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Amigo Electric Company

Amigo Energy’s Competitive Electric Rates, Where Did They Go?Amigo Energy Electric Rates

Amigo previously had provided competitive electric rates in the Texas area while targeting the hispanic community as their primary source for new customers. Over the last year Amigo has advertised energy rates that have compared competitively with some of the most competitive retail electric providers in Texas. Amigo Electric Company is headquartered in the Houston Texas area but provides electricity to customers throughout the deregulated cities in Texas.

Research On Their Site

I went out to their site today January 8 2007 and they are offering a 12 month rate at 12.9 in the Dallas area and 13.3 cents kWh in the Houston area. These rates are terrible. The only thing I can think as to why their rates have gone up so much is their success. They have their brand name out there and a lot of word of mouth so they may be signing up customers on brand name recognition only at this point.

Comparing Amigo With Other Electric Companies

A comparable electric rate to Amigo’s energy rate that is much more competitive would be to go through Startex Power if you are in or around the Dallas Texas area and to use Startex Power as well if you are in or around the Houston area. As of January 8 2007 Startex Power offered a 12 month term rate of 11.4 cents a kWh with no monthly customer service charge in the Dallas area and as of Feb 2009 they still offer the most competitive residential electric rate with no monhtly service fee.

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  1. Louis Giusti

    Looking to change elec. provider. Could you please send me electric facts label,terms of service, and customer rights along with plans available in our area code of 77551. Thanks you.

    Louis Giusti
    3115 75th St.

  2. Jennifer

    I swear, I think Amigo is a CROCK. Nobody I know has heard of these people, and I'm currently paying over $220 a month EVERY month for an apartment that is less than 700 square feet and has NO TV, NO w/d, NO stereo and NO computer. UNREAL!!!

  3. 1ballard

    Please give us a call on the rates in the Angleton, Texas area, south of Houston. Please call us at 979-849-2552.

    Sue Harris

  4. Denise

    I was going to be late one month paying Amigo Energy due to my daughter being very ill.
    I ask them give me 3 days more to pay my bill. They turn my service off when they knew my daughter on a breathing machine. I live in apt. my bill with them is 300.00 every month. Something is wrong with this company.

  5. eemmtt

    this company S**KS!!!!!!!!!!!! i asked for them to allow me to pay my bill late and thay said they were still going to turn it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these poeple don't give a #*&#* at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ken

    This companies month to month rate price is based on when you signed up! I just got my May bill and it is much higher then their posted month-to-month rate and also much higher then TXU. I called and asked why and was told that I signed up for the month-to-month November plan. Currently they have the month-to-month May plan which is different then my plan! Basically these guys give you a reasonable rate for a couple of months and then increase the rate above what you would be paying your normal energy company. Don't bother…

  7. William

    We have used Amigo for a little over a year simply because they gave us the lowest rate I have found at .10 per kwh and it was supposed to be a fixed rate, in march it went to .12 without notice and then in april to .14 per kwh and now may its up to .19 per kwh after trying to call them and getting no response. We are going to report them to the PUC because they are required by law to give notice of a rate increase. My sugestiion is to go somewhere else and avoid the problems with this company

  8. William

    After talking with customer service for a week now, if your on a month to month plan, then you have to call them each month to keep your low rate. They make sure not to tell you when you sign up, but it is on your bill in the top right side as a sales pitch of making $25 dollars and to get a fixed rate, so my advice is to choose carefully before signing that contract.

  9. Ecomike

    I just posted this complaint in the PUC online system!

    "After 16 hours and 2 days of phone calls to Center Point, ERCOT, PUC and Green Mountain, and after being miss directed, miss led (in essence lied to), I have finally been told that by Green Mountain and Center Point that it is their policy NOT to switch services on a more timely basis by doing off cycle meter readings. This news, 10 days after I placed my order for a timely switch from my old REP (Amigo energy, who has raised their rates in 2 months by nearly 50%, and is expected to raise their rates again on the next cycle).

    The PUC needs to change their rules to allow faster, more timely, meaning change PUC rules to force the REP and grid operators to do more timely switch overs for customers who request a new REP and an off cycle read so that consumers do not get trapped by exorbident rate changes by old providers while the Grid operator and REP drag their feet for 8 weeks making a switch over. The anti slamming rules in combination the refusal to do off cycle meter reads is doing more harm to consumers, by not allowing some form of validation by consumers to skip the anti slamming waiting period and by not forcing REPs and Grid operators to allow off cycle meter reads for customers who are switching REPs.

    This problem is estimated to be costing me about $200 this month!"

