harlingenHarlingen is located in the southernmost tip of Texas, just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It was founded in 1904, and its population is about 64,843. For years, its only electric company was CPL/AEP but citizens and businesses now have the right to compare and choose which rates and company best fits them.

We received a call from a local business in Harlingen Texas needing a quote on their electric rate because they felt that they were paying too much for their restaurants electricity service.

With a business like a restaurant any way to bring money to the bottom line goes straight into the owner’s pocket and so our help allowed this company to see a greater return on their investment.

Restaurants rack up a ton of electricity because they use lots of air conditioning, cooling, and electric-powered cooking appliances.

We put this local Harlingen business through our reverse auction process which involves having the electric suppliers bid on their electric usage.

The usage is pulled from the local pole and wires company which allows the providers to accurately bid on the account without having to inflate their margins for taking on the risk of guesstimating what the electric usage looks like.

Each phase of the process has a specific purpose (such as requesting usage from the utility) and ultimately allows your company to get the best possible electric rate for your business.

Without such information as historical or estimated electric usage data it becomes harder to get providers to bid competitively on your account.

When you match good usage data with a a great group of providers bidding against each other you end up with an excellent choice of rates and plans to choose from.

These rate quotes are quickly put into a proposal for you to review. You will see multiple companies and rate products in a side by side comparison.

The proposal is great for local businesses because it offers a transparent way to see the providers fighting to win your account.

When it is all said and done ultimately by using an energy consulting company like us you will achieve a cheaper electric rate than if you were to go out and try to do the same thing on your own.

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