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Ambit Energy Company Profile

Ambit Energy has a low deposit requirement for those with less then perfect credit but if you are looking for the Texas electricity company with the best option for completely avoiding a deposit or atleast a low deposit for Texas electricity service then hands down we recommend Ambit as well. If you have a smart meter Ambit can likely get you on a prepaid no deposit plan. Learn more by clicking here

Ambit Energy is an alternative marketer of electricity in Texas primarily selling electricity through an independent distributor network of people. Their viral marketing technique utilizes a multi-level marketing strategy which spreads by word of mouth through family and friends and weekly meetings generally held in hotel conference rooms and independent representative’s homes. Deregulation in Texas allows energy customers to purchase their electricity through multiple providers. In the past there was only one electric company and absolutely no choice to choose an alternate electric provider. Ambit Energy consultants are compensated on a referral basis as they sign up new company sales recruiters and electric customers.

Many people are attracted to the multi-level marketing approach of a work from home business like Ambit Energy. Although we are not an advocator of MLM type of businesses we do believe Ambit Energy is a good Texas electricity company and offers cheap and diverse fixed electric rate plans, green energy plans, and variable short term rates. We think Ambit Energy’s affiliate program is a better fit for many people who would like to make extra money selling Ambit but are not into the MLM business model.

Compensation Plan: MLM Referral Commission

Owners and/or Executives
Jere W. Thompson, Jr., CEO
Chris Chambless, Chief Marketing Officer
Jim Timmer, CFO

Jere W Thompson / Co-Founder and CEO
Chris Chambless / Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Jim Timmer / CFO
John Burke / Chief Information Officer
Jim McFelea / Senior VP of Operations

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admin Donny started back in 2007 from his parents basement and has since married his wife Melody and had three sons, John Adam (7) and Noah (4) and our new 20 month old son. He enjoys tech related things, softball, kickboxing, going to the gym, excursions and activities together with his wife Melody. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. Would you take the time today to try our service and see how you like it. Thank you! and God Bless You!

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  1. Eric Hobbs

    Hello, my name is Eric. I am curious about your sales and how you get new customers. I am a

    Team Leader of a sales crew who markets TXU Energy. For a couple of reasons I want to work

    for another REP. I have worked door to door in all conditions. (rain, snow, etc…) I have written

    up to 50 deals in a week-(6 day). Not only am I one of the best, but I can also duplicate sales

    reps into an effective marketing team. Would you please respond with some basic information

    regarding how you operate:
    -$ amount per deal signed (pay structure)
    -Is income residual?
    -pay per wk.?

    I have plenty of experience and would be an asset to your sales in Houston, Tx. I am also willing

    to travel.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Ambit is a joke. They copied what Ignite was doing and now trying to be like ignite. Not happenning!!!Sorry!

  3. If anyone has been approached about either Ambit Energy or Ignite I would like to suggest an alternative to them both. A new Texas electric company has just started a new MLM opportunity called "Affordable Energy". They are selling electricity in New York and Texas and will be launching an energy efficiency product called Permafrost in all 50 states (allowing them in early with a sales force until approved to also sell electricity). They will be moving in quick in all states and are set to take over what Ignite and Ambit did to pave the way. The pay very well on personally sponsored electric customers (around $4 – $6 a month per customer) and have an exclusive to be the sole company selling the Permafrost air conditioner efficiency product. There are many ways to get paid with Affordable Energy. Lock in your position early at a discount sign up price. They are set to relaunch the company in a big way May 31st 2008. Get in as a founder. Sign up Today!

  4. rcasanova

    Going with Ambit was the worst mistake I ever made! I was lured with cheap rates of 10 cents and I didnt hestitate, especially since I reside in one of the hottest areas of Texas. My rate is now at 16 cents after only 3 months, its a robbery.

  5. ambit 27


  6. AMBIT 27


  7. susanmclaren

    I have been with Ambit Energy since December of 2007. I have never been happier. I locked in at 11.49 for a year. My savings each month are almost $150.00. Also, just for signing up, I got a 2 night/3 day stay @ a 3 star hotel. As a Ambit customer I can refer 5 friends or family and get a free cruise for two. So, if people are stupid enough to sign up month to month with a varible rate, they should not blame the electric providers!