  10. Rachael Ross

    I actually work with an electricity broker – Quantum Gas and Power Services, ltd. and it's crazy to be watching news spread of these sorts. If ANY one needs help – give me a shout via email rross@quantumgas.com and let me help you out! I will NOT lie to my customer, however I will help them. We have over 500 brokered accounts and do not have any unhappy customers and also have a great renewal turn around even during the current market. Our number one goal is to protect any customer against fixed rates that are bound to be broken and the way we do this is how we choose our business partners. For residential, we use Champion. They give us a promo code amd I am able to sign everyone up online with our code and it offers a discount. It is subject to credit approval however, it's worth a shot. Champion Energy is a reputable provider that will NOT harm their customers or break contracts. They are smart about their hedging and forward prices. Choosing the BEST rate is not always the BEST decision because that could mean that a REP is almost going out of business and in the event that that happens your contract will be switched to POLR (power of last resort) rate which is about 21¢. Email me and I will be in contact with you in a matter of minutes.

    Rachael Ross

  11. brendablue

    I also signed up because they had the lowest rate listed when I compared online. I just got a $377 bill for May! It is $100 higher then my neigbor's who have a smaller house and set their thermostat 5 degrees lower then ours! I have emailed Amigo but have heard nothing so far.

  12. william1939

    I'm in total shock! We signed up with Amigo and service started on 11/27/07, at what we thought was a 12 month fixed rate of 11.4 per kwh. No where on the monthly bill did it ever state any information about the contract. Nor were we notified that our contract was apparently for only six months and it was ending. We were not offered a chance to resign up for another fixed rate contract. I'm retired and am still in shock because of the bill I received today from Amigo. Instead of an .114 per kwh rate, it jumped to .2469 per kwh. This increase made our 6/2/08 through 7/1/08 bill come to $791.15 instead of the $364.69 it would have been at .114 per kwh. No grocery buying for us this month!

  13. tinamarie1982

    wow i came on here to look for a friend the rates and seen all these comments i switched from TXU to amigo in feb i live in a townhouse run my air 24/7 at 72 deg my kid is always turnin the closet light on and i find it on 2 hours later lol and i leave my porch light on all night and my electric bill is NEVER over 85 a month and my neighbor that has kids just her and husband and both military so never home and they go thru txu and there bill is never under 200 so i dont know i use the new lighbulbs in everything i have mabey thats why mine is soooo cheap wow this amazes me to read all this goodl uck to u all

  14. Cris

    I signed up with Amigo a year ago with a yearly contract. They automatically charged me an addtional $6.00 a month because I was a low usage customer. When I complained upon receipt of my first billing, they apologize and put me on a month to month contract. Everything seem to go okay until the last two months. My average billings for May has been $65.00 and June $85.00 when I was with Reliant for the past 20 years. I live in a 1050 sq.ft. house alone with themostat set at 80 during the day and 78 at nite. Well, alone comes May's billing at $127.00 at .17cents and June's billing at $167.00 at .2497 cents. Could not beleive it. Could not get through on there on telephone to discuss for an explanation. Currently switching back to Reliant but will get stuck with another outrageous bill before the switch is complete. Paying top dollar to sweat…Highway robbery.

  15. Craig

    Same thing here, I signed up for a one year contract and after it expired my rate went from .116 to .154 to .19 to .249 over a 100% increase in three months, the last month of which I thought I was with Reliant but they were dragging there feet picking up my service so I got to pay the last month at .249, Thank god it didn't go on for another month the rate might have been .30 the only notice I recieved was a larger bill every month.

  16. Kevinwil

    I too have been stung by these crooks, and I fully plan on taking legal action if they do not drop my rate for my most recent statment.

    Here are my rates for the last few months:
    April 3019kwh @ 0.1229
    May 2438kwh @ 0.1549
    June 4268kwh @ 0.1899
    July 4086kwh @ 0.2389

    My bill raised my eyebrows abit last month, but I had three parties @ home, and the doors were open alot. This month has been hot, so that's why it's so high now, but look at the per kwh charge! It has almost doubled in 4 months! There is no excuse for this, it is simple robbery. This is EXACTLY what happened in Califionia when energy was deregulated. Just search for "Enron Tapes" in google and listen to how these charlatans work.

    I'm afraid this is now the second time this happened to me. I switched to Amigo, and have been very happy with them for more than 1.5 years, after getting very similar treatment from Reliant some time back.

    No notices for me either, I'm not going to bend over this time.

    Fight back people, I'm sure their customer support folks are not even answering the phones right now, but we'll see what happens when I call tomorrow. I have now switched providers as well.


  17. coralea hobson

    I intend to fight this outrageous miscarriage of consumer confidence. My electric bill for my 2800 sq foot "energy efficient" home was $762 in June 2008 and $968 for July 2008. I too was suckered in by Amigo's claim that the rate was fixed (not reading the bill's fine print that you had to contact them monthly to request the rate to remain the same.) My first action will be to find another energy provider that gives truth in advertising. My second action will be to call Amigo and tell them that friends don't treat friends the way they have treated their customers. The PUC will hear from me and so will the Attorney General's office. Next I will be consulting the Fair Trade Commission to see if they have violated federal laws. I feel for those who are going without groceries. I don't expect to have any reply from Amigo, but I certainly hope others will protest to the PUC and Attorney General.

