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Freedom Power, are they a Good Electric Provider?

Looking for a Good Electric Provider that Doesn’t Require a Deposit?

Most electric companies in Texas require a deposit when signing up for electric service. There are a few that do not require a deposit and out of these there are only a couple that we would recommend using. Our compare tool on the top right allows you to see several no deposit offers. Typical providers check your credit history but no deposit providers get in without a deposit. The only other option is prepaid electricity service that is usually based on estimated electric usage instead of actual electricity usage. Freedom Power and DPI Energy are two of the more well known prepaid electric companies in Texas. In our opinion a no deposit or low deposit choice is a better option as you are billed for actual electric usage and are rewarded a lower electric rate.

Freedom Power is one of only a few Texas electric companies that offers a prepaid electricity service option for Texas energy consumers. We regularly receive calls and comments from disgruntled Freedom Power customers who claim their service was cut off without proper notice. Chances are most of these customers just simply did not live up to their part of the deal by paying their prepaid service for the following month. The PUCT does however require that a Texas electricity company give their customers proper notice before turning that customers service off because of non payment. It is important that you go back and read the contract you signed with Freedom Power as a reminder to what you may have agreed to when signing up with this electricity company. This will help determine if you or your electric company is to blame for the disconnection of your electricity service.

If you have a question about your Freedom Power electricity bill we recommend you call Freedom and have them go over your bill with you as well as answer any questions you may have. You can also call the PUCT and confirm that your electricity bill and contract are according to PUCT rules and regulations if you have further questions after talking with Freedom. The state should be able to send you to the PUCT website where you can read the rules and regulations Texas electricity companies must follow and confirm if your bill and contract as well as possible termination is according to the rules the PUCT has setup.

A Texas electric provider needs enough capital for the hottest summer and the coldest winter or they will go out of business. You just can’t enter the Texas market with $100,000 and no more capital then that and expect to stay in business. An electric company in Texas is easily exposed to energy market risk and volatility. Since Freedom Power sells electricity as a prepaid service they are not exposed to as much risk as other electricity companies because if the customer stops paying for electric service they can cut off service. This allows this electric company to offer a prepaid electric service to low credit customers and protects them from multiple customers defaulting on their electricity bill.

If you would like to leave a customer review of Freedom Power positive or negative please use our comment section below.

If after talking directly with Freedom Power to resolve a question or issue and you still have more questions you can file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas here or call them: File a Complaint

The nature of the prepaid electricity business requires for more disconnects than Texas electricity providers that take on good credit customers. Because more people fail to pay their charges with a prepaid electricity company there will be more disconnects on average. Customers from time to time may be confused regarding electricity costs and charges and have been known to refuse to pay their electricity bill. These confusions could be real or imagined but either way it is important to call your electric provider right away to get down to the bottom of the issue.

Any ambiguity in the advertised electricity rate in the contract is usually translated how the electric service customer perceived the electric rate they were agreeing to rather than what the electricity provider may have meant. It is important that the electric company make the rate clear and understandable to any potential customer coming to their ad or website to sign up for electricity service. If you feel like you are paying a higher rate than you were advertised just call your provider and explain your issue. Take down notes about the terms of service they refer to when summarizing what you originally agreed to. You can always take this information to the PUCt and go back over it to explain why you believed the rate was something other than what the provider intended.

A comment below from someone talking about their upstairs neighbor isn’t accurate as Freedom probably disconnected that customer because they did not pay their electricity bill. Prepaid electricity requires the customer to take a more proactive role in paying for their electricity service since you pay and then receive electric service. Most of us use electricity and then we are billed for it. We then have time to review the bill and pay for the service. A low credit bad credit risk customer put in the situation of being proactive in paying their electricity bill does not make for a good situation. Chances are these customers may frequently wait until the last minute to prepay each and every month. If prepaid electricity service isn’t something you like we recommend saving up for the large deposit that will be required when using a more traditional electricity company like TXU Energy or Reliant Energy.

My upstairs neighbor is (Was?) a Freedom Power customer. Their power just got cut-off. They have been on hold for almost an hour now. Is it possible that Freedom failed to pay the upstream provider for the power they are reselling and the upstream provider issued the disconnects? Sounds like the rats have already left the ship, and it is their customers that are screwed. Now my neighbors will have to get a new provider immediately, pay a new deposit, and join the inevitiable class-action suit to get their money back (which they will never see).

Customers would like their REP License Revoked

There is a Petition to the Public Utility Commission of Texas to Revoke Retail Electric Provider Certificate No. 10078 of Freedom Group, LLC d/b/a Freedom Power.

Lawsuits in the Works

There are electric customers of Freedom Power in settlement discussions. If anyone has information on what Freedom Power may have done to their electric customers we would like to know. Please feel free to leave a comment on the status of the lawsuit with Freedom Power, a Texas electric provider.

