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Can Smart Meters Really Monitor Your Appliances and Be Used to Turn Off Appliances?

smartCould electric utility smart meters be used to control your energy usage at home and without your approval by mandate of the state? This is the end game and it is documented as such but that of course is not what they want you to know right now.

“The smart meter automation aspect has not been implemented in Texas but it’s coming and you can already find it in Canada. Read this news story from Nov 2012 of the voluntary program for how utilities control Canadian home appliances from the smart meter while not rewarding you with a cheaper per kilowatt hour rate in the process.”

The conspiracy theories out there are enough to make your head spin but when it comes to global warming and Agenda 21 related stuff you can verify most of the claims from their own websites. The agenda has even infected the electric utility market and why not, it’s the largest source of tax income on the planet.

Your smart meters and the potential of the state eventually controlling your energy usage with them is actually a verified end game of agenda 21.

The Technocracy of the Obama administration shelled out green grants to Texas to implement the smart meter program and we accepted.

Why wouldn’t we accept a Smart Grid that empowers the consumer to better manage his electricity consumption and costs? With smart meters you get electric utility companies that are more efficient in balancing power loads and requirements across markets and a wise energy consumer.

The Texas Council of Governments: http://www.txregionalcouncil.org/ which is a voluntary agency politicians in Texas can join consults local politicians regarding matters such as the smart grid and fights to get millions of dollars in grants for Agenda 21 aligned projects.

Why would these politicians join or listen to a COG organization aligned with the UN? Many politicians don’t fully digest the UN connection or the ramifications of such an alliance. There are multiple million dollar grants given to politicians who choose to join and align their local political decisions based on the COG’s objective. In East Texas you have the ETCOG – http://www.etcog.org/ which just this July has sought a $4.25 million grant to improve U.S. Highway 69.

How much political power is $4.25 million, that’s a lot and it’s hard to pass up that kind of money. That dangling carrot needs to be chased.

Now a COG is not an elected organization but nonetheless it exists and has the power to receive millions of dollars. How can a voluntary organization be so powerful? Money! The people with the COG are elected officials in Texas that span multiple counties and money is the force that effectively molds these politicians to a common agenda that regionalises what was once separate and distinct county governments.

Yes, it’s voluntary but ultimately the money is what decides who gets the power.

As you can see the COG works as a regionalism machine. It consolidates power among multiple counties and directs that power back to grants that are given only if you are aligned with the UN agenda 21.

Again nothing wrong with improving a highway but the problem arises when local governments like Tyler, where I am from improve a highway to fulfill a UN globalist agenda.

Most of the agenda is simply making efficient improvements to cities, urban areas, and the like but the ideology is based on doing all of this while rejecting the notion of personal liberty and sovereignty of state.

It’s a slow process of eroding personal liberties away like the boiling a frog slowly analogy but it’s happening and most of us will not be happy where this eventually goes.

Local governments are happy to participate in the UN agenda, because the grants are huge, who wouldn’t turn down a several million dollar grant?

The biggest way you as a Texan will notice the COG’s negative influence in a present situation is in more expanded eminent domain land grabs.

The electric utilities mainly get their United Nation’s changes via the federal EPA rather than a local COG. Take for instance the smart meter controversy. Many people have concerns that the RF radiation is too much and could be harmful to their long term health.

I am not sure if RF radiation is harmful or not but I can verify that the end game goal for smart meters is much more hazardous. The end game is based on an ideology that would strip your personal freedoms for such things as when you want to use your electricity with little say on your part.

I’m not saying your energy usage will be curtailed without your say by the state anytime soon but it is the “end game” of agenda 21 and smart meters are a big part of how this will happen.

Of course with all “sustainable development” ideas in year 2013 it is all voluntary and something only suggested to politicians and utilities to follow.

The funny thing though is that the globalists have set it up like dangling a carrot out in front of a donkey.

The US federal government with both Republicans and Democrats on board signed off on the acceptance of the UN’s agenda 21 long ago. The federal government are globalists and this is likely to never be reversed.

We can see much of this globalist agenda working behind the scenes in projects like the smart meter roll out across the nation. Of course it’s all voluntary but in order to get millions of dollars from the federal government electric utilities and TexDot must play by some “sustainable development” suggestions to receive these grants.

The smart meter roll out is all apart of this agenda and has successfully been rolled out across the globe and the US is no exception.

The idea of efficiency in such things as energy and local governments is something I am all for but the ideology of these people goes far beyond what I would accept. The people working at the COG are simply receiving grant money for essential things like roads and many don’t even consider why they have to follow this or that additional arbitrary rule to get the money.

Even in Nazi Germany the underpinning to the Nazi movement was this idea of a Green Germany where the return to nature was a great unifying political strategy that ultimately led to ridiculous abuses of peoples personal liberties.

A return to nature is the major theme in the Agenda which is why a smart meter is such an essential part of this plan. Smart meters assist in curtailing the amount of energy you use and at this point it’s voluntary but if you read the agenda the ideology is for a communistic approach where the end justifies the means.

There is no way to prove or disprove if CO2 will destroy the planet in anyone’s lifetime and so it works to serve the globalist agenda of creating the largest ever tax increase on the US and the planet as a whole. Guess who gets hit the hardest by the largest tax increase ever to be conceived in the history of planet earth? You the consumer ultimately are forced to pay more for your electricity whether you believe in CO2 pollution or not.

The smart meter automation aspect has not been implemented in Texas but it’s coming and you can already find it in Canada. Read this news story from Nov 2012 of the voluntary program for how utilities control Canadian home appliances from the smart meter while not rewarding you with a cheaper per kilowatt hour rate in the process.

Governments love to add in taxes but not reduce them. Take your gasoline tax for instance, More than 50 % of the cost of the gasoline you fill up your car with is made up of various taxes.

Let’s say in the future you agree to automating your energy use and even let the government curtail your electricity use via the smart meter. Great you save money for a little while but the government sees that you are no longer spending as much on energy so they tax your kWh rate more so even while using less you end up paying the same.

This ever increasing tax game is something the government can’t help themselves from doing, I recommend not playing along.

Right now electricity costs in Texas is mainly the cost of energy but already in some states like New York their are municipalities that have more than half of their costs of the electric rate in things like taxes, new electric grid roll outs, etc.

I love the idea of setting up my smart meter to efficiently control the use of all my appliances so they run at peak savings ability and ultimately lower my electricity bill while improving the environment.

What I don’t love is the ideology of the UN that ultimately has the goal of having the state decide and dictate how hot or cold your home can be.

The end game of the UN agenda 21 political structure is to dictate and control in micro detail how much energy you can use and when, how you educate your kids , and even where you can live.

It’s all voluntary now and in language that everyone can accept, “sustainable development”. You won’t find the sovereignty destroying words “United Nations” on the COG websites without doing a lot of reading because the focus they want you to have is on the good these policies will do not on the ideological differences.

In 10 years when you are wondering why the state now controls what temperature your thermostat can be at throughout the day you will think back to this article and understand why people like me have such a problem with this.

It could be that renewable energy technology has caught up in 10 years so the state doesn’t have to control energy use but that doesn’t mean they won’t follow through with such things as telling you where you can live, what job you can have, and where and how you educate your kids.

In summary, the voting public must push back against things like smart meter automation when it does get suggested by a COG or COG grant influenced politician not because it isn’t “smart growth” but because the ideological goals behind a great uniter like the “back to nature” movement have far more evil intentions.



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