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Sydney Morning Herald Suggests Some Outrageous Ways to Reduce CO2 Emissions

genesAn article published in Sydney Morning Herald claims that we should consider human engineering in a bid to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide we produce annually.

The options surrounding human engineering include:

  • The use of drugs so that humans can consume less red meat.
  • Hormone treatment therapy on fetuses still in the womb so they are born small in height.
  • The lowering of birth rates so that each family is limited to two children.
  • Use of drugs to create empathy and altruism within humans so that they can “do the right thing.”

You can read their full story here: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/handmade-humans-may-hold-the-key-to-saving-the-world-20120929-26s1n.html


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