Freedom Power Office Location and Phone Number

Agent: Peter J Grosso
Address: 401 B Ferris Avenue, Waxahachie TX 75165






Assumed Company Names

Freedom Power
La Raza Electridad

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  1. Donal

    My upstairs neighbor is (Was?) a Freedom Power customer. Their power just got cut-off. They have been on hold for almost an hour now. Is it possible that Freedom failed to pay the upstream provider for the power they are reselling and the upstream provider issued the disconnects? Sounds like the rats have already left the ship, and it is their customers that are screwed. Now my neighbors will have to get a new provider immediately, pay a new deposit, and join the inevitiable class-action suit to get their money back (which they will never see).

  2. Company: FREEDOM GROUP, LLC
    Service Area: Entire Texas
    Customer Type:
    Track No: EL040027
    Type: Limited Liability Company, L.L.C Status: Active

    Mailing Address


    Primary: Company / Physical
    9720 BEECHNUT
    SUITE 200
    HOUSTON, TX 77036
    Main: 800-910-7864
    Alt: —
    Fax: 800-910-7906
    Email: regulatory@freedom-group.net

    Associated Names


    Primary: FREEDOM GROUP


  3. Filing Number: 800317214 Entity Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    Original Date of Filing: March 15, 2004 Entity Status: In existence
    Formation Date: N/A
    Tax ID: 12009361242 FEIN:
    Duration: Perpetual

    Address: PO BOX 560803
    DALLAS, TX 75356-0803 USA

    1403 West Sixth Street
    Austin, TX 78703 USA

  4. Freedom Power turned off my power today 6/9/2008 without notice. I've been trying to contact them and they refuse to answer their phone. I can't believe they disconnected service in this extreme heat condition. I also have a kid that's on a breathing machine, which Freedom Power was fully aware of. I had their pay-as-you-go service and it appears that when I paid they went. I also noticed that my electric bill was getting higher and higher each month which was weird because I don't spend that much time at home.

  5. stansheart

    i've been with freedom power for almost a year and just had my services disconnected for a deposit they claim they requested last month.i have yet to see a notice requesting a deposit and now i'm forced to find another service provider.they waited to disconnect my services until my due date of my bill & refused to allow me to make payment arrangements.



  7. shirley ford

    I'm writing for my daugter who is legally blind. Their lights were switched off June 9, 2008.She said their lights were disconnected without notice leaving her and her husband in Houston's summer heat. Freedom Power claimed that they used too much wattage and charged a huge amount of 533.00. How were we supposed to know what the limit on wattage is? She and her husband is now in a tight squeeze to come up with 300.00 deposit to another company.

  8. TXsunlover

    Freedom Power cut the electricity to my son's apartment Monday June 16th. He confronted the technician who said he was sent by Encore (?) to disconnect the electricity. When asked to see paperwork authorizing the disconnect, the tech said that he had none.
    When calling Freedom Power, my son was told that he owed a bill of $383!! He had just paid a $130 bill on June 12th which made him current with his account. He was told that his only option was to pay an $80 re-connect fee (which is ridiculous because he didn't have a past due bill so should not have been disconnected in the first place). When asking to speak to a supervisor, he was told that the office he had reached was only for "incoming calls" and that a supervisor would have to call him back at home within 24 hours!! Needless to say, he hasn't heard anything from them at all and now they aren't answering their "incoming calls" line.

  9. Diantra

    On June 13, 2008 Freedom Power cut my lights off. Asking for an additional $300.00 deposit. My current billed had skyrocketed over $200.00 that month as well. My billed never been that high the 2 years I dealt with them. Now I get my next month bill and it's even higher than the deposit was. It's over $300.00. I am in an apartment complex. Needless to say they it's ridiculous how they rip people off for they money. They need to be shutdown immediately!!!

  10. BSeditor

    My power was disconnected on June 23. My bill was current, but when I called they said an additional deposit of $240 was required. I really don't want to pay it but need to get my power back on. I definitely will complain to the PUC, but now half my economic stimulus payment is going to these bastards and I'm sure I'll never see it again.

  11. For MoneyGreen:

    I was reading over this on the PUC website about prohibited disconnections and I thought this was of particular interest to you:

    Disconnection of ill and disabled.

    No electric utility may disconnect service at a permanent, individually metered dwelling unit of a delinquent customer when that customer establishes that disconnection of service will cause some person residing at that residence to become seriously ill or more seriously ill.
    (1) Each time a customer seeks to avoid disconnection of service under this subsection, the customer must accomplish all of the following by the stated date of disconnection:
    (A) have the person's attending physician (for purposes of this subsection, the term "physician" shall mean any public health official, including medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and any other similar public health official) call or contact the electric utility by the stated date of disconnection;
    (B) have the person's attending physician submit a written statement to the electric utility; and
    (C) enter into a deferred payment plan.
    (2) The prohibition against service termination provided by this subsection shall last 63 days from the issuance of the electric utility bill or a shorter period agreed upon by the electric utility and the customer or physician.

