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Bounce Energy

Type in your zip code to the right and compare Bounce Energy with multiple Texas electric companies in your area. All fees and charges are bundled into the electric rates to give you a clear apples to apples comparison.

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Software Director at Whitefence starts a New Electric Company

A new Texas electric provider that has been appearing in advertising on google’s ad network as well as on the power to choose website is a company by the name of Bounce Energy. This electric provider is located at 2802 Albany in Houston Texas. They started business in Texas May 2008. Robbie Wright is the Director of Bounce Energy and was previously the Senior Vice President of customer experience at WhiteFence. From his work background he appears to have been involved in their software side of the business in large part considering their business model is based almost completely on online sign ups for essential utility services. Robbie still acts as a consultant for WhiteFence which is a company that works with several electric companies in controlling their electric service sign ups on the internet.

New Electric Provider in Texas

After having a succesfull run at Whitefence Robbie has ventured into starting a bonafied retail electric provider in Texas and with a history in the software mechanisms that organize and keep track of electric service customers this may be the right fit for him in this competitive market. Since Bounce Energy is less then a year old we do not have very much information available as far as their ability to provide accurate timely billing and historically low fixed electric rates. We wish Bounce Energy well in their new business venture in the retail electric market and are interested to see how they compare to other Texas electric rates.

You can compare electricity rates from Bounce Energy with several other Texas electricity companies competing for your residential electric service business.

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  1. jkelson

    I actually switched to Bounce’s Blue Sky plan a couple of weeks ago as I am attempting to “go green” in my home. So far so good. I now have a lower rate on a green plan than I had on a non-green plan with TXU. I decided to go with Bounce Energy over Green Mountain.

  2. Admin/jkelson-
    Thanks for the writeup and comments. I also wanted to provide a little information on Bounce’s Blue Sky “green” plan:

    In addition, we have plans created specifically for Movers, Switchers and those looking to skip paying a deposit. Drop by and visit us at

    One more thing, correction to the address above, Bounce is located at 2802 Albany in Houston.

    Thanks again-
    Karl at Bounce Energy

  3. Erin

    This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. My first bill with Bounce was $66 and they took $251 out of my bank account and refuse to give it back! the customer service is horrid and when I called the billing dept. and explained that their billing error had wiped out my bank account, I got an irritated voice on the other end telling me they technically have 48 hours to look into the matter, so they would not be looking into it before 48 hours. Nevermind the fact that I am a single mother of 2 living paycheck to paycheck and they just took all of the money I had. A week later I still do not have my money back. I had to file a complaint with the public utilities commission- as if that is going to do anything….but what else can I do? I am helpless.

  4. Terence

    Bounce Energy is ripping me off with poor customer service and no-effort to resolve billing issues. On 7/15/09, I received two separate electric bills for my address, one from Bounce Energy and another from Green Energy. Both bills show different Meter #.

    Bounce Energy (June, 2009)
    – page 1: “”
    – page 2: “”

    Green Mountain (June, 2009)
    – “”

    I called Bounce Energy only to be told by a Jessica that it wasn’t their fault at all, that Oncor gave them the information. Oncor does not serve my address so I went to TX-NM who told me that Meter #85188521 – shown on Bounce Energy statement – belongs to 247 E. Corporate Dr, while Meter #97806865 is 265 E. Corporate Dr. I relayed that information back to Bounce Energy. Their supervisor – he had a thick Latino accent – said they will issue a refund.

    2 weeks went by, Bounce Energy has not resolved the issue. In fact, I’m being billed the next month for the same incorrect Meter #85188521.

    Bounce Energy (July, 2009)
    – page 1: “”
    – page 2: “”

    I called on 7/27/09 about 11:30am. A different supervisor denied any mistake on their part, insisting that all information is correct. I repeated the findings from TX-NM. He hesitated, as if he didn’t believe a word of it, and claimed that he would issue an investigation about it. I don’t believe anything will be done since 1) I didn’t receive a refund despite the claims of the Latino-accented supervisor on 7/15, 2) no action has been taken to correct the Meter Number with the right address, and 3) I’m still getting billed for Meter #85188521 despite presenting proof it doesn’t belong to my address.

