bryanIf you are familiar with the nearby city of College Station you probably already know that this city has no choice when it comes to electric companies.

A few towns in Texas like College Station and Austin have opted to stay out of deregulation but most cities opted in and have saved their residents a ton of money.

Bryan was established in 1821 and it wasn’t until 2002 when Texas deregulated that  its population of 72,357 could go out and pick a better price for electricity instead of being locked in to the monopoly provider.

You no longer have to surrender to the whims of TXU price increases which many called TU Electric back in the day. It’s important to compare multiple prices and pick one that is cheap but also go with a verified company.

We vet all the companies we have listed in our Bryan Texas electricity rate chart.

I recommend typing in your zip code using the tool at the top of this page and browsing through the fixed prices.

Once you pick one of our vetted providers be sure to mark a reminder in your phone calendar to beep at you about a week before your contract ends.

The key to continually saving money on your Bryan electric service is to shop prior to your contract expiring each and every time.

If you let your contract expire the electric company will put you on their variable price which is much higher than their hedged fixed rate energy.

You should receive an email or letter in the mail reminding you but it never hurts to remind yourself as well.

If you are a commercial business our Bryan energy consultants are available to answer your questions on the phone. To begin the process of obtaining a commercial quote please choose commercial on our tool and fill out a few things first.

As a commercial client our consultants we personally call you prior to your contract expiring.

Thank you for coming to our Texas energy consulting site and seeing what we have to offer you. Have a good day now!


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