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Finding A Cheaper Tyler TX Electricity Rate

Comparing Residential Electricity Rates and Commercial Prices

Residential electricity rates in comparison to commercial electricity are generally the same although there are some differences that usually confuse consumers. One of the main differences between residential and commercial energy prices in Tyler TX has to do with the TDSP Charges. The Transmission and Distribution Service Provider charges are left off of a quoted commercial electric rate because the charges are determined based on historical usage. For residential Tyler electricity prices the energy provider can estimate them based on the average home owners electric bill and charge the same for everyone. So although a large chemical plant or refinery in Tyler may pay very little for their TDSP charges a small franchise like a Curves fitness studio will pay a lot more for their TDSP charges. Businesses and churches will pay much more for TDSP charges in general than a residential home unless you are a large facility like a manufacturing facility or refinery.

Residential Energy Rates Are Bundled But Commercial Prices Are Not

So now that we have the question of whether or not you can do anything about your TDSP charges which you can’t we can move on to comparing residential electricity rates. In Tyler there are up to 30 different competing electric companies. Some of these companies like Gexa Energy were not known by most people only a few years ago but now many know brand names like Gexa and Green Mountain Energy. Tyler TX residents are able to compare these familiar energy brands with the old monopoly companies like TXU Energy and Reliant Energy. Keep in mind that your residential TDSP charges are already figured and bundled into your advertised rate so their is no question of what your electric bill and charges will look like.

Big Brand Energy Companies Charge A Little More Than The Smaller Companies

For some reason over the past few years TXU and Reliant have seemed to be able to find a sweet price spot on what to charge their customers. This price is a little higher than some of our discount electricity companies in our comparison chart which means you can save money by comparing TXU Energy with several electricity providers in our comparison chart above.

An Up and Coming Texas Electricity Company Offering Service in Tyler TX

Gexa Energy was a no name brand in Texas that many people were not familiar with but they became a success and were bought out by Florida Power and Light. Gexa Energy is now one of the largest electricity providers in Tyler Texas and the state. Gexa offers green energy choices, fixed, and variable electricity prices. You can compare Gexa Electric rates with several other energy suppliers by using our Tyler Texas zip code tool at the top of this page. If you live in 75701, 75702, 75703, or 75704 you will simply need to type that in the box in the chart and a detailed comparison box will appear showing you all our available offers.

Easy To Understand Comparison Chart For Tyler TX Energy Consumers

We have worked to make sure you receive the same and sometimes discounted price off of what the electric companies in Tyler TX normally charge. We have some exclusive offers in our chart that are only available from this site. You will never pay more with the same energy company when using our comparison chart and you will usually pay less than you would with the familiar big energy brands in Texas like TXU and Reliant Energy.

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  1. Frank Graham

    I live in 75757 Bullard, Texas. I am interested in your varable rate plan in order to transfer to your company.


    • Frank all you need to do is click here: http://www.electricitybid.com and then click on “compare electricity plans and rates”

      Type in your zipcode and a comparison chart will come up. Once the chart has appeared click on the “variable” tab. The rates will be listed from least expensive to most expensive. I recommend signing up with the least expensive provider. It can all be done online.

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