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The Arctic Could Be Ice Free By 2012, Derrr!, 2020, Duh…Uhhh, 2058, Yeah That’s The Ticket! Now Let’s Tax Your Electricity

obamaNot again, please! A new end of the world apocalypse is predicted yet again as warming alarmists say our children won’t know what Arctic ice is in 2058, or might they?

We are EPA regulating all our American coal power plants out of existence for the sake of the arctic ice being depleted by CO2 so they better be predicting right.

So what exactly are the warming alarmist failed prediction implications for the non-elitist basic American consumer?

Well you can find it in one of the most essential services you use, that being your electricity which by the way is what all product and food manufacturers also use to make and sell you their goods as well.

Back in 2007 Jay Zwally, a NASA Climate Scientist predicted the Arctic would all be melted and not a single bit of ice left to look at by the Summer of 2012. How scary! The summer of 2012 came and the Arctic some how became politically incorrect and decided to keep it’s ice. Even though we now have extremely high levels of CO2, which the Greens have been telling us for years will cause planetary meltdown, we still have ice.

The oh so wonderful Greenies and warming alarmists have the embarrassing talent of never being right with their predictions, and presently at this time not a single doom and gloom  Armageddon like prediction has come true.

polarAs each guess at catastrophe falls short so the date for the next Armageddon is pushed back further into the future, Greeny fingers are crossed that they finally have their alarmism collaborated to the truth and tens of millions of people will die, and finally they will have their sea of blood that makes believers of us all.

Playing around with Armageddon events is a prophetic feat loved by the Greens, and most especially the railway engineer Rajendra Pachuari, head of the UN IPCC, for whom end of times targets is an art form:

“We have just a small window of opportunity and it is closing rather rapidly. There is not a moment to lose.”

January 2005

“If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late. What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment.”

November 2007

“I am very worried that we are running out of time.”

January 2008

“It is very important to reach an [international emissions] agreement by 2009.”

April 2008

“If we allow things to continue unchanged and we don’t take action today, it would destabilize human society…I hope that in the next year and a half…that we show a certain resolve and aspiration to do things that are required for the benefit of the human race.”

August 2008

“The least cost part of effective emissions reduction would really require us to see that global emissions peak no later than 2015. And that’s just four years away…if we have to meet that requirement of a least cost trajectory of emissions stabilisation then we really need to move rapidly and every country in the world has to do that.”

May 2011

If you Google “arctic could be ice free in“, you can see dates as early as 2013 and out to 2058 and beyond. The interesting thing is how many dates show up for this year, 2013!

The year 2012 horribly failed at offering up a Green awakening. Nonetheless the warming alarmist propaganda machine has been talking about this disproved lie about the record summer melt of August 2012 that never happened.

Last August saw no record loss in ice in the Arctic, every single person involved in this Green showdown is aware of this, the cause was a cyclone which raged for days and broke up the ice as warming alarmists at NASA can attest to from their own evidence.

The scientific case for Anthropogenic Global Warming is so pathetic that the warmists cherry pick the data from their science outlets to keep the con-game going, as can be seen in their latest attempt:

“People have been warning about an ice-free Arctic ocean for years. But Jiping Liu, an atmospheric scientist at the State University of New York in Albany in the US and colleagues have gone one better.

They predict that the Arctic Ocean will be effectively free of ice for the first time in the month of September between 2054 and 2058.

Once again, the prediction depends on climate models, and inevitably on the decisions governments take to control greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade.

But the fact that a team of scientists can spread their bets over a span of four specific years is an indicator of how fast and how inexorable the Arctic melting has become.

The polar icecap has been dwindling in area and losing its thickness for decades: the observations by satellite have been confirmed by submarine measurements and icebreaker journeys. An icecap that was, historically, impassable even in summer has for years given way each autumn to ever greater stretches of open water.

From 1979 to 2001, the ice cap dwindled by more than 6% per decade, and in 2001 began melting twice as fast, The ice melt broke all previous records in 2007, and in 2012 did it again, reaching an all-time low.”

“Sustainable Development” is the favored term by the green guys and it is sometimes interchanged with economic development to get more people on board with it. Unfortunately this term meaning is far from what the real meaning is. “Ice free Arctic” is another term often used and makes you think of zero sea ice in the Arctic for weeks on end but this actually is a very wrong understanding as well:

“Ice Free, the northern polar region of the planet with zero ice for 2 months is what you are a supposed to think, but as Professor Judith Curry points out “ice free” does not mean ice free:

‘Ice free’ is put in quotes, because ‘ice free’ as commonly used doesn’t mean free of ice, as in zero ice. The usual definition of ‘ice free’ Arctic is ice extent below 1 M sq km (current minimum extent is around 3.5 M sq km). This definition is used because it is very difficult to melt the thick ice around the Canadian Archipelago. And the issue of ‘ice free’ in the 21st century is pretty much a non issue if you require this thick ice to disappear.”

I would like to recommend you ignore this prediction. These warmist computer models are very predictable for getting it very wrong most of the time. The models are so inaccurate that it’s like a never ending very expensive joke on us tax payers. Rather than just going with observable empirical evidence from NASA about a cyclone breaking up Arctic ice you get continued fear mongering to keep a dying con-game going to live another day.

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