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Teaching The Government to Back Off of Electricity Prices

manmadeThe government has been hard at work the last few years in pushing man made global warming, the carbon tax, and along with it many different green energy initiatives.

They have yet to pass a global warming carbon tax on the power plants, citizens, and industries but they have it in the agenda.

Among all the things that they still want to do they have been successful at promoting and subsidizing green energy projects.

Global warming is not as popular and so with it and the much anticipated carbon tax we have seen a dramatic shift among the media and politicians in backing far away from this bad science.

With new data out that shows the earth has been cooling over the last 16 years scientists are admitting to mistakes and the media is suspiciously silent on the matter.

There are several government backed solar and wind farms that have cropped up around the country and many of these are quite impressive, so is it all that bad if we have solar and wind now?

The lie of man made global warming allowed many politicians to get the public support they needed to get these very expensive inferior technological solar and wind plants built.

The main problem with these renewable energy projects is that the government routinely picks inferior technology and subsidizes the heck out of the projects without letting the citizenry know this.

You will hear things like that solar is now at parity with fossil fuel created electric power and other such nonsense but this is not even close to the truth.

When you add in all the costs associated with solar and wind power your unsubsidized cost for power is around 16 cents per kilowatt hour.

It’s not that I hate solar and wind but I in fact love both ideas. I simply also like crunching numbers to a project and staying on budget and of course no government corruption in the process.

The wind farms that have been built with a big push from government via crony capitalism and huge subsidies generate ridiculously expensive electricity.

If you look at some private yet smaller localized wind farms you find a different story. Citizens who used more efficient technology for local power actually live off the grid and pay less for electricity service without government help.

In some cases, wind energy has proven an economical investment when done without government political pushes such as when Valero installed a massive wind farm at its refinery in Texas that generates enough electricity for the entire complex.

Furthermore, equipment used to run Marcellus Shale gas runs off solar power and was a completely private enterprise and they also made it work. These two companies invested in the renewable technology because it was economical not because the U.S. government said so or teased them with incentives.

There are some horrible projected yearly losses in Massachusetts where for instance Princeton Power and Light has lost 2 million on their wind project and the estimate is about $600,000 a year for the foreseeable future.

These losses don’t even take into account repair costs, which can be very significant where a single gear box replacement can be $600,000.

Most of these wind farm turbine warranty’s in Massachusetts have expired and there are no extended warranty options.

As you can see I believe renewable energy is cost effective when you crunch the numbers per project, take out government subsidies, include all repair costs and you find yourself coming out ahead.

A drilling project way off-grid that needs power obviously could use some solar or wind power. When solar and wind gets more affordable it can be used more often in the U.S. power grid power generation plants and save money but even then you must still account for backup power using fossil fuels when wind is not blowing and sun is not shining.


In summary, the government needs to back off when it comes to essential services like electricity. The whole reason the government got behind these technologies was because of man made global warming which does not exist.

Germany has already gone all in on solar and they pay 24 cents per kilowatt hour for their electricity and yet it barely makes a dent in CO2 emissions.

So who is teaching the government to back off, their little man made global warming lies are catching up to them and likely doing it all for us.

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