went to the customer enrollment site and tried to enter various Illinois zip codes, (that's the first question they ask), it tells you to come back later, your area is not open yet.

    Been There, here's my e-mail. Send me a message and I will send you a sign-up link and you can see for yourself.


  239. powerfromambit

    BeenThereDoneThat…sir, I strongly suggest that rather than venting to this forum about what your neighbor tells you…perhaps sir, you can have him show you the evidence that he was paid for Illinois customers. Facts are facts. You might have been misled. Facts are backed up by more that what people say to us. I know you know that.

    Congrats on your large organization…I trust people at their word also, so I won't ask for proof. 🙂

  240. My best advice to all of you is to wait until this is licensed in your state, or in a state which you actually know some people in. How else do you plan to get your customers?

    I just saw this Ambit Energy meeting here in Chicago at the Hilton. I actually sat outside the door and watched the people file in and out. I didn't go into it because I had already studied the DVD I got from my neighbor. A guy at his work gave it to him.

    I hope the other guy from IL didn’t get roped in by the lady in the grey pants suit. I saw her outside she was looking all over for you. She even asked me frantically if my name was Justin while I smoked a cigarette outside. She looked like a real winner though, she has what it takes; willing to interrupt anyone who has not even made eye contact with her. I always wonder what would have happened if she went in the door to the right instead of her door on the left. The door on the right has a lower cost, more products/services, no name brand substitution, higher bonuses, and a platinum Lexus program. It also meets all the requirements of a good network marketing company as I define below.

    I reviewed Ambit Energy ‘s plan, and it looks decent; provided you would know someone who lives in a serviceable area. Also the leadership bonuses are less then other companies that cost you less to join, but they were ok.

    Please keep the following in mind.

    1. You are dealing with 1 or 2 products that are commodities traded on the open market.

    The price is not stable and can be taxed and re-regulated at any point. Would you invest all your money in only 1 or 2 stocks? Absolutely not. I think we all would agree that median core energy prices are going to rise indefinitely over time. Such increases always kill the retailer, especially in a highly competitive deregulated market.

    2. Ambit Energy is "Brand" substitution.

    They will flex the truth and tell you the people are already buying it anyway, NO they are not. Sure they are buying electricity and natural gas, just from a company they have heard of before and used all their lives. Brand preference is hard to overcome. It can be done via network marketing, in fact it is so powerful it can overcome any brand preference and create loyal customers. If you can't get customers within a 400 mile radius of where you live, I really don't see a whole lot of people getting a ROI.

    3. Ambit Energy Electricity Service in your state, and or area is not guaranteed.

    Even if it does make it to your state you may not even be able to be your own customer. It is the same way for telecom, another “deregulated” utility. Do not trust anyone that sells you on the idea that you will be able to someday sell electricity in your state. Be VERY careful with that part. MLM without customers, and has a buy in cost, and can only pay via recruitment, may be considered an ILLEGAL pyramid. This walks a very very, VERY fine line; especially reading some of the posts here about "pre building", and some of the income promises I see people make to others in this industry.

    Teach this business as getting customers first, and then recruit. Don't promise anyone income from this, don't even use other people as examples. Show the business as "potential" and fully explain any costs involved and you will be just fine from a liability standpoint, and your integrity will be maintained. Don’t push this on people and maybe you will still have some friends.

    So what makes me an authority on this issue you ask yourself as you are reading this?

    Previous experience combined with the fact that I recently reviewed many home businesses (10+) over the last 6 months, and have participated in 4 other network marketing programs. Some were pay for play, some not. The free businesses don't pay very much, if anything at all. Most of them you have to earn at least $50 to get a check cut.

    The pay for play company was "selling brand substitution", which I did make ROI and a tax break.

    So why is pay for play important? The money you pay in goes to the bonuses. The bonuses are triggered when a new rep gets customers. With out these bonuses you will NOT make any money until you have hundreds of people underneath you. It will take forever and your down line will drop like flies. No one will take a free business seriously either. There is no incentive to get customers when you have nothing to loose and very little to gain in the immediate future.

    So now that we have established that pay for play is a necessity the next thing you need to ask is this.

    1. How much money does the company pay out for each new rep?

    2. Does that dollar amount exceed the buy in cost for that new rep?

    3. What is the total percentage of the revenue paid to the reps? Is this a "for profit" MLM? How much is the payroll compared to total revenue? If they will even tell you that information it better be more than 90% out to the Reps. 10% or less would be a low profit margin compared to any business in corporate America. If they won’t tell you RUN!

    What is a good network marketing company?

    A good network marketing company requires and investment, but will return your investment upon gathering 10 customers in a reasonable amount of time, allowing for ROI with zero recruitment if so desired.

    A good network marketing company pays more bonuses than it costs to join using revenue created by legitimate customer products and services.

    A good network marketing company will sell only TIER 1 products and services that people are already using, NO BRAND SUBSTITUTION required.

    A good network marketing company will allow a person the ability to exceed their up line in income.

    A good network marketing company has no required monthly sales volume i.e. 1 case per month auto ship etc.

    A good network marketing company has multiple revenue streams to tap, not just 1 or 2 or 3, but 20+

    A good network marketing company is not sold it is sought.

    A good network marketing company has ZERO Debt.

    I rate the Ambit Energy home business as a 5 out of 10 based on its limited products and lower than average bonuses. Also this is a single sector "energy" company, and like I mentioned before you have all your eggs in one basket, guard them carefully. A 5 out of 10 rating does not mean you can’t make money with Ambit Energy.

