lewisvilleLewisville is one of the most historic towns in Texas. However, that history doesn’t include a vast majority of electric companies, but citizens and businesses now have the right to choose their own rates and companies.

We interviewed Sally, a recent re-locator to this area and she loved the mild climate and lake for when it gets a little too hot. Sally said, “Taking the boat out for some skiing and fishing is great but being close enough to the sites and sounds of Dallas and Fort Worth is just icing on the cake.”

When she needed an electric company she found that the comparison tool on ElectricityBid.com made the process uncomplicated and added a quality of trust she found lacking with other services. The transparency is what she found most appealing as she shopped and compared and found a company and price that worked for her.

After ordering electric service though it was back to the lake for her. She understands how the lake likely is what made Lewisville a popular area to relocate to.

The Lake helped spur on the growth of Lewisville as well as its central location to surrounding DFW metroplex makes it a bit of a recreational hub in the area.

When in a warm climate like Lewisville you will find that choosing a competitive electric company can assist in reducing your energy costs as it did for Sally by about $200 – $300 a year.

Because of the reduction in energy cost you can get by choosing cheaper electricity prices we recommend not only comparing this year but putting in a reminder in your phone once you sign up with a provider.

Remind yourself about 1 week in advance prior to the end of your electricity contract so you can shop and compare again at the most competitive prices.

If you wait and let your energy contract expire you won’t be saving money on your Lewisville electricity costs anymore but will likely be rolled over onto a higher month to month rate plan.

We hope these suggestions help you pick the right price and electric company for your area and if not then please call us for more information.

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