Pole and Wire Oncor Charges, Can Some Providers Charge Less?

Regardless of the provider you choose they all must pass thru the exact same fees from Oncor. This is a matter of legality. The Pole company can show no partiality to any provider in retail competition in Texas but must pass through the rate as approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. This TDSP charge will always be the same regardless of the provider as there can be no partiality given based on provider.

Reading from the PUC website you can read for yourself similar language as I have described.

“Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDUs) must offer access to their wires to all REPs on a non-discriminatory basis under standard terms and conditions adopted by the Commission.”

“These areas are open to full retail competition as of January 1, 2002, and these TDUs charge the below rates to REPs.”

To see the rates in the Oncor area of Texas click here

The reason this topic has been brought up on this blog is due to the large amount of sales people out there that use the TDSP part of the bill to confuse customers about their rate in order to get them to switch providers.

You may hear from a retail electric provider sales person that their company does not charge the TDSP charge or that it is much lower than another provider.

Statements like the one above are lies and deceptions geared to getting you to believe a given rate from a new provider is cheaper than the one you have.

There are cheaper providers out there so shopping around is a good thing. When the cheaper rate being discussed is only cheaper because they argue regarding the TDSP part of the rate then take notice because you are about to be had.

Where this deception is most often encountered is through door to door sales people, responding to a newspaper ad in a thrift paper by calling number on ad, or via MLM sales people that may be regurgitating information they themselves do not fully understand.

However you heard about a cheaper rate by getting a lower TDSP charge this is very false information and by no means believe it. These people are either lieing or they have been led to believe something false and are now sending you down their gullible road.

In summary this article was written to help those navigate down a typical issue encountered when choosing an electric rate. If you have further questions please call or use our compare widget.

Electricity Pylon Ideas for Texas

Are you tired of seeing those ugly looking electricity pylons splitting up some of the nice farm land around Texas. A great thing about Texas is the opportunity from population and job growth. One of the negatives is because of this expansion the Texas imminent domain law sometimes must be used to buy up strips of land to install electricity lines and those big ugly metal electricity pylons.

What if the state of Texas could offer these people something cool instead of your basic metal pole? Maybe the cool factor and beautification of having an electric pylon in the shape of a deer, bear, Texas longhorn cattle or something else would lessen the heart sinking feeling of having your farmland “uglified” with big electricity pylon poles.

Check out some of these electricity pylon ideas below. I can see how this could really spruce up the look of these ugly things. If your farmland in Texas was about to get electricity pylons installed would you opt for one of these designs or would you want the standard pole?

August 2009 Houston Electricity Rates and Plans – Compared

Picking The Right Houston Electricity Company, Rate and Plan

What to Know Before Signing up With Just Anyone

We have compiled a list of some of the more popular residential Texas electricity companies and rate plans. If there is a known issue with one of the residential electricity companies we list that concern next to the provider. There are some providers that have blatantly obvious tricks we know of that shows one rate on their website but when receiving your first electricity bill the rate is much higher due to the TDSP charges not being clearly apparent. A note should be made that these Texas electricity providers are usually involved in leaving off the TDSP charge on their advertised rate. We are not sure exactly how many energy companies participate in this practice as well as they change their practices depending on how much heat they are receiving from PUCT complaints. You can read Consumer Energy complaints from some of these providers customers who can explain what exactly can occur when switching to a gimmicky energy company better than we can.

August 7 2009 Residential Houston Electricity Company Comparison, Cheapest to Most Expensive

Understanding Your Houston Residential Electricity Rate

Most electric providers in Texas will bundle the TDSP charges into the energy only rate giving you an all-in rate that can be compared against other Texas electricity companies like TXU Energy and Reliant Energy. We have listed both TXU and Reliant in our comparison chart in order to compare their electricity prices with other Texas electric providers. You will notice that the two largest energy providers in Texas have much higher electricity prices than some of the smaller but good electric companies. Right now Champion Energy and Startex Power are two reputable electricity providers in Texas offering very cheap fixed electricity rate offers. All fees and charges are disclosed with these two companies. With Startex if a customer uses less then 500 kWh hours a month there will be a $4.95 monthly service fee although most Texas electricity consumers use more then this so it shouldn’t be an issue for most customers. A monthly service fee is simply an additional charge many electricity providers have in addition to their electricity price. It is important that a provider disclose this fee upfront rather than hide it in the contract details. We have made these fees obvious in our rate chart so you can make a clear apples to apples comparison of electricity prices in Texas.