    So Ambit Energy is not bad, it’s just not the best. It didn’t pass my test for a good network marketing company, so I went elsewhere. Please don’t take my comments the wrong way, I too had to crawl before I learned walk.


  241. checkingitout

    I want to clear something up for all of the uneducated on this forum. "Pyramid schemes" are illegal only if they are associated with no actual viable product or service and create income for some by requiring new recruits to pay money to get involved. They are then trained to recruit new people to give money to earn income…so on and so on.

    Please stop confusing "pyramid schemes" with a companie's way of choosing to market a product. Let's name a few…Amyway, Mary Kay, Herbalife….these companies have been around for YEARS. I know a woman in Texas who started working in Mary Kay two years ago and now makes $100k per year. There is a place for these marketing strategies and a place for people who choose to participate. It's called creative sales and marketing.

    The problem on this site is that all of the negative comments are coming from people who always believed that they are getting the short end of it. They only look back and think about how bad it is to be a victim. They see others in nice homes, driving nice cars and wonder what they do in life. Look at what is POSSIBLE…stop thinking about all that is bad in life. This is the first step to becoming successful!

    I worked as a salesperson for a large company and made very could money. I was promoted to manager b/c of my production. The first thing I was told was, "Go hire a team". I then got promoted again and was told, "Go hire a bigger team and have them hire teams". I was paid on all production. Hmmm…sound familiar? It's called corporate America.

    People that get into Ambit are big boys and girls. If they see an opportunity, great! Go for it! I don't remember reading where anyone is encouraged to quit a job or spend a fortune to get involved. It's a choice. If you don't see it…good for you…I'll have fries with my shake and you and your kids at the drive thru.

  242. powerfromambit

    Jimmy Mac,
    What percentage of sales of products versus "other services" are valid in your mind for any business to generate profits?

    To be specific, please state:
    Product Sales >= xx%
    Other services will be the remainder

    State this for corporate America where you believe everything is legitimate.

    We'll test your knowledge of "legitimate" business.

  243. Jimmy Mac

    The argument is what it was all along. Recruitment is where the money is. That is why it is a pyramid. Legitimate business does not rely on recruitment of “sales people” to feed the pyramid. Legitimate business relies on sales of products and PROFIT to feed the sales people. It’s been said before but it is so true and worth repeating. YOU WON’T MAKE MINIMUM WAGE IF YOU JUST GET ELECTRIC CUSTOMERS. You have to recruit sales suckers to make money.

  244. powerfromambit

    To ensure clarity, the Product sales you input should represent the percentage of gross revenue.

  245. One other aspect of a pyramid scheme is that "someone lower than you cannot make more money than someone above, the money always rolls up to the top"

    This is another reason why Ambit is clearly not in this catagory. I've already had 2 consultants below me earn more than me.

    Companies like Amway, Shacklee, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay have been around for years, there is no reason why Ambit can't join them in longevity.

  246. Jimmy Mac

    Quote: The first thing I was told was, “Go hire a team”. I then got promoted again and was told, “Go hire a bigger team and have them hire teams”. I was paid on all production. Hmmm…sound familiar? Unquote

    Yes it does… No that’s not corporate America.

  247. When a corporation grows and managers are promoted; they are usually given the task of hiring the new employees that will fulfill the corporations growing needs.

    Take where I work. There are over 100,000 employees. When ever they create a new business unit they promote managers from within and allow them to hire new employees as they please. This is to fill the needs of the NEW business unit. You know the one that didn't exist before. It's called GROWTH.

    Now just like corporations, network marketing companies also have GROWTH, and just like corporations they need more and more people to work for them.

    There is no difference. The only difference is that you can go hire as many people as you want in network marketing, and you can't in corporate america. Not everyone has the skill set or the education to make it on a corporate level.

    Nowhere else can an average person create wealth with a < $300 investment regardless of education level or class.

    It's hard to see when you have tried and failed. There are a lot of average and outright bad companies out there. Boy what a difference a REAL network marketing company makes ! Especially one with more than 2 services or a single product.

    To anyone out there who has tried and failed. Don't give up, try again. Learn from your mistakes and stop chasing people and let them chase you.


  248. Jimmy Mac

    So, what you are telling me Hack that in corporate America, a kid goes out here to get a job that pay $1 an hour BUT before that kid can become employed, he has to pay $100 to become an employee and start selling widgets. That is called GROWTH? I'd call it something else.

  249. Jimmy Mac

    There is a difference between "hiring" a team and selling jobs to a "team"…..

  250. Wow been a while since posted here, just for the record I now have 108 consultants and 226 customers and I started Jan. 18 this year!

    People it is really simple, some people grasp the concept of electricity and natural gas some don't.

    I tried numerous MLM companies 2.5 years ago when I jumped in this industry after an 11 year career in direct sales.

    Tried selling juices, diet products, travel companies and the like.

    Made money in all of them just never could build a down line.

    My problem with juice companies, 2 main stream companies have been proven to be nothing more than grape juice in the last few years, imagine more will follow this year.

    Travel companies, who travels? Most people I know are having a hard time paying for gas let alone traveling.

    Ambit is a great company, and I have not missed a check since I started!

    So for all the people out there with negative comments about Ambit and if you have a better opportunity give me a call and I will move my 108 consultants and 226 customers to your company.



  251. powerfromambit

    Jimmy Mac,
    Still waiting for your answer about how much percentage of total revenue a legitimate company in America can from product sales versus 'other'.

    There are a lot of different businesses and business models in corporate America to think about.

    Thank you in advance for sharing your answer.

