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Reliant Energy asking for Large Deposit Amount?

Have you moved into a new Houston apartment or rental house? Are you a student and are just getting your credit history established? You may have tried switching to Reliant Energy if you are in the Houston area only to be told they need a very large deposit to have Houston electricity service turned on in your name. If your credit score is less then fair they may need a $400 deposit or possibly even higher. For many in this situation you may have even had to already save up and pay your deposit for your apartment or rental house. To now be asked for an additional $400 as a deposit for electric service to be turned on can be a very frustrating issue. If you are in this situation or something similar we recommend you give Bounce Energy a call.

Reliant Energy in Houston rejects hundreds of customers a day who just do not meet their credit requirements. A good credit score is 630 while a bad credit score could be anything below 600. Now having a 600 credit score really isn’t that bad but when turning on electricity service many Houston electricity companies have to be conservative about what credit risk they take on. Energy providers make a profit by signing up large volumes of customers. They cannot afford for too many of these electricity service customers to default on their energy contract. We do not know what credit score Reliant Energy uses to flag a customer for a deposit or no deposit because it is an always changing number with most Texas energy providers.

Without an effective risk management strategy a Houston electric provider can easily go out of business which was the case with Riverway Power and National Power in the summer of 2008. Reliant Energy is not the enemy but they are one of the biggest Houston electricity companies if not the biggest and so they have to be very careful which energy customers they sign up as they could end up with too many credit risk customers and actually lose money. A Reliant deposit however is not the end of the road for a credit risk customer. If you have limited or no credit you can be approved for a guaranteed no deposit electricity rate with Bounce Energy. You can call them using the phone number listed above and get immediately switched to Bounce Energy at a very unique electric rate plan.

If you have good credit we recommend trying out our cheapest available electricity rate offers which are listed on the top left of this page. Find the fixed rate plan that suits you best whether it be a 1 year fixed rate, 2 year, 3 year, or 6 month rate and click on the “sign up now” link. You will then need to enter your Texas service address and your rate will be confirmed based on the area you live in. We pride ourselves in disclosing all fees and charges in our electricity rates we advertise on our site. We are not trying trick someone into an energy contract that is not what it clearly states it is. Some energy companies in Houston and other deregulated areas in Texas will have unclear terms and conditions with their pricing which can only be found by investigating their pricing in their terms of servive in their energy contract. Reliant Energy is not a Texas electric provider that deceives their customers and so you will not have to worry about being tricked into a rate that isn’t clearly advertised for what it is when signing up with Reliant. Reliant Energy however has uncompetitive Houston electricity service rates in comparison to several of the reputable electric companies we have listed in our best residential rates on the top left of this page. At this time we recommend you choose an electric provider other then Reliant until their electricity prices improve.

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