First Fully Solar Powered Country, Tokelau, a Small Country in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean

I am not one of these people that is sold out on turning the whole world solar because it just does not make economical sense just yet. There have been some truly remarkable breakthroughs that may make the solar concept a much more viable option as they are now becoming cheaper to produce and batteries to store their energy is also heading into break through territory.

Having said this the country of Tokelau now being 100 % solar powered is truly remarkable. This is an entire country completely off the grid, who can beat that! The country is on what is known as an atoll island that sits somewhere in between New Zealand and Hawaii. The New Zealand government administers the country of Tokelau and invested 7 million dollars in the countries solar endeavor. This beautiful country no longer has to rely on extremely dirty diesel generators to generate the electricity they need for their inhabitants.

Here is a truly worthwhile solar project. If you only have diesel generators to rely on for generating your countries electricity you are facing ridiculously high electricity service costs that are roughly 6 times higher prices than what we pay in the U.S. In this situation the country would easily recoup their investment in 100 % solar and would be protecting the fragile island eco-system at the same time.

With diesel generators you not only get dirty energy but that electricity service ain’t cheap either. Consisting of 4,032 photovoltaic panels and 1,344 battery packs with generation devices operating on biofuel derived from coconuts, the $7.5 million Tokelau Sustainable Energy Project is recognized as among the world’s largest off-grid photovoltaic systems.

Dallas Area Prepaid Electricity Offers A Way to Have No Deposit and Yet Save Money

Our desire is to give back this Thanksgiving and Christmas season to all prepaid electricity customers that try comparing prepaid electric companies in the Dallas area and end up signing up with one of the companies in our compare chart.

Go ahead and compare prices by typing in your zip code. You will be presented offers from traditional electric companies. Skip over to the “No Deposit” tab on our chart so you don’t have to run through a credit check or have to deal with requests for deposits.

If you have been through this routine of the constant barrage of credit checks followed up with requests for deposits we want you to seriously consider a Dallas prepaid electric company.

For every customer that compares prepaid electric rates using our chart on this site and orders electricity service through our site we will give a donation to the wounded warrior project. This project assists in medically helping US soldiers who have been physically hurt in some way during their service to our country.

Many times these soldiers need a prosthetic arm or leg and maybe even some plastic surgery and reconstructive facial surgery. This Christmas and Thanksgiving season consider comparing prepaid electricity offers in the Dallas area and ordering through our site online. You will save money, help a soldier in need and will avoid having to come up with a significant deposit many traditional electric companies ask for.

Prepaid electric companies have become a lot better in the last few years as they now rely on accurate smart meter readings and deduct your exact usage from your prepaid account so you only pay for what you use in real-time and nothing more.

With a small simple prepayment in advance you will be up and running with electricity in no time, will be saving money through the compare process, get to keep the deposit  money and will be making a significant difference in a soldiers life.

Be sure to comment on our Facebook wall by clicking on this Facebook link to let us know you signed up for the “Wounded Warrior Project” offer for the Dallas area. This way we can be sure to send a donation to them on your behalf.

Howe Texas, Essential Services Guide

If you are moving into a new place in Howe TX we have a nice little relocator guide below that can help you get some of the typical services turned on, hooked up, setup, and in place so you feel right at home.

Shanda D. recently visited our website to compare energy prices and so we wanted to offer her and those in the area a useful services sheet. Sometimes it can be hard to know who to call for what service when first moving in and so we think the below information will at least help get you going.

Our website is devoted to encouraging you to compare and find a cheap electric rate with a great electric company serving the Howe Texas area. Below are additional resources you eventually may need at your Home in Howe.

Water Utilities
116 East Haning Street Howe, TX 75459‎
(903) 532-5571

Solid Waste and Garbage Pick-up
Bradshaw & Son Trash Services
1005 Houston Street
(972) 924-3014
Google Plus page

Jerry’s Trash Services
209 Edwards Road
Van Alstyne
(903) 482-6696
Google Plus Page

Natural Gas
Atmos Energy Corp.
# 18, 5430 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway
(972) 934-9227

Titan Plumbing
106 Pitchfork Road
Howe, TX
(903) 532-5060
Google Plus Page

Heating and Air Conditioning
Baker Air Conditioning & Heating Inc
215 North Denny Street Howe, TX 75459
(903) 532-6255

Amp Electric Inc.
8239 County Road 529
Anna, TX
(972) 924-5255
Google Plus Page

Reynold’s Electric and Air Conditioning
2618 Sherwood Drive
Sherman, TX
(903) 892-1154

Kirk’s Painting
200 Meadow Lark Lane
Anna, TX
(972) 632-7772

Accountant and Taxes
609 North Denny Street
Howe, TX
(903) 532-1040

Auto Repair
120 North Collins Freeway
(903) 532-6112
Google Plus Page

Financial Planning and Investments
Tim Hightower & Associates
107 King Avenue
(903) 532-8074
Google Plus Page