  18. Josh

    Is anyone else having trouble getting through to their customer service? I'm a former NPC customer who got switched and luckily I was able to change to a new company, however I still have not received a bill from Amigo for the month I was with them… All this crap is starting to sound VERY shady. First NPC gives them their business and then the rates skyrocket, and now you can't reach anybody on the phone…

  19. Keith

    I was unlucky enough to have National Power go out of business and I was switched to Amigo. I have not received calls, bills or notifications from them, yet yesterday, with a temperature of almost 100 degrees out, my power was disconnected. Of course, their customer service apologized for my inconvenience and insisted that many phone calls were made to my home phone and messages left, and mail notices were sent (all of which never made it to my phone or home). Now that the confusion is cleared up, it may take another 24 to 48 hours to have my power turned back on by CenterPoint.

    I think it is entirely wrong and should be considered criminal, to turn off power for anyone without a knock on the door. My wife was home when the power was turned off, and being handicapped and no power for telephone, was stuck in the house in the heat for 5 hours before someone came by the house at 4:30 in the afternoon to realize that she was stuck in the sweltering heat.

    I'm more than a little upset, and I can see from the previous messages that were submitted by other unhappy customers, that Amigo will likely go out of business soon as well. I'm going to make a change to another company today.

  20. Josh

    @Keith: Just wait for your bill from them. They are trying to charge us former NPC customers 24.19cents/kwh. According to them I owe $402 for a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom apt kept at 80 degrees day in and out. They are going to force people to choose between groceries and electricity…. Thank God I switched to another company as soon as I found out NPC was dead!

  21. Josh

    BTW, if anyone is wondering why rates skyrocketed in July – it's basic economics. Amigo had a set supply of power and then took on NPC's customers, so then their demand skyrocketed. When demand goes up, and supply stays the same, prices go up (and then fatten the wallets of the Vega brothers). Such a simple principle that anyone here can understand, yet these morons apparently don't know basic economics….

  22. Doug C

    Hey, Josh. If Amigo didn't contract enough supply to serve their existing customers then they should not have taken on additional customers. My wife owns her own business. Should she charge existing customers 60% more when she doubles her customer base? If she did that, she'd be out of business pretty quickly. For that reason she turns customers away if she can't serve them for the same price.

  23. Sydney S

    I too just received my bill with a .13/kWh INCREASE. I do not think that Amigo's price increase is a result of additional customers b/c they are still offering a rate of .149 to sign up for a 3 year term and for new customers.
    I switched my provider today and will also write the Attorney General and PUC. Amigo's is
    gouging people.

  24. Josh

    @Doug C: You're 100% correct. Unfortunately your wife has ethics and Amigo apparently doesn't. They don't care if they steal people's money (which is essentially what they're doing) as long as they make a buck. It's all about fattening the wallets of the owners and screwing over the customers. I have no doubt in my mind Amigo knew what they were doing and knew the outcome :(.

  25. leslieb

    I hear 'ya on the proposed .114 rate a year ago June. No where stated was the 'variable' 800 sf apt.. 194 bucks and I turned it off for nearly 2 weeks while I was out of town. Right now I'm trying to cancel my service, and no one will take my call or reply to my e-mails!!! HELP!!

  26. Jack

    Here is what I posted on another site:

    I am a former National Power Customer and was transfered to Amigo. I got a letter in the mail for the change over both by NPC and Amigo. Amigo said that my rate would stay the same at 16.5 cents per KWH. My last bill from NPC was till May 30th and was from May 6th – May 30th and was 113.00 for 713 KWH. The month of June went by and still no bill from Amigo. So I was like well maybe the billing cycle is from June 1 -July 1 or maybe a little later. I gave them about a week or two for the bill to get there. No bill still till this date. I contacted them by the number, which in the middle of July was not working, so used their website contact. I got an email comfirmation that it was sent in. I was asking where is the bill and what is going on. I did not want a $900 bill and wanted some resolution. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was taking more time than usual because of the 8500 customers coming over. Still no bill. I called no success. Finally last night on 8-5 I called customer service and the number worked but was on hold and eventually hung up on. Tried four times last night between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. No success. So this morning I called at 8:00am and finally after one hang up and the second call got a live person. They said they sent me a bill and my total bill is now almost $800. Hmmm go figure my bills before this were never higher than $150. Well they guy on the phone was like we mailed them. We contacted you. We did this and that and they did none of the above ( I have proof). I have records of the calls to me and they called once for a sales pitch. Looked at my email and there were two sales pitches there and the two emails were not on the day they said they sent them.

