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Amigo Energy Houston

h2>Amigo Energy Houston Electric Rates

The thing that is not yet built into the rate is a milder winter than what the weather men predict. If weather surprises the weather guys then you can expect for electric rates to come down in the winter. I am not saying that rates will come down but don’t be completely shocked if they do. We did have a mild summer, so how about a mild winter. No one can accurately guess the weather 100% but if we could it sure would help people know when to lock in their energy rate.

Below are Decembers 2007 Electric Rates for Amigo Energy

We at one time posted Amigo’s rates back i Dec 2007 here but these have been removed because it was prudent to do so simply because providers don’t like their historical electricity rates being bandied about for some reason.

I believe the answer to why they don’t like this may have something to do with competitive intelligence by other providers and perhaps disgruntled customers that have a bone to pick from the past.

Whatever the reason might be this keeps the provider happy, me the blogger legally on the right side of the law, and unfortunately for the consumer you might be wishing you had this old historical data to look at but in reality the database it was housed on was shutdown long ago and I no longer have this information on Amigo even if I wanted to share it with you.

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  1. robert King

    My name is robert King I just signed up for your electric service but your co. have not taken my billing address only the address of where the ele. is to go.

    My address is
    Robert c. King
    1056 East Port Dr.
    Port Mansfield TX. 78598

    Mailing address.

    Robert C. King
    P.O. Box 292
    Port Mansfield TX. 78598

    PLEASE INTER this in your billing division.

    R. KIng

  2. Richard Barski

    would like service starting
    July 1, 2008

    855 Augusta Drive #C-49
    Houston, Texas 77057

    please call: to confirm "asap" today is:
    June 25, 2008
    office: 281-249-7523
    cell: 713-823-5888

  3. Lumpy

    Amigo are thieves. I didn't realize my fixed plan had ended not having received any notice, and boy did Amigo pork my hind legs. THe went from 16 to 20 to 24 cents per KWh this July '08. PUC, local political figures, and tv stations have failed me so far. Apparently they don't have a problem so long as it doesn't happen to them. Oh a side note is that Reliant was supposed to pick me up in a month which I was now told wil be 8 weeks, hence the prolonged porking by Amigo. Ain't it great to be a consumer without protection from thieves like Amigo & Reliant.

  4. Disgusted

    I agree that Amigo Energy are thieves, but that are supported by the Public Utility Commission. They don't regulate them and don't care what they charge or if they notify us of changes. It is legal to rape the public. There is no compassion or concern, just greed. Who cares if we eat. My situation was worse. I went from 10 to 24 cents per KWh in July, without notification. The bill now is $1,2++ and August isn't over. So a bill that was under $200, just came to my door for $1,2++. The bad part about it, my air conditioner was out the 3 weeks they came up with this crazy amount. Talking to them does no good. It is legal to be a theif. It doesn't feel like I'm in America!

  5. racharlesuz

    Ditto for Stream energy, ie; "porking" and "rape". BEWARE!!! STREAM ENRGY HAS A $399.00 EARLY TERMINATION FEE, to boot!


    Stay away from them. NO notice of ending contract- Oh, wait. They instituted a notice system AFTER their RAPE bills in JULY 08. Live and learn.

  6. C

    Chock up the same for GEXA. They porked us for 21 cents per kWh and were on renewable energy. I guess wind generated power gets a lot more expensive in the summer months as well. Yeah, that makes sense.

  7. Sandra

    I am not happy with Amigo either. At least 3 times in the past year I have NOT been sent a bill before the due date. By the time I realize I hadn't paid it, I received a DISCONNECT and HUGE LATE FEE. Is there no honesty these days?

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