  8. smoothsaxman

    I agree with Susan. I signed up BOTH of our houses with ambit last May of 2007, and enjoyed only paying 12.99 for a year. Glad I did that instead of paying 5-600@month in summer per house! Will stay with Ambit as I can get the best cost of anyone else I have seen. And Ambit IS NOT A PYRAMID!!! Those are illegal! MLM is much different than a pyramid. Amway used to run off a pyramid structure. Don't know and don't care if they still do.
    But, if you want to spend extra money for your electric, then go ahead and sign up with someone else. If you want to save money on your electric, then take a serious look at Ambit. They will have the lower prices you can find anywhere in this higher-priced market. Savings may not be as great as they were last year, or the year before that, but you can still save moneywith Ambit. Check it out!

  9. d.a.n

    AMBIT sucks.

    I just dumped AMBIT after they gouged me for $423.17 for only 2176 KWH (at a whopping 18.8 cents per KWH). They are doing something very wrong if they have to charge rates much higher than other companies.

    I switched to Champion for 13.2 (12-month) plan, and recommend other dump AMBIT.

    Here's a history of my electricity.
    I shop around, and when one company gouges, I immediately dump them:

  10. Di2

    We have been a customer with Ambit Energy for a few months now. I did my research before we signed up and I was very impressed:) I love saving money and I am! Like, if I see a gas station selling gas for $3.69 a gallon and next door another gas station is selling gas for $3.64, you bet I'm filling up at the gas station for $3.64, am I right?! As a customer, I like the fact that this company is part of the better business bureau, Shell Energy partnered up with this company, they are licensed to guarantee me savings or else they would lose their license from the state. Also, since we believe in "Being Green" these days, they also offer Green-ecertified plans to reduce the environmental impact of the energy we use. I think if my kids future in the world they will live in. I love the free hotel stay thanks to Ambit Energy, we're planning our next trip to Hawaii! I signed up 5 of my family members already so that I can go on a free cruise with my hubby! I do this with my credit cards, build up points:) It's your choice if you want to save money or not. It's America and a great country we live in, freedom of choice and big dreams shows great results! Look at those other counties, who sell oil to us. They make money out of us! I say keep our money in the USA! So people be smart, do your research about the company and know the facts. These days a lot of ppl put blame on companies that they have no control over the customer's action/decisions. If they pay month to month or miss a payment, then it's not the companies fault, it's your fault. Pay your bills on time people!

  11. nmg1414

    Ambit Energy Sucks! This is the most ghetto energy company ever! IT TAKES 45 MIN. TO TALK TO A REP! I had a locked rate of 10 cents a kWh but because they didn't receive my payment until 15 days after I sent it(via Hou.-Dallas,WOW!)they put in a disconnect notice and put me on a 6 month probation period to 20 cent a kWh. doubling my bill to $500 plus the disconnect charges,the reconnect charges & a $125.00 deposit totaling the bill to $742.99(leaves me broke!) all for something that wasn't my fault and they refused to use the post date of the payment they only use the date they received it(smells like a scam). But since I'm on a 1yr. term I can't go to a more reliable/cheaper energy company like TXU for 16.4 cents or Ambit will charge me a $200 disconnect fee. So I'm screwed out of my money because of Ambits failure to use the post date of payment and receiving it at their leisure, what a load of crap it only takes 3 days for me to receive an ambit invoice from Dallas to Hou. They most likely had it on time and didn't post it for whatever reason(sounds like I got scammed)so I could be pushed up to 20 cents a kWh for the hot summer months of East Texas! I hope everyone takes this into consideration and thinks twice before signing up for Ambit energy, because you'll get screwed just like I did. AMBIT ENERGY SCAMMED ME!!!

  12. nmg1414


  13. avmack

    its obvious that the negative comments about ambit are posted by the competition..ambit guarantees in writing not to go higher than your prior utility company within 1% so the post about ambit gouging are so not true.the utility company still earns on the delivery og energy so its a great deal for them too..they dont have to build more nuclear reactors and can concentrate on updating the underground and overhead ny that is a 50 billion dollar undertaking so ambit will work here.