    Here is the fun part and where things do not add up. As mentioned for 24 days in May my usage was 713KWH. Amigo is trying to say that from June 1-June 8th I used over 1100 KWH and from June 8th to July 8th I used little over 2500 KWH. First off I have never used over 2000 KWH in my two bedroom apartment. Even last summer it never got that high. Second how is it in may, 24 days, I used 713 KWH and in 8 days in June I used well over that. Also if you did the math with that logic June to July which has been much hotter here in Dallas the KWH should be well over 4000KWH but was only 2500 KWH. This did not sound right. Well they gave me the 16.5 cent rate for the first bill of 8 days in June and then charged 24.19 cents for the June to July. Well after some research and some reading I noticed I was not the only one in this boat. So I called them back and asked for a manager. His basic thing was we notified you and you did not respond. I went through same song and dance with him. His final offer to me was if I signed up with a 3 year plan they would knock $75 off my last bill. I laughed and said no thanks and have now changed my service.

    All this prompted me to call PUC. I enquired about how to file a complaint. They gave me Amigos executive line. I called that line and well lets say there are two options. Press 1 for customer service (which I will not go back through) and # to get to a directory. Well directory does no good. They do give you the option of pressing 0 for an operator in the directory but guess what it takes you back to the same two menus. I gave up and called PUC back. Explained this and PUC said that Amigo was required by law to give me the 16.5 cent rate for the first month (30days), which they did not. They also agree the numbers just do not add up on my usage and agree that things seemed very fishy. They took my complaint right over the phone and it is now in their hands.

    My advice to anyone with Amigo change your electric carrier. They do shady things and they do things that are not ethical. They try and bully people into contracts and if you do not they screw you royally. I am just glad mine is in the hands of PUC and my lawyer now. I really do see Amigo going under just like NPC did if they do not straighten up. What they are doing is against the law and do not let them fool you. Just my 2 cents.

    To answer some questions that I got from PUC:

    Keith, no they can not turn off your power without physical notice to you. It is illegal. I would contact PUC on this.

    Josh, Yes I tried calling three weeks ago and their number was really screwy. Also sent in a contact off their site and noone called. When I finally got them they said they did. Read above on the attempts and what they said they did. PUC told me they are investigating this and I think we might see something in the news on this soon.

    Personally I think they are trying to scam people and this is going to be a huge deal. IMO I think everyone having issues with them should contact PUC. It just amazes me that I am not the only one that has not gotten a bill yet but they say it is my postal service but their notice of change came just fine. All I have got to say it they screwed with the wrong Texan and I will not sit by on this. Simple.

  27. Josh

    @Jack: It's interesting (and worrysome at the same time) that they told you they mailed the bill already. I spoke with them a few days ago and they told me my bill would take 30-60 days after my final day of service to get to me. With the way these people are, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm already past due even though I haven't received a bill.

  28. Josh

    BTW for anyone who wants it, from NPC's TOS (which amigo has stated they are honoring):

    rate offers may change, but not more than once per billing cycle and not more than 10% from the rate stated on your
    Electricity Facts Label without NPC providing you a revised Electricity Facts Label.

    The price increases were against their own TOS, and thus a breach of contract.

  29. Jody G

    Unfortunately, I signed up with Amigo last month. Anyone know how I get rid of them?

  30. Mav

    Jody: Did you signed as yearly contract? 3 years? Some providers have a "penalty" to cancel subscription. Also, check to see if they have a 30-day trial type of a deal? Which I doubt it! If they will penalies you! then it is better to paid that penalty then to sign with them! Just switch as soon as possible cause most providers take at least 30 days to switch or the "next billed cycle". Good Luck!

    p.s. I got screwed too! Was a NPC customer!

  31. AAllison

    I've been reading all these posts regarding Amigo. I too was an NPC customer. Loved their rates–my bills were always low, and I had very few complaints with them.

    I switched immediately when I found out they were going out of business. Too bad it took the new provider 22 days to get switched over. My bill from Amigo was $265 for 1064 kwh. That's 24.69 cents. Well I called to tell them I'm not paying that amount–I didn't ask to be switched to them, so I'm refusing to pay that amount. Well the person on the line put me on hold and came back with this: Since the dates I was billed for were in May/June, they gave me the may/june variable rate. That's 19.9 cents. So that dropped by bill $50. If your usage was in June, call and request the same.

    Since Amigo is no longer my provider, I'm trying to find out if they can have my electricity turned off for non-payment. I can't imagine that they could–I called Centerpoint and the lady there was not positive either. I tried calling the PUC, but its after business hours. I'll try again tomorrow. I am just going to try everything posible NOT to pay this crazy amt!!! It may not seem that high considering some of your bills, but when I typically pay less than $90 for my 2300 sq/ft house, this is just highway robbery!

