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Essential Services in Laredo Texas When Relocating

laredoWhen relocating to Laredo Texas you will need such things as electricity, water, natural gas, trash pickup, and quite a few other things. When you find a place to live you will try and get electricity, gas, water, and rent setup and hopefully avoid the deposit requests.

For many of us our credit is kind of bad perhaps because it has yet to be established or we failed to make a payment on time in the past. To start off with I recommend comparing electric rates and companies using our Laredo Texas compare tool to your right. Enter your zip code and click on “Compare” to begin.

You will have the option to go to a “No Deposit” tab if you would like to just look at no deposit offers.

You are also going to need essential services from quite a few other companies in Laredo and we have provided a great list below. Be sure to let us know of a company we have left off that you feel deserves to be on this list.

City Trash Pick Up Service

Trash Pickup (956) 796-1098
Landfill (956) 795-2515
Administration (956) 795-2510

Trash Pickup Schedule

78046 Tuesday & Friday
78045 Monday & Thursday
78043 Tuesday & Friday
78041 Monday & Thursday
South of 78040 South of Park St.Tuesday & Friday
North of 78040 North of Park St. Monday & Thursday

Laredo Texas Water Utilities

For questions or inquiries, please call customer service during normal business hours at 956-727-6402. Visit their website here

Natural Gas

Depending on the area of Laredo you live in you will be serviced by one of the following two gas companies. I would call Atmos Energy first and they will ask for your address and check their system to see if they service your home.

CenterPoint Energy
(800) 427-7142

Atmos Energy
(888) 286-6700



Arellano’s Plumbing
4302 Patriot Drive
(956) 220-2245

Google Plus Maps Page



RPI Electric
512 Market Street #2
(956) 796-1003n
Google Plus Page


Martinez Law Firm
2439 Monarch Drive
(956) 724-5047
Google Plus Page

Day Care

School Of Wonder
403 Lindenwood Drive
(956) 717-3935
Website Google Plus Page

All Star Kids
1218 Laredo Street
(956) 723-3319
Google Plus Page w/ Reviews

United Day School
1701 San Isidro Parkway
(956) 723-7261

Best Little Schoolhouse In Tx
1420 Laredo Street
(956) 725-6319

Adriana’s Day Care
8902 Orange Blossom Loop
(956) 724-8717

Lawn Care

Garza’s Landscaping & Maintenance
Las Tiendas Road
(956) 645-2210

Heating and Air Conditioning

Northside Air Conditioning
(956) 725-7428
Website Google Plus Page

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