  12. For Shirley Ford:

    I thought you might find this interesting too:

    Disconnection during extreme weather. An electric utility cannot disconnect a customer anywhere in its service territory on a day when:
    (1) the previous day's highest temperature did not exceed 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature is predicted to remain at or below that level for the next 24 hours, according to the nearest National Weather Service (NWS) reports; or

    §25.29(i) continued

    (2) the NWS issues a heat advisory for any county in the electric utility's service territory, or when such advisory has been issued on any one of the preceding two calendar days.

    Of course, you will have to find out if the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory or not, but if they did, even TWO days prior, it was an illegal disconnection.

  13. Jon

    i’ve been with freedom power for 8 mos and just had my services disconnected for a deposit they claim they mailed 5 23rd. I've yet to see a notice requesting a deposit and now i’m forced to find another service provider AND they billed me for the next month though I have no service.they waited to disconnect my services until my due date of my bill & refused to allow me to make payment arrangements

  14. freedom power custom


  15. Emeraldseye

    I thought I might throw in my own two cents about Freedom Power. I have had their service for just over 6 months, my contract expired with them two days ago WHOO-HOO!!! anyway…I had the same thing happen to me about the deposit as you all have and when I called the company I asked them to provide me with something in writing about suddenly charging a deposit when none was required and none was requested until I am near the end of my contract with them. I live in a small 900 sq. ft. house and I have seen my electric bill climb higher and higher each month regardless of what I have done to decrease this amount. As I stated, the end of January was my first encounter with this power supplier and since then I have paid these people almost $1,800 for electric service. It was explained to me that since I have one or more late payments on my account (FYI my account is late EVERY month due to the billing cycle and my financial obligations) they chose at their discretion to charge me a deposit. Though my bill has been late, it has never, and I repeat NEVER been disconnected for non-payment, though I came very close last month.

    I had to pay Freedom Power in excess of $650.00 in the scant space of three days in order to keep my services from being turned off. I ended up having to borrow money in order to make this a reality. I have spent countless hours on the phone with these people and have even once talked to a supervisor. I get the royal run around when I ask why I have never received a true up credit (except for once and boy let me tell you they were PROUD of the ONE time they had to give me a credit) and why continuously I am charged a True Up Charge generally equal to or slightly less than my actual bill. They report to me that they estimate the bill and use "historical usage" data to calculate the next month’s bill. Though they further try to explain to me that though they are charging me for my prepaid billing plan amount (currently this month due for August's bill at $402.93) I have used this amount in addition, I have used an additional amount of $140.90 in electrical service (which they state dates back to an underpayment in April – they didn’t read the meter until May 11th) bringing my billed amount to $543.83. Add to this the Base Customer Charge of $9.99 and my Charge: Deposit Requirement $148.85 and you come up with a total of $702.67 for the month of August’s bill. These people talk out of both sides of their forked tongue and I don’t think anyone working there has the slightest idea of anything that is going on. I have had enough and I am going to sue them.

  16. popdavis2007

    Freedom power charged me an extra $115 for over usage and my power was off for a week because of hurricane ike. freedom power charge a true up charge and you never see it on yor bill. Best to report them and find another company

  17. Andrea

    The reason I signed up for Freedom Power was because on the commercial it said no deposits, and it was only about $50 to start, what I thought was really wierd wa that the only way I caould make a payment o them was to do a money gram or an ACE payment, which by the way each time costs about $3.00, about 2 1/2 to 2 weeks later my power wass huty off, I called them and they said that I was past due, which didn't make since to me because I didn't even have services for one month… and plus I never recieved a bill, I asked the lady if she had my mailing address correct, she said that thier wasn't one on file, which I gave them when I set the services up. She said I had to pay around $300 to get hooked back up, plus a recenniction fee, which I finally got her to waive, and on top of that it took 21/2 days to get my power hooked back on, I live near Tyler,tx and it was really hot in I think it was <ay and I have a little infant at home, the lady when I signeds up told me $13/kwh, on my next bills i noticed that they were outragous, $300, $400, and then they had the nerve of adding a $200 deposit onto my bill because I had a non-pay discount on my record, I couldn't afford this so I told the lady that I wanted to disct services, she said that I was on a 6-month contract and if I cancelled now I would have to pay about $200, I was so mad, my last bill was for almost $600, I was charged $26c/kwh, can you belive it, I'm trying to find a new provider but Txu, and reliant want $800 deposit, I don't know what to do…

  18. cat:freedom power
    the comment i havr read is bad how can sue them i went this company call world net they gave freedom power my service at the time i did not now that i thought that i was getting a good deal a week my ligth was off i call oncor to find out who had my service they told me freedom power i call freedom power they told me that they had sent me out a bill but no bill are bills but to get my service back on she said give her 80.00 and they will turn it back on. When i told my dougher about it she call her and the lady said that was then but now she needs 133.73 to cut the service back on. I told my doughter no .to weeks later they sent me a bill saying that i old them 454.07 i needs to talk about them .hit me back