  32. Lanny Staton

    After this company started raising my so called flat rate, I called them and asked for them to reduce my rate to be closer to what was offered elsewhere. They were not interested, and in June of 2008, YEP became my new supplier. I awaited my final bill from Amigo. Thet sent me a final bill, almost twice what they had billed per kWh the prior month. I called them, assumung a simple mistake, the same day and told them that until I was rebilled at the same rate I had the month before, I would not pay them. Forgetting that they had requested my checking account number when I signed up, I was surprised when they charged my checking with that much higher rate. I called my Bank, filled fraud paapers with them, and now the money has been charged back to Amigo. In the meantime, I have submitted a formal complaint to the Texas PUC and have retained an attorney (my son) who will surely have expenses that we will expect Amigo to pay before I pay them anything.

    So, If you use this company, please do not give them your account niumbers, as I will never do that again to anyone.

  33. Mona Si

    Thank you EVERYBODY for the forewarnings. I almost made a HUGE mistake signing up with Amigo. They nearly sucked me into their 13.40/kwh. You have saved me so much $$$ and frustration. My new plan is to sign another two-year contract with Stream at 14.40/kwh. Their price has increased a little but at least they have been consistent for the past three years, and I have no complaints. Thanks again…..

  34. JohnnyRay

    I found out about "fixed" rates the hard way. I signed over a year ago for a 12 month fixed rate. (The fixed is an average over the 12 months and varies up and down over the 12 months but averages the fixed rate.) However, at the end of the 12 month period, I overlooked the contract end date assuming I would be notified. The 13th month was 3 times the previous months rate. The Amigo representative said they have no obligation to notify the customer prior to contract end. I emailed the PUC and was told the same thing. I called the PUC and was told the Amigo Terms of Service do not require them to notify customers prior to contract end.

    I wrote the PUC requesting a change in the "fixed" rates Terms of Service that require the contrators to notify the customer within 60 days of contract end. That was two weeks ago … no reply todate.

  35. doublenot7

    I only had Amigo for about 3 weeks after being thrown over from NPC. I still have not received a bill from them either! I have called them three times over this and still no bill. But i've also received three calls from them now about my outstanding balance! I'm not sure if these calls were actually rom Amigo or a collector saying they are Amigo. Either way, the last one could not speak English and ended up hanging up on me. Amigo wanted me to provide a bank account/credit card number to them and I refused and told them to send me a bill ion the mail like they should have months ago as requested. I told them a few times now I will pay their bill if they only send it to me! What is wrong with this company?

  36. Pyramids ARE scams

    That sounds like a scam of a different nature. They call you and tell you about a bogus bill and demand payment to get a credit card number. NEVER give a credit card number over the phone to someone who called you. Ask for a call back number. Find out if the call is legit. If the person cannot speak English, that should get your guard up IMMEDIATELY.

  37. doublenot7

    I never do give out any information. They did verify some information for me though which led me to believe they were legitimate. But they still weren't about to get a CC number from me! I've gotten similar non-service over the hone also. They certainly make it difficult to pay them! LOL

  38. jcaballero

    I switched to Amigo, because they offer a better rate. When recived my first bill it was much higher than TXU. Second monthly bill was even higher, I had a due date to pay the balance, so I waited 2-3 day before the due date. Well I recieved a term letter charging me $25.00 to send the letter and $35.00 for reconnect my service, when the due date was not even up yet. So, I called to see they were charging me to send out a term letter and a reconnect fee before due date. They said that that was there policy. I told them that the due date was not up yet and that I was going to pay my balance with a creit card, they would not remove charges and would not take my pay over the phone. So, I asked where to pay bill they said to go to western union and send it. I ask if any places to pay cash, only one place and it was across town. So i had to go to Ace to pay bill cash or they where going to disconnect my electricity. So, the following monthly bill they charged me for a reconnect for Sept., but my electricity was never disconnect. I asked whey gave me the run around like the other times, so i had to pay it. I am very discusssed with the Amigo electricity company. I am fixing to switch back to TXU and will never switch to any other company.

  39. Lindsay

    I was a NPC customer till they went under. I switched as soon as I knew about the change to Green Mountain Energy…BUT they took their sweet a$$ time switching me over. I ended up with a $700 Amigo Energy bill for 6 wks of service. I sat on hold for nearly an hour trying to find out why they were billing me. They stated that they sent me an email (that I never received) telling me that I was switched to them. I made a payment to NPC since I was unaware of the switch…never got that money back either. Amigo agreed to reduce my bill to $500 which is still more than double my normal bill, but I agreed to pay it to be done with those idiots. I told them to send me a revised bill since I was not paying any amount unless it was reduced in writing. I gave them my new address in WA and waited for my revised bill. I never received it, however a bill for $700 plus late fees just arrived to my mother's house via forwarded mail from TX saying they're sending me to collections. I'd almost rather deal with a collections dept than Amigo. Besides the incredibly long wait to talk to a rep, they don't speak nor understand much as far as english is concerned. I hate (and I mean HATE) Amigo Energy with a passion. I would have never willingly been their customer. They are as bad as they come…ripoff, scam, unlawful…nothing I say can be enough.