  14. Tom Terrific

    I assure you I don't work for the competition. I WILL tell you that I WILL NOT have anything to do with any company that structures their sales like a pyramid game. Wake up! Pyramids are rip off scams.

  15. ____________________
    avmack wrote: avmack said,in August 24th, 2008 at 3:55 pm its obvious that the negative comments about ambit are posted by the competition..ambit guarantees in writing not to go higher than your prior utility company within 1% so the post about ambit gouging are so not true.
    FALSE. You don't know what you are talking about. AMBIT gouged me for 18.8 cents per KWH, when several companies charge less. My previous electricity company was charging less than a 1% difference. I quickly changed to Champion Energy for 13.2 cents per KWH.

    Tom Terrific wrote: assure you I don’t work for the competition. I WILL tell you that I WILL NOT have anything to do with any company that structures their sales like a pyramid game. Wake up! Pyramids are rip off scams.
    Tom Terrific, Thank you. That is wise advice. Those pyramid schemes simply drive up prices for all of their unnecessary middlemen.

    AMBIT sucks. While they were gouging people by jumping rates from 14 cents to 18.8 cents per KWH, many other companies are charging far less than 18.8 cents per KWH. Even TXU was charging 15.2 cents per KWH. Almost everyone was charing less than AMBIT. AMBIT is doing something very wrong if it has to charge so much more than other electricity providers.

    Here's my electricity for the past several years:

  16. Dont forget the free travel Ambit promises you when you sign up for the electric or gas..
    What a farce..I though the voucher would show up instantly out of thin air…The travel voucher showed up 6 days after I signed up for Ambit service. The balls on them Ambit people giving away free travel like that when noone else in the industry does. Shame on them for being part of the BBB when noone else is.
    Shame on them for having Shell Oil.. the nations number one producer of natural gas get them their energy. Shame on Ambit for being so damn good. Im used to being jerked around. How dare them do it right!and the free travel rewards. Dont get me started!

    God gave us all the right to choose.
    and anyone who reads this and thinks its gospell about Ambit being bad.. I would just call my local Govt and see if anything is filed against them… And this Blog .. well get real .. its the internet. This stuff is fake.
    But the travel voucher from Ambit is not! I got mine and used it already. Ahhh can we say vacation!

  17. SavoryDave

    It's difficult to tell who's lying, but throwing around 8th grade words never made the case stronger in the long run. Grow up – state your case – and move on. Nothing to see here folks . . .

  18. Patricia

    I have been trying to reach ambit energy at (877)282 6348 without any luck. Can anyone tell me what number I can call to actually speak with a real individual?? I am beginning to wonder about renewing my contract with them when they don't eve have a good phone number??

  19. KDH

    I have not been able to get anyone on the phone with Ambit. This company is crap. Yes, they price gouge. I'm paying 18.8/kwh, whenever just 2 months ago it was 14.4. Tell me how that is NOT price gouging?
    Anyhow, I have tried over and over calling these people and end up sitting on hold for 30 minutes after going through the automated system. WTH is up with that?

    • jason troutman

      That is not true call me at 9409234728 I am a Paramedic and I also sell Ambit I can help you

  20. Dr. Weblog

    KDH, you need to select a longer term rather than Month to Month to lock in a good rate. I also do not like surprises.

    My electrical consumption is anywhere from 3,500 kilowatts to just a little over 4,000 kilowatts per month. (I'm wondering if I have a bad electrical meter) An electrical bill over $800 per month is just crazy!! I contacted 15 electrical companies and finally found Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy's rate in my area was .095 cents cheaper per kilowatt and it didn’t cost me anything to switch over! BTW, the other 14 electrical companies wanted a $450 to $500 deposit; Ambit Energy DID NOT request a deposit! (Ya my credit was screwed up after losing my career job after 9/11) The best part about switching to Ambit Energy is the referral program they have that can reduce my electrical bill to zero dollars every month!! This is not a pyramid scam. I refer people I know to Ambit Energy and my monthly bill is reduced. This is a lot easier than having to work a second job just to pay my electric bill. Scam or not, I’m receiving the same electricity from Ambit Energy cheaper then what Commerce Energy was sticking it to me with! If anything, I learned not to trust a California company to provide me with Texas power!!

