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Electric Service for Apartments

Electric service for apartments is no different from that of a house but the landlord will want the account number of the electric company you choose to go with.

When you use this site to shop online for electric service for your apartment you will, compare providers, look at various rates, and ultimately pick a provider and sign up online.

The good news is that we help organize the providers and rates and assist in helping you find a good rated low price electric company for your new place.

When you order apartment electric service over the internet you are confirmed online and given your account number online and in an email.

You simply take down the confirmation number or account number and give this number to the apartment landlord so they know you have switched to an electric company.

Once the apartment complex management has this account number it allows them to know you have ordered electric service in your name so they can go ahead and call and request that the service be switched off in the prior tenants account.

As long as you get your request for electric service in before the landlord calls in to request it be turned off the service will remain on and will never be physically turned off.

If you fail to order service in your name but you tell your landlord that you did what will happen is electricity service will be turned off and may end up off for a couple of days.

The whole reason the apartment landlord asks for the account number to verify you have ordered electric service is to make sure that service is not accidentally turned off just before you move in.

This little dilemma rarely happens but it occasionally occurs and so there you have the reason for the landlords insistence that you provide them your electric utility account number.

They are just trying to make sure they are not blamed for electricity service being turned off just as a new tenant moves in.

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