  19. NicoleH

    OMG i thought i was the only one that HATES Freedom power. They claim "no credit check. no deposit and pay as you go." I moved into a brand new apartment complex with the highest of high on energy saving everything built in. Out of no where Freedom Power cuts off my lights in the deqad of summer heat. I call to find out whats going on because my bill isnt even due for another 5 days. They claim that they sent me all this paper work stating that i owed a deposite and it was written in the contract that was mailed to me, which i still have yet to received even after i requested numberous, copies. Here is something new i just found out. I was 2 days late paying my bill last month, my husband was laid off and its been really hard, we strive to pay our bills on time. So paid it 2 days late and i just received a bill that has disconnection and reconnection charges so i call and say hey " what are these charges i was never disconnect and didnt have to be reconnected and the supervisor told me that if the bill is 1 day late they issue a disconnect and then once payment is received then they charge the reconnect fee for having to process disconnection paperwork. They are so BS i ant wait till my contract is up. To bad i didnt read about all of the complaints before i signed up with them. I only went with Freedom Power because Reliant wanted a $275 deposit, which i ended up paying way more with Freedom.


  20. jjackson

    I signed up for Freedom Power services over two months ago. I paid my deposit and went on thinkin I was connected. Til this day I am receiving bills from my apartments because they have been paying my electricity claiming I have none. Freedom Power is a joke. Now my apartments are going to cut off my electricity within a week and Freedom Power has yet to tell me anything. All this time I was thinking I was connected with them. What's up with that?

  21. gantione

    I just paid a light bill for my daughter on January 10 and her lights were turned off today, not a full two weeks for another light bill, the second one in one month. This company needs to have a class action against it and we as taxpayers need to shut it down!

  22. xocertified

    Freedom power is the most unorganized company ran by assholes. This company is most "janky" as far as buisness is concerned, because they make-up bills and steal money. I was with them for 3 months and I paid over $600 dollars, and i stay in a 1 bedroom apartment in which i am never there. Please do not use freedom power please and I hope those mfers read this SHIT!!!!

  23. emem

    i requested for service made the payment i needed to make and still i have no electricity

  24. mrs mysteek

    I have one better, I never even got service, they scammed me with the money i had to pay-103.59 to get the service started. Well when I called to see if they recieved the payment they told me to pay an additional 80 before I could get service and I requested to cancel my order and they told me I was being charged a cancellation fee as well. I pray that eveyone that even works for this company is held accountable for the way they lie to customers to get their money. God will have his revenge on them all. Even the CSR's they choose to take jobs where they lie and manipulate honest people. Just remember what goes around comes around.

  25. praisehim247365

    For all of you that are Freedom Power survivors, I feel deeply for you. I had a similar run-in with another Texas Pre-paid Electricity provider in June of last year.

    I hear everyone complaining about the price of the bill going higher and higher each month. I just want to drop this nugget. You are pre-paying for your electric service, which means that the company is arbitrarily determining how much electricity you are going to use next month and charging you for it today.

    So, read your own meter once you have switched companies and received your final bill -or- check their final bill meter read against the starting meter read on the first bill of the company you switched to. If your meter read number is LOWER on the meter or first bill from your new power company than the final bill from Freedom, they actually OWE YOU A REFUND for electric service that they charged you for but DID NOT PROVIDE. In some cases, these prepaid companies have charged customers for more than 2-3,000 kilowatt hours more than the customer actually used. Do the math at $0.195 per kilowatt hour ($390-585)+tax!

    Send a certified letter to the business address on file with PUCT or Better Business Bureau and if they do not refund that money within a reasonable amount of time (10 business days from receipt of the letter), file a complaint with PUCT, including a notarized copy of the letter, your final prepaid bill and your first bill with the new company showing the discrepancy.

    Finally, you all should organize and research the possibility of a class action suit against Freedom.

    -ALSO-, please learn to read your own meter and check the bill against the meter. Companies have been known to average apartment complexes and neighborhoods by reading a few meters and applying the median usage to all the meters in the area. If something isn't right, IMMEDIATELY call to report it. Once they know that you're looking, you will only be billed for what you use. Just always ask yourself, when was the last time you saw someone read your meter, but the bill comes faithfully?