Historical Houston Electricity Rate Snapshot for August 7 2009

Since this Houston electricity comparison chart is an update for August 7 2009 it only represents a historical snapshot of what Texas electricity providers were charging on this date. An updated and daily refreshed electricity rate chart is also provided below with some of the cheapest Houston electricity companies. We hope this historical list of Houston energy providers in prices above will keep you informed of how prices move over the course of several months. If you have any questions or comments about one of these Houston electricity companies please feel free to leave a comment below. If you are interested in a no deposit Houston electricity choice please visit our no deposit electricity page.

Current Houston Electricity Rates, Companies, and Plans

Texas Government Raising Your Electric Rates

Oh No! More Surcharges on Your Commercial Electric Bill

The Texas government has recently added a new surcharge to your commercial businesses electric bill. If you operate a commercial or industrial business in the state of Texas and are paying for electricity then you qualify for the additional surcharge on your electric bill regardless of the elecric company you have chosen to sell you electricity. Starting on 12/29/2008 for the Oncor Electric Delivery area (Dallas, Fort Worth) which is most of North Texas and starting 2/2/09 for the the CenterPoint Energy utility area (Houston, Harris and Fort Bend Counties) your electricity bill will now have a surcharge added under the TDSP line item. The new surcharge is called “Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Meter Surcharge” and is based on your businesses kW demand.

How to Lower the new KW Surcharge

To keep this surcharge down you will want to limit the amount of large machines running at the same time in your commercial facility. The KW demand increases the more machines, appliances, printers, lights, etc you have on at the same time regardless of how long they are on. kWH is the amount of electricity you use in total but does not apply to this surcharge which is based totally on demand usage. This electricity surcharge is officially a PUCT-approved pass-through fee. There are electric providers out there that will extrapolate some of the fees from the “energy only” charge and place it in the TDSP line item to make their electric rate look better. This is not one of those charges or schemes. No matter the Texas electric company you may be using you will begin to see this new surcharge on your electric bill.

Possible Opportunity For Some Energy Companies to Scam

If you think that your “Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Meter Surcharge” is excessively high or that the provider may not be charging you correctly for this charge then please feel free to give us a call. One of our energy consultants would be glad to do a bill audit and verify if what you are paying is an accurate charge or an attempt by an electric provider to increase the electricity rate they charge you.

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Additional Electric Bill Charges Blamed on TDSP Pass Throughs

Residential Electric Customers Complaining about Additional Fees Crammed In

I have started to receive some calls the last few days from a few residential electric customers complaining that a certain retail Texas electric provider and recent start up in Texas has been cramming in additional charges in their fixed rate. The customers were told by the provider that they still have a fixed rate but the TDSP charges were raised on their rate plan. The electric company past the issue on to the non-negotiable TDSP charges as they are past through on an electric bill. The issue is that residential customers who lock in on a fixed electric rate are also locking in the TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Charges) charges. The TDSP charges cannot be changed as they are regulated by the Texas government so Texas residential energy customers can have some price protection for a certain term.

Commercial Rates are Different then Residential Rates

Texas commercial electric rates are different in that the TDSP charges differ from one business to the next. For instance, a Smoothie Factory store may pay 8 cents kWh on average for TDSP’s on top of their Energy Provider Generation Charge but a manufacturing facility may only pay 1 cent kWh. So commercial companies are protected on the Energy Provider Generation Charge but not on the TDSP charges. The issue at hand here is that some providers are trying to make it sound like the same thing applies for residential electric customers. Residential electric customers in Texas that sign up on a fixed electric rate should have both their TDSP charges and Energy Provider Charges locked in to one fixed rate that will not change the entire term of the contract.

Don’t Be Fooled

If an electric company in Texas tries to tell you that the reason your residential fixed electric rate has gone up so much is because of TDSP charge increases you need to quickly write a detailed complaint and send it in along with the electric bill in question via fax to the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

You can fax your issue to the PUCT at fax number: 512-936-7003

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