  252. Jimmy Mac

    Keep waiting. Just by asking that question, you are confirming your position. You people sell suckers not juice.

  253. powerfromambit

    Absolutely correct…I have a position and if you take the time to read my posts, I back them up with facts and widely accepted business knowledge.

    Why are you afraid to do the same for your position?

    If the best you can do to avoid answering a simple business question is to resort to name calling, this thread is dead.

    But just in case, here is a softball business question for you, if you care to reconsider:

    You said in response to Hack on April 29th: “So, what you are telling me Hack that in corporate America, a kid goes out here to get a job that pay $1 an hour BUT before that kid can become employed, he has to pay $100 to become an employee and start selling widgets. That is called GROWTH? I’d call it something else.”

    Question to you sir – how then do you explain franchising? They pay a fee to start a business. Franchisers recruit people to start a franchise. Franchise owners pay the same fee for each business if they choose to operate multiple franchises. Worse yet, they have to also pay a percentage of their revenue to the franchiser. According to you, that is not a legitimate business either.

    Which is it, and why?

  254. Jimmy Mac

    The law says:

    If the seller makes representations about sales or earnings potential, he or she must disclose both the total number of people participating in the business opportunity for the past three years and the total number of people who have actually achieved the represented sales or earnings within the past three years.

    The burden of proof is upon you not I…..

  255. Jimmy Mac

    Yet more:

    Under the Texas Business Opportunity Act, the seller must provide you with the following information at least 10 days before you sign a contract or turn over any money to the seller:

    The names and addresses of all persons affiliated with the seller in this particular business;
    A copy of a current financial statement of the seller;
    A complete description of the actual services the seller agrees to perform for the purchaser;
    If training is promised, a complete description of the training, length of training, and cost of travel or lodging during the training;
    If services are promised in connection with placement of equipment or products, the full nature of the services and the nature of agreements to be made with the owners or managers of business locations;
    If the seller or his or her representatives have been adjudged bankrupt or have been subject to a judgment in a civil suit involving fraud or embezzlement during the past seven years, he or she must tell you;

  256. Jimmy Mac

    You actually know why franchising is different. You don’t care to admit it. You will say anything to justify your position and dostort any point. Are you Hillary Clinton’s long lost sister?
    As far as name calling is concerned, the pyramid protectors on here have CLEARLY done their share.

  257. Kenny

    We have no problems with the law. So what exactly is your argument Jimmy?

  258. Jimmy Mac

    More law: Pay particular attention to the first sentence.

    For an MLM plan to be legal, you MUST earn more from sales of products than from introducing others to join. Also, the company marketing the plan must have a refund policy that lets you return unused product within one year of purchasing the product. You should be able to get a refund of not less than 90% of what you paid for unused product that is in resalable condition.

    Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, it is illegal to promote a pyramid scheme. Besides being a civil deceptive trade practice, pyramid promotion is a state jail felony punishable by imprisonment in a state jail for up to two years and by a fine of up to $10,000

  259. powerfromambit

    Jimmy Mac.
    As you said "More law: Pay particular attention to the first sentence.

    For an MLM plan to be legal, you MUST earn more from sales of products than from introducing others to join."

    That first sentence is very important. Since you declare that Ambit Energy is illegal, they must be violating this first sentence.

    What percentage of income is Ambit getting from introducing others to join? If I understand your point, it has to be over 50% to trigger this violation.

    If you would be so kind, can you confirm that it is over 50%? You have me really curious on this one.

  260. TUSTOOL

    Its different in each state on how the law is interpeted. The difference is that deregualtion is only somewhat deregulated. The PUC is still in charge. I know in our state that there is alot of large energy companies that are already calling around. So ambit has a head start in a few states you have to remember that there is going to be alot more competition out there. And as soon as these people find out how hard it is to switch companies there will be alot of people moving from company to company. I know there is a law in our states deregulation that a company can have only a certain part of the market.

  261. Gus

    I was going to join Ambit Energy until I found something much easier and less headache. Put it you this way who doesn't love chocolate? Especially the type of chocolate that is good for you and healthy. Go to and you'll see what I'm talking about. Three of these chocolate nugget equal 12 serving of fruit and vegetable combine. Go ahead check it out.

  262. ambitnotascam

    Ambit is approved in Illinois by the ICC. There is no more licensing needed. The ICC voted unanimously today to allow Ambit to do business in Illinois. It will be up on the ICC site tomorrow or Monday. Stayed tuned Ambit reps, for the announcements. I hear training is the 17th at O'hare.

  263. cutthebull

    Bottom line…

    Who gives a sh-t whether it's a scam or not! It's still new! Right now you can't loose. Get in with the notion of it not lasting forever, set aside mattress money, and move on when it's over just like every other business that folds… shut up, and MOVE ON!

    Any uneducated, any disability holding, any criminal history filled, any highschool drop out… can do this… only if they work they're ass off… just like any other business owner! If you wait, or lay down on the job, or get scared of the hard self created schedules you would have to develop… YES! You are doomed from the start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go back to your mediocre jobs…. if you even have one!