    To add insult to injury, Bounce Energy has one of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Average wait time 15 to 20 minutes. Neither Green Energy nor StarTex Energy took that long to take customer calls, and they are bigger companies than Bounce. Along with the fact that Bounce refused to verify correct Meter # with address, insinuating other parties being at fault (including me as customer) for any incorrect information Bounce has.

  5. Nancy D.

    I am very very very happy with this COMPANY. I didn’t have to pay a deposit at all. I was with DPI and please never use them at all. They will LIE BIG TIME. I love the low price I am paying.

  6. I am active military and moved from Texas to Virginia in May of 2009. After calling Bounce Energy on 3 difference occasions to cancel my electric services, I have continued to be billed for the new tenants energy consumption now as of July. At every point of contact I made with Bounce Energy, I was placed on hold for 35+ minutes and switched between 4 and 5 different customer service reps who all had no answer. Funds were debited again from my account this month despite the fact that I had called the month prior to cancel service. I called as of today: July 30, 2009 where I called because another direct withdrawl was made for $200 in services that were not rendered by me. I finally called on my fourth attempt to terminate my service. After being switched AGAIN between 6 customer service representatives throughout 3 different phone calls, I was placed on hold for over two hours to speak with a manager who then hung up on me.

  7. margaret

    we placed an order with Bounce to switch from Spark to Bounce because after our contract was up, Spark gouged the price way up. We decided to try Bounce. With Bounce, some how the order never went through! We checked a month later and they said, “oh, don’t know what happened”, “but we can resubmit the order”. So, they resubmitted the order to change us to them. Guess what happened, instead of switching they put in to TURN OUR POWER OFF INSTEAD of ON!!! So NOW we DON’T have power and are spending the night at someone else’s house with our 3 children!!!!! We tried calling, but…Guess what, YOU GOT IT…..There is NO ONE that can help US!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SYSTEM is down! Our groceries are defrosting in the freezer and going bad in the frig. Do they care….ABSOLUTEY NOT…..Not a person available to HELP! DO NOT USE BOUNCE. This is how they treat their NEW customers!

  8. Mike D in Lufkin, TX

    One of the best Honest Up Standing Companys I have ever seen. When they say something they stand by it. Name me many companys like that not many. Very fair and and gotten more than energy but someone you can trust thanks Bounce Engery.

  9. rusty duke

    I tried to switch my energy to one of those low cost providers, ya know because I was tired of getting ripped off by TXU. So I switched and everything was fine, till I was ‘talked into what looked like a lower rete. Then things got ugly, my electric bill trippled for what it had been. So I seitched back to MX Energy. I suggest you switch, but be careful. Go with someone you know.

  10. D Whitworth

    We have been with Bounce Energy for a year now and thank good ness we switched. We have had no problems to date and have had great savings compared to TXU which was OUTRAGEOUS! Have NOTHING GOOD to say about TXU, but everything good to say about BOUNCE, GO BOUNCE!!!!

  11. Rebecca

    Bounce has been my electric provide for a little over a year now, and I can vouch for the bill credits being legitimate; the companion airfare is offered, it isn't really worth it – i'll take the gift card when i'm eligible for this again next month! The rates are competitive. Taking into account bill credits for consecutive, on time payments ($75 for 12, $150 for 24 and 3% off every bill after 30), the company is extremely competitive. If you chose Bounce, use code 1118205 when you sign up or renew with Bounce to receive a $50 bill credit. You will also be enrolled in their awesome rewards program! You'll be eligible to receive FREE movie tickets, starbucks gift cards (or companion airfare which is NOT worth it) and most importantly, bill credits of up to $150! ($75 after 12 consecutive, on-time payments and $150 after 24 and 3% off your bill after 30!). I've had Bounce for over a year and have had no problems.

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