April 2009 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

We have gone back to check Dallas Texas electricity rates for the month of April 2009 to see where the electric providers fall in line on their prices. Some Dallas energy providers have prices that are several cents cheaper then some of the larger electric companies like TXU and Reliant. One of the reasons we put this list together is so that Dallas energy consumers can see that there are much better offers available for Dallas electricity service then what TXU Energy has to offer. For instance, checking the rates TXU Energy is offering as of today, April 17 2009, we see that they have a 1 year fixed rate listed at 13.8 cents a kWh. The cheapest available 12 month offer in the chart is for 9.4 cents per kWh with Champion Energy.

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April 2009 Houston Electricity Rates

We have compiled a list of some of the best and worst residential electricity rates in the Houston Texas area. You will find this detailed list below. The best Houston electric rate at this time is with Champion Energy. Reliant Energy and TXU Energy again remain at near the bottom of this list. Trickster Electric Company is near the top although we have received several complaints that Trickster raises the electric rate through TDSP related charges once the customer gets the electricity bill. Because of this we want to warn customers about the potential of Trickster’s (name withheld by legal) electric rate being higher then what it appears. If you are one of Trickster’s customers that thought you were going to be charged one rate but once you received the energy bill were charged a much higher energy price then please feel free to comment below. Read below from one of our readers and a customer of Trickster (name withheld by legal):

Stay away!! 9.7 cent plan kept going up 13,14 and finally to 16 cents!!! Ridiculous!!

Trickster Energy (name withheld by legal) is a rip off. SIgn up for .12 kilowatt, but have been billed up to .17/kw. Also the customer service is horrible. Stay away !!

If TXU Energy or Reliant Energy called asking you to renew at an electric rate several cents higher then where the market is currently at we recommend checking out our recommended Houston electric providers on the top left of this page. All fees and charges are disclosed.

Electric Rates Expected to Remain Low

Energy analysts predict that Texas electricity rates will remain in a low price range for some time. The natural gas futures which creates the electricity prices we pay our energy providers are in a $4 – $5 range for the prompt month. This range is likely to hold steady for several months according to several energy experts in the oil and natural gas trading business. No one can accurately predict for sure if Texas electricity rates will stay in this low price range for the next 6 months or longer but if I were to bet on the likelyhood of this prediction I would bet that prices are more likely to stay low then go back up to the prices we saw in the summer when a residential electric rate was around 16 cents kWh on the low end.

Some energy consumers in Texas have been complaining that their long time electricity provider, Reliant Energy has been putting them on 18 cents kWh variable rates while the energy sector is supposed to be supporting lower prices then that. Loyal Reliant Energy customer Jim K. decided to call Reliant Energy and ask them what’s up with the ridiculously high electric rate. That type of Texas electricity price made sense in the summer because energy was trading at historical all time highs. Natural gas was trading around $12 – $13 mmBtu and electric rates on a 12 month term were costing 16 cents kWh just to lock in. Jim K. could not understand why Reliant has rewarded his long time loyalty to their company with an 18 cent kWh electricity rate when prices are very low again. Doesn’t it make sense to bring that profit margin back in line with where the market is at and reward customer loyalty? Reliant Energy told Jim that they could renew his plan and lock him back into a fixed electric rate at 12 cents kWh. Jim wasn’t sure if their were additional charges and fees Reliant was not telling him especially after being charged 18 cents kWh for a few months.

Jim decided to switch electric companies from Reliant Energy and so he compared several cheaper electric companies with a history for being reputable and not cramming in additional charges and fees that show up on the bill later. He browsed through the cheapest 1 year fixed residential electric rates on Electricity Bid for the month of March 2009 and signed up with Startex Power on their 1 year electric rate plan which was the cheapest this particular month. Startex Power has several thousand satisfied customers on their fixed electric rate plans and offer several different terms including short and long term options.

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March 2009 Dallas Electric Rates

Dallas electric rates have come down quite a bit from where they were at just a few months ago. We are looking at fresh lows that we haven’t seen but a couple times before since Texas deregulated. If you are trying to time the market as to when to lock in electricity rates for your home or apartment in Dallas Texas then now is a very good time to do it. The 1 year fixed electric rate is currently the most popular term. The 24 month and 36 month fixed electricity rate terms are more expensive but they act as insurance in case rates come way up during that time. Most Dallas residence still decide on the 1 year electric rate term as the 24 month and 36 month fixed rate terms are a few cents higher and for most people the higher price doesn’t justify locking in for that long. You can compare the cheapest to most expensive electricity prices in Dallas below. You will notice TXU and Reliant Energy are currently a couple of the highest priced electric companies.

Snapshot of Historical Dallas Residential Electric Rates for March 2009

Houston Residential Electric Rates March 2009

We try and keep a history of what Houston residential electric rates have done over several months to give residential energy consumers an idea of what the Texas electric companies are up to when advertising their rates over the year. Some electric companies in Houston Texas have become more competitive and some have become much less competitive as the year progressed. Some of the larger Texas electric providers continue to offer electric rates that are a few cents higher per kWh then a few other reputable electric companies. TXU and Reliant right now are definitely not trying to win customers by being the price leader. You can compare multiple electric rates and electric companies below. Once you have found the company you would like to go with just click on their name and you can sign up online with that Texas electricity provider. The rates are listed from cheapest to most expensive. TXU and Reliant have some of the most expensive electricity rates in the list. This is a snapshot of electric rates as of March 2 2009. These rates may change as the month progresses.

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