  264. Hello All,
    I am not here to go back and forth as to weather MLMS are scams, I am also not with Ambit Energy, I am with a Pharmaceutical Grade, Nutritional Research Company-Its an MLM. Here is my experience. I have a college degree from CUNY, I am also a Microsoft Certified Systems Admin. and a Cisco Professional, I worked in the NY area at a conventional job for over 20 years. I joined my MLM company in March of 2003, its now in business for over 15 years, to date, it has created well over 100 new millionaire families.
    In my first 9 months I was surprised that with virtually no experience, I made 21k part time, in 2004, I made almost 50k, in 2005, I replaced my income (over 100k), 2006 it was almost 143k, I walked off my job, never to have another boss again, I have been home now for almost 2 years, living an incredible life, travelling and being there whenever my family needs me, in addition, I have met the most incredible people and made the best friends ever in this business, my daughter has a major presentation on Monday in North Carolina – Around the world in 80 days, and now with my time and financial freedoms, I can be there at her big presentation.
    In contrast, I have a close friend who is also a professional, he is also in the same MLM as I am, we were born 6 months apart, we knew each other as toddlers, we got into the same business on the same day, we signed apps together, over the same time frame, in the same state and city he made very little, because he kept calling me and emailing me articles from people like the Admin and Sandy about how much MLMS are scams. He also does not believe in personal development which to me is just dumb, because he went to school for 7 years and paid over 200k in school loans and only make 60k/year, his boss is always in Dubai having fun while he runs the office for weeks at a time, making 60k. He did a lot of personal development that is now benefitting his boss, why wouldn't he develop himself now for his own business?
    Secondly, I am an advocate of higher learning, I always promote it, but It always surprises me that folks will be ok with the idea of going to school for years spending well over 100k then sign up for a job that will take all their time and talent and they end up with nothing more than poverty when they retire. Dont believe me? ask all those Grand Mothers at Walmart handing out shopping carts at their age; they should be rocking their grand children or on a cruise or travelling to some exotic location after working all their life.
    There are folks out there who will not look for an opportunity, instead, they will be busy posting all these negative comments on the web, potentially stealing the dreams of thousands or even millions. Notice what most negative folks say, "I know someone who was in MLM" but never, I was in MLM, I gave it my best, I was teachable, I learned and implemented all the skills, I got personal development, I went to all the events, meetings and training calls, webcasts etc. and I failed. You see, MLMs are also a BIG BUSINESS, just ask the gov't. they will tell you that we are responsible for about 60-70% of the economy, its not GM or American Airlines or IBM, they are laying off in the thousands, its home based businesses that make the difference, thats why we can get all these wonderful tax advantages that a conventional business will never have.
    Folks, MLMs are the best! Now there are shady businesses everywhere and I am not an expert on them all, but I can tell you that a good MLM is an amazing thing, do your homework, look at the many different companies out there, look at what they sell and look for something you can become passionate about, because its this passion that is going to drive you when all your broke, cheap and tacky friends try to steal your dreams and dissuade you. When was the last time you took your ailing spouse to a mechanic for a checkup? or your crashed car to your family physician? Why are we listening to folks who are not MLMers telling us about MLMs. Have you ever heard someone saying, "I have a friend who has a friend that is a doctor and he said that the medical field is a scam"? (And it is, when you really look at it) so again why are we listening to these zealots who have never been in an MLM or ever had any success with it?
    MLMs can be very successful, My mentor in the business did not sign me up but I just got close to him and he is now in the Million-Dollar club with my company. He also signed up just 6 months ahead of me. So its not the company, its not the products nor the compensation plan, its us. In virtually the same time, I made a few hundred thousand dollars, he was busy making a million (Yes, 7 figures) We are signed up with the same company, the same compensation plan, in the same field with the same opportunity. What we need more than anything else is personal responsibility, instead of saying scam, scam scam and more scam. We should look at ourselves, acquire the knowledge if we dont have it and help to make the difference in the lives of others. We get paid to make a difference in the lives of others.
    "Find a way to serve the many, because service to many leads to greatness" – Jim Rohn

    Live Well,

  265. New Texan

    I'm happy that I found this web site and thread, as it has made me decide against purchasing my power from Ambit. I first ventured to the Ambit website after following a link from the Texas Electric Choice website. The Ambit plans had some of the lowest prices per kWh, so I decided to read more about the company. When I saw the term "Independent Consultants" on the home page, I immediately became wary, as the use of that term usually signals that a company has a MLM structure.

    Despite that bad feeling, I did an internet search for "Ambit Energy" in the hopes of finding some information on customer satisfaction. I found quite a few references to an Ambit rep named Bob Pearson who created a side business out of charging potential Ambit recruits $5,000-$10,000 to "build" their Ambit business. He has apparently been involved in more than one financial scam and MLM, and in 2007 a news channel in the Dallas/Fort Worth area do a report on a different financial endeavor he was involved in that scammed thousands of dollars from individuals in northern Texas. I was also able to do some reading on some of the primary figures of Ambit, who apparently make quite a bit of money by starting MLM companies.

    I then found this thread and read the ENTIRE thing. I was amused by how so many of the Ambit reps who posted used the opportunity to create new business for themselves. I noticed that the Ambit reps who were boasting of the size of their "businesses" had about half as many reps beneath them in their network as they had actual customers. Why is it that, when searching on the internet for some testimonies of customers that purchase their energy from Ambit, I only find "Consultants" trying to recruit others into their networks? That so much emphasis exists on recruiting new reps, while the selling of energy seems so woefully neglected, indicates to me that the primary job of an Ambit rep is to recruit more reps.

    I have to say, I was still torn between my desire for less expensive energy for my home and my desire not to be harangued by the Ambit rep selling me my energy to join their network. Being a physician, I work about 80 hours per week. That's right…80. As one could imagine, I have too little time outside of the hours I spend at the hospital to waste it telling an overeager Ambit rep for thousandth time that I don't want to join their network or wondering if a glorified pyramid scheme with just enough of a hint of a product exchanging hands to keep it from being explicitly illegal is something to which I want to give any money. But being frugal, I still considered the possibility of paying less money for my energy. However, some of the comments of the Ambit reps on this thread convinced me to purchase my energy from elsewhere.

