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PermaFrost Energy Efficiency Upgrade for Air Conditioner

Cheapest way to Make a Home More Energy Efficient

One of the cheapest return on investments to make a residential home more energy efficient is a product by the name of PermaFrost. This product, which sounds just like that frozen tundra in Alaska is a breakthrough air conditioner lubricant with several patents. The product has been extensively tested with multiple case studies showing it reduces the energy consumption of most air conditioning systems by about 19 – 20 percent. This means that if you consider an A/C unit in a typical US home uses about 40 – 50 % of the energy on your electric bill you could stand to add about $20 – $30 a month or more in savings off of your home power costs.

The Start of Something Big, Mark my Words

Now, many people don’t know about this product yet (as of as May 20 2008) as it has not been officially launched in a major marketing blitz yet but to give the company I am about to mention a little due credit, Carrier Air Conditioning company has tested their product on their machines and has verified that the 19 percent reduction in energy consumption is true. The PermaFrost product is safe and passes with an Energyguide and Energystar rating by the US government and has multiple patents to keep its product solely owned and sold by the inventor. Starting May 31st 2008 the Perma Frost product will be exclusively marketed by a new MLM Electric Provider in Texas and New York by the name of Affordable Energy. This company currently sells electric service in the states of New York and Texas to both residential homes and commercial businesses through a direct sales force that makes residual income on the energy customers they sign up. The company will soon be launching their sales force in all 50 states to sell PermaFrost air conditioning lubricant. The lubricant filters into the A/C system through the coolant. The coolant goes through the pipes and coils and takes with it the PermaFrost additive. This additive helps to disperse heat away from the air conditioner at a much more efficient rate.

Seal of Approval by Many Reputable Organizations and Companies

Carrier Air conditioning, one of the largest air conditioning manufacturers in the United States gives this product two thumbs up. Multiple commercial facilities and other A/C manufacturers have done case studies on this product as well showing that it does what they claim it does. Many testimonials by residential home owners, well known commercial companies, trade journals and other customers give a very good positive validation and stamp of approval to this affordable way to reduce the energy consumption in a residential home. Affordable Energy has the exclusive rights to sell this product to residential homes although commercial rights are still held by the PermaFrost company to directly sell it themselves.

Strategic Decision Puts Affordable Energy in all 50 States

The PermaFrost product is a great way for Affordable Energy Electric Provider to enter all 50 states with a quickly growing direct sales force. As the electric provider becomes approved to sell electricity in other deregulated states they will have a PermaFrost home based business sales organization to sell not only PermaFrost but electric service as well. The strategy is genius as they have exclusive rights to offer this product and most people who give it hard attempt could make a traditional income simply by selling PermaFrost and electric service at trade shows, flea markets, face to face, mall kiosks, friends and family, referrals and other creative selling mechanisms. The MLM residual income is an added bonus to this home based opportunity but the residual income available to someone just signing up customers is about $4 – $6 per electric service customer on a monthly basis for the life of that customer. For those also selling PermaFrost it is a one time application for the life of the air conditioner system but the commission is about $65 a pop. For those taking the opportunity and signing up a few friends and family to sell these products as well there is the possibility to make residual income from a large downline of recruits that see the benefit of getting into this business in its infancy and selling the electric services and PermaFrost products they offer.

Is it Likely this Business will Get Off the Ground?

Based on the success of similar businesses like Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy, it looks like Affordable Energy will build a large direct sales force in short order with their energy efficiency product, PermaFrost and electric service. The new home based business electric company has a synergy of products that make Ambit and Ignite look like yesterdays news. If you are interested in learning more you can visit the company website and a founding partner will talk to you more about it: Affordable Energy. The company officially re-launches May 31st 2008 in a large marketing blitz to get the word out about this new energy business and opportunity. Get in early before the momentum starts and be a founder. This really is at the beginning so don’t hesitate.

If you would prefer someone call or email you back, please fill out this form and a founding partner with Affordable Energy will get right back with you.

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