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Liberty Power, Residential Electric Company

Don’t be Mislead, not all Electric Companies Play Fair

If you have been researching Texas residential electric rates on the net there is one provider I have noticed that is advertising on some pay per click advertising and they have some very misleading residential quotes they are telling people who call in to request a quote even if the company is not intentionally being misleading it confused me as well as my customers. A customer of ours who almost switched to Liberty Power on their 24 month electric rate called me first and we discovered their rate wasn’t what it appeared to be at first look. Although most electric companies bundled in all charges including TDSP charges in their rate some do not and they are not required to do so either by the PUCT.

Some Residential Companies Leaving off the Generation Charges

July 9 2008 we confirmed on two seperate instances that Liberty Power was quoting residential electric customers a rate that did not include the transmission and distribution service provider charges. If you look on the state power to choose website you will notice that all rates are quoted as a total bundled rate that includes the generation charge. Most people are familiar that residential rates are normally quoted as an all in rate as everyone pays the same pole charges as a residential customer.

Called Electric Company 3 Different Times to Verify

I called Liberty Power and found out they are misleading those who call even if unintentional as they are not required to bundle in TDSP charges if they do not want to. It is a Fixed Rate with an $8.95 monthly service fee but they would not tell me about the additional charge until the end of the call and only after I asked if there was a monthly service charge. The monthly fee isn’t the main issue. The main misleading part of the electric rate with Liberty Power in my opinion is that they also have a TDSP delivery charge of: $0.04 that they do not bundle into the rate when quoting you the rate on the phone. I went the whole sales call without being told of this as well as one of my customers. I called them back and asked after another sales call with them if a TDSP charge has been left out and they told me I would need to add approximately $.04 to the rate. This makes their supposed 12 month 0.1210 rate actually 0.1610 cents kWh. This makes their 24 month 0.1145 electric rate actually .01545 cents kWh. Once you add this and average in the monthly service fee the rate actually ends up being a much higher rate then quite a few competitive electric companies in Texas. It must be noted that the PUCT rules does not require that retail electric providers show the total bundled rate including TDSP charges in advertisements. Although Liberty has not broken a PUCT rule many public energy consumers will think they are signing up for an “all-in” rate when it really is only the “energy only” portion of the total rate.

Reputable Electric Companies in Texas

You can check on the top of this page above for a competitive fixed rate discount offer that includes all fees charges, and TDSP fees. The comparison chart will bring up a detailed list of energy providers along with all charges bundled into the rate. We keep this updated daily so you can check back to see what reputable electric company we recommend for the time being with a straightforward low cost Texas electric rate.

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  1. tutu

    I am currently a Reliant Energy customer and have been for several years. I am now paying $.18 for this service and that is why I am looking for a better rate.

  2. Liberty Power on the other hand, has a very detailed bill and shows all charges that apply for a customer.

    Remember one thing: Utilities do not work for free, they will get there piece of the pie one way or another

    Cirro, Accent, Affordable Energy, Gexa Power, Green Mountain, Dyno Watt and other company that relate to then are know as “MLM network companies.” They rely on brokers signing up other brokers to enroll accounts. There is someone sitting there making all of your money, while the person on the top of the food chain gets rich.

    Liberty Power is not trying to mislead, this is the way deregulation should have been since it started back in 2002 when we started in Texas. They are also not a “MLM company, Liberty wants to help you save money and know what you are paying for.

  3. Eugene Syes

    Ref Liberty Power,
    Is one of the MOST deceptive lying heap of electric utility operation on the wire. They will outright withhold vital info for an inquirer seeking details on additional charges. Until recently, they will not disclose additional HIDDEN charges as delivery fees and will ‘play’ it down immensely and will not give you an EXAMPLE situation of a make believe sample bill. They have much to hide. AVOID them at ALL Cost.
    After added ‘DELIVERY’ FEE one’s bill can be up by 3-4 more kilowatt hrs. to their advertised billing.
    We hate deceptive ADs. It’s a Major turn off. Good businesses are upright, upfront and thriving.
    Let Liberty Power die quietly.

  4. jason

    liberty Power Is THE WORST option ,they have all but put me out of business and its my fault…but dont let it be yours.Avoid these nocount worthless heartless cowards.the are a rip off and will laugh in your face with it. ive got too many details to even go into.recorded my own phone calls..or should i say “put on hold and never comeback” calls.trust me.id try anyone else first

  5. Jimmy D.

    All electric providers charge a seperate dilevery fee, and Liberty power is no different. All power bills contain more than one line. Liberty power is committed to providing people electricity at a lower rate than the local utility company. With all the customers we have, to see so few complaints is a testimony to our quality.

    • But on power to choose all providers bundle their electric rate which includes any TDSP charges. The state created a rule this year that providers must be more thorough in claryfying all charges in their advertised bundled rate. We are glad Liberty is making their electric rate clear to customers now.

  6. Jimmy D.

    It is a misconception…the local utility company is the one who adds the transportation and delivery charge, not the supplier.

    • Your right the TDSP charges are something that is not the responsibility of the retail electric providers. The charges are simply past through. But for the purposes of making sure Texans understand their advertised electric rate most energy providers will bundle in those TDSP charges into the retail electricity costs to give a total “all-in” bundled price. In fact, Texas now requires that residential electricity rates are advertised and bundled so that the consumer knows exactly what they are being charged, even the TDSP charges that are not the responsibility of the retail electric provider.

      This is how electric rates have been regulated to be advertised by the PUCT in Texas. Consumers want to see the total “all-in” rate including TDSP charges and so the PUCT makes sure Texas electricity providers comply and bundle in all charges in their advertised rates even if some of those charges are simply past through from the utility or generation company.

      Make no mistake, TDSP charges are out of the control of the retail electric providers hands as Jimmy has stated. It is a misconception to believe that they are charges coming from the retail electric provider. None the less an energy provider in Texas must bundle in all charges including TDSP charges when advertising a residential electric rate to Texans.

      This is how the PUCT wants it to be done.

  7. Pat

    Obviously most of you have either not done your proper research or don’t have the brains that God gave a goose!!!! Your utility company is the one that charges the delivery fee. Why should Liberty Power speak on behalf of your utilities fees??? I have been extremely pleased not only with the rate that i received but the level of customer service that they provide as well. Some of you need to get a life and get off the internet!!!!

  8. Larry

    Liberty Power Corp lowered my bill by 12% a month!!!!!

    Learn how to read your bill..

    Total monthly kwh usage x your (sub-total Supply amount)

    Yea, Liberty is always lower!

    They supply some of the largest GOV agencies in the US with power!!!!

  9. We understand that TDSP charges are not Liberty Powers responsibility. My question is simply considering that many electric companies like Startex, Champion and even the state run powertochoose site bundles in the TDSP charges into their advertised rate why not Liberty? Simply by typing in your zip code on these electric companies sites and the chart above rates are shown based on TDSP area that include the TDSP charges bundled into the advertised rate. Since this can be easily done and many electric companies in Texas do this as a matter of practice why doesn’t Liberty Power? This would be clear and proper disclosure of the “Total all-in” rate and would be consumer friendly. I for one would like to see this done with Liberty’s residential electricity rates. This is really my only problem with Liberty.


    In 2008 LPT send me a plan description that highlighted my rate of 0.1205 for 24 months. They guaranteed me a fixed, lock-in low rate for the term of the contract.
    What they did not tell me was that I would ALSO be paying an additional VARIABLE RATE for transportation/delivery charges from the local utility.
    -Yes that is right -LIBERTY POWER’S Quoted price DID NOT include the variable transportation / deliver charges from the local utility.

    This was not clear to me!

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