grand-prairieGrand Prairie offers a population of 160,000 and with that population you have a lot of opportunity when it comes to jobs, entertainment, and an overall well-rounded city environment. In this DFW metro area you once had only TXU as your choice for electricity but now have over 20 retail electric providers to choose from.

Our energy consultants work at vetting providers that offer clear transparent rate plans so you can compare prices and order a rate that will do you right.

It is important when using our rate comparison tool located at the top of this page to compare fixed prices. Variable rates are listed as well but these change after the first month and are really only for short-term situations.

Not to worry, we have a fixed rate tab to sort by fixed, variable, or whatever type of plan you may be interested in. This sorting feature makes it extremely easy to compare different types of rate plans.

When going with a fixed price you lock in the price so it will not change on you for the entire term of the contract.

Variable prices will appear cheaper but they move up after 30 days almost always so don’t be fooled.

If your credit is bad there is a prepaid tab where you can compare and choose a Grand Prairie provider that will not check your credit or ask you for a deposit.

It’s important to note that not all cities in Texas have opted in to deregulation so that they can choose an electric provider so be thankful you live in a city that offers this choice.

Our energy consultants are available to answer your questions for advanced commercial energy solutions so give us a call if you need any help.

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