    One of the last posts on the thread exemplified the attitude that has convinced me to look elsewhere for my energy needs. Here is a post by "cutthebull" on May 7:

    "Bottom line…

    Who gives a sh-t whether it’s a scam or not! It’s still new! Right now you can’t loose. Get in with the notion of it not lasting forever, set aside mattress money, and move on when it’s over just like every other business that folds… shut up, and MOVE ON!

    Any uneducated, any disability holding, any criminal history filled, any highschool drop out… can do this… only if they work they’re ass off… just like any other business owner! If you wait, or lay down on the job, or get scared of the hard self created schedules you would have to develop… YES! You are doomed from the start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go back to your mediocre jobs…. if you even have one!"

    Clearly, this individual cares more about making money than anything else. I guess the lure of Ambit and other MLM companies is the promise of big paychecks to individuals just for talking (which is all recruiting customers and reps really is). There isn't any education or real skill required. The money may be good if you can recruit enough people into your network, but it's empty money. It's money without the fulfillment that comes from knowing you actually did something help another person (no, recruiting a person into your network doesn't qualify as "helping" them, because you're only doing it so that YOU can make money).

    I found the last line of this post simply offensive. Just because a person takes issue with MLM business models doesn't mean she has a mediocre job or is unemployed. I'm sorry if I can't be an Ambit rep…I'm only a DOCTOR. I realize that my desire to steer clear from these get-rich-without-actually-working schemes makes me a fool in your eyes, but do try to understand that I'm a little busy trying to keep someone's sick mother from dying.

    I'm going to purchase my energy elsewhere. It will cost a little more. And yes, Reliant Energy and TXU and the smaller non-MLM companies that have popped up since deregulation are themselves trying to make a profit. But at least with a non-MLM provider I can get customer service without attached strings in the form of an annoying "Consultant" trying to browbeat me into either joining his network or sending him new customer referrals and boasting about how wonderful his "business" is, or being rude to individuals that question the company. The Ambit posse that has participated in this discussion is just not the kind of crew to which I want to give my money.

  266. Update. Ambit is still in business and they have not been shut down even with all the due diligence from this thread.

    I now have 120 consultants and 254 customers and continue to grow everyday.

    I get numerous phone calls from this thread, even from people not in my down line. Also have recruited 6 people from this site.

    For all of you negative people keep posting you are helping my business!!!!

    My offer still stands show me a better MLM company and I will move my 120 consultants and 254 customers to your company.


  267. Jimmy Mac

    Thank You Doctor Tex: I too will buy my energy elsewhere. I was approached about be a rep for Ignite. I offered that I change my electric and I offered him my mother's account as well. He insisted that I go to a meeting with him. Well, I did. I saw the pyramid right off ande was not interested. Amazingly, my friend lost interest in gaining me & my mother as an Electric customer. Surprised?…..I'm not.

  268. Do you all honestly think that Shell Oil( the 3rd largest company in the world) would partner with Ambit Energy if it were a pyramid or a scam????… Educate yourself people!! Ambit is first class….

  269. lamode

    why don't you guys just check out the BBB reports and decide.

    Ignte 147 complaints in 36 months and Ambit with less than 50

  270. I understand that some of the Ambit Reps may not be educated enough to make the right decisions to persue this business properly and with integrity but there are "unscrupulous" folks everywhere, infact, MLMs generate well over 100 Billion dollars/year globally could you imagine what it will be like in the next few years? With that said Dr New Texan these reps are not Ambit the company, they are a bunch of over zealous "kids" who are chasing after the next thing.
    Being frugal is a good thing especially when you can save some money legally- so go for it, find a good Ambit rep who has OTHERS interests at heart and do business with him or her.
    I have a Verizon phone, I went to the mall recently and wanted my numbers transferred from an old unit to a new one.
    I did not even know that Verizon, AT&T, BOA, and all the Billion $ companies out there are also MLMs, by the way, do you use any of the big boys like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Citibank, BOA etc They derive at least 60-75% of their business income from the Network Marketing Model; back to my story, so I went up to Mr Verizon and he decides to charge me $50. Now, I was told by Verizon (the company) that most dealers do not charge and if they did it will be a nominal fee like $10. or so. Key question; Is Verizon a scam or are they thieves? Did I hear a resounding NO? …They are not its just one dealer or franchisee trying to rip me off. Can I honestly say that Verizon is a scam? No its just one person, all I had to do was find another dealer who was willing to do it for free or for the $10. which is what I did, and I was able to get my numbers transferred without much fuss or incident so Dr New Texan, if you like the prices you see, you do not have to join. Just find a rep who has your interests at heart and give him/her the business, they are the ones that deserve it, you will be glad you did.
    This is what you are doing right now, "you are cutting off your nose to spoil your face" you are purposely hurting yourself by paying more just because you do not like what some of the reps are doing. Get over it Doc, spend more time on Patient care and leave the quacking to the MLMers. If not, dont spread propergander, my mom always said, "if you cant say something good about someone remain silent"

    Live Well

  271. Jimmy Mac

    This says it all.
    "I understand that some of the Ambit Reps may not be educated enough to make the right decisions to persue this business properly and with integrity but there are “unscrupulous” folks everywhere"
    The whole demeanor of the MLM is to recruit reps not sell electricity. This thread is not about "buy electrcity from me". It is about "become part of my team". Got any ideas why? I do. Yes, MLM's do just enough to be legal. They toe the line between legality and felony.
    "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".
    So what you are saying is that if someone is doing something you consider unscrupulous, you should just let them go about their business. I don't think that is what dear old Mom meant.

