Do You Need Electricity with No Deposit?

Lite Up Texas is a great Texas government sponsored electricity service discount program for low-income families. The problem with lite up Texas is most people are needing electric service right away with no hassle and yet they must wait for government approval before qualifying for a cheaper rate. Trying to pick a good electric company that will work with you and Lite Up Texas does not always happen as fast as people would like. So what can you do in the mean time?

Well all Texas electric companies must work with the program by law but even still it these companies may drag their feet. You may be having more of a problem coming up with a deposit rather than dealing with a high per kilowatt hour electric rate which is what Lite Up Texas is used for to bring that price down.

To start out with if you are low-income you want to at least avoid any deposits you are being asked for. I would work with a prepaid electric company to avoid a deposit as your fastest way out of this nightmare. Please call this number to order electric service with no deposit: 1-888-620-3823

You can also check other Texas electricity companies using the zip code compare box at the top right that work with the department of health and human services as well as the PUCT in offering you government subsidized cheaper electric rates. The program is based on summer prices and is always subject to change.

The Texas Public Utility Commission discount electric rate program is not always available but is often re-initiated each year based on need that allows Texas residential electric customers to receive a 12% discount on their current electric rate. The program is only available to those who qualify and certain criteria must be followed to make sure the initial qualification goes through succesfully so that you get the anticipated discount.

For instance, if you have signed up with a Texas electric provider using a different name, phone number, social security number, mailing address, or electric service address that differs with what you have given the Department of Health and Human Services then you will likely be rejected because of your information not matching what the government has on file for you. In order to make sure the Texas LITE-UP program goes through on the first try you may want to get a copy of your application on file with the HHSC and fill out the LITE-UP application using that same information.

How do I apply for the Texas LITE-UP electric rate discount program?

You must first sign up with a low cost electric provider (using our compare chart at the top right is a good way to do this) or if you have bad credit I would try a no deposit company by calling 1-888-620-3823. Once you have started service with these Texas electric companies you can begin the process of signing up with LITE-UP. They will require that you provide a current electric bill and two months of proof showing what your income is. To obtain the LITE-UP application you must call them at 1-866-454-8387.

What Type Of Discounts Can I Expect?

You will be discounted during certain historically high energy consumption months. The months that the electric rate discounts will apply will be for May, June, July, August, and September of 2008 and 2009. The discounts will not start until you have been approved and your status has been received by the Texas electric provider.

Who Can Apply For Lite-Up Texas?

You can either show proof that your income is 125% of the federal poverty guideline by submitting your last 2 months of income history to Lite-Up or if you are receiving Medicaid and or food stamps you will automatically qualify.

About Donny Eisenbach

Donny started back in 2007 from his parents basement and has since married his wife Melody and had three sons, John Adam (7) and Noah (4) and our new 20 month old son. He enjoys tech related things, softball, kickboxing, going to the gym, excursions and activities together with his wife Melody. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. Would you take the time today to try our service and see how you like it. Thank you! and God Bless You!


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