  40. Mistissin

    Thank you EVERYBODY for the forewarnings. I almost made a HUGE mistake signing up with Amigo. They nearly sucked me into their 12 month 12.90/kwh. You have saved me so much $$$ and frustration. My new plan is to sign another one-year contract with Reliant at 15.0/kwh. Their price has increased a little but at least they have been consistent for the past three years, and I have no complaints. Thanks again…..

  41. vickieo

    I was also one of the unlucky people to be switched over to Amigo when National Power went out of business.
    Sometimes I get a bill from them, sometimes I don’t. I have NEVER received a call from them on neither my home phone nor my mobile. I have to call them to find out how much my bill is or to make a payment. AND, every time I call, I am on hold AT LEAST 35-40 minutes before I can actually talk to someone! I have tried to set up my “MY AMIGO” account online but I get an error message each time stating “We could not locate this account. Please ensure that the information you entered is correct.” I recheck and re-enter the information from my bill and still get the same error.

    On December 12, 2008, I called and after being on hold for almost an hour, a customer service rep answered. I told him that I needed to make my payment on the newest bill that I had for $189.00. He told me that he could not take my payment because a disconnect notice had already been sent out a few days ago and that I would have to go to any Wal-Mart and make a payment via a MoneyGram ExpressPayment and that I had to pay $349.97. When I asked why I had to pay $349.97 when my bill was only $189? He said that another bill had already been sent recently and that I would have to pay that amount also in order for my service to not be disconnected and that it had to be paid before December 29. I told him that I had not received a new bill for the additional amount and asked if he could email it to me. He told me he could, got my information and said that he would send it immediately. I told him that I would go send the MoneyGram as soon as I got off the phone. I did, he didn’t.
    Today is December 29 and at approx. 10:45 this morning, my power goes off. I immediately called Amigo. I was on hold for 1 hour and 12 minutes and finally Eileen anwers. I told her that my power just went off. She asked for my account number and then puts me back on hold. She comes back on and says,” Ma’am, we just sent a re-connect request to Centerpoint this morning.”
    I asked why they would just send it this morning when I paid the amount that I was told to pay 17 days ago on December 12. This is when things get fishy. She said, “We sent a disconnect notice to Centerpoint electronically on December 12 and then you made your payment on December 12 so on December 13, we sent Centerpoint a re-connect notice.” I asked her “If you sent it to them on December 13th, why would you send it again just this morning?” She tells me that after they sent the re-connect request on December 13th, Centerpoint denied the request. I asked “Does it say why?”and she says “No.” I asks, “What day did they deny the request?” She says, “I don’t know.” I asked “Why didn’t someone re-send it before today?” She says, “I don’t know. All that I can see is that it was sent to Centerpoint sometime this morning and that it will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to have my power restored.” I asked if there was someone else that I could speak to or if I needed to call Centerpoint to find out why it was denied and when my service would be restored? She says, “There is nothing more that we can do. The matter is out of our hands and if you keep speaking to me in that tone, I will terminate this call right now!” Can you believe that? My tone….MY TONE!
    I hang up, call Centerpoint’s 800 number for power outages. I was on hold for approx 2 minutes and a lady named Cathy answers. I explain to her what Eileen at Amigo tells me and she looks up my service address. She then tells me that Amigo sent a disconnect notice on December 22 to terminate my service on December 29. She said that did not send anything on December 12 or December 13 and that they have only received a disconnect notice, not a re-connect notice. She said they could not deny a re-connect request for me if they never received a re-connect notice in the first place. She also said they they have to receive them by 2:00 P.M. otherwise, my power would not be on until tomorrow. She said that since it was Amigo’s fault, Amigo could send another request and that Centerpoint could do a priority restore so that my power would be back on by 5:00 for sure but that they would have to request it. She told me to call Amigo back right away and tell them to re-send the notice since it takes between an hour or two for the request to come thru. She also told me that Amigo does not have a name on that account and that when I call them back ask them to add my name since they are the only one that can do it.
    So, again, I call Amigo. It is now 12:47 and again I am listening to a recording for 32 minutes. Finally, Kerina answers. She is more help and more polite than Eileen was although she also said that she saw everything that Eileen had told me earlier. She said the she did not want to re-send the re-connect request because she was afraid that it would cancel the one that was sent in the morning. I asked her what time was the request sent this morning. She said it only shows AM or PM. I asked if I could speak to a manager or supervisor and she said that I would have to hold. She put me on hold and within 5 minutes, came back on the line and told me that there were no supervisors available. Then she said she talked to a supervisor and he told her that there was nothing that they could do and that he would not request an emergency restore. When I said that I thought she said no supervisors were available, she said “He is available but not to talk to you.” I asked what I should do since my power should not have been disconnected anyway, she said, “You can call Centerpoint back to see if they have received the request yet but other than that, the matter is out of our hands.”
    So, here I go again. I call Centerpoint and almost immediately, a rep answers. I tell her what the Amigo people told me and she says that was not very good customer service and checks again for a re-connect request. When I ask if there is someone else that I can speak to she said, “Would you like to speak to a supervisor? I’m not sure there is anything they can do until we receive the request from Amigo. You are welcome to call us back as many times as you need to until you find out that we have received the request.” I told her that I would call back around 2:00.
    At 2:20 I call Centerpoint once again. The rep answers right away and when I ask if she could tell me if they received my re-connect request she asked for my service address and immediately says, “Yes Ma’am. We have received it and rest assured your power will be restored between now and 10:00 tonight”.
    Thank God for Centerpoint AGAIN. My power came back on at 3:30 this afternoon.
    I think it is entirely wrong and should be considered criminal, to turn off power for a bill that was paid almost 20 days earlier. Amazing that Centerpoint’s customer service reps provided more assistance to another service provider’s customer! All of Amigo’s employees should be fired for their screw-up and NOBODY had the common decency to apologize….EVER! I also have still not received the last bill that was supposedly mailed and emailed and still haven’t received a disconnect notice.
    I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Public Utilities Commission on the advice of one of Centerpoint’s customer service reps. I called the 800 number that she gave me and the recording states that it could take up to three weeks for a response to their investigation.