  272. Rick

    The guy who wrote the article obviously was not successful with Ambit or any other MLM business. He probably should stick to a traditional business model and be the employee moving the widgets.
    As in any business it takes hard work to be successful and Ambit is no different. Ambit Energy is a great company with outstanding leaders putting intergrity first.

  273. Jimmy Mac

    "Intergrity" is spelled exactly as it should be because there is NO INTEGRITY in a pyramid.

  274. Thank you New Texan. I was approached by a good friend wanting me to sign up. She was really excited about this Ambit Energy opportunity as they promised her she would make millions and she wanted me to get in before it was too late etc..I told her to test the waters and let me know. She got upset with me when I told her that but that's just the way she is. I told her that it sounded like a pyramid scheme and she insisted they told her it was not because they were actually selling a product. Well she only gets the good money off of signing on new reps. I told her I wanted to be in a business that left me with a feeling of being fullfilled. Like I'm helping someone. I sell Avon and am very happy with that business. I love helping people feel beautiful about themselves and Avon gives back to many different things around the world to help people. That I feel good about. Believe me this is NOT the only business out there that could make you rich. Find what feels good to you and go for it. If I have to sign people up with Ambit and not even know what I'm getting myself into just to make money that's not for me. Why would you want to string others along for the ride? Build your business by allowing consumers to save money on their bills (only) and then tell me how successful you are….

  275. For those of you considering joining Ambit Energy I would like to suggest taking a look at a new electric company re-launching their MLM business in a big way May 31st. The name of the electric provider is Affordable Energy and they sell electric service in Texas and New York.

    You can sell commercial and residential electricity and you make about $4 – $6 a month on personally sponsored electric customers. There are many ways to get paid through Affordable Energy through their MLM pay plan. You can sign up with them at a discounted enrollment fee up until they relaunch on May 31st. Get in early before they take off and truly be in at the ground floor. Sign up Now!

  276. Realitysucks

    Read the ruling of the State of Illinois regarding Ambit's application and approval for permission to sell gas energy. If i read this correctly, and if this ruling becomes a precedent for future State approvals, the marketing model has been significantly altered.

    Also, note guaranteed savings to consumer's annual bill… the math.

    make your own opinions but this is not what Ambit promised to all of its minions.

  277. One Curious Minion

    "Realitysucks" Please provide the documentation including the source and/or the internet link that supports your statement that "the marketing model has been significantly altered" in the State of Illinois. Your reply (or lack of) will be of most interest. Thank you.

  278. Hey Jimmy Mac,
    Stop misusing what I said, If you are going to quote me, please do it in its entirety, I mentioned that there are unscrupulous folks everywhere, they are in Citibank, BOA, The Government, everywhere, does that mean that all these agencies and the government is a scam or felonious? There are also untrained folks everywhere in business, I see it very often in stores and other places of business, I even witnissed it at the IRS recently, so get your act together, currently you are untrained in Home-based MLMs and you are offering "expert" advise on it, this is interesting. Please, I beg you, show me where in the LAW it is a felony to have a legal home-based business. I am not even with Ambit, but I just hate jerks and losers like you who have a close mind, never even looked at the business model and spilling verbal diarrhea all over the web, please stop it! Look at the model, not to join, but for correct information before you make all these false, outlandish comments. I also indicated that anyone can look for a person who has others interests at heart and do business with them; how come you didn't quote that? You are so typical of the American Media, always quoting tidbits out of context and putting it in a negative manner. Why dont you look for another post where you can actually be the expert. Find another thread especially in your field and give valuable advice so that others can be blessed by your knowledge and so you can become a contributing member of society. This will be my last post. I have better things to do with my time than to be constantly answering losers who continually chose to live paycheck to paycheck in the richest country in the world. Everyone wants to come to America because of the opportunity here. When was the last time you saw folks getting on a boat trying to paddle their way to Haiti? The sad thing is that folks like you have opportunity all around you but you are too lazy to even get up and make your life better, late on your promises to you family, you bills are piling up and you cant live the life you are destined to live because of your own narrow thought process. Do you travel to foreign countries? do you read the bible and attend regular church services? do you make regular contributions to charities? do you help others in need every week, month, year? Do you try to make a huge difference in others in your community? Do you look at life from someone else's point of view? can you safely say you are a catalyst for upward positive change, have you looked at the economy today with all the folks losing their jobs and tried to figure out a way to start helping at least some of the folks out there? They too have families who depend on them financially. when was the last time you took the time to help an elderly person prepare a meal, do their dishes, cut their lawn or some other house work in your family or community?
    Think on these things, unless you are making a difference in the lives of others you are wasting your own life.

  279. Me and my brother read this comment above by cojoe1 and thought, man this guy is wasting his life writing this hilarious article. I had a good chuckle reading all that MLM self help bologna.

  280. ambitnotascam

    Realitysucks, you are absolutely wrong. Nothing changed for the people in Illinois, NOTHING. I have been with Ambit since November and they haven't changed anything in Illinois. Like you said, "If I understand this correctly…" You don't, nothing has changed.

    cojoe, I don't have the patience to read above about what you may have said. There should be no unscrupulous behavior going on in Ambit. Some people speak with little knowledge about the subject, but that has to do with the person not following the system. If that is the case he will most likely fail or get the right info and pass on the correct info later when he/she learns it themself. Ambit realizes this problem, that is why they are setting up Ambit University training, which will eventually be a weekly event in every service area, to make sure that everyone has the right information. When someone goes to sign up as a consultant, in the not too distant future, they will be asked to set up a time to go to the training and learn exactly how everything is done. Right now, the trainings are already starting to go on and they are free. In the future they will charge a small fee to go.

