baytownBaytown was established in 1824, and its population is about 82,000.

Consider that if that 82,000 number represents about 30,000 families and single people across the city then you are talking about 1,000 kilowatt hours a month times 30,000 families and singles.

30,000 times 1,000 = 30,000,000 kilowatt hours a month. That’s 30 million kilowatt hours a month. If all of these people were on a name brand rate that was with one of the bigger companies that charges more than everyone else you would likely be paying 13 cents per kilowatt hour.

That means if the whole city was not shopping on my site and instead stuck with the big brand they might all be paying $3,900,000 per month for electric service.

Now lets say the entire city went shopping for their home electricity on this site using the compare tool. Let’s assume they all chose the 12 month fixed rate at 8 cents per kilowatt hour.

The entire city would be paying $2,400,000 per month for electricity!

Baytown would have just saved $1,500,000 they could use to go build some awesome city civic center with a swimming and water park inside equipped with gym equipment.

Now that would be nice!

We all know the whole city isn’t going to go shopping on this site for a better rate as much as I wish they would.

People are free to spend their money as they wish so I don’t expect anyone to go pool their money together in a Utopian communist ideal of some sort for a center.

What I do hope happens is you spread the word about saving money on your electric bill so your friends will have extra cash to spend on their families, the needy, and heck, themselves even.

Centerpoint Energy was at one time the monopoly electric company in your area and they split up and created Reliant Energy to be their separate retail electric provider.

All of these companies got bought up by a big company called NRG Energy and bottom line is they still cost a lot for home energy.

antsSo what do you do to defeat paying these high electric bills?

Use our awesome compare tool at the top of this page and see what we can do. We compare prices side by side with different companies and have some great fixed prices.

I recommend going with a 12 month deal. If you were paying too much already you won’t be able to buy Baytown a civic center but could very well save $150 – $250 annually and have enough money to build a model replica big enough for ants.

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