  26. Lily

    Freedom Power is a complete fraud and scam. I too requested service and the customer service rep read this long scripted contract over the phone and I asked her to explain the contract to me again (read and explain) in layman terms without all the bullshit vocabulary. the rep seem not to understand the contract herself but was reading this script to me like she was in one of Medeia Plays (Tyler Perry). I then aske her "Is this all i have to pay to get my services on ($103.00), she replied "yes", "you shall receive a bill in the mail about 3-5 days from now after checking some system that will tell them what is my usage history at this address. I asked the rep once more "So, Today all I have to Pay is the $103.00 today and my service will be connected and I will receive a bill in a few days", she replied, "YES". I then payed the $103 that was required and then called them to tell them I made the payment (as i was instructed to do at the close of the call when I requested service) and then the rep tells me that I have to pay an additional $127.00 for my service to be connected. THIS IS THE GREATESS SCAM!!! They are making money off of customer by not telling them they terms of their aggreement and when you asked to explain the scripted contract, they don't and can't explain it because the people they work for don't even understand the shit! The scam is asking you to pay money at money gram and then telling you before your service can be turned on you have to pay a higher additional amount. Why in the F*&K they don't tell the customer while the customer is on the phone the first dam time what money they want up front and explain that dam vocabulary rich verbal contact to the customer and have their reps trained and able to understand the dam thing themselves. You know why? because its all a scam. They want to get the first Hundred out you and then spring the rest on you and then tell you that If you cancel the order it will cost you $59 dollars, Bullshit!! They just don't know it but they have scamed the wrong (BITCH). Its their unlucky day!!! because I am going to complain to every one that they are Stealing from the hard working people of Texas. They may as well, dress up in a black Hoodie and stand in a alley and just rob people walking by because what they are doing is the same dam crime. They need to be handcuffed. They feel just because they have a business it gives them the right to steal from working people any people. FREEDOM, there is nothing free about this company.
    R-Rip off
    E- Everyone
    E- Everybody
    D- Think their customers are DUMB!
    O- They fucked with the wrong ONE!
    M- I want my dam MONEY back!

    Replies and Comments: Talktolillian36@yahoo.com


    WOW! I was just about to order this service until I read all the bad reviews! My husband kept wanting me to get this becuase it said no deposit and it was pre-paid. He even told me his mom had a few problems with it but he was convinced they were a good company. Needless to say I did not go through with this company and went to TXU!

  28. Kelly Reynolds

    Freedom Power SUCKS!!

    My story is simple. I saw their ad in the Greensheet. I called them. They said for $81.83 that they could hook up electricity within 2 to 3 business days. I thought that was great. They told me that once they got the usage history… there may be a request for more money… but, that the initial money would get things going. I paid them that evening. I called them the next day and they acknowledged receipt of the money and indicated that my service would be up and running in a couple days. I was happy. Things seemed to be going right. Well… nearly three weeks later… I get a call from Freedom Power… advising that they needed another $132.60 before they could turn the power on. I was floored. I was in shock as I still had power at my place. And, I had thought that the electric had been switched over to Freedom Power already. I sat there in panic. I was realizing that at any moment, the juice could be turned off and I would watch a couple hundred dollars worth of food spoil. That, I would be facing renting a hotel room for a few days while the mess got fixed. Needless to say… I blew up. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. They said that one was not available. That, someone would call me back. No one ever called me.
    I called several times the next day… and each time they said someone would be calling me right back. No one ever called me. I called the executive offices for the company… left a message… and no one ever called me back. I called Oncor… and spoke to them. They advised that Freedom Power had not contacted them and that there was an order pending from the prior electric company to disconnect services. I finally reached a "supervisor" at Freedom Power today, two days later. She told me nothing new. I then contacted the Public Utility Commission. They agreed with my that I had a legitimate claim. But, they also said that there was nothing they could do to give me relief from the mess. Ultimately, I paid the extra money to Freedom Power. I intend to spend the next few days draft a lawsuit against them. I intend to litigate it myself. I'm experienced and know what I am doing. I just hope to cost them money to defend themselves before a jury that is not going to like them. Only then will I be happy.

  29. I called Freedom Power to get a quote for service to my new apartment. I gave them my address and information. After being on hold for a while they came back and told me instead of the advertised $89 for the first month/ activation would only be $83.80 (due to the 1 bedroom size and location). I got instructions how and where to pay the amount quoted for activation and hurried to pay with the instructed “Fast pay “with Wells Fargo (another $13.00) After I got home I thought it might speed along the process if I called them back with the confirmation number- in a hurry to get the electric turned on Seeing it was the middle of the week and it would take several days. After giving them the info they informed me that it I would have to pay an additional $140 to what I had already paid, I told them that’s not what I agreed on and that with the move, new apartment, deposits and all that was more than I could afford and told them I could not do that to cancel it and I’ll go somewhere else, they said ok well we have to charge you a termination fee of $59.95 (a Lie, it was $63.48) for doing absolutely nothing but defrauding the public. After waiting from 1/8/09 just got a check for $20.31 today 3/23/09 I have already filed with the BBB in Texas. DON’T BE SCAMMED WITH FREEDOM POWER!!!

  30. Yolanda

    Freedom Power is a terrible company!!! I advise anyone who is looking for service or prepaid service not to go through them. My service was shut off due to non payment after 14-days of service. I was told by one of there non-professional, very rude, didn't know what he was doing, supervisors. He said that I was told that the 1st payment was for the 1st 14-days of service and then I would have to pay 60.04 for the next 26 days. I had no idea about that! He said he would play the conversation tape I had with the rep. Needless to say, he played it but I couldn't hear it and he said the rep did mention it. I called these people three times and neither said anything about that 14-day crap. I went through some crap about it. I called back the next day because my son's father was going to pay it for me. The rep then told me it was $95.00 to have it turned back on!! A reconnection fee plus the payment that was due. That idiot of a supervisor didn't mention that to me at all. I told the rep that they are running a shady business because I didn't recieve a bill or invoice. She said that they did not send those only disconnection notices in enough time for it to be paid. I had to go to the web site to review my bill. Are you serious!!? I wasn't told that either. I ask the stupid supervisor if I paid the $60.04 will it be the same in the next 26 days. He said no. They go by some historical use or some crap. He didn't make since so what they really are doing is charging whatever they want. Your bill or sorry disconnection notice can be $300.00 and you don't even use that much. They are a rip off and needs to be shut down ASAP. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know or get it done. They don't need to be in business at all!!