Lawn Care and Mowing
Meridian Lawns
118 Magnolia Street
(972) 370-6624
Google Plus Page

Special T Lawn Care
308 Acklington Drive
Anna, TX
(469) 585-1661
Website Google Plus Page

LeCrone Law Firm, PC
123 North Crockett Street #200
(903) 813-1900

Howe Family Dentistry: Karleskint Michael DDS
100 South Collins Freeway
Howe, TX
(903) 532-5545

Pest Control
911 Wildlife
309 South Denny Street
Howe, TX
(903) 893-2911

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance
1278 West Van Alstyne Parkway
Van Alstyne
(903) 712-4393

BioLite Stove, a Mini Electricity Generator and Clean Wood Burning Stove

We are really liking this new stove that burns wood and converts it to electricity to charge up LED flashlights, iPhones, and other small electronic devices.

What you get with this camping stove is a way to create small amounts of electricity while creating stove top heat that can be used to cook food.

Unlike typical camping stoves that use propane, camping fuel, or batteries this stove burns wood you find laying around the campsite and while you cook your food you create a little electricity at the same time.

Imagine using the natural resources laying on the forest floor to produce the energy you need for your camping fun. You get to bring the high-tech gizmo world with you for your next camping adventure as you generate electricity to keep your iphone charged.
For a lot of us we would rather leave the iPhone at home but in many 3rd world countries just having an outlet with electricity to power a cellphone is a luxury and so from this point of view this is really something to marvel at.

I am sure a lot of villagers in Africa and in the tropical rain forests could really make use of one of these things. ElectricityBid likes this product so much we are planning to ship one out to a deserving family living in a village that is completely off-the-grid.

Keep in mind that in many villages that don’t even have electricity a few people do have cell phones believe it or not. They may not be wearing anything but a small leather animal skin but they are familiar with cell phones. Also fuel is not cheap and so a wood burning generator is both safe, clean, and affordable for these small village tribes.

For every visitor that chooses to Facebook, like or share, Google plus 1 and share this article, or Tweet this article we will contribute $1 per “share”, “like”, “plus one”, “tweet” until we reach $129 to purchase a BioLite CampStove. This process will be repeated if we surpass the 129 shares and likes for the first stove. The HomeStove is not yet available for purchase so for now we will be shipping out the camp stove until the Home Stove is ready.

Cleburne Texas Essential Services

Our site is available for those relocating and moving to a new place in Cleburne to search out and find a good electric company that offers a cheaper electricity price than the default provider. Type in your Cleburne zip code in the green compare tool to your right to get started. You will likely need help getting a few other things turned on at your place like gas and water utilities. We have provided a list of services in the Cleburne area we believe will be of use for those moving to this area.

Water Utilities
Office Hours 8am – 5pm
Phone 817-645-0946
Fax 817-645-0926
10 North Robinson
Cleburne, TX 76031

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 677
Cleburne, TX 76033-0677

Solid Waste Garbage Pick up
Residential Garbage Pick Up
7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday – Friday

Natural Gas
Atmos Energy
Serving the Cleburne Area.
(888) 286-6700

Curly’s Plumbing
1002 East 2nd Street
Cleburne, TX
Phone: (817) 558-1192

Heating and Air Conditioning
Dugger Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning
301 South Wilhite Street
(817) 558-2665

Gissiner Electric
2100 County Road 1215
(817) 487-7554

Jerry Fox Painting
945 East Henderson Street
(817) 558-1300

Estes Armstrong Earley  LLC
907 West Henderson Street
Cleburne, TX
(817) 645-3962

Auto Repair
Ricks Automotive
1110 N. Main St.
Cleburne, TX
(817) 506-7254

Residential Cleaning Services
344 SW Wilshire Blvd, Ste C
(817) 447-4100

Financial Planning
Renfro Financial Group
206 S Caddo St
Cleburne, TX
(817) 517-5445

Lawn Care and Maintenance
Liberty Lawn Care
707 Wolf Creek
Cleburne, TX
(817) 558-6877

Patrick G. Barkman
13 North Main Street
Cleburne, TX
(817) 558-4719

Mortgage Loans
Cendera Funding
103 Westmeadow Drive
(817) 648-0006

Family Counselor
ReGenesis Counseling and Assessment Center
906 West Henderson Street
Cleburne, TX
(817) 264-6194

Pest Control
All About Bugs, Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
809 North Douglas Avenue
Cleburne, TX
(817) 558-2844

Nolan River Dental Center
503 North Nolan River Road
Cleburne, TX
(817) 517-6453

Harmon Insurance Agency
109 Westmeadow Drive
Cleburne, TX
(817) 641-3401

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