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Have You Been Advertised A Low Electric Rate Only to Be Charged More?

chargesFor the most part we have seen that Texas electric companies are very good about advertising all fees and charges in their electric rates and plans. Having said this there are still a handful of energy companies that are basically tricking their customers into an electric rate while staying in the realm of what is considered lawful. There are ways to fashion a rate by using the loopholes available in the PUCT regulations and laws so that a Texas residential or commercial electric rate may look like a low price but as soon as you receive your first months electric bill you notice the electricity price is not as advertised.

This is called bait and switch in the deceptive trade practices law and so you may have more success pursuing a Texas electric company legally by complaining to the Texas Attorney General who investigates these types of crimes. If you have been scammed please fill out the form below so we can allow Texas energy consumers to be warned of potential traps a few electric providers have set for unsuspecting customers. If you are one of the Texas electric companies in the list below and have reason to believe that the customer filing the complaint is mistaken please feel free to comment below and clarify why the customer may be mistaken. We would be happy to retract any FALSE information.

Electric Companies That Do Not Participate in Bait and Switch Tactics

Above is a comparison chart tool that compares electric rates from multiple reputable electric companies in Texas each offering several different electric rates and terms. Some providers offer the cheapest long-term fixed rates while another provider may have a very good short-term rate. Some providers specialize in variable month to month rates that have no long-term commitment. You can compare and pick the electricity company and rate using our compare tool at the top right. When you ready to sign up just click on “continue” next to the provider you want and you will be taken to the sign up page. You will first be able to confirm the rate once more before deciding to commit.


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