  21. There is a new MLM Energy company offering an opportunity in a similar fashion to Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy although they have made their compensation plan quite a bit more attractive. The company goes by the name of Affordable Energy and is a licensed Retail Electric Provider in Texas and offers patented energy efficiency products in all states and internationally.

    Join our team and enroll as an Independent Sales Associate in Affordable Energy Today!
    Associate #101375

  22. LET

    Patricia, the correct number for Ambit Customer Care is 877-282-6248, not 6348. When you call, be sure to enter your customer number.

    For those that complain about the rates, the month-to-month rate that Ambit charges is consistently in the bottom range of the rates from all other companies. You can check this on Current prices from all companies in this area range from 11.9 to 19.9. Ambit's rate is 12.9. There is no price gouging. Some of the incumbent providers, like FirstChoice were at 27 recently and Ambit was at 13.5 in the same area! Ambit's rates are very competitive and sometimes even the absolute lowest. I have saved a lot of money over what I paid to Reliant Energy last year.

  23. Gray Stroke

    The only legal Pyramid scheme is the Social Security pay out with the full enforcement of the government force…..

    ..all other MLM's are only good for the early entries….all others lose and need all the hard work and effort… make a few bucks….

    …get a skill and market your own skill and start your own business…..unless you're a gifted salesman and have little moral compass as one……

    ..I've been into way too many MLM's I will not say they all suck…..but they do not work for me…..the percentages of successes are not as high as the percentages of frustrated failures….

  24. Pyramids ARE scams

    This is the best entry on this entire site concerning pyramids. I consider this the Holy Grail of pyramids. No one has disputed this entry.

    A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money which requires an endless stream of recruits for success. Recruits (a) give money to recruiters and (b) enlist fresh recruits to give them money.

    A pyramid scheme is called a pyramid scheme because of the shape of a pyramid: a three dimensional triangle. If a pyramid were started by a human being at the top with just 10 people beneath him, and 100 beneath them, and 1000 beneath them, etc., the pyramid would involve everyone on earth in just ten layers of people with one con man on top. The human pyramid would be about 60 feet high and the bottom layer would have more than 4.5 billion people!

    A diagram might help see this:

    Thus, in very short order, 10 recruiting 10 and so on would reach 10 billion, well in excess of the earth’s population. If the entire population of earth were 5 billion and we all got involved in a pyramid scheme, the bottom layer would consist of about 90 percent of the planet, i.e., about 4.5 billion people. Thus, for 500 million people to be WINNERS, 4.5 billion must be LOSERS.

    In a straightforward pyramid scheme, a recruit is asked to give a sum of money, say $100, to a recruiter. The new recruit then enlists, say, 10 more recruits, to give up $100 each. In the simplest example, the recruiter keeps all the money he gets from his recruits. In our example, each recruit gives up $100 in exchange for $900 ($100 from each of his 10 recruits minus the $100 he gave his own recruiter). In order for no one to lose money, the recruiting must go on forever. On a planet with a limited number of people, even if the planet is as large as Earth and has almost 6 billion potential recruits, one runs out of new recruits rather quickly.

  25. Residential Customers of AMBIT and THOSE ILLEGAL PYRAMID SCHEMES!!

    For those of you complaining about your bill going up. Maybe, if you stayed on top of your personal affairs like your utility bill then you would be proactive instead of reactive and defensive about your situation. Don't blame others for not paying your bill on time. The only way that a customer is removed from their low fixed rate is if they default and do not pay until after the diosconnect payment due date. You can pay late every single month and still stay on your plan.

    For those that had a low rate like me or .0999 cents per kwh last March and had the rates steadily start to climb through the summer months it is called a variable rate! This is why I locked in before rates got to 18.8 cents. Hence the term month to month or variable rate plan, meaning your rate is not fixed, it is based on currrent market conditions.

    The reason why this business model works so well for most is because you should have the ability to contact your consultant rather than customer service for help or support. No wait times!!! If you pay your bill on time all the time customer service will pick up quickly. If you pay late you will have a longer wait time. If you have been disconnected for non-payment be prepared to hold for a while. If you want to be treated preferentially then pay your bills and show that you have earned that right.