    This site is an open forum where many people will stumble on if they are "researching" Ambit. The best info about Ambit is on the corporate websites. All of these forums are for people who don't trust the person that approached them about the opportunity and/or for those people to vent there frustration with the structure. MLM isn't for everyone, but I think Ambit is for more people then any other MLM is. We don't sell anything. All we do is save people money over the incumbant provider and give travel rewards. We aren't like other MLM's in that the consultants don't need to give you a feature/benefit on how our product is better then the other guy's. I don't need to explain why you need natural gas or electricity.

    This business model is simple, get two customers, show others to do the same thing. It isn't EASY. It takes hard work and consistency. If you never quit or give up, then it will work. For some people it is easier then for others. Some people already are very trusted or proven entrepeneurs and it comes easier for them. For others, maybe they aren't as trusted by the people around them. Maybe they don't do well in life compared to the people they know, in that case those people will have it tougher. You don't ask "Why?" it's harder for you or someone else. You just never quit and keep working at it and it will work out for you.

    The problem with people is, people naturally think, "well it's only $400," and they think of the business as an investment. It isn't an investment, it's a business. If you don't work the business, it isn't the company's fault. Trust me, they pay you when they are supposed to. They pay you when you do the simple business structure.

    Everyone who is negative on this forum is going off the info they got from 1 of probably 30,000 reps. Don't let the negative info from 1 rep or opinion be your deciding factor of this business. Especially when it is on a forum where usually all of the negative people congregate.

    I promise that most people who sign up with Ambit, however, sign up because they have a trust level with the person who showed the business and Ambit delivers every single time the person who signs up does what they are supposed to.

  281. Jimmy Mac

    "We don’t sell anything. All we do is save people money"

    If you have no product and sell nothing as you say then YOU ARE an illegal pyramid.
    I agree with you. You don't sell anything. You don't have a product. You are a con game.

  282. wierd

    it does sound wierd…too much of the typical, secrecy about how much people are making and what the product is…too much generalization about the business…the presentation seemed too choreographed as the first speaker read right from the slides without offering specifics (and she was a former teacher)…but what bothered me the most was when some of these upperlevel consultants in attendance started shouting like a baptist church ceremony (just replace hallelujah with "yesses" and "that's right")…then i was finally disturbed to find out that the primary speaker and high consultant was a religious figure in the community as he was referred to "pastor" many times by these other "players"…it almost gave me a "jim jones" eerie feeling…so forget logic or educated analysis or any of the other evidence of appearing to be a pyramid business…i am trusting my "gut feeling" on this one and choosing not to get into this….my advice to others: dont quit your day job

  283. Please, to all of you who always find the negative in everything. All I have to say is if any of you want to see a bill, you can. If any of you want to see how much I have made in a few short weeks, you can. Please, open your minds and hearts. I am a professional that realizes the future as both a Real Estate Investor and a former Ignite associate now with Ambit of how the economy has evolved in a negative way at this point for everyone. If all of this is so bad, why are there other companies coming up? It's for sure, that those of you, who call it other than a business, were not given the full information. Watch the videos. I had my own reasons why I left Ignite. However, I do firmly believe in the business model from past businesses. Face it; everyone uses energy of some sort no matter what kind. All I do is educate first, keep the customer and then I ask if they are interested in becoming a consultant. I will not promote something that people cannot try for themselves first. I do it the other way. I am a Regional Consultant about to become a Senior Consultant. Yes, it has taken me longer than everyone else, but it's only because I do it in my own way and am successful at it.


  284. ambitnotascam

    Jimmy Mac, I assure you we have a product. We don't sell anything in that what we sell is what you already purchase. Do I know to convince you that saving money is a good thing? Say your best friend did this. Do you like your natural gas company more then your best friend? Would it hurt you to be a customer? Absolutely not, therefore we don't sell anything.

    Weird, just because you happened to go to 1 meeting, when over a hundred corporate sponsored meetings are going on a week and you saw a pastor there has nothing to do with anything. The internet presentation is as good as it gets, of course it's choreographed. Everything you really need to know is on it, you think they would wing that? BTW, I did quit my day job and enjoyed watching 60 consultants join my business today, while all I did was take phone calls and hang out with a group of friends, while in my pajamas.

    I hate to break it to chronic negative posters on here like Jimmy Mac and the guy who wrote the article, but Ambit is going to grow and grow and grow and they don't need you to do it. This forum means nothing. Do you guys realize that we are doing exactly what the 2nd fastest growing company in American history did, but with a product that is ten times more expensive and way more of a irreplacable necessity? There will be books written about this company and how it grew. I strongly believe and am almost certain we will reach $1 billion faster then Google did.

  285. ambitnotascam

    funny thing about "weird's" last statement. "Don't quit you day job." Keep doing your day job, I will do my "whenever I want job" and am absolutely certain that I will make more money then you, if not now, then not too far from now. Because every month forever my check is going to go up like the company's value.

