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Bottom falls out of US newspaper coverage of climate to lowest levels since 2004:

For those that aren’t aware, these news stories on climate change are the drivers of public opinion on climate change which is how politicians get their power to create policies in favor of reducing CO2 output.

These policies ultimately allow a carbon credit trading scheme and regulatory taxes that put billions of dollars a year into a slush fund to be used however the politicians wish to use that money.

You will see this money come in the form of a higher electric bill.

Obama most recently has benefited from this public opinion to use the EPA to begin regulating all Texas coal power plants out of existence.

Of course we hope our governor and the citizens will prevent that from happening considering coal is one of our main sources for base load electricity.

For those who don’t know, “Gore’s AIT” is an abbreviation for Gore’s movie called “An Inconvenient Truth”. You can see that in the chart below.

The AR3 – AR5 abbreviations are the different reports about global warming and climate change put out by the United Nations political organization known as the IPCC.

These reports each contained numerous errors but even after being debunked by scientists they refuse to listen and so there is the feeling that the IPCC is collectively an elitist, pigheaded, organization, resistant to change.

The political organization known as the IPCC has created policies and regulations that have been adopted by the Obama administrations EPA which is why Texas is being forced to close all coal power plants due to the CO2 emissions coming from those plants.

Although coal power does contend with real pollutants it must keep in check CO2 emissions is the reason these coal plants have to shutdown and this is not even a pollutant but a trace gas created by nature that is considered plant food.

In summary, don’t let the political propaganda about a future warming planet startle you into accepting these farout economy destroying eco-regulations.

As you can see the newspapers are starting to see just how naive it is to predict that the planet will be destroyed by a trace gas when evidence shows this not to be the case.



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