  31. megan_bn

    This place would turn off my power on a Friday night and be closed all weekend, not even giving me a chance to pay my bill. I would have to go all weekend with no power because they are closed all weekend. I would try to ask them questions on how the bill works and it just dosen't make any sense. There would be time's when I wasn't even home for a month and my bill would be $200. These people have no idea what they are doing, and I hope that anyone who wants to sue them will! The website that they give on there disconnett notice for complaints isn't even real! Theses people suck!

  32. monique

    Thank you for the insight, I seems as if I almost made a big mistake, My 1 year contract with Reliant was set to expire today I had been seeing the television ad. for Freedom Power and there low rates and decided to check on their reputaion, and I want you all to know that this site actually works based on your experiances I have decided to stay a loyal and almost greatfull customer of Reliant.

    Sorry for your hardship with this Company

  33. Betty

    I have not used Freedom Power but I can say from experience that BOUNCE ENERGY is a horrible horrible company to use. I switched to Bounce when I moved because I didnt want to pay a deposit. I was only in my apartment for one week in February and the bill for ONE WEEK was $66. For the no deposit plan you are required to have them automatically debit your account- the took $252 out of my bank account, which left me with nothing. It took over a week to get my money back and the only reason I got it back is because I obtained the email address of the founder of Bounce Energy and told him what had happened. I went an entire week with no money because of them. Then I found out I was being charged .19/kwt when i was told it would be .11. the month of March was $185.52. Never in my life have I paid this much for one month's electric. This company sucks. I have filed a complaint with the TX PUC! Do not use Bounce no matter how desperate you are.

  34. I have been with freedom power for about three months and i never received a bill so on a friday they turned off my power so now i have to go all weekend with no power and i think that sucks. i would never recommend this company. this is the worst experience i've ever gone through with a power company.


    Am writting on behalf of my sister who set up service over the phone. Everything was good until they called her back saying they need more money which she did not have. She recieves a utility check from housing.So she said send her the money back and that she could not afford the service. they kept 50.00 of the 80something sent.No one told her of the charge or this is police until she called to complain about the money received back. These people are crooks taking not only from the poor but everyone. I have yet to here anything good about this company. Is there any way we can stop them? Is this business legal?Its really sad my sister has come along way and for them to just take her money am very upset!

  36. Harold

    2 years ago I dealt with freedom power and experienced the same problems as most here..disconnected for an extra deposit. I resolved after that never to deal with them again.I moved recently and called a lot of companies but refused to call Freedom Power. Now on this day a friend who just moved to a new apartment 45 days ago,has told me her lights were disconnected by these crooks. If I had known she was getting power through them,I would have advised her better. So it infuriated me to hear they are still robbing and sending people through this hardship 2 years later!

    It's time for Austin,Tx to put a stop to these thugs!

  37. freedom power is a rip off I paid 75.00 for services at their request,I was told that my lights would be turned on. Now they are requesting additional monies which I don't have. all I want is to get my money back so that I can use another company. freedom power should be turned in to the better business bureau, they are just ripping the citizen off.


  39. nicole

    OK, at first I was confused too because you pay all this money up front but this is PREPAID ELECTRICITY so you have to understand the logistics of it. When you sign up, you pay a sign up fee in addition to the first month’s computed electricity bill in payments. So I signed up at the end of April and paid $160. Then I had to pay $268 for the month of May broken into 2 payments in May. June was prorated $300 and I paid in 3 payments. My first meter read was June 1st and I received a CREDIT of $45 to my account because the meter reading was less than the assumed prorated amount of $300. Therefore, my actual June bill is $250 for a 3 bedroom home in Houston which isn’t bad at all in this heat! REMEMBER, it’s PREPAID ELECTRICITY and so if you don’t pay on time or keep up with your payments, of course they will turn your electricity off.

  40. Henry

    My friend just signed up for Freedom Power, and Houston, WE ALREADY HAVE A PROBLEM. The salesman said all it took to get the service turned on was a $73.23 fee. We paid that amount at ACE checking, called Freedom Power back with the account number. Then, were we told, OK now we have to wait 3-24 hours before Freedom Power would have to check how much electrical usage the previous apartment tenant used before they can decide how much they’re going to charge my friend. First of all, that was never told to my friend before she paid her $73.23. Second, what does the previous tenant have to do with what rate you charge? If I were you, DO NOT USE FREEDOM POWER. THEY ARE A SCAM AND THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY OF ANY KIND that I’ve ever dealt with. Somebody needs to call President Barack Obama real quick and let him know that Freedom Power is a serious scam and is ripping people off on a daily basis. I can’t believe crap like this is happening in America in 2009. How do these sorry bastards sleep at night? Ass-holes!!!