    Instead of complaining about what variable rate you are on, which by the way was clearly stated on the Facts Label that the variable rate is a promotional rate for the first 30 days and then adjusts to current market conditions, due your due dilligence and find out what other options you have. What I have found is that it is all relative and our fixed rates are extrememly competetive as they have always been.

    If you truly have been unfairly treated and none of what I said applies to you feel free to contact me directly and I will help you regardless of who gets paid.

    As for those complaining about Pyramids, GROW UP and get with the program!!! An illegal pyramid is when a person profits off of someone buying into something when there is no legitimate product or service that changes hands. If you have a job you are a part of a pyramid, the only difference is that you have to punch a time clock and answer to someone other than yourself. If you are a CEO you are at the top of the pyramid, if you are the Board of Directors you are just below that, if you are upper management then you are below that, assistant management below that, employees are even below that. You should get it by now. If you are an employee you are on the 5th level, you better face reality and realize that you are just a number and at the very bottom of the food chain. No matter how hard you work you will not make as much as the CEO. MLM may not be for you because you get paid based on your efforts and those you spend time teaching and training to be productive. It is easy to hide behind a job and collect a check. It is very difficult to become vulnerable and build something from the ground up and risk failing. But I would rather try to achieve something and build something that is based on my efforts, then to be brought down by the mediocre life that the job environment provides. I would rather die trying, than to walk through life as a zombie to only wake up one day frail with regrets.

    If this makes you mad it should!! Grow up and quit making excuses for yourself or continue to be a sheep with the rest of the brain washed herd.

    If you don't like MLM and you nothing about it then don't join up, but go to a meeting every once in a while and get a pick me up. If you live in the daily work world you'll need it as often as you can get it.

  26. Patricia, the correct number for Ambit Customer service is 1-877-282-6248.

    For the record, Ambit's rates are always lower than TXU. The only way they wouldn't be is if you were disconnected and then they do reserve the right to put you on a higher monthly rate, which would be close to what TXU charges. If you were with TXU and got disconnected the same thing would happen.

    Frankly Ambit wants customers who pay their bills on time. The best way to do that is to pay your bill online. Go to You'll need your account number and password. If you've forgotten the password, you can create a new one.

    Ambit is not a scam. They only pay commissions when a customer is acquired. An illegal pyramid is when money changes hands, but no "product" moves. Ambit's product is our service, and that is what triggers all commissions.

    As far as the rates…EVERYBODY'S rate went up starting in April some going above .20/kwh. If you locked in this didn't happen to you. Ambit is always lower than almost all of the other companies. There are a few who may temporarily be cheaper, but they run the risk of going out of business when customers start skipping out on their bills. There were 5 companies just last year that went under because of this.

    Ambit prides itself on being the finest, most respected provider in the nation. We are the youngest company EVER to have partnered with Dutch Royal Shell, the 3rd largest company in the world. We clearly are doing something right. If we were a scam that would never have happened.

  27. Dee

    Can't we all just get along?

    Opportunity knocks in many ways. If you look t ANY corporation now days, yes including the biggest fortune 500 companies, they are all structured exactly like pyramids. You have someone at the top and lots of little people at the bottom making less than the top.

    These companies hire on sales reps which get paied for their efforts using sliding scales) while the brunt of the profits go to the owners and executives.

    Now tell me what is so different from corporate American and MLM? NOTHING!

    What'snice about MLM is that you have opportunity to create MORE MONEY if you work!

    The biggest problem with most people that complain about MLM companies is that they don't work it and expect to make money.

    Personally, if I had enough money to launch a MLM to sell my product, I would. WHat better way to sell. Having people try the product first, believe in it and tell a friend or two about it.

    I am sure that many of you have told a friend about a product that you have bought or a movie that you have seen. SAME CONCEPT. BUT you get paid for doing it.

    I personaly have found that the people who make the most noise are people who are ignorant to the concept of new and innovative business.

    Hang on to your hats as more and more companies go MLM. It just makes sence.

    Go Ambit and several OTHER ELECTRIC companies!!!!

    I rest my case.

  28. kokobi


  29. Hi everyone,

    I can understand how some are angry at Ambit while others like Ambit.
    I guess it depends on several factors. If Ambit is like most start up companies, their customer service is lagging because they never expected such rapid growth over a short period of time.

