beaumontUnfortunately you have no choice with whom your electric company will be as the city of Beaumont decided long ago that they would stay out of the deregulation game.

Fortunately for the rest of the state most people have come to the conclusion that it is not a game at all but a great opportunity to lower the price of electricity.

Many people outside the city of Beaumont have saved several hundred dollars a year by choosing an alternative electric company which deregulation allowed to occur.

What happened in 2002 was a shift in government thinking. The Texas government split up the generators from the retail side of electric service sells.

What you have across the state is separate companies that control generating the electricity, selling it wholesale, and the retail electric providers that by the wholesale energy and sell it to consumers as a retail per kilowatt hour electric rate.

Outside of Beaumont you have over 20 choices in electric suppliers to choose from and among each one there are a few different rate plans.

The unique aspect to deregulation is that each provider competes by offering a slightly different rate plan such as a 15 month fixed rate or a 3 month fixed price.

Some will set a cap for the highest the rate can go and then offer a very cheap variable rate that has the risk of going up and down but no higher than the cap.

The customer has a lot of choices outside of Beaumont and so if you ever get to thinking the grass is greener over here in a city outside of yours then you still have another option.

You can get involved in local politics by addressing your city council or even running for an office seat.

If you can convince the city to take a vote on the matter it is possible for Beaumont to opt in to deregulation.

In summary the only thing holding back Beaumont from participating in electric choice is public support for it and a vote to decide the matter.

I hope this gives you food for thought if you have found yourself sitting there wishing you could switch away from your monopoly provider.

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