October 29, 2012 DonnyE

BioLite Stove, a Mini Electricity Generator and Clean Wood Burning Stove

We are really liking this new stove that burns wood and converts it to electricity to charge up LED flashlights, iPhones, and other small electronic devices.

What you get with this camping stove is a way to create small amounts of electricity while creating stove top heat that can be used to cook food.

Unlike typical camping stoves that use propane, camping fuel, or batteries this stove burns wood you find laying around the campsite and while you cook your food you create a little electricity at the same time.

Imagine using the natural resources laying on the forest floor to produce the energy you need for your camping fun. You get to bring the high-tech gizmo world with you for your next camping adventure as you generate electricity to keep your iphone charged.
For a lot of us we would rather leave the iPhone at home but in many 3rd world countries just having an outlet with electricity to power a cellphone is a luxury and so from this point of view this is really something to marvel at.

I am sure a lot of villagers in Africa and in the tropical rain forests could really make use of one of these things. ElectricityBid likes this product so much we are planning to ship one out to a deserving family living in a village that is completely off-the-grid.

Keep in mind that in many villages that don’t even have electricity a few people do have cell phones believe it or not. They may not be wearing anything but a small leather animal skin but they are familiar with cell phones. Also fuel is not cheap and so a wood burning generator is both safe, clean, and affordable for these small village tribes.

For every visitor that chooses to Facebook, like or share, Google plus 1 and share this article, or Tweet this article we will contribute $1 per “share”, “like”, “plus one”, “tweet” until we reach $129 to purchase a BioLite CampStove. This process will be repeated if we surpass the 129 shares and likes for the first stove. The HomeStove is not yet available for purchase so for now we will be shipping out the camp stove until the Home Stove is ready.

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