    Over the past 5 days, I have researched and located several who are
    in Ambit as Consultants. The contact info was not valid for most, none
    that I was able to call because if I found their phone number they would not talk to me about Ambit and the one person I did locate that I was able to talk to on the phone had stopped promoting Ambit due to a lot of work and not much income.

    This is his progress with Ambit:
    Joined Ambit Jan. 18 2008.

    Mar 8, 2008
    57 consultants and 120 customers.

    Note: none of his customers are in Illinois. They are in Texas and New York. Illinois had not opened yet.

    Mar 10, 2008
    Now has 60 consultants and 124 customers

    Apr 29, 2008
    108 consultants and 226 customers

    May 31, 2008
    145 consultants and 335 customers – he said about $600/month

    He was off to a good start as far as I can tell but he said it was a lot more work than Ambit leads you to believe.

    I don't want to judge Ambit but none of those I tried to contact were
    still working the Ambit opportunity after 3 – 6 months of building a decent start.

    I'm not knocking Ambit. I don't know anything about them personally. But I do see a lot more dissatisfied people than happy people when it comes to Ambit.

    I have checked Ambit out. They are legit from a legal standpoint. After looking over both Ambit and Affordable Energy, Affordable Energy is the winner hands down. Ambit may have expanded beyond Texas faster than Ignite or Affordable Energy but both Ignite and Ambit seem to be more of a competition between ex-Excel Top Dogs than a business their Consultants can trust.

    In my search, (I wish I had saved the link) a report from an independent source showed Ambit slipping backwards and losing ground in the Texas energy market. If Ambit is treating customers and apparently Consultants the way that is described on this forum, Ambit
    will need to regroup or get left behind. Also, once Ambit receives a certain number of price gouging complaints, the atty. general will step in and it can get very ugly then and rob all their Consultants of the income it took them months to build.

    I also saw people that had been waiting months for Ambit to switch them. With Affordable Energy, its easy. Just fill out the online application and you are switched. With Ambit, the Consultant needs to
    acquire the application and take care of it.

    I have researched the BIG 3 – Ignite, Ambit and Affordable Energy. Both Ignite and Ambit have too many internal struggles both within each company and between the two companies themselves for me to get involved with either. Their one-ups-manship attitudes toward each other seems to blind their business sense or else the problems mentioned on this forum by both customers and Consultants would be minimal.

    As for Affordable Energy, I have found them to be a standard company with no back stabbing to a competitor company. They do have some issues which is to be expected with any start up company experiencing rapid growth. However, AE is increasing their customer service abilities as they grow.

    I had my finger on my mouse almost ready to click to join Ambit when I heard about how many were unhappy with Ambit. I was interested because I can see how being at the forefront of Ambit (or any energy
    company) when it moves into a new territory is where you want to be.

    Based on my finding, Affordable Energy is poised to surpass both Ignite and Ambit simply because AE is a traditional business focused on building its business and not focused on a competitor's growth or what a competitor is doing.

    In regard to customer and Consultant complaints, I haven't seen but a couple of minor complaints about AE. I haven't seen any complaints from their Consultants. This is not to say there aren't any. I'm only saying that whatever the complaints are, the complaints are not significant enough to make their customers and Consultants angry enough to blast AE on these forums. And if AE was going to get blasted, it would be very apparent which is the case with Ambit.

    As a note to those on the forum and anyone reading this forum thinking about joining one of these three Energy providers, I am interested in Affordable Energy after researching the TOP 3. I
    was needing more information about AE so I called them to ask a few questions. The customer service person I talked to said my questions could be better answered by the President or their Marketing President. I was surprised when I answered my phone and the President of Affordable Energy was on the other end.

    I'm not telling anyone which of the three Top companies to join or not join. I did my research just to satisfy my curiosity because this type of transformation of the energy industry is starting and can't be stopped just as the transformation of the telecommunications industry happened and proceeded forward even with the monopoly the then current telecommunications companies had on the industry.

    Once the Federal Govt. steps in and deregulates an industry, the deregulation moves forward regardless of who is standing in the way.

    Though I am stating for the record that Affordable Energy stands out as a leader compared to Ignite and Ambit, there is money to be made.