  42. maclind

    I signed up with Amigo in Oct of 08. They connected the service to the wrong house!! I own a rental 2 lots down from my dwelling and they connected to it. As soon as I received a disconnected notice from the company the rental was with (along with a $300 early termination charge) I contacted Amigo.They said they would straighten it all out. HA HA! They finally got the rental back on it's original company and me on Amigo and I had to contact the other company to straighten out the early termination fee confusion. By the way, that was with Star Tex and they were great!!! My first bill showed power usage for the rental, along with numerous charges for connecting and disconnecting, below minimum usage fees, etc. I called and talked to them (after waiting for about an hour and being disconnected twice) and finally got them to understand the situation, I thought. I paid the electric usage for my dwelling by credit card that day and was told that the other charges would be removed. The same thing happened the next month except now that had added more fees because I had not paid the fees that I did not owe from the first month. Again after playing phone tag with their disconnecting and not answering problem four hours, I paid the electric usage and taxes after being told how sorry they were and they would get it straight ASAP. The next month instead of a bill I received a disconnect notice along with some more fees for sending me a disconnect notice!!!!! Again on the phone, explaining yet again the ongoing problem and confusion and again was assured that it was straigtened out now and for me not to worry. To make a really long story short, I have been on the phone with them for hours and hours since October, been told each time I pay what they say I owe (after long explanations) THE DISCONNECT MAN SHOWED UP TODAY. He did not disconnect me because I showed him all the bills and notes that I have kept since this fiasco started and I now have one more day to try to straighten this mess out before I am in the dark because this piece of shit company cannot figure out how to bill and charge or train their call center personnel to take care of problems. I will switch as soon as I find another company and they can bill me for their stupid fees forever. I am keeping proof that I paid the electric portion of every bill they sent. In a nutshell, AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

  43. Alex B

    ALLL these people are complaining simply because they dont know how to read and blaming this company. Basically all these people are low cred and want assistance with there bills. I bet they havent paid early on any bills they have in there life. I dont have any problem with their service and pay my bills ON TIME! maybe yall should put your priorities 1st and things like this wont happen.

  44. Alex B

    Maclind your a piece of shit customer that probably milks the government with your I dont whats going excuses. What do think power is for free. When u dont pay your bills for days past the due date you get disconnected. Or you think this is welfare. you sound like a democrat. Maybe your stimulus check will come in from your prez..Good luck

  45. everybody that has wrote ugly things about this company is telling the god most honest truth. they are scammers and i wouldnt refer a homeless roach to these people.they sre the reason why we are in a ression.to mr.alex b. you are no saint either you know you try to figure why your damn bill is so damn high they robbing your suck butt ass also.MR. ASSSSSSSS KISS by the way mr.kiss assyou can pay all our bills

  46. soUNhappy

    I signed up with amigo a year ago on a 1 year contract. I paid 12 billed for 12 months service. When I changed service to another company after paying the 12 billes and having a years WAY over priced servise that was absolutely not the rate I signed up for from the begininng, they billed me for a large fee for "breaking the contract".