  41. I just start service with freedom power on 6-09-09,and there already cut power off with no warning on 6-23-09,Isuffer with high blood pressure and it 115 degree in my apartment now I have to rent a hotel room to stay cool, If there can’t take there customer that don’t need to be bussiness.

  42. I just start service with freedom power on 6-09-09,and there already cut power off with no warning on 6-23-09,Isuffer with high blood pressure and it 115 degree in my apartment now I have to rent a hotel room to stay cool, If there can’t take there customer that don’t need to be bussiness.THANKS

  43. regina

    We signed up with this company and was lied to big time. No deposit all we had to pay was $128 paid it and then I recived a text to call them so they could continue to process our appliction guess what they need $132 more to start service. The same week we moved into the house we received a bill for $521 guess what we had to pay it because if we did’nt our lights would be turned off. Their representative are terrible people LIARS I don’t undersanding how they could live with themselves. We was told this amount would be good unitl July 13 wrong I was told another payment is due July 9. I will do some digging and see what could be done about this service.

  44. I wish that I had found this website before doing business with Freedom Power. I found their ad in the Greensheet and since I just needed their services for about 3 weeks I thought I would give them a call, that was on 6/4/09. I was told by the Freedom Power sales rep that I would need to pay $115.00 to start their services. She never advised that she had to pull any usage reports and that there would be more money needed before power was turned on. (My power had been cut off for sometime and since I would be moving in 100+ heat, I wanted power until I was completely packed and moved out on 7/3.) The sales rep advised me to call her back once the payment was made to verify the payment was posted. The next day she advised me that she pulled the usage report and another $21.00 was needed. I told her I shouldn’t have to pay more, she advised me that she will defer that payment until the next amount was due. Never did she tell me the payment of $115.00 was for only 2 weeks of service. She advised me that my service would be connected on June 6th, it was not connected until the 12th. They tried to blame Oncor for the connection problems. They contacted me again before July 4th and wanted more money. I called the customer service 800# and advised that I no longer needed their service and to disconnect on 7/6. I just received a final bill for their services for $411.90. I am totally outraged and will be filing a complaint with the PUC in regard the shoty business practice of Freedom Power and I hope for the people out there that may need to use this type of service that they do alot of research before trying pay as you go service providers. I know that I probably will never get my money back that they have overcharged me, my home in the last 40 years has never had and electric bill above $200.00 a month, but it would make me happy to know that the PUC could and should put them out of business.

  45. kortney gilmore

    since day one freedom power has been a huge headache. i have paid over 400 for 1 month of service. i have been disconnected 3 times and have never recieved a disconnect notice. i have also done some research on this company and i have discovered that i am not the only customer with this complaint. my lights are off now and it clearly states on the website that the disconnect date is 7/27. so why am i without power. but also 131 was paid on 7/7 and now freedom is requesting more money. this company is a scam and i will be reporting you to the public utility commission.

  46. Audrey Vaughn

    Well I am another Freedom Power use to be customer. I called them on 6/29/09 to start service cause I was moving into a new apartment. THat day they told me to pay $100.00 which I paid. A lady called me 2 days (07/01/09) after that and stated that I needed to pay $57.00 more dollars, so i did. I called (07/02/09)to see if they received payment and that I needed to get a connection date. Another lady called me back the same day and stated that I needed to pay $157.00 more dollars, I asked for what and she said that the lady that told me to pay $57.00 made a mistake and told me the wrong price. I cancelled the order and told them to send my refund, they said that it will take 3-5 business days and they have to take a $60.00 cancellation fee. I said that was fine. So a week in a half goes by and I call them about my money and the lady tells me that the lady that signs the checks is on Vacation. THat REALLY REALLY steamed me up!!!! So I call back that same week and now the customer service lady tells me that the lady hasnt come back to work. By this time I have sent a complaint to the BBB, but they are not registered members so they dont have to respond to the complaint. July 27,2009 comes I call again and now they say that they are still processing the refund but have no mailout date. I call back today 08/05/09 which makes it about 3-5 weeks now and still no money and now they cant find my refund and customer service has to send an escalation letter to the manager. So NOW I AM VERY VERY MAD and I really need my money cause I do have kids and I cant afford to throw money away!!!

