Dec 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

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The last few months energy has come down quite a bit a long with the stock market, the economy, and consumer confidence. Even our dollar isn’t doing so good but it has started a climb up. Residential electric rates in Dallas have come down some but not as much as some were anticipating. The problem is when fuel prices drop quickly it doesn’t necessrily have the same effect on the conversion over to electricity. There is a cost associated with converting natural gas and coal to electric power. This cost is called a heat factor cost. When natural gas comes down quickly you will usually see the heat factor go up. This makes it a little difficult to anticipate exactly what electric rates will do when fuel and energy comes down. Below is a comparison list of some of the cheapest electric companies in Dallas Texas.

These rates are subject to change as the month progresses but are accurate as of the date this article was written. To see an updated comparison list go to : Dallas Electric Rate Comparison

Dec 2008 Dallas Electric Rate Chart

November 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

What to do When Locking in Dallas Residential Electric Rates for November 2008?

The energy markets have been steadily declining and have started to hit some historical short term lows. If this trend continues we could see some very good residential electric rates but trying to pick the bottom of a trend is an impossible task. If you are waiting to do something I would recommend making your hunch and going ahead and signing up on a term even if just for a few months. The reason you should lock into something is due to the high price of a month to month rate. Residential electric providers in Dallas will generally offer a low first month rate on a month to month type of electric service plan but will then raise the rate dramatically after that first month. To avoid a high rate hike you should lock into some type of monthly term. If you are risk averse I would go with atleast a 1 year plan and if you are willing to roll the dice and try again in 3 months I would go with a shorter term like a 3 month or 6 month fixed rate.

November 2008 Residential Electric Rates Comparison Chart

The residential Dallas electric rates below serve as a historical marker of where rates have come as of November 2 2008. These rates will most likely change as the month progresses but you will find indicative prices as of Nov 2 2008 to help you in your shopping and comparing process. If you wish to see current Dallas electric rates we recommend checking this page out: Dallas residential electric rates

Dallas Residential Electric Rate Chart

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October 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

If you are confused about electric rates in Dallas and surrounding Oncor utility area we have a great comparison chart below comparing mostly fixed rates with several different electric providers. These electric rates are residential rates. There are a few variable rates in the mix because those companies only offered a variable electric rate so we listed their only option. The rates are designated as to whether they are a fixed electric rate or a variable rate. I recommend to avoid signing up on a variable rate because the month after you sign up on that rate plan the electric rate could do just about anything. A variable electric rate has taken many residential customers by surprise this summer when rates trippled in price. A fixed electric rate is a much safer way to lock into an energy rate because you know exactly what price you will pay the entire term of your contract.

Current October 2008 Residential Electric Rate Comparison

These rates are updated as of October 2 2008. Because residential electric rates change every few weeks these rates will be a little higher or lower as the month continues. This comparison chart will serve as a good indicative comparison of where residential electric rates are at for the month of October 2008. You may click on the links on this comparison chart and sign up online to receive a slightly lower electric rate then calling these providers on the phone. By signing up for electric service online you keep the electric companies costs low for aquiring a new customer and they reward you by giving you a slight discount then if you were to call and speak to a customer service rep over the phone. Signing up online also allows you to take advantage of online discounts that are not promoted when calling the providers on the phone. When you call an electric provider on the phone they expect to close about 70 % of those customers who call in. Because of this most providers will try to sell you a higher electric rate then is available via online discount offers.

The companies offering the cheapest rates for the month of October are Startex Power – Sign up Now

Dallas Fort Worth July 2008 Residential Electric Rate Comparison

Residential Electricity Close to a 3 Year Historical High

The market is way up right now and a question on a lot of peoples mind is if they should sign up on a 12 month fixed rate contract or a longer term such as a 24 or 36 month fixed rate contract. Right now a 24 month and 36 month fixed rate contract is cheaper then a 12 month fixed rate. The reason you get a cheaper rate as you go longer terms is due to a correlation with the natural gas market. Natural gas futures contracts are cheaper as you go out on a longer term. You can verify this by looking at futures contracts for natural gas on one of many commodity broker quote sites. The key to what you should do is in the contract. The reason they give you a cheaper rate is because they believe rates will come down between now and 24 months or 36 months from now. Because the commodities traders expect rates to come down they have a strategy to sell you on a longer term contract at a cheaper price. Many people fall for this but keep this in mind, you would be locking in at the top of the market.

We recommend signing a 12 month fixed electric rate agreement and trying again next year. We have a comparison chart listed below of multiple electric companies in North Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, McKinney and the rest of the Oncor Electric Utility area of Texas. Compare and pick a provider. Some of the links below are discount 12 month rates, cheaper then what the Texas electric companies generally offer. Simply click the provider you want to go with and sign up online. The Texas government will automatically take you off your current electric provider and put you with your new one. You will not need to call your current provider to be taken off as this happens automatically.

Find a rate you can be confident about for the next year and try again next year. The market is very high right now so these rates will be much higher then what they looked like last July. The rates are updated as of July 6 2008. Many times the market will go up or down within a few weeks. You may click on the links below and possibly find the company offering a slightly higher or lower electric rate as we move further into the month of July.

May 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rate Comparison

What is Electricity Doing Right Now?

As of May 2008 Electric rates are currently close to a 3 year high and because of this Texas residential electric rates do not look so good right now. Many people would like to wait and renew when rates drop down but there is just no way to know when this will happen. Electric rates could hover at historical highs for several months before they drop back down to prices many people are comfortable paying.

Who We Recommend

We recommend signing a 12 month energy agreement and then trying again next year. Notice: Riverway Power recently cancelled their residential electric customers agreements in mid April according to several people who called in and left comments regarding them so we do not recommend using them as their fixed electric rate is subject to change. Our preferred electric providers at this time are Affordable Energy, Startex Energy and Bounce Energy Guaranteed No Deposit. All of these Texas electric companies have accurate billing, good customer service and low rates.

We are now approaching the end of the month of June and since writing this article rates have continued up along with a barrel of oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas are trading at all time historical highs and the analysis shows that traders are hedging against a falling dollar by buying energy. The rise in prices can best be attributed to investors and traders trading up the price. This price spike will most likely be a bubble we will see fall but we have no idea when that will be. If you are buying Houston electricity you are exeriencing the worst of it. Houston electric rates are higher then they have ever been right now and higher then the rest of the state.

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