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Could Energy Rich Counties in Colorado Form a New State Called North Colorado This Fall?

secessionWhat are the chances the US could get a new state through secession? Well it has happened 5 times before so the chances are high and in fact the proposition is no trick and is on the ballot for this fall.

The new state would be called North Colorado and it would likely include several counties in Colorado and maybe even Nebraska.

These energy rich counties in Colorado are not being heard by the elected politicians they voted to represent them.

Working on oil and gas drills is no picnic and the sweat equity doesn’t seem to be acknowledged by those elected now in power.

The constituents are basically saying, “Listen here, this is a We the People Government and it’s time we remind you of that.”

I like this very real threat to scumbag politicians who say one thing and then turn around and do another. As is usually the case the power in Washington is too much for their big heads to resist.

These Colorado politicians get to Washington and the liberals tell them how they can siphon money away from the rich counties and spread it all around to everybody else and spend it on wasteful inferior solar cells that go defective after 5 years.

All too often a politician comes into Washington with conservative principles and slowly waters those principles down as they determine they can no longer afford to ever leave Washington.

The hard working families in the rural areas have found that many of the hipsters and freaks that move in next door to the generational welfare families under-appreciate the work real working families put into the state.

Let me just say that being a freak, taking welfare, etc. is okay and has it’s time and place but when you have a state overrun with people still taking welfare several generations down, 50 year olds that still look like they just walked out of Woodstock you are dealing with drug induced absurdity.

Secession isn’t just being bandied about, it’s on the ballot and they plan on voting this fall, watch out America!

Lets hope at the very least this issue on the ballot this fall deflates some of these politicians heads and brings them back down to reality. I think we need a reality check in Washington and this gives me one more reason to like Colorado along with the amazing nature, snowboarding, and fresh air.


Two more counties want to join in the secession plan, Lincoln and Cheyenne want to be a part to form the nations 51st state, to be known as “North Colorado”

The reason is sound, these counties are not being represented by the state law makers despite the large amount of state money that comes from Northeast Colorado.

There is about 80% of the oil and gas revenue that comes from this part of the state of Colorado but despite this fact state lawmakers are raising renewable energy standards before it’s viable to do so for many rural electric co-ops.

These law makers are even going so far as to create bills to add more regulations on oil and gas and passing ridiculous sweeping gun-control measures that came about because of the federal state controlled propaganda machine now in office.

Just because some hippies in Boulder taking art appreciation class want to have a solar farm installed in a mountain valley or windmill farms dotting some of the beautiful Colorado mountain tops doesn’t mean North Colorado can’t decide they have had enough.

These hippies even want to take away these rural peoples only way to defend themselves by the threat of criminalizing a peaceful rural people over night through a new ban on this or that gun, clip, bullet.

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