  286. It is apparent that everyone who is negative against companies like Ambit and or Ignite, has a bad taste about mlm. Mlm's work if you follow the business model and program from the moment you start. 96% of the people who fail in mlm's say it doesn't work. The other 4% say what really happened which is either they did not do anything after they go into it or they did not do what they were supposed to do. To which I agree more with the first part of this last sentence. Also remember, I'm pretty sure when whoever walked in to the open meeting already thinking the opposite and negative of the purpose of it, has already 2 strikes against them. If the person is a negative about anything, then I don't want them to even be part of what I am a part of. Everyone always asks what I do to have what I have. So I show them. After my start up cost was met, I donated my next 2 checks. One was to local children's center and the other to a church that had helped me once when I was down at one time in my life. Many of you will not experience what I have. Being completely broke one moment and after I have worked hard, I now can help the less fortunate in some way. Yes, I still work my day job and I intend to even if I'm making more doing Ambit, however, there is a funny acronym about JOB. J.O.B. is nothing more than Just Over Broke.

  287. A very intelligent person once said, "If you continue doing the same things over and over expecting different results, you are defined as insane." So to all of you who always find the worst in everything, where the glass is half empty and where your day is always raining. Please go right on doing what you have been doing. For those of you who have thought about changing your life and the way things are, please by all means do something to change it no matter what vehicle you use. I hope that is Ambit Energy, but do something to change your life. My website is

    Also people who say Ambit has no product have no idea how deregulation works nor do they understand how other industries that have deregulated work either. Their loss our gain.

  288. TUSTOOL

    I still don't fully understand why anyone puts some of these posts on here if you don't like ambit it isn't your problem and the same with the people with ambit. I know my fuel oil company which sells Exxon products just send out info on purchasing electric from exxonmobil

  289. WOO HOO!! Ambit's going LIVE in Illinois in 9 hours!

    If you aren't already in, whatcha waiting for???

    I look around and see so much frustration in people these days. We're getting raped at the gas pumps, people are losing their homes, the economy is in the toilet and here we have this amazing opportunity to grab hold of and share with others.

    My fellow Americans…. $4.19 for a gallon of gas is a bad thing. Ambit is a good thing. Until the gas stations offer us free trips for being customers…

    I own a successful nightclub, I wasn't looking for any other opportunities but it's impossible to deny the potential that hits you over the head like a ton of bricks when you dare to check it out.

    Ambit's hitting IL like a supersonic freight train, you can either get on it, stay off it, but whatever you do, don't stand on the tracks.

    Everyone wants peace of mind and everyone deserves it. Ambit offers it.

    (if you ask I'll give it to you 🙂

  290. I love all the negativity on this site! All the naysayers can keep spewing your negative comments and I will continue to grow my Ambit business.

    Since IL officially opened I am at 145 consultants and 335 customers and growing everyday!!!

    I started Jan. 18 this year. Most of the people that post here could not build a sand castle on a beach let alone try to build a business.

    Will keep everyone posted on my success with Ambit and as always I will post my phone number for those of you who want to try to convert me to a juice company.



  291. Dark Shadow

    One day, when someone just comes up out of nowhere and punches you in the nose, don't say to yourself… "Why did that happen to me?"

  292. Really?

    Well I only had to do a little researc hto find out that this is a scam. I went to a presentation this past weekend and tha is all that it took for me to make up my mind not to join. From the beginning it seemed fake, with some "pastors" cheering and some other professionals who are close to "retiring" thanks to ambit, yelling "yes" and other stuff it all seemed like I was in a infomercial. Yes there is plenty of money involved in this but it is placed strategically so that you as a new member will not get any. Also, some of the mebers that founded this company are of "shady" character. I have been doing well thus far and feel happy that I did not drag eight family mebers into this scam and saved them some money, we will continue to make our money the old fashion way working!!!. Furthermore, I put some of the regional reps on the spot and asked exactly how much money are the making, now that suppossedly they have more that 400 customers or consultans, and they did not want to tell me other that "the money will come" keep waiting chief and while you are at it don't quit your day job. My advise to everyone trying to join is to first do a little research and on the people involved and the kind of business, look at it in the long run and honestly, do you think that the company is going to make everyone rich? not likely and odds are you are one of them.

    "Finding a sucker is like finding a treasure chest"

  293. Juan Moreno

    The people who post positive comments about MLM's are merely looking out for their own interests. They are suckers who try to sell the scam on other sucker. To make a negative statement is to cut your nose off to spite your face. Would P. T. Barnum admit that Tom Thumb was only 5 years old and 25 inches tall when he had billed him as 11 yrs old and 23 inches tall? Why should he? He had perfect reason to say "There's a sucker born every minute". That is the one thing P. T. Barnum said in his lifetime that is TOTALLY believable.
    Those on here who tell you they are making lots of money are the P. T. Barnums of the 21st century on a much smaller scale. They are trying to reap their losses. Do yourself a real favor and don't be a victim.

  294. Dark Shadow

    The people who post positive comments about MLM's are merely looking out for their own interests. They are suckers who try to sell the scam on other sucker. To make a negative statement is to cut your nose off to spite your face. Would P. T. Barnum admit that Tom Thumb was only 5 years old and 25 inches tall when he had billed him as 11 yrs old and 23 inches tall? Why should he? He had perfect reason to say "There's a sucker born every minute". That is the one thing P. T. Barnum said in his lifetime that is TOTALLY believable.
    Those on here who tell you they are making lots of money are the P. T. Barnums of the 21st century on a much smaller scale. They are trying to reap their losses. Do yourself a real favor and don't be a victim.

  295. Dark Shadow

    “The easiest rationalization for the refusal to seek the truth is the denial that truth exists.”

    Watch how the positive commentors twist this statement to attack me. Sure as I'm sitting here, they will adopt that statement as their own….