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Home Automation Internet HVAC Thermostat

Have you heard about these devices you can have in your home that can be controlled over the internet? For instance, some people are able to turn their lights on and off, open the garage door, turn on the swimming pool pump and filtering system all by the use of a website on the internet communicating with these devices. Now there is a home automation Energy Management system for homes, commercial facilities, and light industrial that programs and controls when your air conditioner comes on. Your cooling costs in a Texas commercial facility or home can make up 50 % – 60 % of your total energy bill. The Proliphix Internet HVAC Control allows you to control how your air conditioner operates by programming it one day to then run automated the rest of the year. If you are away at work or vacation and need to adjust the settings it is as easy as logging into a website and adjusting those settings. This energy management system for your Texas air conditioner will pay for itself in less then a year. You will find that this product along with blowing blow in insulation into your attic and perhaps radiant barrier on top of that insulation will reduce your overall electric bill by about 60 %.

If You would like to have an energy expert consult you in the right device to purchase for your home or commercial business you may speak to an energy consultant at Electricity Bid who can help point you in the right direction. Depending on the preferences you might want and the amount of money you would like to save over the year some thermostats are more effective then others. Please feel free to fill out the form below to learn more.

Some of the industry leaders in programmable home automated thermostats is a company by the name of Proliphix. A licensed commercial and residential reseller will be happy to call to assist in answering your questions and setting you up with the right thermostat for your needs. We can also help with the installation of the device so you can begin saving money on your Texas energy bill.

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  1. Jake

    Well I thought the world of heating and air conditioning had gotten pretty fancy with the touch screen t-stats they are using now. I have installed hundreds of those and they work great. But this is a great idea.

    Do these thermostats control a zoned system as well, in a business place for example? Or would you need a separate stat for each zone?

  2. Ernest Justice

    I am thinking of those thermostats that are controlled by the electric company.

  3. Very interesting and informative article, Programmable thermostats are the only way to go if your going to save on energy costs.

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