dentonDenton is a big college town and in fact my college aged brother lives there now. The University of North Texas is a magnet for the artistic Texan looking for a liberal arts college degree.

When moving to this area of Texas you are offered the opportunity of electricity choice. If you are like my brother it will likely be your first place living out on your own.

Many providers will check your credit and ask you for a deposit simply because you have no established credit history. If you get bombarded with requests for $200 – $400 deposits it may be worth checking out prepaid options also.

We offer a convenient way to check out fixed rate offers, variable, and the prepaid route. Prepaid choice allows you to skip the credit check and simply pay in advance for your electricity instead of waiting 30 days.

The advantage of prepaid is you get service on in your name right away and no hassles involved in credit checks and large deposit amounts.

If the deposit is only $100 – $200 you might want to pay it simply because it looks good on your credit to go with a traditional electric company and pay your bill on time.

A big reminder to all you first time renters is that variable prices are a bit of a gimmick with most providers. A variable price will look extremely cheap compared to fixed rates.

The cheap price hooks you in and when it goes up in price after 30 days you do not get wind of this because you receive your electric bill after you have used at least 30 days of electricity.

Your bill could reflect your usage times a much higher rate than you started with for an entire month. That bill can be a sticker shock so to avoid this dilemma go with a fixed rate for at least 6 months to a year.

Be sure to remind yourself via your cell phone about a week before your contract is up so you can go out and shop again.

By re-shopping your fixed rate prior to the contract expiring you avoid getting rolled over to a higher month to month price as is the case with variable rates.

These friendly tips will help you pay as little as you need for your electric service and give yu the benefit of picking the cheapest provider when you make that initial switch to an electric company in Denton.

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