  47. Forrest

    I am a reporter looking into Freedom Power and other pre-paid providers. Please email me if you’re interested in talking about your experience with this company. wilder AT texasobserver.org


  48. tonya

    i agree with you all freedompower is a scam they tell you one thing when u sign up for service and before you know it it time to pay again in less than a month’s time i have paid them over $300 for service because they said my first payment was only good for 14 days wtf?so $200 only paid for 14 days of service when i was first told that all i needed was $133 to startthen i get a text saying to call to continue my application hell that was a text asking for more money paid that then had to wait additional days for service to begin and not even a week later got a bill requesting more money pay or be in the dark was basicaly what this was saying and of course i paid it becuase i have four kid’s who need these lights but hell freedom power will keep you broke becuase everytime you look around it’s time to pay or be in the dark

  49. freedom power has to be shut down! they are ripping everyone off more awareness need to be out there about how bad of a company they are! I too was shut off, i paid $222 (and i never use more than 600kwh) for the month of july 08 yet i was without power in june 08 when i called to get my refund (because i didnt have power) they kept saying the order has not went through yet and its been over a year now and im still fighting for my money back THEY ARE STEALING FROM EVERYONE!! more needs to be done to shut them down they need to be sued. i dont recommend ANYONE to get service with them, i rather pay some one else a deposit up front because in the end you will lose more with freedom power then with reliant/green mountain/ star tex / any body else.

    please stay away from freedom power!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shut them down

  50. to send a note to the president of the united states go to


    no body in texas is doing anything so hopefully he will if enough people let him know whats going on, they are making texans poorer!!

    please send a email we are a very few of the many many people that were and still are getting robbed.

  51. tonya

    freedom power is a total scam in just one month of service i have paid a total of $634.00 to this light company now they are saying i’m past due $337.00 WTF? HOW IS THIS SO WHEN A WEEK AGO I PAID THEM $100 this company is keeping me broke everytime i flip the switch it’s time to pay again


    these MF pist me off, they told me that all i needed is 146.20 to turn on my service. I called to check the status later that week and they told me that i needed to pay an additional 275.00 in order for them to put on my lights and it will still take 3 to 5 business days i have been waiting already. I called back to get my full refund and they told me that they where going to take $60.00 out, i told them no they did not sh*t so i ask to speak to the superviser and there was no one there.


  53. Ms. C.A.R./Houston

    I’ve been with Freedom Power in Houston for a couple of years. At first a had a few problems with them. But, whenever I ask to speak with a supervisor, They were always willing to put one on the line. I complained aout my usage and how they can’t estimate my bill. I explained to them that I would not have any problem filing a lawsuit, because there are attorneys in my family and they would love to take them on with no problem. It wasn’t a threat just the facts. They did over charge me and after raising hell, the credited $89.79 to my bill. Then they called me a few months later and explained to me about an over charge. The following month, I had no bill. Then after that, I had no problems with them since. My start up fee was $83.23. I never had to pay an additional deposite and my elctricity was changed over within 2 days and has never be disconnected. I believe they do the things they do, because it will take a long time before anything is done when you complain through PUC. I’ve read most of the stories and it’s ridiculous. But if everybody get together and keep pushing the issue and not give up, PUC will take this seriously and take action. You might need to exploit them on the news. Akins Army might be the answer. I won’t mind switching my electricity if it takes getting scammmers out of the system.

  54. Lola Chambers

    After having service with Freedom Power for only 5 weeks, I have had my service disconnected once, and come within minutes of a second disconnection. The first disconnect was done within 18 hours after receiving a text message only–No bill or other notice whatsoever. The second time was today, three weeks later. The only communication I have received this time was a disconnect notice saying a rediculously large amount was due by the 12th of October. This notice was received yesterday, October 7th. And at 9:30 a.m. this morning, a person from Oncore energy was here to disconnect me again. Seeing the notice had the 12th written on it, the gentleman gave me time to make arrangements for payment, which was done. At no time have I received an actual bill, or any accounting for the power that I have actually used. Could anyone tell me, please, at what point does Freedom Power have to account for the amount of money they’re taking from me, as compared with the amount of electricity I’m using? At some point, should’nt they have to give me an accounting of the number of kilowatt hours I’ve actually used? Amd how many times are their CUSTOMER SERVICE people going to use the excuse that they have sent a bill, and I just didn’t get it? I realize their service it based on estimated upcomining usage, but why do I never get an actual bill for the upcoming month, but always get a disconnect notice instead? Where do they get their figures from, anyway–are they just making them up, because I have yet to see anyone actually read my meter, except when they come to turn the power off.

  55. Courtney Gonzales

    THIS COMMENT IS FOR ALL OF FREEDOM POWER, ya’ll are truly sorry people and you should be ashamed of yourselves for shutting a terminally ill woman’s power off!!! Really like you all don’t make enough money to lend a helping hand to someone in her condition! You obviously have no heart if you were able to do that w/dignity.
    My grandmother died in May of this year from terminal cancer and she also had to fight the people to give her some slack in her bills. So I know what it feels like to see my loved one suffer and worry her little heart out even when she was dying! So why don’t you all just listen to what someone has to say and there situation before you go cutting there electricity off !! Kay thanks!

  56. b

    I love freedompower they are happy with there service they are honest and are reliable… we over payed two much in our monthly bills b/c the meter was read wrong and didn’t ave to pay for 2 months… YOUR THE BEST

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