September 17, 2012 DonnyE

The Plight of a Customer Dealing With an Unresponsive Electric Company

Dealing with retail stores that do not care about you as a customer is especially frustrating when they know you will never use them again but even still they seem not the least bit worried.

My experience at some of the top franchise restaurants in the U.S. is that if you tell the manager you are unhappy with something they will likely comp your meal, give you a gift card, or go out of their way to make sure you stay a happy customer.

My restaurant experience in these situations is something I take with me and expect anytime I am unfairly treated by a company. I assume the company did not realize what they had done or at least once called out for a matter of injustice will make sure to shut me up by rectifying things in short order.

Some electric companies know there are plenty more customers to be had after you and so to leave you hanging with an unjust electric bill is simply standard procedure.

It’s sad that this type of behavior still happens in the Texas electric utility market but it is true as just yesterday I read a new case of it as reported to the Public Utility Commission.

This PUCT report leads me to my recommendation for all those dealing with an unresponsive electric company. Let’s say you have called and complained on 2 different occasions about a billing inaccuracy and the phone support person offered no valid reason for the billing error or way to restore you back your lost money you have been paying this company.

Many times these electricity company phone support people know a select few typical questions and answers that they mainly receive all day long 5 days a week. Then you call in and actually have a real billing issue and it’s like they can’t believe there could possibly be an issue because it’s not a typical call they receive.

So you call and get no where and then call again and can’t get anywhere with these people. This type of thing happens quite a lot. After a couple calls and a refusal to help you further it’s time to get the big guns out and call the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Calling the PUCT is how you get this type of thing resolved right away. The PUCT definitely has your back in these situations as I have read through countless communications where the provider releases the customer from their contract with no penalty, reimburses them for bad billing charges, etc.

If you have an unresponsive electric company who never calls you back, refuses to compromise in some way with you, and simply will not listen to reason you need to lodge an informal and perhaps a formal complaint with the PUCT. It is as simple as calling their number at 1-888-782-8477 or visiting their website at:

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