    This companys practices are alarming, dishonest and the customer service is horrible.

  47. Jannett

    I signed up for the service on 2008, the first bill was ok, it was around $100.00 but after the second bill I had to leave the house by itself, so noone was using electricity and every nonth I was getting a bill over $260.00 It is crazy!
    I regret not braking my contract with them before, 2 months ago I got TXU back, and am way better, even now that we use electricity on the house the bills are lower than $50.00, I'LL NEVER SWITCH TXU'S FOR AMIGO'S ENERGY AGAIN. I guess the Amigo's energy's name should be Enemy's Energy, this fit's them better.

  48. Doris

    If anyone is thinking about a Class Action law suite with these people…count me in!!!!

  49. NotmyAmigoAnymore

    Dear Amigo Customers-

    1st thing 1st…Amigo Energy is owned by a company called Fulcrum Energy, a wholesale energy provider. They purchased a large power plant called Basque about a year ago that cost them about 600 million dollars. They are leverage to the hilt and this cost has been passed on to the consumer through their retail provider Amigo Energy controlled by Fulcrum.

    Amigo's personnel is a patchwork of bufoons and people who don't know how to deal with customers and are very green when it comes too being an REP. It was once said in a meeting by their pricing person that he wanted to quote, "Take advantage of people who do not know anything about price." unquote. I notice he made good on his promise to Javier Vega, the flamboyant CEO of Amigo. I guess this is the reason that they have targeted the hispanic community with this exorbit price. How unfortunate.
    Again, they have uneducated people at levels that they should not be at by any stretch of the imagination and they use tactics that are possibly in violation of PUCT rules and regulations. They have over two hundred BBC complaints against them and have had a expose by the Houston Chronicle informing the people of the many complaints. When Vega was asked by the Reporter if he knew about the many complaints, Vega totally lied to them about his knowledge of the complaints. He knew about all of them and doesn't give a flying, well you know. I knew they were ignorant about their knowledge, I didn't know they were that unethnical.

  50. Tom

    I looked this company up on the web they started out primarily targeting hispanic people as customers and made enough off of them to go all places deregulated electric rates can be applied. Just one problem they are using the same business practices they used in the minority communities everywhere now. Think about it , you target a group of people that may be the first generation of their family to live in the USA, poor english, unable to get a great job, basicly just getting by with help from friends and family, so when this company hits you with a bill thats all jacked up all you can do is pay if you want to keep your family with electricity. They knew they wouldnt get much of a fight if they did this and it payed off so well they are just going to keep it up till they get hit with a class action lawsuit, I

  51. Tom

    I looked this company up on the web they started out primarily targeting hispanic people as customers and made enough off of them to go all places deregulated electric rates can be applied. Just one problem they are using the same business practices they used in the minority communities everywhere now. Think about it , you target a group of people that may be the first generation of their family to live in the USA, poor english, unable to get a great job, basicly just getting by with help from friends and family, so when this company hits you with a bill thats all jacked up all you can do is pay if you want to keep your family with electricity. They knew they wouldnt get much of a fight if they did this and it payed off so well they are just going to keep it up till they get hit with a class action lawsuit, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY FOR ELECTRICITY THAT HONORS THEIR CONTRACTS AND OBEYS THE LAWS SET UP TO PROTECT CONSUMERS.

  52. mike

    wow all these gripes about amigo i've had amigo for nearly two years and am more than pleased,no over charging and always an acceptable electric bill of course i would like it to be cheaper be we all want something for a lot less and some want it for nothing.I have always gotten great customer service,i think a lot of you are complaining because you want something for nothing if you don't like it switch.

  53. Shirley Bailey

    I tried calling to pay my daughter's electric bill for her and the wait was so long I had to hang up. It will be late if we can't get through. I am going to advise my daughter to go with another energy company. AMIGO IF YOUR CUSTOMERS CAN'T GET THROUGH TO YOU, AND IF YOU CONTINUE TO BAIT AND SWITCH ON THE KW YOU WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS. My plan is to tell my daughter and everyone I talk to how bad the service and the cheating rates are. There has to be someone we can contact other than Amigo to get them in trouble for bait and switch tactics. DON'T USE AMIGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. CBaker

    We received a message on our phone from Amigo Energy, a company we have never heard of, stating we were behind on our bill and unless we paid, our electricity would be terminated and they were turning our bill into a credit agency. I called the number for 3 days before finally reaching a person. I asked where they got our phone number and they would not tell me. They wanted to know our address and I told them to tell me because I was not going to give it to them. They promised to get back with me — and of course they did not. I have filed a complaint with the FCC. We have never heard of this company!

  55. Gina

    We were thinking about switching to Amigo because of the low rate. After reading all the comments I don't think we are. There are a lot more complaints than there are good about this company. Going to stick with who I have for now. Do NOT want a $900 electric bill.

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