    I've been online for a few years and I've made around $800 a month but I've never hit the BIG TIME. The energy deregulation can take anyone that applies their self to it any where they want to go financially in life.

    This is my point.

    I don't need to get involved with the he said-she said argument between any of the Top 3 companies. But I suggest you use it to your advantage.

    Its similar to what Bill Gates did with Microsoft. Bill realized that the Big Dogs Apple and IBM were his competition in the home computer industry. He was smart enough to realize that instead of fighting it out with these two powerhouses, he could let them fight it out and no matter which one was the winner – he wins too!

    So Bill let them fight it out. During this time, Bill focused on designing and creating a computer program that these two giants would need regardless of who won the battle of the home computer industry.
    You see, no matter who makes the computer, the computer does not work without a command program to tell it what to do. Thus Microsoft was created and it worked out better than expected for Bill. Both Apple and IBM took their share of the market creating two income sources for Microsoft and the rest is history.

    This is how you can use the Top 3 to build an income and you win no
    matter what happens.

    Build an income in two of them. Based on my research, Ambit is better than Ingnite but not by much so just take your pick. I suggest you choose Affordable Energy as your main program.

    Start with one and add the second one once you get the first one up and running. For me, I might set a goal of $500/month before I added the second company. This way I can use the income from the first to quickly expand the second energy company unlike the first one where I had to pay for it out of my pocket.

    You can distinguish between which energy provider a person is calling you about by using two different contact phone numbers. This way, you'll know which energy company someone is calling you about by which of your two phone numbers they are calling to reach you.

    As each company expands to other states, just expand with them. Your two phone numbers sort your customers so you know which of the two energy providers they are calling you about.

    The advantage is, regardless of which one of them fail, you still have your income and you now promote just one energy provider. Unless a few months from now a new energy provider appears that is worth your time and effort. Also, by using this method and building an income in two energy companies, it is very possible you will end up with two incomes instead of one.

    I wish anybody good luck with whatever company they decide to join.

    At this time, I haven't joined any energy provider. Ambit is here in New York but I'm not thrilled about them. Affordable Energy is my choice when I do join an energy provider but AE is not in New York yet. When I talked to the President on the phone, I was told AE is in the process of expanding to New York.

    Any one in Affordable energy is welcome to contact me to discuss AE.
    It will also give me a chance to decide who I would like to join under. Support is how incomes are built.

  30. I meant to include this. If you are in Texas, Bounce might be worth a good look.

    May 5, 2008
    Notice: Riverway Power recently canceled their residential electric customers agreements in mid April according to several people who called in and left comments regarding them so we do not recommend using them as their fixed electric rate is subject to change. Our preferred electric providers at this time are Affordable Energy, Startex Energy and Bounce Energy Guaranteed No Deposit. All of these Texas electric companies have accurate billing, good customer service and low rates.

    As a note, many are very happy with Bounce Energy and their no deposit policy.

  31. Isn't the deregulation of energy fun??? Look at what it has stirred up (see all comments above). Welcome to America, where we are proud to have the right to choose. Americans have a choice (repeat that). Whether they are happy about the choice they made or not. This comes from experience. If anyone is or has been treated with a bad experience, hopefully you move on. Again, another experience. If you are happy with the experience, then you will stay with it or experience it again and share this experience with others. We have this right to try something to feel it, to experience it. Some experiences are not so good and at times our experience is more costly then others. Again, a lesson learned.

    In Texas, there is a website that provides a list of energy providers. The site is There you have the ability to key in your zip code and find an abundant list of providers and their rates. Again, another choice. You do the research and make the choice. Just don't complain about the bad choices you made or not thoroughly explain the details that got you there. And in most in what I see above, there lies the problem.

    Have fun. Good luck and success to all. And as my father once told me, "Make good choices, you'll be a happier person".

  32. GC

    explainit: what an excellent research you made; it's so such an accurate depiction of what this business is all about!

    I joined Ambit about two months ago as a consultant. I'm one of the top producers at my current job and none of my skills have worked when it comes to convincing people to join with ambit. $429.99 start up fee is really a stretch and ridiculous – no matter how good of a persuader you are. I hate the fact that this money is used to distribute it to my up lines whom don't give a flip about you. I have signed up some customers who used less than 500 kilowatts in a given billing cycle and they get hit with a fee of $10 when you consume less than 1000 kilowatts per month – what a handsome rip off. I have been contacted by these customers ( which happen to be friends of mine) to cancel service. Not only do they get hit with a $10 fee but as a consultant I also don't get any residual from customers who use less than 500 kilowatts. I left ambit last week and have a big portfolio of prospects to enroll under Affordable Energy. Now I can sell residential and commercial from a local Houston company that will pay me around $4-6 per customer monthly residual as oppose to $.50 from Ambit. What an ideal company Affordable Energy is!!! I met face to face with the founder and he's really looking out for you and me, and not keeping it all for himself. A $99 initial fee is the reasonable amount I was looking for to recruit and grow my organization.

    Please contact me if you have any questions about my face to face meeting with the founder consultant at

  33. onedeep

    To anyone out there looking for an energy provider, PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AMBIT, about 2 months ago we received a bill for almost $600, this was almost double my last bill, so thinking this was wrong i went out and checked my meter and sure enough they had charged us 1200kw more than what we had used. We called customer service to have this fixed. Needless to say i have spent the last month going back and forth with different customer service reps, each one telling me something different, connecting me to supervisors (who dont exist the next time i call in)and notes are never made to the account like they said it would, so each time i call in i have to start over. Now not only is our bill wrong and they have tacked on a late fee (even though they told us not to pay it until our issue was resolved)but our electricity will be turned off in a few days because they still havent heard back from them.

    • Onedeep,

      With any electric provider you should always call your TDSP pole and wires company first and ask them for the recorded meter reading since they are the companies that read your electric meter. In the Dallas area it is Oncor electric delivery, in the Houston area it is Centerpoint. They can email you the exact kwh of usage.

      Since the TDSP is the company that reads the meter they are the ones to call first. The data they send the retail electric provider is then put on your bill. If that data is wrong and the provider put it down on your bill as they received it the blame is on the TDSP company.

      This could be easily resolved by calling your TDSP company and getting the usage data for the meter read dates on the bill you are having an issue with. You can then send this data over to Ambit Energy and end this problem a little quicker.

      I would save all correspondence with Ambit Energy as when and if you file a complaint with the PUCT you will have evidence on what you tried to do to resolve the issue with your retail electric provider before complaining to the PUCT.

      Chances are by sending the data over to Ambit Energy you can get this issue fixed right away. This is only my opinion and what I would do if I was in your situation.

  34. JJFad

    I'm new with Ambit. Selling it in New York and Illinois. Started October 2009. I've already made my $400 back so anything else at this point is profit.
    So now I just need to worry about what I have sold to the people. It seems to me, that a company that leans toward a word of mouth and a referal system to get its customers can only do well if it is keeping most of it's customers happy.
    I'm pretty sure that you will find more complaints than prasie (as with any company). Just look up any popular company with the word complaints and you will find a bunch. Heck FedEx has a 5! failure rate. That's like 100,000 people every day.
    Most people don't bother to post or call when they are happy.
    But again, if Ambit is all lies, how can they build the company enough to stay in buisiness? Being a legitimate company, wouldn't it make more since for them to deliver on their promise when ever they can? (most of the time)
    I believe that some people have had problems, but for them to be a total fraud as a whole, just doesn't quite add up.

  35. Ambit Energy is a great opportunity for people looking save on their energy cost and at the same time help others save on their energy costs. Currently Ambit is the #1 Top earning company as per INC 500 Magazine. Do I need to say any more?

    We just made a major announcement of expanding markets and we are now able to offer the same savings opportunity to small businesses in TX.
    I can go on and on about how great Ambit Energy is. Three thumbs up .. oops sorry I only have two thumbs.

    Email me at or visit my website at for additional info.

  36. This is an interesting comment section. (big smile). It was mentioned that Affordable Energy was going to be bigger than Ignite and Ambit Energy. Well, the facts are in: Ambit Energy has SOARED, and became the fastest growing privately held company in America in 2010. Numerous awards and achievements. Looking for a way to build an income with a solid company: Look at Ambit

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